You’d expect a father and pirate to carry something more like a flintlock and a cutlass rather than a GLOCK and a pocket folder, but we don’t judge. See everything EDFX is packing at Everyday Carry . . .

10 Responses to Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – EDFX

  1. Clean, simple, and realistic.Though now what are all the people who complain about these gonna yell about.

    • Two pens and no Field Notes. This guy is just posing as a Mall Ninja. He ain’t no real one. Probably just an average dude.

      • I’m thinking nowadays with a smart phone you really don’t need a pen or paper. (Or even a watch)
        Although I admit I keep forgetting that I have an app for that

  2. Seriously, does TTAG have a policy of showing 1 ‘normal’ EDC and then finding the mall ninja one for the next day?

    • In all fairness, it didn’t mention what *kind* of pirate he was.

      A boring, everyday garden-variety bittorent media pirate, or a spit-on-the-hands and start slitting the throats type…

      • So confession time.

        I have far more blades than guns. And I definitely think the world would be a better place with normalization of sword carry. It would make all the sword fighting I’ve taken useful, as opposed to overkill vs. unarmed targets and useless against guns.

        I’m a second amendment enthusiast baby, not a gun enthusiast. Bowies, macahuitl, chakram- I am panhoplophilic.

  3. Love my Desantis SofTuk! It has been my exclusive IWB holster for the last ~5 years. It is cheap, comfortable, and light weight. Can’t beat it.

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