Dom C's EDC Kel-Tec P11
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Dom C opts for a slim, affordable pistol, a good, reliable blade and a pocketable multitool for his EDC. Check out all the details at Everyday Carry . . .

edc everyday carry

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  1. I would recommend that anyone choosing to carry a keltec follow this guy’s lead and replace the plastic trigger with a metal one.

    I had a P32 at the range one day that totally locked up on me, I had to beat it open with a hammer when I got home. What happened? A piece of the trigger broke off and prevented the gun from fully going in to battery. It was, however, closed enough to fire and the pressure warped the frame, ruining the pistol.

  2. Maybe it’s just me but I’m starting to notice a trend of people who seem, and maybe it’s just the pictures, to be carry all brand new stuff.

    Just seems that way to me.


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