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Richard’s a sailor in the US Navy. When he’s not navigating the ocean sea, he’s packing a Kimber Solo Carry 9mm pistol. You can see the rest of what able seaman Richard totes at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. The poor Solo…
    I never felt it deserved the bad rap it got…
    If the shooter simply READ THE MANUAL and fed it proper weight ammunition it usually worked just fine in most of the reviews I saw.
    Seems most of the complainers were the ones who insisted on feeding it stuff Kimber specifically told them the gun wouldn’t like.

    • OH, owning a Boberg, I have seen a LOT of that!

      Even a reviewer, failing to follow explicit instructions sent along in every box or pistol case, NOT TO USE “XYZ” ammo, and then does anyway, and even cites such failure as a reason to bad mouth and call the gun a total failure!

      Assholes such as this, give all “reviews” a bad name!

      You don’t put diesel in a gas engine and expect it to function!

    • Why would you buy a gun that can only use certain brands and weight of ammo? My pistol shoots any kind of 9mm cheap or expensive, hollow point or ball , standard or +p. I wouldn’t consider it a gun if it doesn’t fire all the brands of ammo I could find in my gun store of the chambered caliber.

  2. Why do we see only bugs?
    Never the main gun, along with the bug?

    And not even “two bugs” either?

    (saves on carrying extra or different ammo or magazines.)

      • Well, apparently, I have never been part of “that” conversation!
        And EDC doesnt mean something “almost too small” to be useful in my mind. Not saying a sub-compact is, but we sometimes see Derangiers or .22 mimi revolvers here.

        I can see a compact being the main gun, but a sub is kinda pushing the limits on the low side. That is why full size, mid size, compacts and subs sometimes all come in the the same model. The same mags can be used in many cases, even if you have to go extended on the small gun for its second or fowllow on needs.
        Just my opinion.

        • People carry what they carry, and for many different reasons, but the important thing is that they carry. The best “main gun” in the world is completely useless at home on the dresser because someone isn’t comfortable carrying it daily. Derringers and .22 mini revolvers are stretching the point, and are very rare in these posts anyway, so I’m going to ignore that. But your “not enough gun” attitude causes many people to buy more gun than they can reasonably carry, especially if they’re concerned about getting “made,” and so they leave it at home. I’ve known many people who have bought the wrong “first gun,” and in some cases it ended up being their only gun, and they never carried. They’d already decided that EDC was “too hard” because they’d bought the wrong thing (in part because of the “not enough gun” attitude seen here), and guns are expensive, so they decided they’d just stick with one and not carry.

          I carry a sub daily (SIG P238), so maybe I’m biased. But I’d like to think that my bias is, “You carry? Cool.” Not “Why do you carry that tiny thing?” or “Your main gun is my backup gun” or “Nice girl gun.” I carry a P238 because it is all I can carry, every single day, against company policy, in a tucked in polo and slacks. You know how I know it’s all I can carry? Because I’ve gotten made. My luck is that it’s only been by people who know enough to look, and I hope that luck holds. But without a shadow of a doubt, anything substantially bigger would not work. That said, if I was doing it over again now, maybe I’d buy a P938 (they were very new to the market when I was buying). I love my 238, but everyone knows a .380 is “not enough gun.” Right?

  3. During the national anthem at a highschool basketball game a Muslim bounced a basketball, got expelled, now some Make it Right organization is all over that school. Why do these “refuges” hate the country they fled too? Yep, I’m pissed off and mad about it.

  4. Matt,
    I only carry subcompact pistols
    I also live in Florida and I carry a Sig 938 in my carry rotation
    It is only slightly larger than the 238 and can still be pocket carried
    Mine can shoot any brand or weight ammo
    I also sometimes carry my wife’s Walther Ppk/s
    It functions perfectly with Golden Saber hollowpoint and Winchester semi wadcutters
    So that is what I shoot through it
    Some guns are finicky about what food they will digest
    The Walther works great with that and I am confident it will work as long as those are the ammo used
    .380 hollow point expansion may be problematic, so I usually opt for the better penetration of the truncated cone type semi wadcutter bullets
    Sure makes nice round holes in paper and in pumpkins!
    Key point is to always have a gun!


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