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What does an analytical comp sci student who also moonlights as a gun salesman carry? A GLOCK 43, of course. See what else Blake totes when he isn’t on campus at Everyday Carry Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Blake, great EDC combo.
    The Sperderco Delica with the Emerson Wave, what an awesome little knife. Mine is kind of rare, it has the Spyderedge on half the blade but it goes with me everywhere.
    Did you know that you can dye the grayish / blue grip to black? Black Rit Dye and hot water is all you’ll need.

    • EDC got it wrong. That is not the Spyderco Delica, rather it’s the Spyderco Endura, which is just shy of an inch longer (3.81″ vs 2.90″) I’ve got the Emerson version of both and find the Delica (the shorter of the two) a much easier carry than the Endura. The Endura is just too long to get a solid purchase on before the “Wave” catches your pocket and flips out. Emerson flippers are the best, be they made by Ernst or Spyderco.

      Mind you, the problems strych9 incurred (below post) can be avoided if you twist the “Wave” inward (away from the outer edge of your pocket) as you draw it. All in all, it’s the fastest drawing knife you’ll ever run as the blade’s available even before it’s out of your pocket. These are the cat’s meow.

      • Retraining myself to draw a knife differently isn’t worth the time so I just don’t carry it any time a liberal might ask to borrow my knife, which these days is all the time. Also I have some pants where that won’t work because the change pocket is perfectly positioned to catch that hook

        A side note on this: it’s one of the reasons I dislike liberals. The same asshole who rags on you for carrying a knife and/or asks why you bother (Are you paranoid? Why do you need a knife?) is invariably the jackass that asks to use it 3x a week or even more often.

  2. The wave is a cool idea but I have that knife and I rarely carry it. Sometimes I want to pull a knife out and hand it to someone without flipping out the blade. The wave always snags for me and opens the knife.

    That’s great if I need it for a knife fight. It’s not great if I’m handing someone a knife to open a box and the blade pops open as I withdraw the knife from my pocket. That tends to scare the liberals I have to deal with.

    Don’t get me wrong. It works and it works so well that it works when you don’t want it to. For me that’s currently a problem to the knife sits with the other knives I’m not carrying.

  3. I waited with bated breath for these. Which cheap plastic 9mm and knife combo will we see next? Will it be a glock? An M&P? A Springfield XD? Maybe they will be carrying keys or a cell phone. Or even a watch. Already I have the vapors just thinking of what tomorrow’s edition shall bring.

  4. Emerson Endura is a great knife. Love all my knives that have some form of the Emerson opening system. Cold Steel AK47 is another winner.

    Lone Wolf Distributing has a special edition with a 3/32nds pin punch in the handle as well. Great EDC blade


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