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It’s hard to beat the trigger on the Walther PPQ-M2. It’s maybe the best production striker fired trigger on the market. See all of Daniel’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Am I the only one who rolls my eyes when I see someone praising the quality of a trigger on an anemic little plastic handgun.

    You pull the trigger, the gun goes bang, the bad guy dies 10 feet away. You’re not laying prone trying to knock the antenna off a fly at 1000 paces up a mountain in a hurricane

    • This gun, like most modern guns, is more accurate than most of its operators; that is to say that if put in a ransom rest, the gun will produce very tight and predictable groups at distances well-exceeding the usual self-defense range. A vice doesn’t care about the trigger.

      But humans do. A gun with a crappy trigger held in a hand will not maintain the same aimpoint and will suffer in accuracy even though the gun, mechanically, is perfectly capable of hitting a tick on a dog’s butt. For some people this will be a negligible decrease that won’t matter in terms of combat shooting. For others it can make a difference. And what happens in the unlikely event that you have to shoot at something or someone over 10 feet away?

      Plus, a gun with a good trigger is just much more pleasant to shoot at the range and get a feel for.

    • I own many handguns and when it comes to semi-autos I generally prefer heavy metal guns. I bought a PPQ M2 in .45 after handling two different ones and shooting a third one at the range. The M2 is a full sized handgun with a good amount of metal in it and it does have the best factory striker fired trigger I have ever felt with an almost unbelievable trigger reset. The fairly new Sig P-320 (I have the carry or compact version) comes close but the Walther is just better. Don’t be a stick in the mud like I was for 40 years and enjoy the new experience!

  2. 550 bracelet which loses a quarter of useful length thanks to insert puzzled me…then I saw SOG and Oakley.

    • Yeah, but he loses points for putting the sunglasses lenses down just to show off the Oakley logo on the ear pieces.

      • And carbon fiber. CF, dammit!

        (it is not like I am hell-bent on bashing SOG. Having owned first generation Flash with its ridiculous lock, I do believe the brand is, putting it mildly, somewhat overhyped)

        • I will not disagree with you on SOG. I currently carry one of their Spec Elite 1 knives BUT there was a goodly period from… 2008 or so until this year where I would not touch a SOG product.

          They outsourced around 2008 and quality went to crap. I swapped over to Spyderco, Benchmade and other brands at that point. Until last month I carried a Spyderco Matriarch 2 for years, at least five years.

          To this day, if it doesn’t say “Seki, Japan” on it and it’s SOG I won’t touch it. My current knife says that and the blade is a quality one with the same handle and mechanism of my old ~06 SOG Pentagon folder. When I could get a NIB SOG with a Seki blade on it and a known (to me) mechanism/handle for $60, I figured I’d give them another swing. I haven’t been disappointed yet but… that Spyderco stays close by.

  3. I hate Tupperware guns. Give me a steel 1911 any day. That’s what I carry.

    • 1911’s are great, but modern pistols are lighter and carry more ammunition, something that is both important for daily carry and actual fighting. Less reloading is always better. Though there are double stack 1911’s available, I have shot my friend’s P14, I have long fingers so the fat grip isn’t a problem.

      Not to mention the reliability of Glock, XD, ect speak for themselves. One original G17 has 250K rounds and counting.

      As always though, shoot what you shoot best. I pretty much enjoy shooting any firearm out there, but for guns I actually use, I tend towards ruthless practicality. 15-20 rounds before a reload is better than 7-10 in a 1911, and with modern hollowpoints, you won’t see much of a difference in effectiveness between calibers. All handguns suck anyways, you are going to need multiple shots to stop someone for the most part.

      Don’t let nostalgia get in the way of defense, use the best tool for the job.

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