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According to, “At least one firefighter was shot when a gunman opened fire on paramedics in East Dallas late Monday morning. A search for an active shooter is underway. The shooting happened near the Dallas Fire-Rescue training facility on Dolphin Road near Interstate 30. The Dallas Police Department confirmed that one member of Dallas Fire-Rescue had been shot and taken to Baylor University Medical Center. A source tells WFAA that “multiple firemen” were at the hospital, but it isn’t clear if more than one was injured.” Click the image above to view live coverage.

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  1. Another senseless tragedy.

    NRA supporter going off their rocker?

    For the record, This doesn’t happen to the rest of the world on a daily basis.

    And I guess this website is going to ignore the mass shooting that happened in San Deigo.

    Only scared sheep who are brainwashed by fake news and constantly debunked “gun rights” propaganda need guns to sate their false fears of some imaginary boogeyman.

    • “…false fears of some imaginary boogeyman.”
      That’s rich coming from you, since your movement would have _nothing_ without constantly wetting your collective metaphorical pants over all manner of imaginary boogeypersons.

      • This idiot above you contradicts his own argument. Guy shoots people at pool party..

        Imaginary boogeyman. He’s not imaginary if he’s there shooting people…

        • Jon in Co,

          Oh come on, you obviously don’t understand firearms. When a person goes berserk, the first thing they ask themselves is whether they have a firearm. If they do, they kill as many people as possible. If they don’t have a firearm, then they order pizza and ask everyone to gather round and have a group therapy session.

          Thus, if we eliminate firearms, we eliminate all killers.


    • Yeah, the drunk guy in CALIFORNIA, you know, that place that has the most lenient gun laws, and allows everyone to do whatever they want.

      Oh, wait, you mean, CA is NOT that place? Huh…Could’ve sworn that they had access to all of the evil assault weapons and hi capacity magazine clips firing 30 bullets in half a second…

      The biggest shock of all, is that you, moron, have no idea what you’re talking about. You stop while you’re ahead. Well, a head up your ass.

    • Ok I’ll bite. Approximately 1/3-1/2 of the US citizens own firearms. If every gun owner snapped and started “mass” shooting there wouldn’t be a person left in this country. If there truly were mass shooting daily, 365*4=1,460. Why don’t you go talk to the gang bangers about peace and love which add more to the death toll then all the mentally ill in the whole country per year. Please stop wasting your time here.

    • Dude, you’ve got to start actually reading the links you post. You tell us about imaginary boogeymen on an article about a guy opening fire on rescue personnel, while posting a link about a guy killing people randomly at a pool in one of the most firearms restricted states in the union. But the threat is imaginary.
      Do you even see the contradiction?

    • “The resistance”

      It’s funny because you think you actually have power and support

    • I like how you added “on a daily basis” to your comment to try and save it (remember how Obama made a similar laughable comment just before Aloha Snackbars shot up a disco in France)?

      Murder happens in every large country.

      If you give a ethnically and economically homogeneous country a bunch of guns, the streets don’t turn red with blood (think Scandinavian countries).

      If you make guns illegal in an conflict-ridden country (think Mexico), the streets still run red with blood.

      We’re somewhere in between.

    • This doesn’t happen in the rest of the world regularly you say? You apparently don’t realize that most of the people in the world live in violence every single day.

      • As far as The_Racist-ance is concerned, “the world” consists solely of culturally homogenous members of the EU. On occasion, Japan gets a brief mention too.

    • 5 more people were killed in mass shootings in France in 2015 than in America from 2008 to 2016. Tell us again how gun control works.

      The only year since England banned handguns that the murder rate there dropped to preban levels was 2010 every other year it was higher. This doesn’t prove guns save lives, but it does prove that gun control does not lower murder rates.

    • “For the record, This doesn’t happen to the rest of the world on a daily basis.”
      For the record, extremely few female drivers are arrested for DUI in Muslim countries.
      Think about that for a few minutes.

    • “For the record, This doesn’t happen to the rest of the world on a daily basis.”

      Your record is broken. Or at least badly scratched.

  2. Over at Fox they listed a tweet (and what is a riffle?):

    Police are looking for black male wearing faded green shirt with riffle. Massive police presence at Spurlock and St. Charles.
    — Lori Brown (@LoriBrownFox4) May 1, 2017

    • A riffle is a kind of card shuffle, the one where you bend them, then let them fall together alternately.

    • Could also be a typo of “ruffle(s)” as well as “rifle”, though that seems a little fancy for BLM.

      • I guess you forgot about the two BLM shooters that used an arsenal AK and a tavor last year.

  3. Has anyone noted that every time things quiet down and supporters of the 2nd Amendment begin making headway… someone goes off the reservation and starts shooting people? It almost seems like the anti-gun collective, gets people, brainwashes them, and turns them loose when they need to try and score points.

    • I think they have these nuts locked in cages and when they need publicity they let one out.

    • Um, crazy people do this crap all the time, regardless of politics. Sorry, no conspiracy theory needed here. People are terrible.

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