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SoCalEDC’s pocket dump puts a CZ-75 P-01 front and center. Well off to the right. Anyway, that would be the 9mm semi-automatic pistol TTAG reviewer Gil Kohler awarded five stars, calling it “a handgun [that] fills your hand so perfectly that you just don’t want to put it down.” Which could be a problem . . .

given the number of “gun free zones” infesting public and private spaces. Stil, it’s so easy to fall in love . . .

At the risk of antagonizing Fans of Gaston, is this the handgun that answers the question “Why not a GLOCK”? The gun that says use me until you use me up? CZ for thee?

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  1. Fantastic handgun, mine was the CZ 75 D (not the PCR) which I think was the same as the P-01. I sold it to a relative when I temporarily moved out of the country. That sale directly led to the sale of more of them to many others who have tried it! I now have a CZ P-07 which is a great shooter, but there is something about a metal framed CZ that feels so right…….

    • for a brief time volvo numbering made sense, i knew what a 145 was and how it differed from a 246. cz i don’ t have sussed, but a 75d might be a full size 75bd, decock for sure. i’ve got b omega (trigger) full size and a compact, which is all steel while the p-01 is alloy framed like the pcr… ? an 85 has ambi and a 97 is .45. the czechmate shadow phantom stuff probably means target.
      unaltered from original i like the omega trigger better. smoother da (which i don’t use), much crisper sa. that could change with mods.
      i think i know about five of the glock designations, despite having no interest.

  2. ““Why not a GLOCK”? The gun that says use me until you use me up? CZ for thee?”

    This was obviously written by a …

    ‘CZ Lover’. *groan*

    (I’ve always had a soft spot for Linda, even as a lad in the 70s… ) 😉

  3. My first CZ is a P-01. Though she now has a friend named P10C. They don’t mind taking turns to go out and about.

      • Yeah, as soon as I saw the beanie I wrote RF asking him to have a NSFW warning and blur it out. He was very understanding and said he’d do a post, for penance, on how to not die in Philly as they destroyed their city to celebrate finally getting around to winning a SB.

        On a more serious note, I’m surprised no one has NFL-shamed him yet.

        • Still better to see the Eagles win for once instead of the Pats, and it’s doubly good because a Philly win is a big middle finger to Steelers fans. We didn’t trash the city of Cleveland when the Cavs won the NBA championship a couple years ago, but some dumb gangbanger brought his Hi-Point to the victory parade and accidentally shot a little girl.

  4. Being a Pats fan living in SoCal I like the hat.
    Assuming SoCal lives in SoCal and has CCW just makes me jealous.

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