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There aren’t many 1911s that combine carry-ability, shoot-ability, and afford-ability better than the Springfield Range Officer in 9mm. Check out the rest of Steve’s gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • Anyone who is willing to lug around 41 ounces for 9+1 of 9mm would probably carry a cutless if given a chance.

  1. I’m getting real tired of looking at what your everyday redneck carries; vaping supplies, tobacco products, and low capacity .45 caliber pistols…superyawn (even though this particular redneck has the good sense to carry a 9MM variant). Those people don’t offer anything that I want to emulate. How about (instead) looking at pictures of solders from around the world, swat team members, special forces, and analyzing how they are equipped in the field instead.

    • Because very nearly no one in the USA wanders around in full kit and therefore there is no point?

      What exactly do you want here? To analyze exactly how someone in the military carries the boxes of ammo for the M249 that they carry but which you’re not allowed to own? Maybe where they store their grenades or belly vs. chest carry of spare rifle mags? Type of armor? Use of a 203? Wiley X vs. Oakley vs. Maui Jim sunglasses?

      • Great question strych…the point is obvious, but since you have no vision, I’ll take my good time to spell it out for you. I’d be much more interested in reading about how an IDF solider in the West Bank is equipped in Monday, then seeing how an FBI SWAT officer is equipped on Tuesday. As it stands, these EDC dumps are wasting my time on showing what brand of dip Bubba Mike consumes on Mondays installment, and then progresses to what vaping equipment is preferred by Bubba Steve on Tuesdays installment. I don’t care what rednecks carry in their pockets, and the journalistic effort here could be spent on something better, like what I suggested.

        • The point isn’t obvious because you haven’t made one. You’ve made a statement and then failed utterly to explain that statement.

          I ask again, in a different form, to what end? WHY are you interested in what that IDF guy or gal carries? You can’t own most of it and would have no EDC use for it if you could. Plus you can just look at pictures on the interwebz and do this yourself. What benefit do you think such a post would give TTAG other than to bring out the mall ninjas who think they know everything about military gear? What is it that you want to get out of such a thing?

          While you might not like the EDC posts other people read them to see what tools and gear thousands of other people carry, which to a lot of us is a hell of a lot more interesting than what an IDF soldier is carrying because if we see something truly useful or innovative we can jump on amazon or another website and buy it legally.

          If you truly view these posts as a waste of your precious time then do what normal human beings do and skip the post.

  2. Barbecue gun points: 5. The Cult gives max points for it being a M1911, but is bummed that it’s not a custom or at least a Gold Cup.

    • “Barbecue gun”? Really? If you think a gun has any role as a fashion accessory for a barbecue, then you’re among the truly clueless. And I’m quite aware that it wasn’t you, W, who coined that ridiculously ignorant term.

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