Being an arborist, Bryan must spend a lot of time outdoors. And he keeps things simple with the reliable M&P9c in an Alien Gear holster. See the rest of his Everyday Carry gear after the jump . . .

  1. Leatherman PST
  2. Keyport Slide
  3. Pocket Awl
  4. Smith&Wesson M&PC 9mm
  5. Maratac AAA Rev1
  6. CRKT M16-13Z
  7. Alien Gear holster


  1. I believe in Pro-Choice which is why I became an arborist.
    I don’t eat meat because I became a veterinarian.

  2. The Leatherman models are great tools. I don’t carry mine on body, but one’s always in my car and range bag. Comes in handy, especially when you’re really in a bind. If you don’t have one yourself or do have someone hard to shop for, then put it on your to give or receive Christmas lists.

    By January 31st, I can almost guarantee you’ll place or receive a call/text expressing special thanks for that gift: “I didn’t know what I was going to do…then I remembered I had the Leatherman. Thanks!”


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