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Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal takes a back seat to no one in his assiduous opposition to civilian firearms ownership rights. Now, as he looks ahead into the abyss of two more years of GOP Congressional control under a President Trump who has pledged support for the RKBA, you can almost smell his desperation evident in the press conference comments he delivered yesterday with family members and survivors of “gun violence.”

Surveying a playing field arrayed against him, the senator dropped back and heaved hail Mary pass, making a transparent attempt to appeal to Trump’s ego and his love of doing the unpredictable.

“Shortly, we’ll have a new president unlike President Obama – hardly committed to the cause of ending gun violence, but there is a moment of opportunity here. And my hope is that newly elected President Trump will use this opportunity much as President Nixon did in going to China. It’s a Nixon to China moment for Donald Trump when he can defy the expectation, do the unpredictable – he likes doing the unpredictable – respond to a rally, which he also likes to do, and the rally is the America people who are clamoring and demanding action.”

Just where this alleged rally is manifesting itself and who’s doing the rallying wasn’t made clear by the Constitution State senator.

According to Blumenthal, The Donald now has the opportunity for a “legacy moment.” Never mind the fact that he hasn’t yet be sworn into office. Crediting the work of groups like Sandy Hook Promise and the Newtown Action Alliance, he called on the president-elect to defy expectations and support universal background checks, ban terrorists from buying guns (no really, he said that), and end the firearms industry’s immunity against frivolous lawsuits known as the PLCAA.

The prospects of President Trump obliging the senior senator from Connecticut seem, well, remote. Then again, trust but verify. Given the cabinet appointments so far, the president-elect seems to be preparing to govern as he campaigned. However we’ll be watching his Supreme Court appointment(s) and legislative priorities with interest. Watch this space.



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  1. Last time I checked, we were the only ones doing anything about Gun Violence. These morons haven’t done a thing to stop it ever. How people will just take his words at face value is the problem. Gun rights = death on the streets to these people. They have nothing to go on. They are all liars, as the article states, trust but verify.

      • Here’s an even better suggestion: People of Connecticut should act like patriots for a change and throw traitors like Blumenthal to the dogs. No lefitst (i.e. Democrat) can be trusted any longer. It is the party of treason. Period.

    • Here we go again with the lying Richard Bleumanthal. Following his Senate Campaign debate in New London with Republican opponent Linda McMahan, where he spread the bald faced lie that all Linda McMahan’s campaign promotional items were all made in China, I had an encounter with lying Richard Bleumanthal.
      He was doing a handshake and autograph session with his supporters and the press and as I approached, I pulled my Linda McMahan hat from under my jacket and handed it to him, as if to get it autographed. He started to sign the hat then blanched as I said Mr. Bluementhal, during the debate you said that “All of your opponents campaign items were made in China” but as you can see my hat is clearly marked made in the USA by Union labor and so is the t-shirt I have on. Would you care to clear that up or clarify your remarks?
      His cheeks turned red as he threw the hat at me, camera flashes went off and I started pushing back against screaming supporters and press. Of course none of it ever made it to the news
      The guy is a liar, a fraud, has committed Stolen Valor, and is a disgrace to the State of Connecticut, if that is even possible anymore.

  2. Boy what an a****** exclamation point. These Progressive liberals are constantly trying to rearrange statements made by our president elect Donald Trump to fit their needs you can almost see a small tear in this guy’s eye as he speaking on the video total bullcrap. Read the Constitution so it says shall not be infringed. End of story no more talking about it you can’t touch it. I might seem a little slow here but aren’t background checks already a standard across this country for purchasing a firearm from a registered FFL dealer? What in the hell is he talking about when he says Universal background checks what he wants to in private sales of firearms that is a bunch of s***. I wish there was something we could do with these people like maybe make them move to War as Mexico or some s*** like that for a week or two without their armed guards and security details and see how the rest of the world lives under Tyrant leadership maybe it’ll wake them the f******.

  3. Yes, I’m sure the Donald will do everything that Hillary promised to do, which cost her the election.

    You can smell the brain cells burning up from here.

  4. Interesting comments by the Senator, but he is wrong. Trump has insisted all along that he absolutely is going to do something about violence in America. The only thing is, he is not going to go about it by stripping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. The plans he have stated go the other way. He is going to go after the bad guys who use guns illegally. Illegals who do it are going to be arrested, jailed and then deported. Other bad guys are simply going to do more jail time.

    Given that some 80% of the crime is perpetrated by non-whites that is going to generate some racist looking figures for people being locked up. In reality, though, it will simply be the people doing the crime also doing the time. Nothing racist about that.

    • You may not believe the source because that’s how we get around facts. FBI in this case.
      Whites commit more crime than non whites.
      Blacks do commit more crime by their percentage of entire population.
      More Whites are on welfare than non whites.
      More Blacks are on welfare based on their percentage of entire population. 17%.

      All of this is irrelevant. If a man tries to rape your wife and daughter does it matter his race? Does your lead projectile care?
      Lets stay off the “cards” as excuses or causes and stay at criminal or noncriminal.

      Meanwhile the real enemy wants to take the guns while we have to take care of ourselves.

      • According NYPD victim and witness statements over 90% of all violent crime in NYC is committed by young black and Hispanic men.
        That doesn’t mean that 90% of young black and Hispanic men are criminals. Nor does it justify the unconstitutional stop and frisk program. We do not live in a police state. But certain politicians will use fear and claimed “results” to justify creating a police state in America’s largest cities.
        Not unconstitutionally disarming the people will do more to lower crime because criminals are generally cowards and prefer to choose unarmed victims.
        There are other crime stats that Al Sharpton prefers to ignore. over 90% of cross race rape is black on white. But people like Al Sharpton share the blame for that statistic.

  5. Great comparison, because instituting more gun control thus increasing dependence on the authorities is a lot like getting friendly with a ruthless, authoritarian, communist regime. Very astute.

  6. The Democrats are melting before everyone’s eyes. Next they’ll ask Trump to give amnesty to illegal immigrants because that will be a legacy moment too.

    The Democrats must be living in denial thinking Hilary won.

  7. Anyone else notice what they are doing with that Gallup poll?

    The heading is ‘Americans’ Views on Assault Weapons’. If you skip right to the chart, it would make you think that there is an all time high majority of people ‘against assault weapons’… What do you bet that the subtext explaining that it is people for/against a ban gets left out when the chart is featured on the Daily Show, et al.

      • Not sure if that is sarcasm. What I was saying is that the graph shows support for an assault weapons ban is at an all-time low… But the title of the graph is ‘Americans Views on Assault Weapons’.

        A better title would have been ‘Support for a ban of Assault Weapons’. If you read the title and not the contextual details under it (which is how these charts are used in the mainstream media) you would think that 61% of the sample polled were against ownership of assault weapons.

  8. All any of the “real” dems have been talking about since the election is how they need to get out of their urban, coastal ivory towers if they expect to win anything. Everyday on NPR, CNN and MSNBC it’s “we need to escape our own bubbles.” They work very hard to refrain from mentioning how gun-control hurts them but you know the real politicos are thinking it.

    It’s frustrating to see a moron not get it but at the same time very comforting to know so many of these morons will never get it.

    You keep beating that horse, Dick. Maybe you just aren’t beating it loudly enough?

    • Yeah … within the last couple days a prominent Democrat stated how they made a HUGE mistake ignoring everyone in “flyover” country.

      (Note: the Democrat did not use the term “flyover” country.)

      • He is not from flyover country so why should he be pro-gun. I would wager that a pro-gun position would put him in the unemployment line.

    • Yup, Obama was also talking about how they shouldn’t have ignored the areas outside the city walls.

      My thought is that it isn’t so much that those people are being ignored (after all, most of our wants are ignored by all politicians regardless of party) but that the Democrat platform no longer has any appeal outside of urban enclaves…already dyed in the wool blue by entrenched Democrat political machines. The federal government was one of the last holdouts of strong Democrat authority, now that they’ve lost over two-thirds of the state-level congresses and governorships. Now they’ve lost the presidency and likely soon the Supreme Court, as well as their biggest corporate cronies (Google/Facetube/etc CEOs kissing Obama’s ass), and their only federal influence will be the bureaucracy, which Trump is supposedly committed to spooling down. It does not bode well for them in the near, mid, or long term.

      When your message cannot survive outside an environment with no opposition…it’s a shitty message. And it had better evolve into something that can fend off natural predators if it wants to exist for much longer. If 2018’s mid-terms prove as disastrous for Democrats as it appears, we may be headed for a series of constitutional amendments that forcibly settle these issues whether NYC, LA, or Chicago like it or not.

  9. “Shortly, we’ll have a new president unlike President Obama – hardly committed to the cause of ending gun violence, but there is a moment of opportunity here.”

    Not until the likes of you admit a few things first.
    1. There is no such thing as gun violence
    2. Violent crime is caused by people for various reasons, none of which have anything to do with guns.
    3. The only moment of opportunity here is for you to admit your position on guns and freedom is futile.

    • What he said ^^^

      “…committed to the cause of ending gun violence…” Has he never heard of “Peace through superior firepower?

      Also, the ONLY people clamoring for more “gun control” are the people who didn’t vote for Trump.

  10. You might think that Blumenthal would be concerned about the “gun criminals” that the Obamanation just let loose with pardons. If so, you would be wrong.

  11. Now, now. We just need to provide a trigger-free safe space. It is very, very hard living in America while suffering from eleutherophobia.

  12. Good luck Bluumie. You get to be hopeless along with Moo-shell Odumbo?Funny you bring up Tricky Dick…I can’t remember the last time a leftard evoked the ghost of Dick. Didn’t you notice who helped Trump get elected? Anyone catch the Hildebeast losing MORE votes electoral than Donnie?!?

  13. Did he mention anything about just how *any or all* of those changes would affect violent crime in any way whatsoever? If you have to undergo a new background check every day that you own a gun, will that prevent the gun from firing when the trigger is pulled? If banning terrorists from doing something would work, why not ban them from murdering people? And exactly how would changing the rules of civil courtroom procedures stop criminals from killing innocents? He, like most liberals, is a total moron, spouting meaningless crap in an attempt to convince voters he has some clue about what is going on in the world, when he clearly does not.

    But, let us rejoice! These fools are forgetting the lesson of Nov 8, and they will proceed down the refuse chute so long as they refuse to learn. We should encourage them to continue mouthing off about gun control, boy, go get ’em!

  14. Serious questions:

    (a) If the Chinese Premiere stood in this country demanding that only his loyal/sworn supporters would be armed and everyone else would be disarmed, we would interpret his demands as a preparation for war against us. Well then, when someone like Senator Blumenthal stands up and does it, why do we not interpret that action the same way?

    (b) Next question: when people in our nation make demands that blatantly violate the U.S. Constitution and are consistent with war against us, how do we not treat that as treason?

    • To answer your second point.

      I do. If I ever meet him face to face I’ll skull fuck him with a crowbar

  15. Ironic he’d cite the Nixon/China accord as an example…seeing as the trade consequences of an ‘open’ China are largely what Trump ran against.

    We’ll see how Trump turns out. Frankly, I always/still feel that Trump is more predisposed to favor Blumenthal’s policy proposals than anyone else who had a shot at the nomination, but I am prepared to be mistaken if Trump decides to backpedal on No Fly No Buy, expanded mental health disqualifications, and doesn’t lapse into old habits as far as assault weapon bans or concealed carry. I’m certainly not expecting anything but gun-ambivalence from Trump, though.

  16. “Ending the unprecedented legal immunity no other industry has…”


    Try and sue a vaccine manufacturer, let me know how it goes.

    Senator Blumenthal, should Ford and Jack Daniels be held legally liable for a drunk driver crash?

    {Crickets softly chirping…}

  17. Stop being mean to Little Dick. The democrat party just ran a national campaign with more gun control front and center in their platform. They lost, so it is only fair that they get their way. Think of it as a participation trophy for the Little Dick. He is such a special snowflake.

  18. The senator is about to be sorely disappointed.

    It’s amusing how these socialists never walk the walk. The global warmists live in 10,000 square foot mansions and use copious fossil fuels to heat and cool them between their trips to Europe in their private jets. And the anti-gun elitists surround themselves with armed guards.

  19. This was as much of an expression of delusion as the now dead fantasy that electors in the Electoral College would vote for Hillary instead of Trump. The anti-gun left has lost what little tie to reality they still possessed, and this is what you see from it.

  20. So the “I was in “Nam, but I wasn’t” Senator expects Trump to completely screw the people who put him in office? What, does he think Trump’s a Democrat? He and the other Connecticut one-trick pony should just shut up and go home.

    • Unfortunately, Republicans have a long history of doing so, such as approving Obama’s budgets and caving in on almost everything. We’re about to see it again in North Carolina.

      However, I’m certain DJT isn’t that kind of Republican, based on mainstream Republicans’ reaction to him, and other factors.

  21. Liberals use the gun as a cover up to their “failed” policies. And I put failed in quotes because they are not bugs they are features to borrow a saying used around here. These law makers don’t live in the communities they govern. Ask former SF mayor and current lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom what difference his laws have made in the city. HE HAS NO CLUE because he lives in Marin County with around the clock armed security I might add.

  22. It’s easy to stop terrorists from buying guns. Just put a line on the 4473, “Are you a terrorist? Yes/No”

    Oh, wait.

  23. Blumenthal, You are a pile of tyrannical terd, along with malloy and Murphy.I am glad I fled your liberal, progressive, anti constutional, anti self defense state of CONnecticut

    The liberty tree is getting very thirsty sir, and there may be coming a time soon when those “dangerous” Constitutionalists aka “deplorables” forcefully carry you away and tie a rope around your neck and hang you for treason. You can only push so hard. Remember, the 3% that stood up to the greatest fighting force on earth in the late 18th century, in what became the American revolution.

    If the Founders were alive today you would be hanging from a tree.

    You have a special cage in hell, along with all the other DEMONcrats who want to destroy the Constitutional Republic.

  24. Oh, for pity’s sake. Clinton lost. Trump won. No, we’re not going to set aside the Electoral College in favor of the popular vote because you would like that result better. No, he’s not going to step aside and let Clinton become president instead because you think that’s the right thing to do. No, the electors are not going to abandon their candidate because you think that’s the way to go. No, Trump is not going to abandon his supporters and pursue your agenda instead because that’s what would make you happy.

    Other people have their own ideas about the right thing to do, which way to go, what makes them happy. They are just as entitled to their views as you are to yours. And they are in charge. Them. Not you. Get over it.

  25. Yes Democrats just keep doing what you are doing. It has worked so well, ohhh wait the numbers are catastrophic over the last 8 years.

  26. Respond to a Rally? I think he has already done that. This guy is delusional. He is our candidate, not Blumenthal’s. Endorsed by the NRA. Voted in by millions of NRA members. I don’t see it happening. Ban on terrorists buying guns??? How about a ban on terrorists. And if they aren’t proven terrorists – leave them alone. Immunity for gun manufacturers??? It is a shame it passed – because it is a shame it was needed. If the democrats weren’t trying to sue the manufacturer’s out of existence every time a thug robbed a convenient store or a depressed paxil, zoloft, prozac popping weirdo shoots up a school, then it wouldn’t be needed. Immunity? The immunity protects them from common sense that libturds seem to lack. No manufacturer should be sued because a criminal used their product for a crime. Unbelievable.

    • Remember two months ago, when refusing to accept the election results was dangerous, irresponsible rhetoric that threatened the very heart of American democracy? Ah, good times, good times.

  27. F—K Him !!! And the rest of the DemoNAZI , RINO tassle-loafer totalitarians !!!! 1st We need to Re-enforce the 2nd amendment…By making it a “Capital Crime” for any Politicians/ Police /Government agency, etc…From any Infringement upon any US citizens Lawful Civil Rights! With penalties of not less than $250k in compensatory damages for each incident of infringement incurred…Fines, and prison terms as well….And through the 14th amendment it can be expanded to other rights of course…Force other states such as , NJ, NY, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, California, DC.,etc…To abide by the U.S. Constitutional-Bill of Rights…[Any person in one, or goes into another…Has the same rights as any other person in any other state…] There is No such thing as Pre-crime…And Murder is a Capital Crime…It is ALREADY AGAINST THE LAW….!

  28. When they, both sides, give “We the People” constitutional carry nation wide, then I will support them. BUT that will never happen

  29. I also have advice for President Elect Trump.

    Withdraw any and all federal law enforcement funds from states that have:

    1) Egregious and unconstitutional gun control, such as, but not limited to:

    * Bans on semiautomatic weapons of any kind.

    * Magazine capacity restrictions.

    * Equipment mandates such as bullet buttons and prohibitions against pistol grips and flash suppressors.

    * Restrictions on carry.

    * Ammunition restrictions.

    * Onerous licensing and record keeping requirements.

    * Any other infringements on the 2nd Amendment.

    2) Policies that aid, abet, give refuge to, or benefit illegal aliens in any way, be they at the state or local level.

    3) Sentencing or incarceration guidelines that release dangerous criminals before they’ve paid their debt to society.

    4) Any other policies that harm our society, in the opinion of the President.

    There. I’m rather proud of that little list. It’s not just about gun control, but all things are interconnected.

  30. Rides deferments as long as he can.
    Enlists as a fucking reservist at the last second.
    Spends a few decades saying, “I was a Marine during Vietnam”
    Sounds like he Rode on the back of Dead Marines, to a big payday in Washington.
    He is Not worth the powder and shot it would take to send him to hell.
    But a plastic bag over his head would be just right.

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