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Business owner Annon mostly packs smaller, lighter items with him on his appointed rounds. Mostly. Then there’s that SIG M11-A1, which he says he carries wherever he goes. Not that we’re complaining. If you can conceal it, why not? See the rest of his Everyday Carry gear after the jump . . .

  1. Gerber Dime Multi-tool
  2. Write in the rain notebook
  3. Fisher Space Pen
  4. Bic Lighter
  5. Sig Sauer M11-A1
  6. Range Rover Sport Key
  7. RDFI Wallet
  8. Arctic V8 Tank
  9. IPV Li
  10. ThorFire VG-15 flashlight
  11. SOG Vulcan
  12. LG G2 Batteries 18650
  13. Ranger Watch
  14. Para cord Survival Bracelet

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: Rodney Huston">Previous Post
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    • I dunno, do they count as ‘field notes’ if they don’t have “FIELD NOTES” written on the front?

      • What is the deal with field notes anyway? Do people seriously carry paper around? Looks more like photo op crap to fill the picture to me.

  1. I was so excited to hear about the M-11 then crestfallen that it won’t take p228 mags & vice-versa. Carried the elder near-twin p228 for years and was quite happy.

  2. Fun to see these pocket dumps, though it seems to me that actually putting a pistol in a pocket takes up the space required for money, Cope, keys, wallet, all these many knives, tactical flashlights, firestarters, paracord jewelry and such. When something like the M11-A1 or a Commander shows up, my first thought is that the guy really does pack, and didn’t just go borrow cool stuff to show on FB.

  3. Pocket dump? Lint, spare change, pocket knife(hello pocket dump) and zippo lighter. What do u carry to defend yourself? Any pistol, and a big knife.

  4. I don’t think it’s about pockets. It’s about carry. Bring what’s on your wrists, hip, ankle, and pockets. The only gun I actually pocket carry is my Bodyguard .380.

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