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Gun Violence Leading to Increased Number of Homicides, MSNBC proclaims. That makes about as much sense as Pool Accidents Leading to Increased Number of Drownings. Anyway, another day, another piece of anti-gun agitprop from the network that’s never met a gun control law it doesn’t like. Or an aspiring statist. (Connect the dots.) In this case, St. Louis’ top cop Sam Dotson tells MSNBC that the increase in gang bangers’ firearms-related homicides is down to Missouri’s gun rights restoration. How’s this rapid fire quote for a sterling example of distorting the truth about guns . . .

Now because there are no real requirements to buy a gun you have to go through a background check but you don’t need a permit, people are putting guns into situations where they weren’t there before. That’s really what I think the change is. That they’re so available they’re in the hands of people who don’t understand the consequences of pulling the trigger. We’ve seen increase of young people with guns, we’ve seen an increase in the number of people willing to use guns in violence. It’s an epidemic and that’s why the CDC has called it a health crisis.

I’m thinking there’s more here than meets Chief Dotson’s authoritarian eye.

Lest we forget, Missouri was home to some major unpleasantness in Ferguson, which led to less aggressive policing. But really, who knows? As pointed out in its article St. Louis named murder capital of the U.S., “Regarding the increase in murders from 2014 to 2015 in major U.S. cities, most experts agree that it will be years before the reasons are clear — if reasons exist at all. The increase could end up being an anomalous year-to-year spike.”

One thing we know for sure: proponents of civilian disarmament see every firearms-related statistic as a reason to pass new, draconian, ineffective  gun control laws.

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  1. What is a background check if not a “real” requirement?
    What is a permit other than a second background check?

    • I’d like to see him pressed for an answer on that one, too. If they have background checks, and those presumably establish someone as a fine upstanding citizen, then what does a purchase permit bring to the table?

      You just know he wants to say something like “With a urchase permit requirement, we could frustrate people with paperwork, expense and inconvenience, and continue the charade that of that has any bearing on the actual violent criminals who are committing the crimes.”

      • I used to live in St. Louis before 2007, when Missouri’s permit-to-purchase process was ended. It was a week’s wait and a total duplication of the Brady background check. Especially in St. Louis, where, in total disregard for Missouri’s firearms preemption law, the sheriff was requiring two letters of recommendation BEFORE you could even apply for the permit-to-purchase.

        Crocodile tears from Chief Dotson…

  2. The gun control laws worked! We need to pass more laws!

    The gun control laws didn’t work! We need to pass more laws!

  3. MSNBC comes from the Rolling Stone Rape School of journalism. Come to think of it, so does NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the NY Times, the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post . . . all of the MSM.

    And if POTG think that the MSM is biased against us, just imagine being a Duke Lacrosse player.

    • All true, but it’s even more nefarious than that. The media that fanned the race war flames of Ferguson and Baltimore are now using the outcome of higher crime rates to pivot to the gun narrative.

  4. Translation: “I’m so bored, give me a reason to shove my jackboot down somebody’s throat”

  5. Since leftists blame guns for violence, why don’t they send the welfare check to the gun to stop them from committing crime instead of to the gangbanger? ?

  6. If there are numerous adults in his town “who don’t understand the consequences of pulling the trigger”, then this guy has a much larger and different problem than anything gun-related.

  7. Idiot-with-a-badge Sam Dotson:

    Now because there are no real requirements to buy a gun you have to go through a background check but you don’t need a permit, people are putting guns into situations where they weren’t there before.

    Yes, because all of those gang-bangers wouldn’t be armed, if only they had to obtain permits for their handguns. That’s the ticket! The extent of their criminal behavior apparently does not include a willingness to carry a firearm without a required permit.

    That, or Chief Dotson is espousing a position that implies that he is dumber than a box of rocks.

  8. “It’s an epidemic and that’s why the CDC has called it a health crisis.”

    Which is why we need to keep denying money to the CDC for so called “gun violence studies.” The CDC does one thing well and that is study infectious disease. Social issues and injury from running with scissors, to pool drowning, to auto accidents, to ballistic injuries are so far removed from what they do well, that they should have no funding for any of those issues. To fund those things would also distract from what their primary goal is and should remain.

  9. So the problem is the situation that these violent children are brought up in not the guns. It’s an attitude problem not really a gun problem. That’s what I got from that lady. And apparently times are tougher now. It’s a cultural thing and a moral thing. The thugs don’t care about human life.

  10. It’s not just stupid. It’s FULL RETARD, especially since homicides have steadily been plummetting (down by half since the early 1990’s) as CCW permits have gone up and gun ownership has skyrocketed.

    I’m sure they would love to go back to the days of rampant muggings in the 70’s and 80’s, when states didn’t allow concealed carry of handguns.

  11. Behaviors. Just said they act that way due to their upbringing. That has what to do with the the legally owned gun?

    I am sure the Police Chief is getting a bunch of felonies from illegal gun possession. Right?

  12. I am impressed. Apparently there is no logic fallacy they aren’t willing to explore in order to link guns with criminals. This sort of proves that they really do believe if you take away guns, crime, in this case homicides, will stop.

    I can paint this picture for them easily. If guns are banned, crime will still occur. That’s guaranteed. Let’s just suppose for a minute it doesn’t increase (bear with me). Let’s say for shits and giggles it goes down, but there will still be crime, right? So now criminals rely on bludgeons or knives (or they just get an illegal gun like England, but I digress). You’re still defenseless and if they choose to kill you, you’re still dead. Now imagine you have to defend your family from a determined attacker with with a knife, or a gun because when they come after your loved ones, what are you gonna do? Would you rather have a knife? A club? Or a gun? The difference now is you don’t have the option to run or cower, you have to fight. What would you rather have.

    Oh yeah, I forgot. You live in a gated community and never leave police protected suburbia.

  13. This just in, increased rain will lead to flooding.

    Sometimes it rains and it rains a lot. Some areas have seen floods for decades, but let us find a reason to create draconian EPA rules for climate when there is no correlation we can currently find.

    The progressives must use a template. They just fill it with different stuff to meet the narrative they want.

  14. St. Louis city is a hell hole. But it is very small. The city/county divide keeps the statistics skewed. Most of St. Louis County is very nice. Save for the northern counties, which have largely become slums as the blight in the city spread north.

    I’ll cut this cop some slack, cause I can’t imagine policing a city full of lawless thugs in the current environment. But I want to know where I can go in St. Louis that I don’t need a permit to carry…

    • But I want to know where I can go in St. Louis that I don’t need a permit to carry…

      That depends. Are you black and a thug?

  15. Point of Parlimentary Procedure.

    In my town, increased gun violence has lead to a much larger rise in injuries than deaths.

    The wingings, negligent discharges into the shootist’s foot, small caliber through the fat, ricochets hitting the next guy are increasing at a much faster rate than the shootings resulting in dirt naps.

    Now if they didn’t hold the weapon “gang side(ways)”, used at least .40 or .45, figured out what those bumps on the top of the slidey thing were for, homocides might be accelerating as quickly as the drive-by-missings.

  16. Hahaha, you guys r funny, Permits are for people that dont shoot people. Cops dont need permits n neither do gangsters. Once you shoot somebody, and you aint a cop, your a gangster. Try it, the law is not going to pat you on the back with a job well done medal. From now on your a on the books convicted felon.Silly boys.

  17. YouTube like / dislike and comments are open! At least they were. Let them know what you think. I did.

  18. This PD chief Dotson is a prime example of the up and coming EU Globalist/ Militant NWO. If We The People don’t dig in and make reversals for freedom. Then we can just kiss all liberties good bye…Then you’ll really be at the mercy of the police, the politcians, and the criminals.

    • Hell no! They steal them from our cars when we go downtown to watch the Cardinals and can’t bring them with us. Wondering what happened with the guy who was talking about buying an armored car and running a gun check service right outside of the stadium? Now that was a good idea, although a truck full of guns would be a hell of a target. Ever since that poor bastard was shot in the back and paralyzed on his way back to his car last year, I’ve been afraid to go down there. Considering the team is one of the few things keeping STL City from crumbling into dust, Cardinals ownership and the mayor and police should be looking at ways to help us feel safe when we’re down there, not ways to disarm us further…

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