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Tyler doesn’t mess around. As he writes, this is his “basic assembly of on body carry items. The backpack that serves as my briefcase carries additional ammo, bandages, tourniquet, decompression needle, and soft armor panel.” Check out his gear at Everyday Carry . . .


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    • If I listed my EDC, it would look like I’m camping compared to what’s been posted.
      The above would be pocket carry, and I do carry a bag with me at all times. The Leatherman MUT is unusual, in that it’s specifically for an AR-15, and I have one on my sling, so if I grab the AR, all the tools are attached.

      • The MUT is the best multitool I’ve ever carried. This thing is so flippin’ durable (hammer on the end!) and I’ve got a socket extender and additional pieces-parts for that. Yes, it’s big. Yes, it’s heavy. However I’ve not found anything better. Carry it mounted horizontally in a Hazard4 Crazykoala on your belt and you’re GTG.

  1. A decompression needle? I hope he’s up on his law. In Colorado that’s likely to get you a “practicing medicine without a license” charge if you’re not certified to use it.

    • Strych9,
      On a totally unrelated note, our brief conversation about Yugoslav Mausers gave me a bad case of the impulse bug. I lucked out on an M24/47 in great external shape with a tiger stripe stock for just $200 this morning. I was also a tad wrong about their history. Turns out all M24/47’s were originally part of the 100,000 M24 rifles purchased from Belgium, and the +/- one million the Serbs made on purchased Belgian tooling until 1941 when the Germans showed up.

      Starting in 1947, they all got refurbished as a stopgap until the M48 was produced three years later. Worn out parts were replaced (hence rarely all matching #’s), new barrels installed, but most of all Tito went on a scrubbing spree with old markings. If the receiver isn’t bare, it will have the communist torch crest on it. Monarchist serial numbers were ground off and replaced too, so it is often impossible to pin a date or Belgian/Serb origin on M24/47’s from their previous life. Either way you’re still getting a rifle that has all milled, old-world quality parts. I have a strange hunch yours might just be one of the original Belgians in disguise.

      • A tigerstripe stock? I don’t know if that’s flat out amazing or a total abomination but I’d like to see it! Nice to hear that you got a deal on it. I’ve been very happy with mine for the fact that it’s a great, great gun and I got it from a gun shop that didn’t care about the price on a near perfect rifle because “Meh, it’s a Mauser we see a million of them”. Based on the prices I’m seeing online these days for a similar rifle it was pretty much a steal since it’s in “collectors” condition… er, well it was until I dinged the stock.

        As for mine tomorrow I’ll haul her out and take the stock off and give you some pictures. I detect nothing about this rifle that indicates that it was ever refurbished but a closer look might find something.

        Either way the description you give of the tooling explains why the Nazis decided to steal all that stuff after they annexed Yugoslavia.

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