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Swarf’s a man of many moods. He says this about his EDC, “It changes, depending on mood, clothes, weather, work situation, phase of the moon, Putin’s location, my dog’s tone of voice…” Check out what he’s carrying here at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. “Swerve a man of many moods.”

    Swarf swerves a man of many moods?

    This pocket dump shows a man clearly optimally operating operationally…

    • Thin, light pistols like the LCP are more comfortable in an IWB holster than thick, heavy pistols. The pocket carry option is just a bonus.

      • Anyone else get that shooting pain from IWB g19 carry? Haven’t shot myself but I think I have “Glock Leg” light. The 43 takes care of that problem. And is good for when I explain to people that I’m compensating for my small gun by carrying a large penis.

  2. Usually a Glock 26 or a Springfield XDM in 45 for me, but I took the Ruger LCP and the LC 9S Pro to the range this weekend, a great reminder of how beautifully those Rugers shoot.

  3. I like the Kershaw knife selection. I have several (along with CRKT, Cold Steel, etc.) Kershaws. They hold an edge well and they aren’t several hundred dollars each.

      • Dude, I love your screen name. It always makes me think of my swarf bucket and all the useful blocks of metal out there now that those pesky chips are out. +1 on that Kershaw, even bought all my friends some.


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