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Joel’s a carpenter and calls this a working man’s EDC. That works for us. See what this working man carries at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. Where do you buy a Duck Tape wallet? I want one.

    By the way, it’s not “duct” tape. Never was. Any HVAC apprentice knows better than to use that stuff on ducts.

  2. OMG great to see someone post something here that doesn’t look brand spanking new or has one month of use and is now “EDC”. Most posts on here are like hey look what I bought. Way to go Joel for actually carrying it even if it is a Taurus ?

  3. That TCP has over 1,000 rounds through it now. I have tried to replace it as my every day gun multiple times. I always go back to it.

    I make those wallets by wrapping the plastic holder that comes with my hunting license. The one is the photo is two years old, but I usually make a new one every year.

    The holster is hand made too. I’m po and picky, so I end up making a lot of my own stuff.

  4. I used to use a duct tape wallet that was commercially made/sold. It was a birthday gift some years ago, but it started wearing and I was gifted a replacement (leather) wallet so I never took advantage of the lifetime warranty on the duct tape wallet.

    The one pictured looks home-made as the tape is badly worn. The commercial one I had stated not to use actual duct tape as it won’t hold up to pocket conditions, but was actually made of silver vinyl tape made to resemble the appearance and texture of duct tape. Mine was made by Ducti and was purchased at Cracker Barrel, but can be bought online on the Ducti website.

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