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As you might have guessed, Gaige is police officer. And this looks to be what an Ohio LEO carries when he’s off duty. Check out everything he’s packing at Everyday Carry . . .


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  1. Seeing the shades remind me of the old John Byner skit on his show about a state trooper. May be too old for most here to rember.

    Nice to see a single stack.

  2. Love that knife. If anyone wants a ZT at a discount, the factory sale is coming up. There will be blemished models available online for about 40% off the normal price, our if you’re in Oregon attend yourself and avoid the markup.

  3. And where the frell is his back up clip?? I carry a GP 100 and 4 speed loaders. These people that carry auto’s and no back up clips, you are really making a royal mistake.

    • Because most of us have almost as much ammunition in a single magazine as you do in your speed loaders. A magazine failure is so rare that it’s not ever really worth considering.

    • I’m guessing the reason he doesn’t carry a backup “clip” is because he’d have no way of using said “clip” unless pistol ammo now comes that way. To my knowledge, no model of Sig handguns feature a toploading feature to take advantage of clipped ammo. I do, however, see a spare magazine for his auto loader.

    • if you meant magazine, it’s there front and center. he already has a mag seated. same mention was made last p938 dump.
      i notice there are always a few more comments when a p938 is displayed.

    • A good question, my guess is it’s for artistic reasons. If there is a little space between the object and the background, and you use a wide aperture, it’s possible to get the ‘bokeh’ effect whereby the object is focused and the background is pleasingly blurred.

      Not that this is usually possible with a cellphone camera, one would need a DLSR running aperture priority mode.

      • Then prop the gun against a block obscured by the slide because a Sharpie wedged in the trigger guard has little if any artistic value.
        Same idiots will criticize Glock owners for having to press the trigger to field strip it then they wedge a foreign object against their XD trigger.


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