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For reasons we don’t quite understand, the Beretta PX4 Storm Compact is an oft-overlooked EDC choice. Before the recent introduction of the APX Compact, it was easily Beretta’s best all-around carry gun, a fact that Craig A Wildfeuer Jr. was apparently well aware of. Our only question about his gear is, if you’re already toting that beefy ZT0350, do you really need the tactical letter opener, too?

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  1. Bere tta needs to put a 4″ barrel on the compact (and maybe a 4.5″ on the full size) for a Glock 19 sized DA/SA pistol.

      • The Gov is proudly platform-fluid in his choice of carry armaments.

        (What the hell use is a plastic shiv? Besides getting through metal detectors?)

        • Fab’s website says that it’s meant specifically for EOD work. The fact that it will pass metal detectors is just a bonus.

      • Generally speaking I am, but I can see the appeal of a G19 sized auto. My 2nd backup carry g un is a Ru ger P95 (3.9″ 15+1). First backup is a birdshead Vaquero in .44magnum. Of course someone’s going to have to steal my 3″ GP 100 because it’s simply never going to quit. Did have 92FS for several years and it was a gem IMHO. The wife carries a Storm sub-compact. Good shooters. Just a 3.2″ barrel on a 15 round grip doesn’t seem quite right.

        • Those are good picks. I like the beretta 92, the bad rep it gets from the military is undeserved as they have been shot out, poorly maintained and abused.

        • The way I understand it, the problem was with aftermarket mags from Check Mate, but it wasn’t even Check Mate’s fault, it was the parkerizing the military insisted they finish the mags in. Fine sand just stuck to it. Otherwise they’re probably the least malfunctioning semi-auto ever invented and pretty accurate too. The only real gripe would be the bulky squarish grips felt big even in my XXL glove sized hands.

          Grip wise it’s hard to beat a 1911 in a non-revolving cylinder pistol, but you’re stuck with single stack. I’ve always found that with pistols I tend to point low on the draw or presentation which means you lose the front si ght and usually overcompensate trying to find it. In a defensive situation at distances far enough away to require proper sight alignment this could be the 3/4 second between life and death. You want your g un to point just a bit high so you find the sight and lower it into the notch, or if you’re in a real hurry just aim at your enemy’s belly button for a center chest shot. The 1911 I had was better at this. A lot of people gripe about the Glock grip angle (I’ve never shot a Glock) but it’s probably a good thing in combat. Revolvers are subjective grip wise as well but mine all have grips that point this way. With the peg grip frame on my beloved GP 100s there’s really no limit to the size, shape or angle in which a grip can be made. The 92 definitely pointed low.

  2. I wish people would post what jobs/job types they have when put out there carry items. The right hand of the picture seems reasonable.

  3. Did Beretta ever fix the polymer feed ramp situation with these? A local P.D. was issued full size storms about 8 years ago and my buddy noticed after a few hundred rounds it was failing to feed. The hollow points had chipped away at the feed ramp to the point where every 3rd round or more would hang up and fail to feed. The dept. wouldn’t allow them to carry any other weapon until there were five officer involved shootings where the failures were documented, then they were allowed to carry a personal firearm of the same caliber and wirh the same or greater capacity. My buddy moved long ago and is now a trooper in another state, so I dont know what they carry now. I remember him showing me how veat up that feed ramp was…it was bad. And I love my FS96, so Im not dumping on Beretta.

    • I seriously doubt it’s anywhere near as bad as what you’re describing, especially the part where it led to cops getting shot. Got a source on any of that or is it just the usual friend of a friend story to pick on something popular?

  4. PX4 Storm Compact was on my short list until I actually picked one up at a show. I would definitely like to have one, but it’s just a bit too bulky for my EDC needs. No way I could conceal that with just an untucked shirt.

  5. Picked up a PX4 sub compact in 40 from a friend that was going to California cheap. Bit bulky but the recoil of the 40 cal wasn’t that bad on it.

    But I told him he could have it back if he moved back to Texas.

  6. You don’t see the ZT350 in many pocket dumps, but definitely my favorite. For those that think it is too much, I had to buy one for my wife she liked it so much. Just sayin……

  7. I own a full size Px4 in 40, I really like the gun, but my EDC for the past two year has been a Beretta Nano. Conceals better and shoots like a Lazer, once you control the trigger. Nothing against the the Px4 compact, just seem bulky, like the M&P compact.

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