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Yes, there are concealed carriers in California, much to the chagrin of most of Sacramento. Get far enough away from the coast and you start to find counties that you’d have a hard time distinguishing — culturally and politically — from Arizona or Nevada. Not to mention chief law enforcement officers for whom “may issue” means shall issue for law-abiding residents.

Mark is apparently one of those. His EDC of choice: the solid, reliable SIG Sauer P938 along with a few extra mags. Can’t argue with that.

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  1. When you need people to know you’re tactical so much that field notes aren’t enough, you have to paracord everything

    surprised that he didn’t wrap it around his laptop

  2. What Sheriff Dept is he a civilian employee of? Or is he a lawyer with a county prosecutor?

    • Like the post mentioned, there are a lot of freedom loving areas in CA. Unless you are in a crap hole county like LA or a few others it’s pretty much a shall issue state. But it will be a long expensive process anywhere in CA.

  3. much to the chagrin of most of Sacramento

    Ironically, Sacramento is one of the easiest places to get a California carry permit.

    • I have an interview appointment with the Riverside Sheriff’s office later this year in November (the date was assigned to me in March of LAST year – which tells you just how long they’re backlogged) to start the CCW process.

      Riverside is “May Issue”, so I’m curious how they evaluate applications. Are they looking for something that justifies your “need” for the CCW, or is their approach that as long as you have a clean history and good references, they’re OK with giving you the license?

      What was your experience (thanks in advance)?

  4. The Sig 938 is a great little seven round, 9 mm pistol
    I love mine!
    You can take the magazine from the Sig 290 and cut a a slot for the magazine catch of the 938 and now you have an 8 round mag that functions perfectly in the 938!
    Add a crimson trace laser and you can hit multiple miscreants at distance!

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