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We seem to be seeing more less-is-more EDC gear collections. And if you’re going to Nicholas Flores apparently decided that, if he’s going to carry, he might as well carry a full-size handgun. And the SIG Sauer P226 Legion has one of the best production DA/SA triggers you’ll find.

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  1. 34 ounces to schlep around, unloaded! And I gave up carrying a 32 ounce Kimber cause it was too heavy, and I didn’t feel like carrying two magazines, and still being well short of what a Glock 19 with one spare magazine would give me.

    • Here is my typical daily carry roster.

      Browning Hi Power
      1 spare mag
      Leatherman mirca
      Leatherman Piranha
      Small Streamlight
      Cell Phone

      Total weight 4lbs 7oz

      If I carried a Sig P365 it would drop about a pound.

      Are you an 11 Bravo slepping 75lbs of gear? Didn’t think so. If you can’t carry the extra pound you are seriously out of shape. Until your gear weight goes above 10lbs, weight of your carry gun is not a factor. There may be other factor that drive you to a smaller gun but weight is not one of them.

      • I’ve been making this basic argument for a long time. Still, there’s no shortage of people who just can’t hack carrying a full sized pistol.

        Would be kinda funny if they were stuck back in the day when a compact like the Star BM was what was available. 35oz for a “compact” 9mm!

        • Back in the day I shlepped a 100 lb ruck and gear up and down mountains. I prefer to go light and small now, not cause I can’t carry more(I am in decent shape) but size and weight considerations plus METT TC dictate carrying smaller (esp gun wise) to carry more stuff I actually use.

        • Joe in San Antonio: METT TC? So you are still a ranger, paramilitary, or secret agent of some sort then? In that case, it does seem reasonable to carry a lighter gun to save weight and energy for more important things. For those of us just driving to a normal mundane civilian job, a 34 oz gun should be pretty much irrelevant. I carried a Five Seven for it’s low weight for several years and then realize I like the inertia of a heavier gun more.

        • Vic Nighthorse, no just a little institutionalized lol, we all could use a little Mission Analysis in our lives. METT-TC can be used as a civilian as well in fact that is the reason people conceal carry because of possible threats otherwise one is just carrying a gun to be a billy bad ass. I have used my first aid kit, and car recovery kit far more then my pistol. I fully support your right to carry whatever you want, I am good with my plastic fantastic, diminutive wunder pistol.

    • A Safariland OTW paddle retention holster feels very comfortable to me. I’m 63, about 40 pounds overweight but otherwise have good strength and all my tests are good. I carry a Walther PPQM2 .45 with two spare mags on my left side… it seems to balance things out and I really don’t notice the weight when I’m at the range, shopping or walking around… I try to get in three miles a day in order to lose more weight…

  2. Saw today that Sig is releasing a P229 Legion 9mm SAO. Will they ever release a SAO 357sig?

  3. Shot a Sig P226 Elite in .40 S&W yesterday at the range. It was a friend’s gun. Nice gun, but a real fat (although nicely polished) wooden grip. It’s the 2nd P226 Elite in .40 S&W I’ve shot. They shoot well, but I prefer 9mm.

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