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As the range of firearms-related products Amazon allows retailers to offer dwindles and YouTube de-monetizes more and more gun-related content, the increasingly ghetto-ized firearms business is in need of more online options to reach consumers. Enter Everest.

Everest intends to be the go-to site for hunters, shooters and other outdoorsy types by featuring retailers that have had more and more difficulty maintaining an online presence due to de-platforming and other limits imposed by Silicon Valley giants.

Everest tells TTAG that when they’re up and running (they’re already up and running and are on track for a mid-March hard launch) they’ll have hundreds of merchants on board who will be only too happy to sell on a platform that’s targeted to their customers and that charges significantly lower transaction fees. A number of big gun manufacturers will also have presences there, some selling directly to consumers and others showcasing their products in dedicated brand-specific areas.

But Everest wants to be more than that. They’ll also be a platform for video and other content aimed directly at their merchants’ customers. They’ll sell what they’re calling Caliber memberships (think Amazon Prime) that will give members free shipping, selected discounts, access to premium content and allow them to upload content to the site.

Here’s Everest’s press release . . .


Everest, the shooting sports and outdoor gear industry’s first customer-centric, community-driven, multi-merchant marketplace has officially soft launched and is currently in the process of on-boarding hundreds of sellers. Everest plans to officially hard launch to consumers on March 1st, 2020. Everest is a non-discriminatory platform for hunters, shooting sports enthusiasts, anglers, campers and hikers across the country, linking consumers and retailers with a robust marketplace where they can interact, contribute, learn, transact, and give back.

As a significant amount of merchants make a mass exodus from other online marketplaces, Everest is disrupting the outdoor retail landscape by creating a community for outdoorsmen and women where they can live their passions. At time of launch, the Everest marketplace will offer shoppers options to shop from 500+ merchants offering more than 500,000 outdoor and shooting sports products. It is estimated by the end of 2020, Everest will offer more than 1,000,000 products from retailers and manufacturers from around the globe. The product inventory and merchant options will certainly continue to grow exponentially over the next 2-3 years as more retailers, distributors and manufacturers join the Everest community. Unlike any other marketplace of its kind in the space, the Everest experience will be consistently enhanced with fresh outdoor content such as how-to videos, product reviews, gear articles and much more.

“At our core, we believe in passing down the great outdoor legacies that were passed to us,” says Bill Voss, CEO/Founder of Everest. “Our mission is to create a one-of-a-kind marketplace where merchants can sell free of the noise of those other sites. We are committed to surpassing all customer expectations by providing unparalleled service, exceptional quality and ultimate value with every interaction.”

Everest has developed opportunities that create real value for their customers. Everest consumers can participate in the direction and growth of the marketplace, including giving back to those who do so much already in the space. Specifically, customers have the option of opening an Everest “Caliber Account” which features many benefits, including free express shipping, relevant video programming, cool swag, and deep discounts on selected items. Importantly, Everest will give back to philanthropic programs and outdoor industry initiatives that reflect the issues important to the Everest community such as conservation, veterans service organizations, cancer support and firearms safety.

About Everest

Everest is a customer-centric, community-driven, multi-merchant marketplace where millions of shooting sports, fishing, and outdoor gear enthusiasts interact, participate, contribute, and shop. Via individual storefronts in the Everest marketplace, sellers can now take advantage of cutting-edge technology to help them drive engagements, conversions, and ultimately sales. To learn more, schedule a demo, or launch a free storefront, visit www.everest.com, or contact Kristi Heuring, Senior Director of Marketing, at [email protected].

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  1. BUT do they have an intent, and a plan, to actually TURN A PROFIT? Burning thru OPM is NOT a business plan in a capitalist world. Particularily one that has a much more difficult outlook than a month ago (thought fuel is less expensive).

  2. Nope. On line gunm sales and gunm accessories, on line no thank you. As the nice law enforcement officer used to advise” everything you say can and will be used against you”, should also be differentially accorded to, “Everything you buy online will be used against you” ,,,let the gunm shop guy take the heat, ammo pay with cash, 4473’s not if you buy from Pedro. Can’t figure out how most commenters here don’t trust Our government( 4 those in the U.S ) but yet buy online without the slightest whim.

    • Generally agree but at this point if you talk about guns near a cell phone you are already a known or suspected owner. I can see using a library computer to browse what is available and having your store order you what you want to pay in cash but chances are if it comes to people no knocking it’s already too late.

    • I am not worrying about that crap. I remember ’94 and I am not going back into the gun closet. I talk about guns openly, buy online when it suits me, and generally conduct myself in as much of a free manner as I can. The government is certainly aware that I own guns and that engage I gun politics.

      If they want them, come and take them.

  3. Although I share Possum’s concerns (above), this will work. Even for those of us who chose not to purchase through this site will use it for research and click through the advertisements. Clicks are dollars. It will also morph into a platform for delivering paid-for training and for product reviews. This has a lot of potential.


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