Girsan MC1911 Noel
Courtesy EAA
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European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.), importers of select quality and affordable handguns, rifles, and shotguns, revealed their latest competition handgun, the Girsan MC1911 Noel, during the 2020 SHOT Show, held Jan. 21 – 24, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The MC1911 Noel incorporates features recommended by EAA’s newest sponsored USPSA competition shooter, Noel Zarza. Built on a fully machined steel frame and slide with a matte nickel finish, the Noel 1911 features an extended beavertail and ambidextrous safety and checking on the frame front and back grip for a confident grip.

The skeletonize target trigger breaks cleanly and crisply at around 2.5 lbs. It also features a fully adjustable target rear sight and textured laminated grips. This single stack competition semi is offered in .45 ACP (8+1 capacity) and 9mm (10+1 capacity).  The Noel 1911 has a 5” barrel, an overall length of 8.75” and a weight of 2.55 lbs.

MSRP is $1,075 for the .45 ACP and $901 for the 9mm.

Noel Zarza.jpg
Courtesy EAA

Zarza will be showcasing EAA’s Girsan MC1911 line at upcoming competitions and events. His favorite guns are the Girsan MC1911 Match, Match Elite, and the Tanfoglio Limited Custom and Custom Xtreme and he’ll be using the new MC1911 S Noel for the USPSA 2020 competition season.

Zarza, is a retired Army officer who served as a company commander, combat trainer, and combat advisor to ally military forces, as well as an operations officer for a Special Forces unit during his last deployment to Afghanistan. Currently, as a family man with four children, he is based out of Central Pennsylvania and only took up shooting competitively in 2013.

His latest accolades include a 2nd Place finish at the 2019 Immortal Arms Virginia State USPSA Championship and a 3rd Place finish at the RBPS Eastern Lakes Sectional Championship held in New York. He attributes his successes from training received from Matt Mink, Jeff Hicks, Steve Anderson, and Alex Gutt. But most importantly he’s grateful for his wife, Cecilia, in supporting his shooting endeavors.

“I enjoy competition shooting because it allows like-minded individuals to express their interest in their 2nd Amendment rights in a productive and practical manner,” Zarza added.

Zarza is scheduled to compete in at least nine major USPSA matches for the upcoming 2020 season. He can be followed on Instagram as MagnumSix.

For more information on EAA Corp., visit or check out them out on FacebookYouTube, or Pinterest.


About European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.):

Based in Florida and founded in the early 1990s, European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.) has brought value to firearms owners with an array of right-priced, affordable handguns, rifles, and pistols from respectable international manufacturers. EAA Corp’s mission has always been “good quality products at reasonable prices.”

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      • We manage our money better. We aren’t struggling to keep up with the latest trend in the electronic world. We haven’t maxxed out our credit cards and we don’t buy cars that stretch our budget. We accepted that in order to have a good lifestyle we would have to work hard, do without and save.

        And we didn’t sit in mama’s basement hoping for our parents and grandparents to die so we would have a financial windfall.

        But don’t worry. If not already there soon will be a group of younger folks bitching about you guys and the way you fucked the world up.

  1. What I find strange is the abundant use of the word “affordable ” for $900 and $1,000 dollar pistols. Must expect a different clientele than people I know.
    Since this is a gun blog I might not be out of line asking about one. Does anyone know if there are any Winchester model 1897 clones around I would like to find a 12 gauge with an exposed hammer. Any make or model except single shot or double barrel break overs.

    • Sam, don’t know anything about these pistols except what I just read. However, if as advertised $1000 is reasonable. It ain’t a Hi-Point. Show me a fixed night sight model and I’ll take a look.

    • $900-1000 for a pistol that runs really nice and has a super awesome trigger is, indeed, affordable for those that want to run around in the competition sphere.

      Considering the person who “assisted” in designing this, it appears to be aimed straight at the USPSA crowd, which makes a sub $1000 price tag actually pretty desirable, however it would put it square in the sights of the CZ Shadow 2 and even some of the other EAA imports that work just as well.

      It’s entirely subjective.

    • Sam:

      These are OK, but they need some work taking off the burrs, sharp edges, etc. This is my complaint about most low-cost firearms: they cut corners by leaving the corners on. Since my job is to disassemble & reassemble firearms, I’ve cut myself many times on these cheap guns, which pisses me off no end.

      The Chinese also export (via Norinco, or TTN, or whoever) an 1897 clone which is more like a pre-assembled kit. They’re crap, and need quite a bit of attention from a gunsmith to make them work reliably. Then, because Winchester parts don’t quite fit, you need to plan on buying a second ChiCom 1897 to use for a source of parts – which would bring it up to about the price of the Cimmaron.

      I’ve had a couple of the ChiCom 97’s, a Cimmaron and a genuine 1897 across my bench. I know which one I’d pay money for…

  2. I handled some Girsans at the NRA show a couple years ago and liked them. The ladies liked the blinged out ones. But I couldn’t find them anywhere except online and the price was not much lower than a name brand equivalent made in the USA.

  3. I just can’t bring myself to cocked and locked carry. I’ve put the gunm in the holster cocked and locked empty , carried it that way, then when I load it up I put it on half cock. It’s just the way I’ve did it so long , can’t seem to change. My Mom used to have a habit of pointing the gunm at the ground and pulling the trigger after she had fired at what ever. She grew up with single shots, we went out once and I brought a 10-22. She shot the hedge apple the pointed the gunm at the ground and about it my foot scared her too as much as me. She handed the rifle back and said she didn’t like those kinds of gunms.

  4. It took Islamic sheep herders in dirt floor huts in Turkey to finally perfect the 1911.

    The only real question is, why they arent charging alot more.

  5. I bought one of these .. nice looking feels good to hold didn’t last long … limited warranty
    6 steps or 6 minutes whichever comes first. Then cost me $100 for a gunsmith to make right.

  6. Here’s a simple, serious question : Why does a two pound plus pistol (most of the 1911s) have a skeletonised trigger and hammer? How much weight does it save? I can only guess 1 oz. Don’t make fun of me this is a serious question.


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