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In the video below, students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tell the world that they’re mad as hell that they’ve lost 17 of their classmates to a spree killer armed with an AR15. Mad at the FBI for failing to act on not one but two tips, the second of which identified the killer’s motive, means and opportunity? Sure. Mad at the Broward County Deputies for responding to 39 911 calls on the killer without making sure he received some kind of attention, like . . .

incarceration? Uh, no.

Mad at Florida social services, who knew that Nikolas Cruz was dangerous and owned a gun and closed the case and walked away? No, not them.

Mad at the school board, for operating a school that was an obvious soft target, and not providing a single armed guardian? Nope.

The kids are mad at politicians for not passing laws that would have stopped the killer.

And what laws might those be? Laws that would have stopped the killer buying a gun! Laws that will stop future killers from buying a gun! Which are . . . those laws! Gun control laws!

And so . . .

Women’s March organizers are encouraging students, teachers and their allies to walk out of schools on March 14 to protest gun violence.

They’re demanding that Congress take legislative action on gun control in the wake of last week’s deadly school shooting in Florida instead of merely tweeting their thoughts and prayers.

“Students and staff have the right to teach and learn in an environment free from the worry of being gunned down in their classrooms or on their way home from school,” reads the group’s statement. “Parents have the right to send their kids to school in the mornings and see them home alive at the end of the day.”

I don’t think that word “right” means what they think it means. Or want it to mean. Or want other people to think it means. But one thing’s for sure . . .

The mainstream media will be all over this #enough business. By the time the rally hits the headlines, you, dear reader will have had #enough of this anti-gun agitprop. As if you haven’t already.


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  1. So they’re mad as hell and their actions will lead to enabling more mass murders. Fucking brilliant.

    • The national student protest they are calling for march 24th is being completely organized by everytown. Check out their twitter account, it’s non stop marketing it.

      I’m sure we’ll see everytown and moms demand finger prints all over those protests on the 24th and they’ll pay for the stages, the microphones and speaker rentals, print up signs, etc.

      It’s an astroturf protest

      • In his time Joseph Stalin called these people useful idiots.
        The end result in Russia were tens of millions of dead people murdered by their own government or by Adolf Hitler because Stalin destroyed the military prior to the Hitler invasion.

        A March and the disarm city of New York or the disarm city of the District of Columbia would be laughable.

        • The liberal driven school de-education has brainwashed these young people with political thinking and definately did not teach them to investigate things that they hear before taking sides. They have grown up in homes where no one hunts or target shoots. The only experience that they have about guns is the negative b s from the news. They are not even taught about our constitution or bill of rights. It’s easy to take away a right that you are ignorant of and never use. The only thing they know is what the haters of our country tell them.

      • Exactly. They will waste finite resources on a non winnable cause. Which will leave the next school/theater/mall that is being scoped out for an attack open to said attack.

        Constitutional carry in all places at all times is the only realistic counter to these wacko types that won’t take generations to implement.

      • Well they will make a lot of people not take them seriously in the future. After the so called “women’s march” I just can’t take any feminazi movement as serious. Not that I ever took them very serious in the first place. Can these dumbass kids at least wear the pussy hats? I mean hey that’s what they’ll be acting like.

      • “To be fair, their actions will lead to absolutely nothing.”

        I’m not so sure about that.

        I think DoomGuy was on to something about Trump selling us out.

        Take a look at this turd in the punchbowl :

        “Trump surveyed Mar-a-Lago members over gun control in wake of school shooting: report”


        Ask any millionaire what they think about guns.

        I have a pretty good idea what those millionaires had to say about that, and it isn’t good for us…

    • Because your new “name” is so relevant: “Students and staff have the right to teach and learn in an environment free from the worry of being gunned down in their classrooms or on their way home from school,” reads the group’s statement. “Parents have the right to send their kids to school in the mornings and see them home alive at the end of the day.”

      “I don’t think that word “right” means what they think it means.”

      That right is what the 2A is all about protecting. At least according to the Supreme Court’s Heller decision.

    • They are not entirely stupid. After years of Gun Rights groups protesting that the AR 15 and similar rifles are not assault rifles but semi-automatic sport rifles and that they basically function the same same as all other semi-automatic hunting rifles, the gun grabbers are beginning to demand that all semi-automatic rifles and handguns are banned. Maybe they think they smell blood or are they getting desperate. And maybe they just got smarter. I don’t know, but I have heard this now in a way I never did, before. Something has changed. You’ll all see it soon.

      • “I don’t know, but I have heard this now in a way I never did, before. Something has changed. You’ll all see it soon.”

        Yes. I am sensing something different in this round. Perhaps they are just chipping away more at the weaker RKBA base? I also am not so sure that they are going after the 2A directly. It seems to me like there are weak people on the right getting in the weeds on the 1A and 4A while the left is hammering on the 2A and 4A. Any weakening of the BOR will serve the statist agenda. That, overall, is what I smell here.

      • Yes, there is something different this time; if you don’t feel it it is because you are too complacent that “nothing’s going to happen” or because it hasn’t reached the level where it is becoming obvious. I think it is a similar situation to what happened to cigarette smoking. For years it was accepted everywhere; my first job (50 years ago) everybody smoked, and right at their desk. Then over the next 20-30 years smoking started to become socially unacceptable and was “cast out” of society until today few smokers remain and they are finding it harder and harder to smoke as more restrictions are put on it. I think the same thing will happen with guns; 20-30 years from now society will not tolerate them regardless of the 2nd amendment and they will be harder and harder to own. And by the way, strong NRA supporters are not the “silent majority; they are a relatively small but very vocal minority.

        • Once upon a time, there was a popular move to do an end run around the constitution, using legislation to nullify constitutionally protected rights without a constitutional amendment. The backlash was really unpleasant, and persists to this day.

          Let’s have another go at it, eh? Worked out so well the first time. Another round of, “If people won’t do right, we’ll just make ’em.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

        • I like to imagine that the millennials on the left will eventually get everything they want.

          I like to imagine them shooting each other with pipe guns over the last scraps of non-GMO gluten-free soy paste, after they legislate away the evil ranchers who give their cows antibiotics. When the fuel is gone (because of the banning of anti-environmental petroleum refining) and the trucks stop bringing in the meager harvest of natural (but not resistant to disease or pest) pesticide-free soy, they’ll turn to their surviving children (the ones that survived whooping cough and polio, that is) and tell them how much better life is now that all genders are cannibalized equally.

      • It’s starting to look like 1992 all over again. Only this time it’s going to be even uglier and meaner because the enemy is wounded and angry…and they still hold most of the cards in this game.

    • A bunch of kids will walk out because its a free pass to get out of school, and the media will use that to artificially inflate the number of gun control supporters

      • “A free pass to get out of school”
        The same thing as calling in a bomb scare, so everyone can get the day off.

        • So Nicholas Cruz is a philanthropist? He beat the bomb-threat smalltimers hands down on this one. 16 dead is a fairly small price to pay for 6 weeks in the national spotlight and a get-out-of-school-free pass.

          Wouldn’t surprise me if a fair number of people in that school actually feel that way. And I’d be surprised if the Everytown ghouls weren’t absolutely elated (this is how they make their bones, after all).

    • How about instead of blaming an inanimate object or an organization dedicated to education about safe gun handling, they actually blame the democrat feelgood do nothing “gun Free Zones” that are death traps. How about they take a real look at the real issues like mental health and a crap society created by the liberals.

      • Here is something to file away….NRA spent $50.2 million on 6 Repub Senate candidates (won five), and one presidential race ($30 million). This is all it took to defeat the $794,875,608 spent by Clinton, alone. The weenies on the left claim the NRA controls all the politicians. So, if we give them that marker, they must then question how it is a single pro-gun organization manages to spend so little to intimidate so many. Or put another way, “If NRA is so powerful, WTF are all the lefty organizations and politicians doing with all that campaign money?”


  2. Wow…How come the Billboard that is displayed for the “National School Walkout “. Looks exactly like Old School “Communist political Agitprop and Propaganda ” signage?!? I find that disturbing!!!! Whining away Constitutional Freedoms and demanding an Authoritarian Government to step in ?!?!? Don’t get…..

    • @ Aaron M. Walker
      How was it Mr.Franklin put it,oh yes, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin

  3. I think the NRA and the rest of the pro-gun side should organize an OFWGs march on Washington to protest discrimination against firearms owners and white men in general and we (all of the OFWGs) should all show up.

    The multi-million man march.

    • We can’t, we are all gainfully employed, or are at least productive members of society. What we can do is what we should do on election days… vote!

      • The silent majority always has been the largest voting bloc in America. And that is where our power lies.

        The loud minority is angry that they can’t get anything to change in America. The reason is that they are still a tiny minority where it really matters, the voting box.

        • That will mostly be gone in 15 years. Like dead and gone. It’s only a matter of time at this point.

          There is no offense going on, it’s only defense/delaying. When the clock runs out, you will be the loser. See, in this game, the clock only ticks when they are winning, the clock stops when you are in the lead.

          Tick… tick…

      • At some point we’re going to need to change that. Historically mass movements have required feet in the street to be successful. For some reason conservatives have a tough time getting their asses off the couch.

        • The NRA is what makes them sit on their ass. They think the NRA is actually there to help them. They actually think the NRA was created to protect human rights.

          The NRA sings lullabies to gun owners.

  4. Let’s not forget the right to a free college degree. As well as the right to a $100K a year job upon graduation. A massive failure to understand the real word.

      • I prefer the good old fashioned catholic school solution. I may not like papists very much, but I have to admit, the penguin nuns knew how to keep the little buggers in line.

        • Misogyny and Catholic bashing is not going to win this for us. This site is a private site. I think we should all remember we are invited guests, but guests, all the same.

        • “I may not like papists very much, but I have to admit, the penguin nuns knew how to keep the little buggers in line.”

          Just ask Jake and Elwood :

        • Hey if penguin nuns didn’t keep “little buggers” in line, the priests would take care of them.wink wink

        • The Roman Catholic Church has long been known for it’s expertise
          in keeping order and instilling discipline. Hell they were so good at it,
          Heinrich Himmler, he used the Jesuits as a template when he organized the SS.

    • Well, there will be some “furor” when “Fuhrer” Bloomberg continues to spend his money on anti-rights protests.

  5. When the government and the state fail, double down and give more authority. For the children. </sarc>

  6. Perhaps they should confiscate cars owned by drivers/ owners that have been detained/ arrested for driving under the influence of drugs/ alcohol!! God knows automobils kill and maime leterally thousands of people every year, but hell no,we aint goint to ban automobiles!!!! And what about legal alcohol, and it’s addiction? How many murders, rapes, suicides have been comitted( not to mention DUI Deaths) while under the influence of alcohol!!!
    Guns are inanimate!! They take a human to operate it! BUT WAIT—–PERHAPS WE SHOULD BAN HUMANS, THEN THERE WILL NOT BE ANY HUMAN DEATHS!!! Dughhhhh!!

    • “Perhaps they should confiscate cars owned by drivers/ owners that have been detained/ arrested for driving under the influence of drugs/ alcohol!!”

      They do that already.

  7. I know where my kid will be when they hold this protest. In school. Or home with the latest plague that’s been going around. My goodness the flu is horrible this year.

      • at 15 i was way to aware for indoctrination. i often went toe to toe with teachers in debate and was a major thorn in their sides. i was however not the norm as far as kids go as at that age i was already active in a militia (even my dad would have pretty much tried to kill me had he known and he was country conservative) completely of my own volition and it was because i saw the threat of govt overreach even then. when we studied animal farm i was the only one in the class who saw beyond the basic story of the animals to the political narrative and in fact had long debates with the teacher on stuff i saw in it that were not even in the teachers manual. it was the only book we studied in english that i was able to get that deep into. most of the rest were just fluff which did not interest me at all. i would hate to think what would have happened if we studied 1984 as well 🙂

  8. “Women’s March organizers are encouraging students, teachers and their allies to walk out of schools on March 14 to protest gun violence.”

    TRANSLATION: Political extremists are using grieving children as a tool to further their anti-rights agenda. Again. Still. Shamelessly.

  9. Parents love nothing more than to find alternate child care arrangements so govt employees can make a statement, all while the rest of the world needs to work.

    Typically, this nonsense backfires.

  10. Shannon’s Sugar Daddy is sooooooo jealous. Over the past year he has seen multitudes of snot nosed, brain damaged, self entitled little twerps flooding the streets, protesting against every “ism” imaginable and their own psychotic fantasies of a dystopian present. (Not that any of them could articulate their motivation for acting out.) He badly wants to tap into that energy, to channel it into a powerful tool he can use to transform our nation into a gun free utopia. He is a fool. The 2016 election was a definitive notice, we are all done being “transformed”. Idiot children, with attention spans measured in nano seconds, will prove to be a leaky vessel for his cash. He would do better to stick with hysterical cat ladies doing their blood dance boogaloo.
    Little Jimmy K sobbing and sniveling, crying his eyes out on national TV will prove to be the high point of his crusade against freedom.

    • oh once him and his cronies get the power they want most of these sniveling little F@$&s will get the forced labour or death. that will be their choice. the rest of us who love freedom will likely not be given the choice as we will fight rather than bend a knee

  11. The only form of gun control that could “maybe” prevent future such massacres would be a ban on all semiautomatic weapons with detachable magazines, period. But that is not happening at the federal level and not at the state level in Florida. And even if it did happen, it would take years for it to have an effect as national confiscation wouldn’t be doable. It also would be a blatant infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

    These students unfortunately probably are brainwashed as they likely all come from Blue households (I believe this is a very blue area) and thus don’t know anything about the subject. A prime example is their referring to the NRA as a “special interest group” which shows they know nothing about the NRA.

    • That still wouldn’t stop this kind of massacre. He pulled the fire alarm to crowd the students into the hallways – rather than shooting them, he could’ve tossed nail bombs and probably killed more. Or he could’ve blocked the exits (even a few would do) and set the building on fire and attained a higher death toll. Or he could’ve made chlorine gas with chemicals easily obtainable at WalMart and gassed them in their classrooms. Take away one tool to misuse and they’ll find another. The answer isn’t the erosion of the rights of law abiding citizens. We need to confront what, in our society, makes some people think it’s ok to lash out with mass murder.

      • Yeah or he could have constructed a nuclear bomb and used that!

        Except, not really. There’s a damn good reason these guys use guns and it’s because they’re much easier to obtain AND USE than all the alternatives. It’s the same reason people who commit suicide tend to use guns, and why police and military units use guns. It’s why I carry a gun. The Columbine kids actually planned to have their explosives do most of the killing but (surprise, surprise!) found that they were really hard to make correctly… and none of them went off to any real effect.

        Let’s not pretend that guns have nothing to do with the equation. They do. But, as the poster above correctly pointed out, there is a stark divide between what could have an effect (say, a draconian ban on guns) that would make and what is Constitutional (universal background checks would assuredly be found Constitutional given the current jurisprudence). The former will not ever pass and the latter would not have stopped a single one of these attacks.

        Incidentally, to make that point more, there was a case of a guy shooting up in NY state using an AR somewhat recently. NY has some of those stupid “assault weapon” bans. The guy didn’t bother breaking the law, he just put on a stock that got rid of the pistol grip and HEY, look, the gun works the same way!

    • Not semi-automatics, repeaters. If you examine the typical rate of fire in mass shootings, there’s nothing there that wouldn’t be possible with a manually actuated repeating firearm.

  12. So…

    A coach and jROTC saved students by confronting the shooter, and protecting the targets. They weren’t armed; 17 kids dies anyway.

    Same week, a highschool-age kid responded to three masked guys who opened fire on him with his AR-15. The only person hurt is one of the BGs.

    How many could the coach & jROTC have saved if they had been allowed to be armed. Does anyone want to say these guys, who died protecting their friends, can’t be trusted with a gun?

  13. “Enough, make the bad facts go away.” is a child’s response.

    So, what do we do that will actually work?

    • as the comander of a surrounded platoon in vietnam once said…. we have them where we want them….. fire at will!!! the platoon lost a few men but the enemy lost a lot more and the platoon fought their way free. it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.

        • Sam I Am, i am referring to the fight we have on our hands. you in the US and we here in australia (we are further down the hill than you are). we need to treat this fight as though they have taken everything and fight as though there is nothing left to loose but our lives and i mean nothing. if we dont treat it as such they will end up prevailing. the once behind the scenes that are actually pushing for this already have people in positions to brainwash, and control people. by this i mean pretty much all the media…. even CNN is not as pro freedom as it should be. then look at govt and the regularity that anti freedom legislation is put forward and the number of different sponsors of the bills (no not just talking gun control laws here but any laws that remove liberty) and the regularity that they pass. then there is the legal system which is well known for letting violent felons off because of “cultural differences” or “mental health” or any of a number of other liberal excuses. all of these need to be brought to justice for their treason and if it has to be the hard way well…… we need to stand as firm and resolute as those soldiers

          • Thanks. Understand, now.

            10-4, and even.

            POTG here remain on the defensive, fighting rear guard battles in scattered locations. We have yet to mount a coordinated, coherent, cohesive offensive to overcome the comforting message of feel good that serves the anti-gunners so well.

            • it is the same situation here. we need to co-ordinate and go full offensive otherwise we will loose. most seem to think that we can win at the ballot box….. or through the courts….. both of those and most of the govt are controlled by those that want us gone 🙁

              no compromise. no backing down and no surrender. libertus aut nex

  14. Yes, well….where are the pro-gun counter-demonstrators? When will the march, the sick-out, the take-the-day-off in protest of useless gun control laws take place? Who is lead agent/person on that demonstration?

    We can end up laughing our collective posteriors off, right up to the day the second amendment is repealed.

  15. Sooo…are they gonna’ have those puzzie hats on at the “timeout”?!? Ser iously the local idiot on the news was frothing at the mouth in anticipation. I remember during Vietnam walkouts were all the rage…Kent State anyone?😄😎😏

  16. Please look up William Cooper’s book Behold a Pale Horse. Add in your search gun control. You’ll see. Shits no joke. Keep the powder dry fellas. The time is neigh

    • Somehow I don’t feel a lot of concern about a bunch of spoiled brats who spend their entire lives insulting the military and everything they stand for. All Trump has to do is give the go order, I bet the boys down in Lejeune would love to explain to these worthless cunts how the world actually works.

  17. Just like all the others. They want gun control but they don’t specify anything, and as usual it has the rubber-stamp of approval by some irate group of women. Not trying to be sexist and I apologize if you were offended but that seems to be the way things are going with people like Shannon and Gabby in charge.

  18. Pro human rights people should also walkout and stand with the confused/lost people. They should stand against the disarmament of innocent law abiding people by elitists and the corrupt society that is creating violence. Carry signs pointing out the truth/facts. Demand the specific solutions to the actual problems. Don’t use “shall not be infringed” as your argument, you have much more than that.

    There is no need to argue with the anti gun Americans as all you need to do is logically point out the real issues and what truly needs to be done. They feel like you do, but they are lost. We need to constantly attempt to come together to work through our issues, we can’t divide ourselves to blame one another.

    Don’t sit on your hands waiting for the NRA to protect human rights and change your society for the better. The NRA, and its funders, are quiet pleased that guns sells with spike after the shooting. I don’t think you are pleased that more Americans were murdered because of anti human rights laws and a degrading society/culture.

    F. The National Rifle Association. F. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

  19. What is it with women, and walking out in boycotts? Once again they leave the men to do the work… and they complain about a wage gap. Cute.

    • “Wage gap” Yeah, they want equal pay for equal work. Trouble is: they only put in maybe seven hours a day. I worked in factories for many years, and I never once saw a female worker go to the can alone. It was usually three to four at a time, and probably only one of them took a leak. And then they’d be in there for half an hour!

  20. What we need here is reasonable, responsible, common sense first amendment control. The media has long been using their freedoms to incite many a mass murders due to their abuse of the first amendment.
    We need to force them to stop giving these nut jobs a name and a face everytime one of these tragedies happen. Before the crime scene has even begun to be investigated, we know practically every little thing about the killer. If we didn’t give fame to these killers, we would see a decrease in these events because little Johny wouldn’t get his 15 minutes in the national spotlight.

    “This doesn’t happen in other countries!”:
    Those other countries don’t have a revolving door justice system, they don’t have a criminal mentality that places jail time in higher regard than a college degree, they don’t have piss poor schooling that focuses on teaching a test rather than teaching kids any practical skills, I doubt they have participation trophies for every little thing kids do so they don’t get their feelings hurt.
    I could probably list many other factors that we have they don’t have in those countries, but I need to get ready for work

    • actually it is the same in most western countries sad to say…. that is why it is getting bad in all of them. some while you may not hear about it in the news are far worse than the US

  21. #Enough ? That’s *our* line. How many infringements have we tolerated at this stage, for these fools to pass feel-good rules that *prevented* police from learning of this kid’s actionable violent crimes, to then turn around and demand that *new* rules be passed for them to ignore & hang over the heads of gun owners.

    -We already had the means to have the kid committed or jailed
    -We already had an age limit to ‘prevent’ him from doing wrong
    -We already had personnel in position willing to stop him by any means available

    But there were no means made available to them. Two staff and a third student, I understand, were actively taking measures to oppose this attack by shielding students or helping them escape. They were in a position to take more active opposing measures, but no effective means of opposing a gunman were made available, due to the laws and regulations passed by feel-good fools hoping to keep them safe. They were disarmed because of they chance they may not succeed against a gunman, ensuring their demise at his hand. These people have no standing at all, moral or logical, to demand yet another compromise from us.


  22. BTW, media coverage and event-planning is making it clear the goal is to build up to a massive series of protests on the Columbine shooting anniversary, and probably have legislation ready for a vote around then.

  23. So… its bankrolled and orchestrated by p**sy-hatted, misandrist, #resisters; huh? No surprise there…

    Better idea: They should think about what happens when these snowflakes are cyber-bullying everyone else on social media…

  24. F’n Leftist activists gettting their F’n Leftist teacher union blobs to instruct their snot-nosed indoctrinated little F’wads to have a grand day of SJW virtue signalling. Oh yeah, you can be sure the press will be hyping and encoraging this all prior to the event.

    Have your vomit bags ready to see all the passion filled anti-2A rants….beacuse, hey you know, if you’re PASSIONATE(!) and filled with RAGE(!!) that obviously you’re right.

  25. After every Republican presidential victory of the past 40+ years the Leftist teachers unions would go back to “work” on Wednesday and continue to indoctrinate our children.

    As a result, a dimminishing minority of 39% of COLLEGE students understands that the 1A protects “hate speech”.


    Face if, our county is pretty well F’d.

    • “As a result just 39% of COLLEGE students believe that the 1A protects “hate speech”. ”

      They may be correct. The whole idea that a “hate crime” is worse than the underlying crime is the first step. And at least one federal appeals court decided that Trump’s “muslim ban” was based in unlawful discrimination, therefore illegal. “Hate speech” is any speech that makes someone FEEL uncomfortable. Speech is now being made equivalent to action. Not going to be surprised if “hate speech” soon becomes a criminal statute. Soon.

  26. If the Leftist successfully use these children in advancing their agenda of control.
    I wonder how pissed the kids will be as adults when/if they realize what they lost
    and how it was taken from them.

    • Not to worry. Those thoughts will never burden the snowflakes, and their little orchids, in the future.

  27. Trump is literally Hitler, so let’s tell him he and his government can ignore the constitution and have everyone turn in their guns. After all, it’s for the children.

    The liberals in this country aren’t in a good place mentally or emotionally. Not that they ever have been in a great place, but Trump winning the presidency has turned their fragile world on it’s head.

    • “Trump is literally Hitler…”

      You made the charge, now YOU prove the specifics.

      Did you even know you are ignoring the man who was really evil, the man who made Hitler look like a bumbling amateur? Why give Stalin a free pass?

  28. want to get really pissed off

    no seriously

    im talking furious punch the wall type anger

    read the description of the broward county school district PROMISE program

    its the snowflake inspired program that took discipline and consequences out of public schools and summarily replaced suspension and expulsion with mentoring and coaching

    the money quote of the program description:

    “The intent of PROMISE is to safeguard the student from entering the judicial system.”


    you cant make this shit up

    what if this kid got his guns because of the school districts program to keep law enforcement from getting involved

    theres a lot of blood on a lot of peoples hands on this one

    but in aint the nra

    its federal and local government

    in addition to this the government also fucked up:


    ruby ridge

    fast and furious

    boston bombing

    sutherland springs

    and on and on and on…theres too many to list

  29. Ah, the buzzcut snowflake again…

    Any brats, brainwashers, or admins who skip school on that day should get an unexcused absence.

    • A lot of high school kids, who are turning 18, want the right to self preservation repealed. Anti human rights people will use them to vote for anti gun politicians. The youth vote is more powerful than any other group of voters. Most kids are against human rights because their schools and parents have manipulated them to be.

      So, guess what is going to happen in the next 15 years? The old people die, the kids take over, America becomes European once again. There is no coming back from that, even with civil war.

      • Yep. Tyranny is in the long game. “Eating elephants” and the like only dooms the individual. Nothing will be accomplished in long term preservation of individual liberty through incrementalism. Governments often last many generations. The individual, of course, only has one lifetime to be free.

  30. I agree with those who say, “This time things will be different.” It is an election year. We all know what that means. Even the hardcore conservatives will be forced to come to the table. Maybe not a complete ban on assault weapons but there will be changes. Bump stocks will be banned. Magazine capacity will be limited. I say stock up now because this time there will be blood and the pro gun camp is gonna lose.

    • You know what will happen? Jack shit. If they give Trump a gun bill to veto, he’ll sweep the midterms.

  31. Trump should tell the children he will ask congress to raise the legal age of adulthood to 21. No guns, no vote, no alcohol, and no driver’s licenses until age 21.

    I am sure the children won’t mind losing some of their rights for a few extra years, right? They are demanding we do something!

    • Japan has their age set at 20. However, you can ride a motorcycle before you can drive a car.

      Americans believe teens can’t consent to sexual activity because their brains are not developed. I read that the human brain isn’t fully developed until 25 years old. If that is the case, America should change their legal age to 25 years old. No drugs, no arms, no military service, no public service jobs, no motor vehicles, no clubbing, no casinos, no spring break partying, no voting, etc, until you are 25 years old.

      • I think that every individual should have to pass a test before they can vote. You got really dumb asses out there voting for people just because of their hair style, or what they wear.
        Do you all realize how many woman voted for Kennedy, just because they flipped over “Jackie”?

    • I believe the overwhelming majority of violent crime is comnitted by “under 25” males… I think it could be pushed up to 25 instead of 21. Especially the voting part…

      Professionals have said the human brain doesnt fully mature til age 25 anyway…

  32. So they’re protesting in favor of making life harder for 100 million people who DIDN’T hurt anyone and aren’t going to…while demanding more of the same “signs and feelings will keep us safe” garbage that let this psycho murder 16 people unopposed. We live in a nation full of idiots.

  33. It is disturbing that our public employees can lead children to break the law. Organize them on a Saturday but then how many would show up? No Florida leader has the courage to confront the teachers on this. Probably should call Wisconsin governor Walker in to handle this.

  34. Hmmmm….. A large gathering of people who are anti-gun gathering in a public place that won’t have very many armed guards….. I don’t see what could possibly go wrong in that situation when it comes to a deranged person looking to make a name for themselves.

    I don’t wish harm on any of those people but I am totally going to say ‘told you so’ if something does happen.

  35. Immature, non-voting, skulls full of mush, fully brainwashed by older liberals who are life-long gun haters.

    The very definition of USEFUL IDIOTS.

  36. what to expect from kids BRAIN-WASHED by a bunch of commie, pedo-freaks?
    just another argument to home-school yr kids!

  37. They are already well under the wing of anti-gun $$ and media attention. They are acting like, well, kids. Uninformed and emotional, Just like many of the liberal talking heads regardless of age. We will be seeing them ad nauseum for quite some time to come.

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