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From FN America . . .

Building on the heritage of the FN SCAR family, FN America, LLC proudly introduces the long-awaited FN SCAR 15P rifle-caliber pistol. The 5.56 NATO-chambered pistol is an extremely lightweight and compact design, weighing in at  5.65 pounds unloaded and just under 20-inches in length with its 7.5-inch cold hammer-forged barrel. Specifically developed with flexibility and mobility in mind, the SCAR 15P is an ideal choice for home and personal defense applications or for everyday range use.

“The release of the FN SCAR-SC in 2018 created excitement amongst SCAR enthusiasts who hoped that we would, one day, offer this configuration as a semi-automatic pistol to the U.S. firearms market,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “With the FN SCAR 15P release, I am pleased to be able to deliver exactly what our consumers asked for – a pistol variant of the FN SCAR-SC – backed by the legendary reliability, durability and adaptability of the FN SCAR series.”

Machined from a single piece of aluminum, the receiver features a continuous M1913 Picatinny rail in the 12 o’clock position along with side rails at the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions, providing ample rail space for a red dot, flashlight or angled foregrip. The rear of the receiver features a vertical Picatinny rail (VPR) with a quick-detach sling attachment for use with single-point slings. The trigger module that acts as the lower receiver is identical to the SCAR 16S, sharing a number of parts commonalities across the two systems. It offers an ambidextrous selector and magazine release along with compatibility with any AR-pattern magazine.

“The SCAR is renowned for its uncompromising reliability, durability and accuracy – the hallmark of FN’s quality. We are proud to say that the FN SCAR 15P meets those measures handily and delivers a shooting experience worthy of the name,” said Benjamin Voss, Senior Product Manager for FN America’s Long Guns. “This long-anticipated release carries the DNA of SCAR throughout from its short-stroke gas piston operating system, NRCH capabilities, cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel, and so much more. We’re happy to deliver the FN SCAR 15P to our consumers who have eagerly anticipated this release.”

The ultracompact SCAR pistol is driven by the legendary and highly reliable short-stroke gas piston system at the heart of every SCAR. The pinnacle of reliability and durability, the pistol-length gas system runs cleanly, isolating spent gases from the moving parts group and giving you more rounds fired without stoppages. Its adjustable low-flash gas regulator and three-pronged muzzle device that reduce muzzle flash are especially appreciated in pistol configuration when firing repeated rounds down range from the fully free-floated 7.5-inch cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel.

The pistol is equipped with the non-reciprocating charging handle assembly that reduces overall felt recoil due to the reduced mass of the bolt carrier, thus producing an extremely easy-to-manage system when shooting from a sling. The assembly includes the redesigned bolt carrier, charging handle sled and ambidextrous, reversible charging handles – one in a low-profile configuration and the other a 30-degree offset that enables the use of low-mounted optics and can act as a hand stop, if so desired. The low-profile charging handle is preinstalled from the factory and the 30-degree offset is included with the pistol as an available upgrade at the customer level.

Packaged in a discreet, soft-sided carry case color-matched to the pistol, moving from the home to the range and back has never been easier. With ample room within the case for spare magazines and other accessories, the FN SCAR 15P pistol case is an easy option to stow and go. The pistol is available in black or flat dark earth (FDE) and ships with one 30- or 10-round FN SCAR-L magazine. With its overall compact size, lightweight configuration and reliable FN SCAR operating system, the FN SCAR 15P is the perfect choice for a home or personal defense firearm and also an ideal addition to any FN SCAR collection.

To learn more about the FN SCAR 15P or other FN SCAR firearms, please visit

  • CALIBER: 5.56x45mm
  • OPERATION: Short-stroke gas piston
  • MAG CAPACITY: 10 or 30 Rd.
  • WEIGHT: 5.65 lb.
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 19.75″
  • MSRP: $3,699

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    • I’d like to see some additional barrel lengths offered as 5.56 options! maybe 10.5 to 14.5inch).. it does not sound like much, but in 5.56 pistols and SBRs that’s seemed to be the sweet spot for me based on past experiences with different examples…and the amount of bleeding from the ears once you got down to those sub 9inch lengths. ouch, those are obnoxious 🙂
      Wondering out loud if they’d consider a 7.62×39 as well as .300 BLK?

      • FN currently make a 10″ & 14.5 barrel assemblies for the 16s and they have a 300b with a 9″ barrel (SCAR SC). I currently have a 16s with a 10″ barrel that I form 1, this in my humble opinion is what all 16’s should be.

  1. Fine weapon I’m sure, but for $3800, I can get 5 m&p 15 with enough money left for a case of green tips. It doesn’t look to be any smaller than my m&p. One man with fn vs 5 men with m&p?

    • I’m with you. And this one is just in time for the “stock” ban. I distinctly remember last year warning dudes at the gunshop their precious brace would be banned…🙄

      • There is no way that in a post-Bruen, post-EPA world that the new brace guidelines hold any water. They are the definition of “arbitrary and capricious”. Not to mention the issue of a federal agency restricting something designed to help ADA.
        Keep your brace. If a jack-booted thug tries to say something, call your local Sheriff and have the AFT guy arrested for deprivation of rights under color of law and authority.

        • Uhhhh, I think if I called my sheriff and told them the ATF was fcking with me he’d hurry right on over alright. And it wouldn’t be to help me. I’m just a citizen, he is a member of a Bureau, the BATFE, a bureau of the Presidents. Nobody messes with the President. One word from him and you’ll be singing ” Remember the Almo” only thing is this time Sam Houston’s army is .govs Army, The President’s Army, nobody messes with Smoking Joe(“You cant hurt me!”)Biden, nobody.
          Oh ,and BTW , the color of the Law is green, like money.

  2. I don’t see the sense of a 7.5 inch barrel firing a caliber designed for 24-inch barrels.
    You’ll just be propelling a lot of unburned powder, flames, muzzle blast, and deafening noise along with a .22 caliber bullet moving at moderate velocity. Build it in .300 Blackout and it might make some sense.

    • Well battlefield Vegas and USSOCOM have SCAR-L in inventory that have gone 200K rounds without major parts breakage, not that I have 200k rounds at my disposal.

  3. Wow. People are wondering how they are going to pay bills in this effed up bidumb economy and you put a 3700 dollar pistol on your page. If anybody reading this can buy it, congrats on your money management and having any money at all….

    • Well Chris when handed lemons make lemonaide. I.E…Our bedroom 27″ ViewSonic Monitor-TV which costs around $500.00 when purchased from Radio Shack before they went bankrupt developed an annoying vertical red line in the screen that would come and go. Well the red line left one night and brought back some blue lines with it. Time for another TV. Being as we had good luck with 4 bread and butter Insignas elsewhere on the premises a $99.99 + tax 32″ Insigna delivered from Best Buy filled the bill. Yes that money could have went toward parts for a build but we got by as lite on the wallet as possible. The moral of the story is cut the overhead and shop around.

      • I’m still using a 12 year old 40″ LG dumb TV. Why? It works. 40″ is big enough because the room isn’t large and it sit close to it anyway. The thick screen border isn’t a problem because the screen is mounted on a dark cabinet so the border disappears. The 2″ thick panel isn’t a problem because I’m looking at the FRONT of the TV and not the side. And the thicker case gives better sound quality. My viewing is downloads streamed off my PC over wired network through my WDTV media player box. Works fine for my needs.

  4. 7.5″ and 5.56 don’t mix. This will poke 22 caliber holes in the intended target.

    This would make a ton of sense in 300 blackout.

    But, a fool and his money . . . .

  5. No argument from me about FN making good firearms at a Cadillac price. And because the whole enchilada is expensive is why I am reduced to using their 20-100046 fully chrome lined M4 carbine barrels. Always a diehard Criterion user but Criterions became out of stock during the gun rush. FN has been chrome lining barrels for quite a while and I have never received anything FN short of what I consider to be an Art…if you can afford their HF model all the better.

  6. you guys said it all. spendy, inappropriate caliber to barrel length.
    these need between 6 and 7mm. i guess the platform is stuck with x45.

    • It fills a niche, 0-200 meter bag gun, there are of course a number of weapon systems on the market that also do this but all that being said this is the US of A and because we can…..

  7. Ever since I put those NASA stickers on my car I’ve had nothing but trouble with it. Tires were all low yesterday and today the battery is dead?
    Think the fuel injector seals are leaking too.
    Black duct tape fixed the engine warning light, cant see it no more,( out of sight out of mind)
    oh yeah that’s a nice gunm for only $4000.
    Bet Jeremy gets a couple for Christmas.

  8. FN took their sweet time with this. Sheesh, in 2015 this woulda been breaking news…now it’s just ‘meh.’

    • Agree but judging by other peoples’ reactions maybe we’re in the minority. I thought the fad for these “pistols” would be over by now but they seem to be going strong.

      It’s almost as if we have some dumb-ass laws that constrain manufacturers from making the guns people actually want so they keep having to settle on these “pistols”.

  9. With that barrel length not only will it be super obnoxious to fire but it’s almost down to 22 mag power levels. if you want something that’s hard to get you can get the same power out of a Kel-Tec CMR 30 for less than half the weight. And you can buy five spares in case the first one breaks! 😉

    • Ack-shully (according to BBTI) it’ll still have an over 800 FPS advantage on 22 WMR as fired from an 18″ barrel, plus you get a fireworks show with every shot!

      • 600, comparing the only tested bullet weight common to both.

        OTOH, this is roughly comparable to Liberty Civil Defense 9mm (and well behind real .357 SIG or 10mm), all of which fit into the grips of pistols a small fraction the size (and cost) of this one.

        • For 45 grain slugs in each it’s 2536 (8″ bbl) vs 1764 (18″ bbl). That’s 772 so yeah, saying “over” 800 was wrong. I guess 1/2″ less bbl than what they tested might bring it down another 150…

          Not that it makes any real difference since we agree that this pistol is kinda pointless in any case.

        • Sorry, I read too quickly, thought this was 7″ flat, and interpolated 2362 (average of their 6″ and 8″ readings).

          But yes, we absolutely agree as to its pointlessness.

          As others have noted, it wouldn’t be so bad in .300BLK, but I still prefer my (significantly less expensive) XCR for that.

  10. To my way of thinking the purpose of a rifle caliber pistol is reduced weight and profile. This thing fails on both accounts. Add in over three times the price of your average AR pistol, hard pass.

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