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“We try our very darndest to get out the fact that we don’t want to take away guns and that we are pro second amendment. We’re not trying to take guns out of society, we’re trying to regulate them.

“If you’re already a responsible gun owner, then this has nothing to do with you. We’re talking about the people that are irresponsible, the people who take advantage of the fact that the system is not very strict.” – Emma Gonzalez in an interview with Variety

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    • “We try our very darndest to lie to you yet make you believed that we are pro second amendment.
      If you’re already a responsible gun owner then we will try to pacify you with ‘oh, no problem’, but we are working behind the scenes to make sure you are the first one up against the wall when we democrat socialists wrest power away from ignorant savages.”


    • Emma Gonzalez claims to have a moral imperative simply because she was a bystander in close proximity to where a tragedy occurred. On this alone she then claims the right to have her comments accepted at face value. They must be accepted as right and proper simply because they are coming from her. She doesn’t need to actually know anything and her words don’t even have to be her own—her status as a tragedy survivor, however remote speaks for itself and obligates the rest of us to have to listen to her. Only none of this is actually true.

      So how do we deal with a Emma Gonzlaez? The first step is to not take her seriously. Recognize the essential fallacy of her claim: just “being there” doesn’t endow her with special insight when it comes to understanding—or even commenting on—our constitutional rights. From that standpoint we can then move on to disputing her claim to owning a moral imperative. Just claiming to have one doesn’t necessarily mean you actually have a moral imperative. It is perfectly OK to confront Ms. Gonzalez with the truth: she has no more right to her opinions than any other citizen. She is free to express her opinion but she does not have the right to demand that we believe her. Full stop.

      • There’s one great comment in that ‘Variety’ article :

        “Wonder how she would respond to someone who said:

        “We’re not trying to take abortions out of society, we’re trying to regulate them.””

      • Well, did you ever have to pass a background check and a three-day waiting period to pick up your perscription drugs at the pharmacist? Or get permission from the local sheriiff and FBI to carry your bottle of perscription meds in your pocket in public?

        Didn’t think so…

        • “I’ve never had a perscription, so I’m not sure what all that entails… 🙂”

          Thanks to a few surgeries, I can attest that you’ve missed some *fun* ones… 😉

      • There are lots of attempts to regulate drugs, all of which are generally ignored, by law enforcers, by criminals, and by the end users of those drugs. With guns, only the criminals ignore the laws completely. We have to change that.

  1. Ummm…Emma? The 2nd amendment says no regulation. See that word “infringed”?


    actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.).

    act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.

    See how “limit” is part of the definition? Those regulations you want are limits.

    It’s the right to keep and bear arms that shall not be infringed, so it’s that same right that can’t be limited, I.e. No regulations.

    • I think we are looking at the product of our modern education system here. No reading comprehension, cannot understand the words = dumb as a stump and/or Bat Crap Crazy.

      And look at those lips … was her father/mother the Joker or what?!

    • You are assuming she has been taught to read by her indoctrinators down in FL. You will have to send a voice message or her parents will have to read it for her.

  2. Definition of ‘guillotine’

    (gɪlətin )

    Word forms: guillotines, guillotining,
    1. countable noun [also by N]
    A guillotine is a device used to execute people, especially in France in the past. A sharp blade was raised up on a frame and dropped onto the person’s neck.
    One after the other Danton, Robespierre and the rest went to the guillotine.

    Word origin of ‘guillotine’
    Fr, after J. I. Guillotin (1738-1814), Fr physician who advocated its use during the French Revolution in preference to less humane methods

  3. This is why I think whenever rights are mentioned it should also be mentioned that protections for rights are a byproduct of limiting government power.

    By focusing only on “rights” people have accepted over time the lie that if you still have some token vestige of a right, if you can still own a single shot muzzle loader then your right is not infringed because you “still have” the right in question.

  4. People like this make you believe in reincarnation. There is absolutely no way anyone could get this da*n stupid in one lifetime.

    • She’s a little girl who was present for a school shooting, and who thinks Che is awesome- and she’s of Cuban descent. Her parents must be so proud… (not).

  5. I wonder if Gonzalez, Hogg and Kasky will get called to testify during Cruz’s trial. Probably depends on how shrewd the defense attorney is. Or isn’t. Gonzalez admitted to ostracizing Cruz for years.

    • Of course, Hogg wasn’t there at the time. Funny how “they” keep labeling him a “mass shooting survivor.” Then again, “they” call an AR an “assault weapon,” so definitions are pretty fluid on the left side of the political spectrum it would seem.

  6. “… We’re talking about the people that are irresponsible, the people who take advantage of the fact that the system is not very strict.”

    Why not use.. ‘the criminal’ that commits crime instead of ‘people that are irresponsible’

    Unless, of course, the intent is to make everyone a criminal that does not agree with the gun-control freaks.

    • Every time I (used to…) buy or sell a gun, I took advantage of the fact that the gun laws weren’t that strict – as it was meant to be. Now, if I want to buy or sell a gun to a friend, we have to jump through innumerable hoops, and if I-1639 passes in Washington, the pool of friends – all responsible gun owners – with which I can buy or sell becomes even smaller.

      So buzz off, Buzzcut. You are indeed wanting to throw roadblock after roadblock in front of my supposedly non-restricted rights. On top of the roadblocks already there.

  7. “We try our very darndest to get out the fact that we don’t want to take away your freedom and that we are pro freedom (for we, not for thee).
    We’re not trying to take freedom out of society, we’re trying to regulate it.”
    “If you’re already a responsible free person, then this has nothing to do with you. We’re talking about all the gun owners that own guns, the people who take advantage of the fact that the constitution is not fascist enough.” – Emma Gonzalez in an interview with Variety

    …Edited back to its original context.

    • Nobody is saying you can’t own a gun. Nobody is even saying you can’t carry a gun. All we’re saying is you can’t carry or own a gun unless you pass all our tests first.

      What’s old is new again.

      If you’re not lyin’, you’re not tryin’.

      They think this generation of 2nd amendment supporters are as dumb as the previous generations. They think we can’t look up the history of gun control and government behavior.

      When young people play a lot of video games they end up wanting the guns in the game when they get older and got the cash. Government lovers don’t want people to own those “military style” guns because they don’t want parity between the people and the government. Today when anti gunners lie they can quickly be exposed and strongly retorted. So they go after pro gun content on their online platforms in an effort to make sure there will be no such thing as “gun culture” going forward. Which means we can’t have fudds leading the way if we want to modernize the “gun culture” and keep it strong.

    • She isn’t “lying”, but she is a useful idiot. She’s spoon fed this bull $hit by viscious people, and she parrots it with sincerity because she is ignorant. She gives the message a level of public trust that can’t be pulled off by the transparently synical people who feed her these lines. Thats why those people are turning to children to say these things. Stupid children are the only people left who say this crap and actually believe it.

    • Spot on. Take a course, pass a test, pay a fee, apply for a license, and we’ll get back to you in a few years on whether you are approved. Dumbass.

    • Bingo. I support a woman’s right to choose, I just think that abortions should be regulated to the extent that you go to prison if you have one under all but the most specific circumstances that I’m willing to allow. Same thing.

  8. TTAG censoring posts again…

    I am not talking about your right to be “LGBT”, I just want to regulate it. GTFO.

    Happy overlords?

    • It’s going to revel in the adulation and attention, get even more self-centered and outrageous, and eventually discover that for some reason nobody wants to hire it. Then, most likely, it will get ANGRY, how DARE they not hire me, and shriek hysterically about the injustice while counting on mom and/or dad putting food in its mouth.

  9. Says the Marxist Cuban.

    Registration, Confiscation, Genocide she knows the Marxist history of the Twentieth Century. Probably the only thing she learned in our indoctrination camp we call public education.

    • Today the terms are Rendition, Enhanced Interrogation (socialists are big on confession and they have the combined experience of a number of organizations to draw on), and the survivors herded into the showers for delousing.

    • I thought she was of Cuban descent? Didn’t her parents or grandparents teach her anything about their history and about why they’re not in Cuba but rather in the US?

      • Isn’t that the truth? How dramatically can you disrespect the ancestors who gave their lives to allow you a better chance to succeed? Do de term “stoopid bitch” come to mind?

    • The only misguided one here is you.
      Vader was the hero of the galaxy who sacrificed his life in the hope of restoring freedom to the Republic. He saw through the constant lies and deception of the Jedi, not to mention their use of child slaves and pedophilia.
      Gonzales has nothing in common with Lord Vader. #dierebelscum

      • Okay, I’ll bite. Since I have only ever watched the original trilogy maybe I’m missing something, but if restoring the “Republic” means ordering the deaths of possibly billions of innocent people to send a message, then I guess we have differing opinions on what evil is. I’m not sure where the pedophilia and child slave thing comes from in the series (see second sentence), but being less evil is still evil.

        • If you search around the web enough, you can probably find a place to buy a sense of humor, maybe even a clue!

        • Actually, I think Amazon has them on sale for cheap right now, but this guy needs to hurry since the sale only lasts through midnight Eastern.

        • dph,

          Typical Rebel Scum revisionist history. It looks like you didn’t need to see the other “films” when you didn’t even pay attention to the ones you were watching. Could you even see the screen from around the balls of the Jedi you were sucking off?

          Assuming you’re talking about the slave monarchy that was the planet Alderan, Lord Vader didn’t order their deaths. That was the corrupt Grand Moff Tarkin.

          Who actually stopped the runaway military autocracy? Was it your terrorist “rebellion”? Nope, it was Vader, when he sacrificed his life to destroy the Emperor. Who, by the way, was DULY ELECTED!!! (But hey, fuck democracy, right?) If it wasn’t for the Jedi’s attack on him, disfiguring him in both body and mind, he would have almost certainly handed the reigns back to the Senate after wiping out the perversion that was the Jedi. Remember, it was the Jedi who attacked him after they discovered the plans for their clone army were about to be revealed. And yes, it was the Jedi that created the Clone Army, by order of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas. Think of that, an entire army, almost a million people, created solely for the purpose of dying at the whim of the elite Jedi “Masters”. They had no rights, not even names. To add a insult to their horrific injury, the Jedi intentionally had their lifespan dramatically shortened, insuring they wouldn’t have to take care of their slaves in their aging years. “But wait”, you say, “wasn’t the Emperor was in charge of the clone army?” Oh really? Think back to who was on the bridges of those battleships, who was riding in those transports? Who did the troopers answer directly to? That’s right folks, the Jedi. Thankfully, the Emperor was able to piece together the lies and deception of the Jedi and install Order 66. We should all be grateful The Fett taught them to shoot straight and true.

          You weak minded fools are all the same. Open your eyes and think for yourself. Even the terrorist Luke Skywalker eventually came to his senses!

        • dph, Amazon can help you find a sense of humor.

        • Goddamn Mr. Taylor, I guess you really take that Star Wars shit seriously, I just thought she looked like the disfigured Darth Vader. I guess that whole no personal attacks thing went out the window when RF sold out. Maybe my sarcasm/humor meter needs re-calibrated, because I can’t tell if your serious or not. So maybe you’re a sarcastic asshole or just an asshole. Either way I don’t give a fuck, have a nice day.

        • Hahaha. No, you don’t give ‘a’ fuck, you give many fucks. You’re probably crying behind your computer screen. Let go of your hate, bro.

      • I always wondered about that. . .

        Nobody ever really stated clearly why and how the Empire was just so awfully BAD and the Rebellion just so awfully, sickeningly GOOD. Could it be, PERish the thought, that it’s all George Lucas propaganda, that the Empire is on the Right Side of Galactic History, and the Rebellion is only a well-armed Antifa?!

        What if the entire story is really a metaphor for Republican vs. Liberal Progressive, and Donald Trump is the Emperor Palpatine, the REAL hero of the story, bent upon wiping out all of the Liberal Progressives (Chuck Schumer as Luke Skywalker, Dianne Feinstein as Princess Leia, Michelle Obama as Chewbacca. . . )?

        It would appear that we’ve been rooting for the wrong ‘team,’ all of these years.

        Also, Captain James Hook was never a villain until the monster Peter Pan chopped off his hand and fed it to a giant reptile.

  10. Her: “If you’re already a responsible gun owner, then this has nothing to do with you. We’re talking about the people that are irresponsible, the people who take advantage of the fact that the system is not very strict.”

    Me: Define responsible, who decides what it means?

    Her: I do of course.

    • So clearly owners of bump stocks, trigger cranks… Irresponsible, you must hand over the contraband or go to jail. Hi cap mag owners? Irresponsible, you don’t need all those bullets, turn them in. Own an assault weapon, semi automatic gun even a 10/22? Irresponsible, turn them in. If anyone thinks you might be a threat, take all your guns away immediately. Second amendment is outdated, should be repealed, only means the national guard, why should you carry a gun around, let communities and cities decide who and where you can do that. Give an inch, we take a mile. And of course, we support the 2A… Because elections are just around the corner!

    • “This has nothing to do with you, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, we will take care of you. Just go back to sleep.”

  11. I really don’t understand why ANYONE listens to these kids’ opinions. Being present at a tradgedy DOES NOT make you an expert on anything.
    I’ve personally seen a lot of truck wrecks, including some really nasty ones with fatalities. This does not put me in any kind of position of athority or give me any kind of expertise to tell the trucking industry how it should be ran or the DOT as to what kinds of regulations should be implemented to prevent these things.

    What these kids are is young, naive, and malleable; which makes them perfect for manupilation by those much more clever and devious then they. Hopefully they’ll realize how they’ve been used someday and turn 180 degrees from their former puppetmasters (not holding my breath).

  12. hmmm seems I’m having a deja poo moment. I’ve smelled this bullsh*t before. Didn’t buy it then still not a customer now lil lady, now run along back to school and try to explain to that one cute chick you got your eye on about how you’re “edgy” and “brave” standing up against all those mean nasty gun owners and gun makers that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars influencing politicians. Just don’t mention that your side spends BILLIONS and those “brave” speeches you gave were written by someone else… oh and don’t say a word about how your side had police protections.

  13. lol

    This is like saying “We are pro first amendment, We just want to regulate what you can say”

    She’s either too dumb to know that, or to smart to say it.

  14. Same with abortion and voting…people just want to regulate them…not ban them. RIGHT?
    I am pro 2A and pro-choice…BTW. Just don’t think abortion should be birth control…there are many other methods for that out there.
    How about we prosecute the criminals with harsher penalties when guns are used?
    Let’s use the laws already in place before enacting new ones that won’t or can’t be enforced.

    • Only reason abortion would be used as birth control is because it is *free*. Make other types (less painful) of birth control free, and watch abortion decline. But very many of those who oppose free choice also oppose sex ed, or birth control. Somebody needs to make up their minds. Until then, I’ll side with personal freedom every time, guns or abortions or anything else.

  15. Washington State votes on 1639 next month. While Gonzales claims “If you’re a responsible gun owner, then this has nothing to do with you. “ Here’s what she means.
    If your gun gets stolen, you are charged f a crime is committed. Yes, there’s “safe storage” but it’s so vague that, should a gun get stolen then the “safe storage” wasn’t enough.
    You have to be 21 to buy a long gun. Which means the thousands of soldiers, Airmen and sailors stationed in the state aren’t allowed to buy rifles they use every day.
    There’s a 10 day waiting period for everybody. Already have concealed carry? Had that background check? You still wait.
    There’s a mandatory training course and de facto registration.
    It will require the Department of Licensing develop a cost effective system that verifies a gun owner remains legally allowed to have a gun on an annual basis. so every year you have to pay to keep your gun.
    Last, there’s a $25 tax.
    It’s a shame that this unconstitutional laws are regulated. That is their supporters be required to report how effective the law is. When they do meet the standards, the law end.
    Back in 2014 the state passed a universal background check law. In the last four years ONE person has been charged under it. Then he had to confess to be charged. He’s never come to trial though. The gun is gone and so is he.

  16. She’s on record calling for the ban and confiscation of firearms. She’s only walking it back since it’s getting close to election time and her political sponsors are scrambling for votes, including Fudds.

    Call it youthful naïveté, call it pig-ignorance, call it willful sociopathy, but the simple matter is she truly believes that outright bans and laws will solve problems…

    A lot of these folk look to Europe for inspiration. They see a society that’s kinda-sorta similar to ours, but with less guns.

    A few errors:

    • Europe has a lot of guns. The majority of the guns in Europe are off-the-books. People don’t talk about off-the-books guns since that’s the whole point.

    • European gun culture, and their culture in general, still has a serf/lord mentality – the kings and queens might be gone for the most part, but they still are very socially compliant. They assume the government knows best and will take care of things. Despite the fact that government tried to eradicate most of them 80 years ago. They view inherent rights as something the government grants.

    Also, these kids grew up in a urbanized culture, which places an emphasis on “other people” doing things. Security isn’t something you do, you pay someone (cops, G4S, whomever) to do that for you. You don’t necessarily own a car, you have someone else drive you. You don’t clean the house, that’s what the help is for. You don’t raise your kids, you pay Lupita to be on-site from 7-7 to do that. Guns are icky because only lower-class people have them.

    It’s a culture war, and she’s emblematic of the opposition. Listen, I get it, she was in the building when the bullets started flying and that sucks. I’ve never been shot at but have had guns drawn on me, and it’s not fun. But at some point, she’s gonna have to grow up and realize that (gasp!) there’s actual people with differing opinions outside of her nouveau-riché South Florida bubble.

      • If they were or not, it doesn’t matter. As others have said here, being present at a tragedy doesn’t make you an expert. Sure, your reasoned insights are welcome, and I’ll gladly listen to reasoned discourse, even if I disagree, but so far I have not heard anything reasonable coming out of their mouths. The whole lot of them are old enough to at least know how to have a reasonable conversation. But since all this went down, all I have heard for the most part is threats and insults. The only person who has really walked back is Cameron Kasky, who has admitted he was being used and decided to wash his hands of it, and get on with his life.

        • “As others have said here, being present at a tragedy doesn’t make you an expert.”

          Agreed. I myself am the victim of an – how shall I put it? – unplanned digital amputation. Since then, I have never considered myself an expert in orthopedic surgery.
          (There are experts in orthopedic surgery, I owe some of them what is left of the use of my hand.)

      • Hogg wasn’t even there. He was at home and arrived later on his bicycle. He said at first that he was there, but later had to walk it back.

  17. I for one am glad to see people of this caliber brought to the forefront of the anti 2A movement. They are our best weapon in showing the lack of knowledge and sincerity inside the leadership of the movement. When it becomes necessary to use children with skulls full of mush to push your agenda. You’ve admitted the so called adults in the room have lost all hope. Even the media(sic) has lost interest. Keep Your Powder Dry…

    • And they do. I’ve never met someone who was anti-2A but believed in the spirit and intent of the First Amendment. They usually have issues using the government as a bludgeon to force people to not say or publish certain things. Think about the bakeries – I doubt there was any pro-2A person who agreed that the baker should be forced to bake the cake.

      It’s not just the guns, people, it’s the culture. We’re not fighting because we’re obsessed with guns (well, we are, haha) but we’re fighting because we value freedom.

      • Too true. Try giving a speech at most universities these days if you are labeled a “fascist Republican.” There is a long list of right wing speakers whose speeches are booed by people who show up to deny them a right to speak. Drowning out the Right is the new call to action.

        • And they’ll use the bludgeon of the State (men with guns) when possible. The police will “recommend” canceling an event.

          Funny how they have no qualms about screeching at the cops to protest brutality, but they have zero issues using said brutality against people they don’t like.

          EG + DH will be marching at the next BLM event, but won’t say a word if a white right-aligned person gets pulled over and gets the shit kicked out of him because reasons. I didn’t see them (or anyone else) taking to the streets when that autistic kid got killed by the cops a few years ago.

  18. Who in hell does this lady think she’s kidding?? There are already laws on the books for gun regulation, sales, registration, etc. These people do not fool me for a minute! If they thought they could possibly confiscate the millions of guns in this country from law-abiding people they would do it in a New York minute!! I despise everything they represent and they’ll get firearms from most of us when Hell freezes over!!

    • This thing is a child who does not even know what gender it is. Will not be allowed to purchase a gun for years, but thinks it can make my decisions for me because it is *sooo* wise. Possibly should be institutionalized and reeducated, due to attempting to incite riots.

      • Once and for all, this critter DOES know what gender she is; She merely chooses to exercise Good Taste.

        Let’s face it. . . would YOU sleep with another guy? I won’t. Personally, I find them pretty Dag Blag disgusting, so far as bed-partners go. Why pick on her because she has the same discretion?

        Frankly, I find Lesbians to be women who have made the only intelligent choice, the same one that I have made. . . plus, they are GREAT fun to watch.

        Tell me how I’m wrong. [SMILE]

  19. She’s a bald-faced (bald-headed?) liar:
    Emma Gonzalez recently said in an interview with CNN, “… I don’t really care what people who defend the Second Amendment have to say.”

  20. Drinking Dr. Pepper when I read this. Laughed so hard I snorted soda. There really should be an Outrageous Humor warning for this kind of stuff.

  21. Emma, the 2nd Amendment to the constitution is what protects Gun Rights. The First Amendment to the constitution protects freedom of speech.

    Would you be in favor of regulating speech?

    I favor the regulation of actions – for example if you cause a riot with speech then you should be arrested for causing a riot. If you shoot someone without justification you should be arrested as well.

    • “*Sigh* Go away already, Sinead.”

      And here’s that culture reference, for the kids here :

  22. ,I.“We try our very darndest to get out the fact that we don’t want to take away guns and that we are pro second amendment.”

    I can help with this.

    “If you’re already a responsible gun owner, then this has nothing to do with you. We’re talking about the people that are irresponsible…”

    See, all you have to do it propose something that’ll do something about ‘the people that are irresponsible’, while leaving ‘responsible gun owners’ alone.

    I’ll wait.

  23. Emma, here is an opinion from your gun control paradise of Australia.

    You don’t want justice, in fact not even socialist justice. You want VENGEANCE and you don’t care who suffers because we are all equally guilty in your mind. But your political minders are telling you to tone down your stance for the time being being because it suits their needs with the mid-term elections.

    Justice is when the guilty are punished. Tyranny is when the innocent are punished. And I haven’t seen much justice in the last 30 years with firearm owners being personally blamed for the actions of others.

  24. Actually, sweetie, not only are firearms already heavily regulated, but those and ALL proposed additional regulations (read: infringements) only apply to responsible firearms owners. Criminals already ignore the law. Criminals already acquire the majority of their firearms outside of legal means.

    Really, the only in this debate acting irresponsibly is you. The only one taking advantage of anything, namely, Americans’ goodness, kindness, and gullibility over pleas from anti-liberty spokespuppets is, again, you.

  25. Also heard said: “we’re illiterate and have no formal training in critical thinking. That’s why we can say something so completely inane and have no idea how our position violates the law of non-contradiction!”

  26. They LIE about facts. They LIE about the causes of gun violence. They LIE about their agenda. They don’t want guns out of society- they just want the government to have all the guns- like Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China, or Stalin’s Russia. Oh, and a big carve-out for their own private security forces (because they deserve protection and a black woman being threatened by an ex boyfriend doesn’t).

    The Fascist Left wants you defenseless.

  27. That’s as asinine and cravenly dishonest as saying “We’re not pro-slavery, we just want to keep Black people as property.”

  28. Another bigoted white homosexual with a Spanish last name trying to take my civil rights away.

    Ya, that right I said it.

    Homosexuals are socialist progressive in their political orientation.

    I don’t give them any kind of a pass.

  29. Given the lady’s proposals, obviously lines would have to be drawn, which leaves open or raises the following question or questions. Whose definitions of “responsible v. Irresponsibleis to be used, and who holds the pen, pencil or marker with which the above mentioned line or lines are drawn? Interesting questions, no??

  30. Sissy Boy Hogg’s girlfriend must not have learned very much from her daddy whose escaped Castro’s Cuba to come to America for freedom. Maybe he ought to take her on a trip to Cuba to visit family and leave her there.

  31. A couple of odd questions if I may.
    1. Exactly who is or are the “we” she speaks of?
    2. Define”regulate” , as in “we don’t want to take your guns, we just want to regulate them”, especially given that guns re inanimate objects, pieces of machinery.

    I could likely come up with a couple more interesting questions, however I believe that the above mentioned will serve, at least until answered, a circumstance I will not hold my breath waiting for.

  32. I’m sure she is a Second Amendment supporter BUT..

    I’m she also is a supporter of women but to control prostitution she would probably support surgery on all females at age 12 to close all the opportunities of all those women who are potential prostitutes.

  33. I am a responsible gun owner. My responsibility is to find a good place to draw a line in the sand and stop anyone trying to “Infringe” on my God given rights. Step right up. One and all. There are way more of us then there are of you and we all have much experience in dealing with and successfully
    breaking down the propaganda from elitist progressive scum and oath breaking traitors like you. Step right up. You still think that this is a negotiable issue. It must be difficult to get up every day and realize that your dog just won’t hunt anymore. You are selling slavery and not doing a very good job of it at all. We are free. We will remain free. We will continue to be free long after your kind are nothing but an obscure footnote to the great history of our Nation. You know, deep down inside, that it is over and you have lost. You can’t change that and it makes you crazy. Your useless attempts at “if only”, “reasonableness”, “negotiation”, “common sense” and “compromise” have failed for the last time and it is finally revealing exactly how damaged, deranged, desperate, sick and twisted your pathetic attempts to devide and conquer us are. Everyone but you, and your billionaire puppet masters know that the tide has turned and you and your pathetic plot to enslave us are finished. The losers always bargin, bluff, bluster, scream and threaten…on the way out. Your evil lies are coming back to choke you. Hillary/Biden in 2020. What a fitting end for your morally bankrupt attempt at destroying the Greatest Nation that has ever existed. -30-


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