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“The Mandalay Bay security guard who sparked national interest after disappearing from the public spotlight surfaced this week on Ellen DeGeneres’ show,” reports. “In a pre-recorded interview set to air Wednesday afternoon, [Jesus Campos] told DeGeneres he had trouble reaching the shooter’s floor to inspect a door that was left ajar on the night of the shooting.” As we’ve reported, killer Stephen Paddock had bolted it shut. What we now learn . . .

Campos said he reached the floor through another stairwell and inspected the metal bracket from the other side. But before the shots started, he heard what he thought was a drilling sound near Paddock’s room and called security — which sent maintenance worker Stephen Schuck to the floor to investigate.

As Campos walked back into the hallway from a room that leads to the stairwell, the door, which he said was heavy, made a loud noise as it closed behind him.

“I believed that’s what caught the shooter’s attention,” Campos said. “As I was walking down, I heard rapid fire. At first I took cover. I felt the burning sensation. I went to go lift my pant leg up and I saw the blood.”

Campos told Degeneres that Paddock was firing from behind the closed door of his room, but he wasn’t sure how.

Mandalay Bay building engineer Stephen Schuck joined Ellen for the chin wag with the comedienne.

Schuck said he accessed the floor from a service elevator and didn’t notice the shooting until he got closer to Paddock’s room.

“Once I got more than halfway is when I saw Jesus, and I started to hear shooting,” Schuck said. “And I thought – at the time I didn’t know it was shooting – I thought it was a jackhammer and, as an engineer, I thought, ‘we are not working up here late at night. We wouldn’t be doing that.’”

Schuck said Campos leaned out from his hiding spot and yelled at Schuck to take cover, which saved his life as bullets whizzed by.

“Everyone came together to help that night, even in the darkest hour,” said Campos, who thanked the Las Vegas police, FBI, first responders and hospital workers.

Yes, well, HOW did they come together?

Despite (because of?) his appearance on Ellen’s chat show, we still don’t know the exact sequence of events in the Mandalay Bay Hotel before, during and after Stephen Paddock opened fire.

The ABC talking head notwithstanding, Campos’s account does not “seem to clarify weeks of confusion about the shooting’s timeline.”

Specifically, how long did it take Campos to radio his report of the shooting? How much time elapsed between Mr. Campos’ report and phone notification of the shooting to hotel security and the arrival of two on-site police officers on the 32nd floor, what Mr. Campos said and how, when or if that information was relayed to the Las Vegas police?

Enquiring minds still would like to know.

None of that was discussed in the ABC news clip. Perhaps that will be covered when the full interview airs. Or perhaps Degeneres agreed not to touch those topics as part of the price of securing the Campos interview. We’ll see later this afternoon.


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  1. Hard to put trust in anything he says now. Far too much time has passed between the event and his reappearance.
    Any number of agencies or people could have talked to him and or planned out his story. As far as I am concerned any information from him is useless.

    • He isn’t resurfacing, it’s a pre recorded interview. No clue yet as to when it was recorded.

      • Ellen films the day before, except friday and monday shows, which are recorded the previous thursday. So if it airs today, it was filmed yesterday.

        • While that may be the way things usually happen, we don’t know that this interview was filmed Tuesday.
          If it was, why has no one else seen him since? Why Ellen Degeneres? How much was he (or Degeneres) paid?
          I would imagine the feds would want (or, more probably, have) the answers.

        • It was probably filmed yesterday, because Hollywood almost certainly cares more about their production schedules than they do about anybody getting shot. They had a slot open for Tues, and he was available Tues, so they filmed it on Tues. Also, security at the Warner Bros studios, where they film, is surprisingly tight. If I wanted to be on tv, but not attract the press, any of the studios in Burbank is exactly where I’d go.

          As for why Ellen, probably because she’s the least threatening talk show host ever.

    • And to be fair, I sure as hell wouldn’t be speaking in public without the benefit of legal coucil. Of all the things you can possible malign him for, pausing before speaking publicly is not one of them.

  2. wonder where they buried him out in the desert.

    “Nothing personal kid, but to be honest, the game was rigged from the start.”

    • What else do you expect from a multi-billionaire anarcho-capitalist? The scariest part of that story is just how feasible it was for one man to grab the sort of power the Mr. House did.

      • Anyone else ever notice in Fallout 4 their version of the ATF (BATFL or somethin like that) is always filled with freakin raiders?

      • Considering the mob ran Vegas for decades I think House and the 5 families were just a throwback to that time in Vegas history or rather a continuation of that history…. Hard to tell in Fallout at times. Kinda terrifying seeing how some of the storylines are feasible in the real world.

      • Anarcho capitalism in no way advocates aggressive violence. The reason for such behavior would be psychopathy not some non-violent ideology that such a gangster would never even heard of.

    • So if that’s what’s going on here… someone involved in this mess, probably a courier, has a platinum chip.

  3. Did she make him dance?
    What a strange segment for Ellen. Only adds fuel to the conspiracy noise of it all.

  4. Hmmm…appearing with anti-2A Ellen. And anti-Trump and bigazz Hildebeast supporter. This BS narrative gets convoluted and effed up everyday. Anyone know if old pervert Harvey hit on Ellen’s comely “WIFE”?!?😫

  5. Just more lies.

    Campos was in the hallway, and Paddock was shooting down the hallway… from behind a closed door?

    This engineer heard the sound of gunfire… and thought it was a jackhammer?

    Yeah. Right.

    • Connie,

      “This engineer heard the sound of gunfire… and thought it was a jackhammer?”

      Actually, this is pretty much the universal reaction to attacks: the victims initially dismiss the sound of gunfire as balloons popping, fireworks, construction work, etc.

      This is an example of “confirmation bias”. Look it up.

  6. Here is one easy explanation of Jesus Campos’ apparently odd disappearance:

    He realized that journalists and entertainment organizations would probably be willing to pay a small fortune to interview him. So, he put the word out and waited to see which organization would win the bidding war for his first interview.

    • There’s a rumor I heard that claimed Campos was *not* licensed in Nevada as a security guard.

      That would explain why he wasn’t interested in getting in front of a camera…

      • I am not certain on how the State of Nevada does it but typically Non licensed ‘security’ is actually ‘Loss Prevention’
        licensed security requires the company or employee to be bonded. Most skirt around this requirement because they don’t want to spend the money.

  7. “… I saw Jesus, and I started to hear shooting…”

    Well, they say he’s coming back angry.

  8. Mr. Campos is going to be a rich man. Between MGM and the LVMPD he’ll be taken care of well. Provided he continues to say the “right things”. Money trumps truth.

    • The security guy responded to a report of an open door. Not a maintenance issue.
      The maintenance guy responded to the security guy’s questions about what sounded like maintenance going on.
      Pay attention.

      • Having worked for large corporations, I have to say that only sending two guys to close a door sounds like the job was WAY understaffed. Should have been at least three more people involved, and an e-mail chain with at least 60 messages back and forth about what kind of latch the door had and who was the last employee to close it, with a minimum of four support tickets opened on the issue.

  9. Howard Purnell: Have you given your official statement yet, ‘cuz I would be VERY cautious about what went IN it.
    Nick Memphis: Well, maybe I should wait for the report to come out, read it, and THEN remember.

    • Great movie. My favorite lines came from the gunsmith: 1.”the world ain’t what it seems, is it Gunny?!” and 2. “…Still got the shovel!”

  10. So this unarmed, rich people security guard radios in that shots are fired, gets hit, and then has the sense to “not tie up radio traffick” and make the phone call? Come on dude.

  11. This guy looks nothing like the person pictured in the initial reports. I’m starting to think this one may actually be a false flag.

    • Weird news reported in different places that Jesus shares an SSN. So it might be the “other Social Security contributor” that you are thinking of?

    • What are you talking about, he’s just not wearing his glasses. So when Clark Kent takes off his glasses, do you see Superman, or Clark Kent without glasses wearing his jammies out and about.

  12. Not sure if this question was asked before but isn’t the Ellen Degenerate show financed by MGM corp? Coulda sworn I read that in the LV Review Journal.

  13. The choice to put Campos on a left wing daytime talk show for a softball interview is certainly interesting. It clearly signals the precise direction in which Campos’ handlers wish the discussion to go.

    • Thank you. I’m tired of hero being used for doing your job. He was responding to an open door, not an active shooter.

  14. What an incomplete or vague bunch of cr_p (on a qualified ‘news’ show / sarc).

    The law suits are going to bury MB and Vegas on this.

  15. Ducks media interviews and possibly the police, and ends up on this lightweight left wing ‘entertainment’ talk show?

    Weirder and weirder. Even my Democrat Hillary loving wife (don’t ask) thinks there is a big conspiracy behind this LV thing. Normally she swallows the MSM bullsh*t hook, line & sinker so if she thinks things are fishy then tings are fishy!

    • a great man once said: “you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    • “I’m wondering in what manner a door would have to be “bolted shut” to be “left ajar.””

      It’s kinda simple.

      The door is open. The deadbolt is extended in what would be the ‘locked’ position. Now, the door cannot be closed until the deadbolt is retracted.

      Walk away…

  16. The lies keep on rolling. How did Paddock shoot way down the hallway for rounds to whiz by Stephen Schuck’s head from inside the room through a door? And where are the impacts from those bullets that whizzed by him in the hallway?

    I’d wager that someone is embellishing the story a bit.

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