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Poor Elizabeth Warren. First she falsely claims Indian ancestry to get an affirmative action job at Harvard and gets caught. Then she offered her own hokey live-stream video in which she made a fool of herself while drinking a beer. Pretty folksy, huh?

Now, out on the campaign trail, she’s telling supporters that what she really wants is a bump stock ban.

We hate to break it to Princess Lieawatha, but the ATF already effectively banned bump stocks about five months ago.

So an Elizabeth Warren bump stock ban won’t do anything to “get the gun situation under control.” Not even 1/1024th of the way.

The UK Daily Mail puts her ignorance front and center:

Elizabeth Warren told a New Hampshire campaign crowd on Monday that the federal government should ban ‘bump stocks…”

Speaking in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, the Massachusetts Democratic senator listed three specific objectives when a voter asked what she would do as president to ‘get the gun situation under control.’

‘Universal background checks,’ she said. ‘[Get] assault weapons off our streets. Get rid of bump stocks and the ability to fire weapons in a short period of time. There are a lot of things we could be doing.’

A federal ban on bump stocks went into effect March 26. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives broadened the definition of ‘machinegun’ to include them, because they ‘allow a shooter of a semiautomatic firearm to initiate a continuous firing cycle with a single pull of the trigger.’

So Warren’s campaigning on banning something that’s already effectively illegal.

Perhaps Fauxcahontas should introduce legislation to ban murder while she’s at it.

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    • Makes sense considering that she and Trump agree on a ton of issues. If it comes down to her vs Trump in 2020, we might as well just say screw it and create a 1 party system China style.

    • Then there’s this to muck up Warren’s plan. I’ve seen instances where competition lever-action shooters can almost keep up with AR shooters. I once saw a 10-yr-old knock competitor down a group of targets a split second faster than a normal person next to him with a standard AR-15. This vid’s fun:

      Start at the 6:05 time mark. Does this qualify as too fast for Pok-A-Something Warren?

      • Well, I thought that’s what she meant to say, but it sure didn’t come out that way. Though, most of what she says is incomprehensible anyways.

      • Look at the Australia’s mandatory “buy back”, the model we should follow as proclaimed by Hildabeast. Anything that shoots more than couple of rounds in a row is bad and therefore should be banned for us, the people and reserved only for the agents of state.

  1. Please use link to contact all ur reps and the white house daily to stop gun control! Congress is back in session next week please get busy now……….or turn them in!

    Its also time to start getting out the vote for Pro2a Candidates in 2020…plz don’t wait!

    The other side is dumping Billions to ban guns and we don’t have the money can gun,hunting industry on our side or tight asses and the NRA is dangling & could be gone soon!

    We the People are the gun lobby! Use the Social Media Tools u have available!

  2. [Elizabeth Warren] falsely claim[ed] Indian ancestry to get an affirmative action job at Harvard and gets caught.

    If that is true, then Senator Elizabeth Warren made a materially false statement for employment. She must have violated some law in that process. Why is the U.S. Justice Department not investigating and prosecuting her?

    • lol.
      Epstein, Clinton, Sharpton, Smollett, Kennedy, Comey, Holder, etc…
      Very rarely do they bother investigating let alone prosecuting their own.

  3. Fauxahontas,what a maroon and the nation should elect this as president,hell she’s just proven for the nation that she doesn’t keep up on current events.

  4. Heap big dumb Pocahontas speak with fu er forked tongue. Paleface for Prison 2020😄😊😏

  5. The government must immediately ban Jerry Miculek’s trigger finger! No one should be allowed to have hands that fast! We should force him to wear mittens at all times. While we’re at it, everyone stronger than me should have heavy weights tied to their limbs, everyone better looking than me should wear a mask, and everyone smarter than me should be forced to listen to Elizabeth Warren speeches on an endless loop.

    • He can’t keep it up for 100s much less thousands of rounds. In addition most anyone can get that rate of fire with a bump stock after an afternoon of training. How much training has JM had?

      • Look, I’m not trying to make fun of you. I want to educate you. All of us were ignorant of guns at some point in our life. Some of us may be too young to remember those days, but all of us had to learn whatever we know. With your talk of “thousands of rounds” you’ve revealed yourself as someone whose beliefs about guns owe more to Hollywood than reality. You hear that an AR-15 can fire “OMG! 900 rounds a minute! “, and you think that means an AR-15 can actually fire 900 rounds in the span of a minute. It can’t. No assault rifle or battle rifle can. There are machine guns (real machine guns, guns that fire from an open bolt, not just automatic rifles) that can sustain those kind of cyclic rates for a minute, but you’re going to need to change the barrel as soon as that minute is over.

        None of these mass shootings have involved anything like “thousands of rounds.” Furthermore, rate of fire has nothing to do with the number of people killed in these incidents. Even the Vegas shooter’s high kill count was due entirely to his position rather than his fire rate. Full auto fire is useful for exactly two things: for suppression, which is useless without a team, and for throwing a lot of metal at a single target very quickly. That’s nice for taking down an attacker, but it would a waste of ammo for someone trying to shoot as many people as possible. 1000 rounds of 5.56, a very lightweight round, weighs about 27 lbs. That’s loose, not in magazines. No one is going to carry “thousands of rounds” into a rampage shooting. The faster one of these shooters fires, the more he’s going to miss, and the sooner the shooting will be over.

        There’s a reason that people who know the most about guns tend to be against gun control, while the people for gun control tend to be ignorant.

      • How does any of that matter? According to you gun grabbers, fast shooting guns are bad and need to be banned because they enable mass killers to achieve higher scores. How many shots does average mass murderer shoot?

        Uninterrupted full auto and bump stock fire will dump the magazine in couple of seconds and force the shooter to reload very often. Isn’t that why you gun grabbers push low capacity magazines laws?

        Murders with rifles make less than 1 percent of all murders.
        Mass shootings are very rare occurrence, no matter what mass media and leftist politicians say. Where is the uproar about all the blacks killed by other blacks with handguns – the mass of so called “gun murders?

        Just admit it. You want to make sure that we, the people, can’t legally possess weapons. You want to ban rifles most usefull in militia service first, under guise of fighting crime.

    • I miss the sarcasm or facts in your post. While I am still opposed to the bump-stock ban and contribute to SAF in their fight against it, there was a mass killing using them in LV?? What the heck is wrong with you – we don’t need jokes, sarcasm or stupidity coming from our side.
      DJ if you think bump stocks are a waste of good ammo then either you never practiced for a half hour to get it down, don’t own or know how to properly use full auto or simply don’t have enough money for ammo like most of the “i don’t like them” people. I’m 64, could shoot my bump stocks as well as my registered NFA guns and resent the lack of opportunity to at least register my piece of plastic.

  6. No, no, we should go with this. I’ve often remarked on how gun control nuts have no idea what our gun laws actually are. Most are convinced by the ceaseless propaganda that on fact we have no gun laws. It’s all performative anyway, since none of them actually care whether their policy prescriptions have any relationship to the incidents they claim demand them.

    So offer up a bunch of laws that already exist. Propose a federal licensing scheme for gun dealers. Ban shipping firearms by mail by non- dealers. Require out-of-state handgun purchases to be sent to a local FFL. Require dealers to conduct background checks when they sell at gun shows.

    They get to feel like they’re fighting the good fight against teh ebul NRA, and we needn’t suffer any further erosion of our rights.

    • Brilliant! Maybe we could even propose lesser restrictions than those that already exist. The media couldn’t counter without informing people of the real laws.

    • VERY good idea…..
      The only problem I see is the face that the government has already been taken over by majority leftists…
      Until the RIGHT people are put into a position to actually make changes, NONE of this will happen…. And things will only get worse from now on…
      Affirmative action and illegal immigration is ruining this country and government hiring practices are putting THE WRONG PEOPLE IN CONTROL……
      So essentially until the sheep stop with their bleeding heart BS, NOTHING WILL CHANGE EXCEPT TO ONLY GET WORSE!

  7. Just goes to show how dumb she thinks the voters are. Unless she and her staff are so dim-witted that they cannot check facts before they get put into her notes or speeches. All of the Dem Candidates have the same problem; they just think correcting their comments tomorrow is fine and the voters will forgive them. BALONEY, if they cannot maintain their composure and mental activity to formulate truthful statements or answers to questions how can we trust them in office? The answer is we cannot.

    • They think the voter’s heads are so full of wool it is simple to pull it over their eyes. If it wasn’t for the fact they NEED the votes, they would be calling them “deplorables”.

  8. Another in a long line of politicians blathering on, citing approved talking points of which they are totally ignorant about to pander to the low info voter. I’ll bet she got a thunderous applause after spewing out her BS.

  9. Being senile or stupid in public is likely to reward you with a TV series if you keep it up. So long as America rewards stupidity, this will never end.

    • You got it!!!!!! BINGO!!!!!!

  10. Warren as well as the other liberals parrot each other . Nothing original. They all give speeches on climate and jump on their private jets. They are Socialists but are wealthy. If you want to take guns away then start with MS 13.

  11. I don’t think she’s as stupid as this article suggests.

    My guess is that what she’s advocating here is for an Act of Congress signed by POTUS (she’s hoping that’s her) to ban bumpstocks because she’s not convinced that the current “ban” is going to hold up in court.

    She’s a lawyer, I don’t know how good of a lawyer, and as such my guess here is that she’s wary of the concept that, as serge says, the ATF can unilaterally and arbitrarily change black letter law which is the proper preview of Congress. She probably thinks the courts will not accept that argument and so instead of regulation she’s looking to pass a law.

    She may also be wary of the ripple effects a ruling against the ATF might produce in other areas (see other discussions on this board about this topic) for the administrative State that she’d like to control.

    • That’s probably true. But the bumpstock is a marvelous bogeyman. Scary, very scary.

      Most people don’t know what a bumpstock is and most don’t know they’re already illegal. They’ll just keep beating this dead horse as no one seems to notice.

    • I think you are right. What ATF simply banned yesterday can be just as simply unbanned tomorrow. See pistol braces.

      Leftists only look stupid to us. They are mischievous, scheming and crooked, but not dumb. Pale face is a Congress critter with a team of lawyers. She knows the score, make no mistake of underestimating the enemy.

  12. White Privilege but claims Native American Privilege.

    My best guess at this point she will be the nominative.

    • If Trump continues to infringe on the 2nd Amendment I will leave the box for President unchecked. Why would I vote for anyone who infringes on the Constitution? Especially the 2nd Amendment.

      Now I see the Trump administration is looking at a social score like China to stop you from buying a firearm.

      It seems to me both parties are marching towards civil war. The truth be told the government doesn’t like an armed population.

      Trump’s on shaky ground right now. Colorado already shove a Red Flag Law without due process in our a$$. Go ahead and make it federal.

      I think bump stocks are nothing more than a waste of good ammo. A novelty at best. But it’s the principal. Every major gun bill Republicans crossed the isle to screw us.

  13. Unfortunately, this is what we have to work with… Whether the DNC thinks a person who can actually find their ass with both hands is unmarketable or doesn’t adhere to dogma, they’ve reached new depths of digging up stupid candidates. All in the name of the one thing left they actually care about, which is beating Trump.
    Let me tell you, folks: I don’t like the orange man any more than you do, but I’ll still vote for him if this is the best alternative you can offer. It’s pathetic.

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