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Quite a few electronics here – a Dell, a smart phone, an iPad – and also a pair of electrician’s scissors and a utility knife. The gun is a Ruger LCP II which is leaps and bounds ahead of the original LCP. The trigger is improved, the grip is better – it’s an excellent improvement over the original model.

The LCP II is more accurate than you might expect, too, and is my BUG of choice. It’s a great little gun for ankle or boot carry and works well for deep concealment, too.

What’s your favorite .380 ACP?

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  1. I keep going back to my TCP. I’ve gone bigger, (LC9s) and smaller (NAA Black Widow) and the pocket .380s are my goldilocks gun….

  2. Oh, almost forgot to answer your question. Favorite .380 ACP? Walter PPK/S. Grip is PP length, but I just like that pistol. Owned one years ago. Always on the lookout for another.

  3. That’s more of a Everyday Carry to work load, not a true EDC. He wouldn’t carry all that into the grocery store, therefore it’s over and above a true EDC. In any case, my deep carry or BUG is a Sig P238, or a Walther PPK380, if I’m wanting to go smaller than the Glock 43.

  4. That’s not an electrician scissors.

    Telecommunications, and they are referred to as “snips.”

    • Probably uses them by putting his fingers through the big loop as well! Anyone that has installed before knows what I’m talking about.

  5. I don’t currently own a .380. But a toss up, in the past, between a Sig 232 and a Beretta 84. Both would get the job done. But then, so would the Walther pp in .32. West German police surplus for less than 2 bills.

    I should have my ass kicked for some of the guns I’ve let go.

  6. Funny, I try to carry the LEAST amount of technology per day.
    What kinda job requires a laptop, an ipad, a ‘smart’ watch, and and a smartphone? And why do you need a notepad if you have four other notetaking things? I hope I never have to do a job that makes me have all this crap!

  7. The LCPII is currently my only .380. I like it in certain circumstances that I’ve outlined before. Other than it stays at home.

    Colorado Springs… carries a scent-proof dugout… well… that’s not at all suspicious. LOL.

    • Dude I can assure you, nobody here uses one. Everyone down here openly smokes their blunts walking down the street, and nobody says anything. I’m curious to know what places this dude services.

      • These day I live just outside Boulder and not many are that blatant around here.

        A few smoke in the parks but I’ve never seen anyone walking down the street puffing on a blunt.

        Either way, I am extremely doubtful that this guy uses a dugout and a titanium one hitter solely for fine tobacco products.

  8. I carry the,2nd gen LCP……not LCP iI

    The LCP II is a nice gun but is a little bigger.

    Mainly, it is more cocked (cocked further back) than the LCP 2nd gen, which is more cocked than the first generation.

    I guess that’s why the put the little dingus in the trigger, to keep it from firing of dropped.

    Anyway, I can tell a difference shooting the 2nd Gen and LCP Ii.

    The difference between 1st and 2nd gen is tremendous for me at anything over 25 feet.

  9. With 9mm’s being so small now, there’s no reason to pack a 380, especially as an only/primary. If you want an extra back-pocket gun, sure, toss in a LCP/II, but step up a little bit. Nobody is noticing your gun, so don’t give me the printing excuse.

    Wise man once said, “carrying a gun is suppose to be comforting, not comfortable”.

    • You do you.

      I will decide what I need and/or want.

      We don’t have legal weed here in FL so some folks are a little more observant.

    • When hiking in the backcountry, ounces become pounds. Love my lcp ii for canyoneering and other route finding adventures.

    • A wise man also said, ‘ It ain’t the arrow, it’s the Indian.’

      Oh crap. Now we’ve sparked off the Wise Man wars. Gun guys just love to argue.

  10. Love the LCP II. They did it right. But when I looked at actually buying one, I went with the EC9S. Larger caliber for about $40 less, and only a slightly larger frame (very slightly). Plus I my wife already has and LC9S so now we match.😁

  11. I got the sccy 9mm and now waiting for sccy 380.Gonna put all those other 380 pistols to shame

  12. I carry the LCP II every day. Compact, accurate, inexpensive and durable. I have gone through a Gambit of potential carries, LCP II works best for me.

  13. I keep my LCPII in console of my car and can easily put in pocket if I am going on a quick store run, or will be going places that I can’t carry my EDC gun. I put rounds through it every time I go to the range and it never has had a failure, and It is accurate enough for defensive use.

  14. I carry a late serial number LCP. I never understood the hate it go. The trigger is two feet long, but it’s supposed to be. The trigger breaks at 200 pounds, but it’s supposed to. It goes bang when I want it to, and once I added a Hogue grip, it’s actually a decently comfortable shooter.

    As for it being a .380, well, lots of people have snarky comments on the caliber, but none of them have been willing to walk around downrange when people are shooting it, so I take those comments with a grain of salt.

  15. That is not a pocket dump. That’s a backpack dump. Or a large bag of some sort dump.

    The .380 is fine, I carry one with a spare magazine every day. My pocket dump would be the .380, the pocket holster, the spare mag, the car keys, the cell phone and a wallet. That’s it, and it’s obviously more than one pocket. Nothing goes into the gun pocket but the holster and the gun.

    When circumstances allow I add a full size 9mm in a belt holster but many of the places I have to go that just doesn’t work out.

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