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Wounded criminals, criminals killed by police, six detainees, powerful missile launchers, Barrett rifles, thousands of bullets, more than 20 stolen vehicles, drugs, tactical gear, cash and exotic animals were seized by the General Office of Chihuahua during an operation in several points of the city of Nuevo Casas Grandes . . .

Under the operation “For The Safety Of Casas Grandes” agents of the Attorney General seized powerful weapons such as rocket launchers, Barrett rifles, over a thousand 300 cartridges, lots of tactical equipment, vehicles reported as stolen including modern sports cars, drugs and exotic animals, in addition to the arrest of six subjects, a cell belonging to organized crime.

An investigation was carried out by elements of the State Police in order to provide security to the inhabitants of the area comprising the municipalities of Casas Grandes, Nuevo Casas Grandes, Ascension, Ignacio Zaragoza, Buenaventura and Janos.

The total number of items seized under this operation was:

• 19 stolen vehicles.

• 1 50-caliber Barrett rifle, beige color, model M107A1, with serial number AE000334.

• 1 guided missile launcher, green.

• Automatic rifle 30 mm caliber black.

• 5 exotic animas rescued

• 4 military rifles Romanian 7.62 x 39 serial number 51-01999-99. And 7.62 x 39 mm

• 5 pistols

• 34 chargers

• 2 ammo packs

• One thousand 309 cartridges of different calibers.

• 11 tactical vests.

• 10 tactical military-style helmets

• 3 pairs of military boots

• 16 military uniforms of different colors.

• 2 green military ammo carriers

• 1 pair of knee pads

• 25 clear plastic wrappers of cocaine.

• 25 bundles of marijuana

• 1 communication equipment

• 1 pair of handcuffs

• $ 498, 400 pesos

• $ 1,475 dollars

On Friday April 15, police elements responded to a violent event that occurred between km 222 and 224 on a section known as “Las Emes” on the San Buenaventura to Ignacio Zaragoza road, and located three trucks with three dead people and one injured, all wore camouflage clothing. The injured person said to belong to the criminal group known as “La Linea”.

On the same afternoon, State Police officers, were investigating the presence of armed civilians and upon reaching the section known as “El Bordo de la Vía”, which connects Casas Grandes to Ignacio Zaragoza were attacked by criminals. They repel the aggression and shot dead one men carrying an AK-47 assault rifle, plus a .50 caliber Barrett rifle and .308 caliber cartridges.

On Saturday April 16, police responded to a call about armed men outside some apartments “Posada” located in Jesus Urueta and Mata Ortiz streets in colonia Centro, they located a stolen Blue GMC Yukon XL 2005 model, it was reported stolen since January 23, 2016. On the back, a missile launcher was located, with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, body armor, tactical camouflage uniforms, helmets and automatic weapons.

On Monday April 18, State Police arrested members of a criminal group, they were identified as Victor Manuel Hernandez Fernandez, Manuel Omar Sandoval Ramirez and Jose Torres Duenas, carrying assault rifles, handguns, 715 rounds of ammunition of different calibers, 25 wrappers with cocaine, camouflage uniforms and a stolen vehicle, in addition to $498, 400 pesos and $ 1,745 dollars.

On Tuesday morning, officers on patrol duty in Nuevo Casas Grandes, realized that a man ran on Plan Alemán street when he notice the police presence and enter the house number 4610, a farm that according to witnesses was uninhabited. On the premises police found cages with five wild big cats (tigers, lion, and bobcat), totally abandoned. The exotic animals were seized and turn to the competent authority, since exotic animals require specialized care and handling.

On the same day, at 6:30 pm on Tecnológico and 05 de Febrero streets, of Casas Grandes, Caesar Irving Cortez Renova was arrested, driving a Chevrolet Avanlache, stolen in Ciudad Juarez on January 17, 2016, police seized a 9 mm pistol, with five live rounds of ammunition, tactical equipment, 75 grams of marijuana and two photographs of Cesar Irving dressed in military style clothing and carrying a rocket launcher, which was secured days earlier by authorities.

In these same operations, police located in the municipality Casas Grandes five abandoned luxury cars reported as stolen in the U.SA, while on different streets of the town of Ascension, police recovered six automotive of recent model, stolen in different parts of the country, achieving the arrest of Miguel Ángel García Bañuelos and Cesar Trujillo Casas, who were in the process of dismantling a Honda Civic 2006 on Trigo and Álamo streets, with theft report of September 24, 2014, in Ciudad Juarez.

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  1. But….but……but guns are against the law in Mexico! This can’t be true! Hillary! Hillary!

    • They forgot to mention the criminals with flags on their sleeves…

      Whenever one of the raids happens, I wonder what the cartels jabronis thought RIGHT when they realized what was going down. In this country it might be “Shit! The fuzz found us.”

      Their more likely it’s “Shit, who outbid us?”

        • Mexican cops never allow thier picture taken. They and thier whole family would be mulch in 24 hours. When cops ID’s are found out, they immediately resign and take out full page ads saying they quit.

        • As Paul53 said- that is Cesar, a suspect. NOT a Mexican officer. It says so in the article…

      • +1 on the stupid….. Mexican twitter is gonna blow that up and put his personal information all over the over the place……. Then the cartels are gonna put his family in garbage bags all over the place…. I thought they knew not to do that stuff by now.

      • I concur. At first I thought it might simply be an FIM-92 with IFF cage removed, but the exhaust bell is clearly a Redeye.

        Given that old-inventory Stingers is non-state actor hands are of (at best) questionable reliability, I wonder what the probability that the old Redeye remains potent after all these years.

        • It all depends on storage. Its only a matter before they or someone bulleye`s a flight and then God know what the feds will do, this scum needs to be kept out, build the wall.

  2. Only /one/ pair of handcuffs? I thought these guys were all into tight leather pants and stuff?

  3. Well ya’ don’t see THAT every day-except in Meh-he-co…what wonderful toys for the OTHER criminal gang.

  4. Anarchy. A dream come true for some. In large parts of Mexico there is no government to speak of.

    • In Mexico, like virtually everywhere, there is way too much government. Mexico has nothing whatsoever in common with anything resembling “Anarchy.”

      Absent government, any regular Jose living in an area as violent as what is described here, would have in his home, in his car, on his body, with his wife and kids…… infinitely more than 1309 cartridges of various kinds. And anyone even suspected of being as much of a public nuisance as cartel members seem to be down there, would be hunted like simple animals. For all of the five minutes it would take to get rid of them.

      Mexico is in exactly the same situation as Sicily. The government will crack down hard on civilians carrying even a small handgun. They’d pit the bloody National Army against civilians setting up sniper posts with Barrets to hammer away at the very well known hangouts of those that force them to pay half their revenue, and offer up their daughters, in “protection” every week. But the same government will look the other way as long as the violence is performed by groups relatively small enough to concentrate enough wealth to afford high enough bribes. And to hire enough gunmen to threaten the government’s families. Since they and their families are, after all, more equal.

      As the saying goes: No government will ever be as good as No Government.

  5. Only ONE pair of knee pads?!?!? No wonder they got caught. And no field notes. Guess its amateur hour in cartel land these days.

    • Not as skinny as I thought they would be, they actually appear quite healthy. Im sure they are miserable though. Just like any caged animal, except humans, most humans seem not to mined being caged, L.A., New York, Bejing, ect.–‘. I’ll tell yah, I just can’t stand seeing those Beta fish in a cup at Wal-Mart, that should be against the law, if I had the $$ Id buy them all and set them free, same with parrots n other birds in pet shops. Undomesticated animals should not be caged, yes without zoo’s some species may have gone extinct, all in all though I am against cageing wild creatures.I had a parrot once, I let him fly around in my farm house, one day he flew out the door and only made it to the barn before he got winded and crashed. I started letting him fly outside and eventually he could fly all the way to the timber and back. One day he took off and never came back, I figure a hawk got him. The kids was sad, but I told them,”better to die free, then in a damn cage.”

      • Please don’t set exotic invasive species “free.” Better to just kill them than wreck our ecosystem even worse. Why do you think we have pythons in the Everglades?

  6. What? They have that many guns (including a what looks like a freaking shoulder fired SAM) and only 1300 rounds of ammo? Jeez… I guess the cartels succeed on sheer firepower alone, because they certainly don’t have much brainpower….

    • Considering they had all of 1500 bucks between them to show for all their criminal activity, these guys probably aren’t exactly at the top of the Cartel foodchain 🙂

      • Go back and read it again. They also had nearly a half million pesos, which is just shy of $30k once converted. They weren’t short on cash.

  7. Do you suppose 30mm really means .30 caliber? Journalists often get those details mixed up. But I’d love to see a 30mm automatic rifle! It would bring out the Warthog pilot in anyone, I’m sure.

  8. I wonder where the Barrett serial number traces back to for the original sale? ATF? Mexican government?

  9. • Automatic rifle 30 mm caliber black.
    Oerlikon anti-aircraft gun for a Flak Werling?

  10. • One thousand 309 cartridges of different calibers. Not much ammo.
    • $ 1,475 dollars. I am underwhelmed.

  11. I think the brain trust guy is holding what appears to be some sort of anti-aircraft ( Redeye?) missile launcher backwards.
    Overall, with the exception of the 30mm Oerlikon gun ( not pictured ), I am underwhelmed.

    • Oh, I guess they do have the 30mm weapon photographed. Uh, that does not look like a 30mm weapon. I have actually seen those in the Air Force Museum. My bad, never took a Spanish Class.

    • Probably holding it backwards as policy for a negligent discharge. The back blast may bite but it beats a missile. Its probably unloaded in the photo but policy you know… muzzle up over concrete, down over dirt…

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