Ehrlick: Armed Americans Embrace a Militia Myth and Gun Rights are a Problem to be ‘Solved’

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Boston massacre
Boston Massacre (courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Convincing ourselves that a few pistols, sprinkled in with even a healthy stock of ammo, are a buffer between freedom and tyranny is no more effective than cuddling up with a blankie to keep the monsters under the bed from attacking. And because no monsters have attacked yet, then the blankie must be doing its job.

The same is true for firearms: We believe the only thing that has stopped either political party from assuming dictatorial control of the country is because secretly both sides are scared of an armed citizenry.

Instead, the real power in this country hasn’t been about instruments of war, rather the prosperity of peace. Peace and the lack of needing guns has meant a stable economy, investment, wealth, opportunity and innovation. Those have kept us free and happy, not our guns and ammo.

The Second Amendment isn’t standing between us and tyranny; instead it seems to me that our own prosperity and not needing to have a gun to get things done has more to do with America’s success than our ability to scare our own politicians.

The challenge is that the conversation about guns has been coopted by groups like the National Rifle Association, which has used this flimsy militia argument to sow fear of the government in order to sell more sophisticated and expensive tactical gear to civilians. Instead, it’s high time for responsible gun owners to have a reasonable conversation about the more legitimate purposes for gun ownership and the commonsense legislation – from gun locks and storage to firing capacity – that has the backing of most Americans.

Maybe one of the reasons that we’re having such a hard time solving gun rights in America isn’t because of a plot to take your guns and then come for your liberties. Maybe it’s something much less sinister, but no less dangerous: We’re not really having an honest debate. We’re hiding behind muskets, revolutionaries and militias instead of having a frank conversation about the real stakes, which is, we want to keep our guns and need an excuse.

— Darrell Ehrlick in From my cold dead hand: Gun groups perpetuate militia myth to keep whatever arms they dream of

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    • Now that I read it again isn’t it odd that they only focused on pistols? Not a mention of rifles or other things that people own.

      • RE: darrell ehrlick “instead of having a frank conversation about the real stakes, which is, we want to keep our guns and need an excuse.”

        Indeed the fixated on nasty nice backdoor Gun Control darrell ehrlick conveniently forgot to request a conversation about the real stakes inherent with Gun Control…

        FYI darrell ehrlick et al…History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is an agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

        Never mind your excuses darrell ehrlick et al…History sends us fact checked crystal clear Warnings About Gun Control and when History is ignored History will repeat itself.

    • You can add too dense to crack a history book as well.
      As recently as 1941 there was a real threat of invasion of a foreign country. Remember the famous words attributed to Admiral Yamamoto.” If we attempted to invade the continental United States, we would be met by a man with a rifle behind every blade of grass.’
      Yes, I was paraphrasing. Don’t remember the full direct quote off hand.
      In short, the Admiral knew there would be a citizen militia as well as any surviving military available to fight any invasion. Sadly, many of our countrymen would hand themselves over in hopes of a gentle slavery instead of hard freedom.

      • oldmaninAL,

        “As recently as 1941 there was a real threat of invasion of a foreign country.”

        Watchoo talkin’ ’bout, boy??? What do you call the CURRENT invasion, of over 2 million uninvited, unwanted, illegal foreign invaders (over 60% of whom are military-age males (many with gang affiliation)), if not an invasion?

        “Threat of foreign invasion” is a reality everyone on the border is currently living in real time.

        • nobody has ever been able to prove that statement was said by him.

          The reality is that no one gives a flying fuk WHO said it or if ANYONE actually EVER made that statement as long as it is repeated AND believed by the rest of the world… Pretty sure MOST of the people visiting this site ARE very much aware of the dubious history of that statement, but no matter where it came from it’s pretty much true which is basically WHY there is a continuous effort to disarm Americans (bet you thought it was about saving a couple hundred lives a year) and as that seems to be more and more difficult there is also a push to divide the country to the point of an actual “shooting” civil war…

    • find yourself in a situation where law enforcement can’t respond…even temporarily…and you are the militia

  1. No you don’t need your guns to be safe no one will try to run roughshod over you like in every other country just give up your guns………… they really expect anyone with even a double digit IQ to believe this?

  2. But I thought an AR-15 was an unstoppable death machine of war that possessed an almost incomprehensible level of power?!?!

  3. No Darrell. The reason we are free is because of a multitude of factors that includes being armed.

    We don’t need a conversation about what firearms we can own, but of the laws that define the punishment for criminal acts.

    Undermine the rule of law and you undermine freedom.

    I am not sure which brother of Larrys you are, but your entire premise is based on restrictions of the lawful for the actions of a criminal. That is not an honest place to begin.

  4. Who ever said I needed an excuse?

    Okay, let’s say I do need an excuse and this prosperity of peace has kept us safe, fed and fat.

    How do open borders, released felons, rising drug addiction, a devaluing dollar and us pumping up world discord with proxy wars help maintain this prosperity of peace? ELI5.

  5. “…the more legitimate purposes for gun ownership and the commonsense legislation – from gun locks and storage to firing capacity – that has the backing of most Americans.”

    L. Neil Smith: “The freedom to own and carry the weapon of your choice is a natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil and Constitutionally protected right — subject neither to the democratic process nor to arguments grounded in social utility.”

    • I absolutely agree with the latter (Smith’s) statement.

      Ehrlich ignores not only the fact that Constitutional rights were meant to be independent of social utility, but also that the facts of social utility (murder rates vs. gun ownership) are 100% against his argument.

    • Hate speech, internet monitoring, social media censoring and tracking, republicans conservatives and Christians being on the same watch list level as neo nazis………….yeah pretty sure they got that covered already.

  6. “the prosperity of peace” Does that include all of the foreign wars we gotten entangled in? Selling weapons to Ukraine, and oh so many other countries? This is not a country of peace. This is a country of war. We were founded on those principles: peace through superior firepower. Eisenhower warned us way back at the end of his presidency about the military industrial complex. Corporations own this government now. Plus, we have all seen that the might of the United States military can rarely stand up to a organized guerilla warfare.

    What they want is all of the power. Not peace.

    • The military of the United States handles gorilla warfare just fine the problem is the political class will not allow the US Military to fight the way it takes to win against gorillas or an Insurgency. It is simply a political problem.

        • I have very large hands and typing on a phone is a virtual impossibility for me. Whatever talk text writes out is what is getting sent.

        • And arming Gorillas, pretty soon they will demand jungle boots and that could get real expensive, a totally new design and getting a shoemaker to take the measurements would be very hard, at least for the second customer.

        • US guerilla wars fail because of politics, but more so in the sense of objectives than ROE.

          Attempting to turn a Third World s#ithole into a Eurocratic utopia where government solves everybody’s problems is not only outside the constitutional authority of our government, but also doomed to fail because it is inherently idi0tic.

      • Vietnam was lost due to political ineptness. American soldiers left to their own devices will always prevail.

    • I remember back in the day skits on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In about how “War is Good Business.”

  7. not needing to have a gun to get things done has more to do with America’s success than our ability to scare our own politicians.

    Then why is it that the party leaning closer and closer to Marxism and authoritarian rule is SO determined to disarm the general population and don’t start with that tired ass “for the children” bullshit. If there was real concern for the safety of “the children” there would have been steps taken to make it more difficult to enter schools and there would be NO “gun free zones”. The 10 year AWB proved that removing firearms does not affect the number of gun related homicides, Brazil will be an interesting study after the new president just instituted a wide sweeping gun ban following years of relaxed regulations that led to a significant drop in the countries crime rate… Dictators require the populace to be totally dependent on the government, a well armed society does not fit that profile… Molon Labe…

    • To boil some of that down even further, if they gave a single solitary flying fuck about the children they would take steps to actually protect them instead of drugging them up and abusing them at every opportunity they can connive into existence.

      • Could possibly go back to actually EDUCATING children instead of trying to convince them that they are not really the gender they were born as then teaching them that POC are oppressed, and whites are supremacist devils all while instructing that 2 plus 2 equals 5… It’s almost as if our institutions of learning have been taken over by some left-wing entity that is trying to divide the country so deeply that the only recourse can be an actual civil war… I wonder if the military will be constrained by “rules” when engaging with American guerillas… If I live long enough to see it, I won’t…

        • 2-20 years who knows. We will see how long most of America puts up with the situation before either correcting the problem or we get the chaos they created to save us from.

  8. @Darrell Ehrlick

    “we want to keep our guns and need an excuse. … solving gun rights in America” (and the rest of your delusion)

    Don’t need an excuse, not relying on your contrived ‘myth’, its not a few pistols with a stock of ammo instead its millions of people with lots of guns and lots of ammo. Gun rights was already ‘solved’, its called the Second Amendment and neither you nor the rest of your delusional mentally ill mass of left wing idiots have any rights or authority to ‘solve’ anything that is a constitutional right no matter how many polls or articles or screeching missives so get over it and accept that .

    Stop making stuff up. There is no excuse needed, its a constitutional right so get over it and stop making stuff up for things you obviously do not understand.

    • Without a “problem” to solve, people like the author would likely have to confront their own inner issues. It’s much easier to confront an external enemy over which they have no control.

        • FWW, yes sir, that’s what I’m talking about! So simple, the absolute simean who wrote this article can understand it.

        • @SAFE, perhaps some lethal combination of all of those, combined with a fervent desire to drink the Liberal Kool-aid.

        • ……….typically I only need to deal with 2 of that list at a time until we get student assistants……………so typically a good idea to seek a second opinion for most things on your end?

      • God bless you sir! I’m in medicine, so I deal with a fascinating amount of ignorance, as you can well imagine. The difference being people actually listen to me and only rarely act like know-it-alls. Well, whenever I need a professional to talk to water-heads like the author of this article I’m calling you in.

        • ……… it a lack of knowledge, sense, or ability to process it objectively that is getting in the way over there?

  9. I do love me some “firing capacity”. We can have a discussion on it. Drums, glock happy sticks, belt fed, yessiree Bob

  10. It’s the same old stupid argument, “the Govt has nukes and F-35s, your petty small arms are useless.” Every grabber has said some version of this. I concede the point, what then is the Govt scared of?

    Might I add, the Govt has most excellent fire departments, I have one less than 1/4 mile from my home at the end of my block. I also have fire suppression devices on each floor of my home. My local police are also an excellent force, understanding, respectful and measure; very well equipped without appearing to be a praetorian, they’re always further away than my bedside safe.

    • I would refer him to Vietnam where a gang of pajama clad peasants fought the most heavily armed nation on earth to a stand still. Yes, I know it is more complicated than that but there is some truth to it.

      • The Taliban had no Air Force or armored vehicles (until we left them some). Who’s running Afghanistan as we speak?

        • In almost all of those cases the complication can be distilled down to ROE and will to fight, both of which are political decisions.

          It would be far worse/complicated in the case of the US Govt using its armed forces against its own citizens. At the barest minimum a huge percent of the force would simply refuse to engage; this is different than in foreign engagements where the forces themselves were motivated to engage but throttled by politics. Then there is the international aspect to it; how quickly would China step into undermine the US Govt. Id like to think that other Western nations would to be at this point they are so far gone and/or hate us so much that I think they would just sit back and enjoy the show.

        • Yeah I know tough guy. I did my time in the infantry with the 1st Air Cavalry. Tet was a lot of fun.

        • Yeah I know tough guy.

          If that was for MY benefit, welcome home… My TET party (68) was with the 5th Marines at the Citadel (aka Hue City) you might have heard of it… TET 69 was with Charlie Co 1/5 at Anh Hoa patrolling the Arizona and doing Liberty Bridge security… Most of 70 w/5th Marines, 71 w/7th Marines… So yeah, I’m a fukin “tough guy”… And I’m WELL aware of the complications…

        • I understand the battle of Hue was quite a party.
          Thankfully, the closest I came was singing songs with Jim Bullington at the Ft. Myers O-club years later.

        • I understand the battle of Hue was quite a party.

          If your idea of a fun time is kicking down doors while dodging sniper fire without benefit of air support, or artillery then yeah it was quite a party… Probably the only place that was MORE fun at the time was Khe Sanh…

      • The fucking politicians are the only reason our soldiers didn’t run roughshod over those pajama clad peasants. Please remember our soldiers this Memorial Day weekend. God Bless Them.

      • That war was designed to affect male boomers negatively, so the older males in business could continue without as much competition from younger workers. Make no mistake, the US could have won if the generals hands were not tied.
        Now, their population would not be what it is today, why we would do that to any country is beyond me, but we could have forced them to comply.

      • Why is “The World’s 2nd Most Powerful Army” taking so long in Ukraine? Is it because the Ukrainians DON’T want to rejoin Putin’s new Soviet Union?

        And those Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovakian, East German, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian ingrates dont know the benefits of restoring the old order.

  11. From the article.

    “Does anyone seriously believe that a bunch of aging mostly white dudes are going to be any match for the United States military, which trains daily and has the best arsenal in the world?”

    Well since this guy wants to introduce “skin color” into his argument. I would say that Mr. Darrell Ehrlick is a perfect example, of the white s0ci@list Pr0gressive liberal, who wanted to make sure the Indians were disarmed in this country. Prior to the Wounded Knee massacre.

    And who wanted to also make sure the Chinese were disarmed in California. Prior to the Los Angeles Chinese massacre of 1871. And white pr0gressives like him wanted to the make sure the blacks were disarmed in the south for 200 years.

    And it’s amazing that this article is coming out of a Montana newspaper. Or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Because Montana does have its “Berkeley of the North”, just as Austin is the “Berkeley of Texas”.

    • a bunch of aging mostly white dudes are going to be any match for the United States military,

      Many of whom were ALSO trained AND combat hardened by that very same military and have a level of resolve that far surpasses that of todays military that spends more time being indoctrinated by DEI and Critical Race Theory than on the range or learning tactics… I have long range rifles, sniper quality scopes, can build effective sound suppression devices, I have ARs, AKs, handguns, tens of thousands of rounds, I can build explosive devices from household stuff, I am trained in mines and booby traps, and I spent three years studying “Charlies” techniques firsthand… Like the song says “You better keep away from copperhead road”…

      • After 22 years, 6 in SE Asia, I believe I could if not fight myself, then train younger people to do so.
        Aging, out of shape white guys likely wouldn’t be leading the charge. Our job would be training and logistics. Same as the big bad military does.
        What dumbasses like the author forgets is formal military always has difficulty in fighting guerilla warfare. When we did fight on equal terms as small unit guerillas, in some points in SE Asia, the Viets squealed like pigs and demanded talks. When we stopped, they quit talking and attacked.
        I was 1 of the LRPS doing the fighting then.

        • Well, welcome home Oldman… 39 months in country “USMC”… I might not be able to “run and gun” but the eyes are still good and my aim is tight, spent some time with a six man killer team, haven’t forgotten how to be a sneaky bastard… Went to guerrilla warfare school in the Philippines…

        • to MADDMAXX and oldmaninAL
          There are plenty of books on sale in bookstores in America. That talk about how to make booby traps. I have some of them. And there’s lots of videos on the internet. Not how to make them. But how they are used. And what the results like when they are used.

          I spent nearly 22 years in the US Army. I even worked with some Special Forces for a short while. They taught me a lot.
          You have a constitutional right to make legal bombs. One of my favorite channels for years now.

          “Legal Bombs: How We Make Explosives And Not Go To Prison”
          video 21 min long

      • And you are well past your prime, unless you are extremely fit(top 1% for your age), you and others that feel the same are no match for the average U.S. PFC.
        Your experience is a huge plus, but any force needs 1 chief and a whole bunch of Indians to do the grunt work. You might get one over for a while, but sooner of later, you will understand that your senses are not the same as when you were 20. Even if you are a top notch sniper, getting in and out unobserved, it could be your downfall.
        Sorry to say, that witch(with a b) is right, it does take a villiage.

  12. ” WE’RE NOT HAVING AN HONEST DEBATE ” — Only true statement in this tripe.

    You see , whenever they say ‘ we need to have a conversation about guns ‘ , what they mean is , we will now talk about what rights and freedoms you must give up this time to appease us.

    Which is why a hearty Fluk-Off and the pushback of 20 Pro-Gun / Rights restoring legislation is the only response.

    Go ON Offense !

    • My experience as well. As soon as they start losing on logic and verifiable facts, it’s time to play the “It’s upsetting that you don’t care about children being shot!” card.🙄

  13. I don’t care about militias and I care literally zero what the NRA says. Their own ‘fear’ propaganda doesn’t work on me and frankly I find it childish and stupid. So now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, let’s talk. If I want to outfit an AR15 it’s because it’s brings personal value to me, whether it’s long range shooting, better control, better accuracy and so on. The second amendment doesn’t have guard rails for a reason and that’s to maintain a balance of power in favor of the citizenry, not the government. We already have a site called youtube filled to the brim with thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people, pets, complete strangers and innocent bystanders shot at the hands of our own government every year. The people making the laws don’t want to change anything because they’ve figured out a path to maximize personal profits.

    Over the years I have really tried to have honest conversations with the other side but I learned 2 important life lessons:

    1). The other side knows absolutely and totally nothing about guns. Nothing, nada, zilch, null. Even the anti-gun experts legal briefs read like elementary school book reports.

    2). The other side doesn’t seem to understand that they are asking people to give up actual rights and for some nebulous BS which is very likely to turn out to be untrue.

    So here’s where I am. I refuse to give up any rights whatsoever. Repeal of all gun laws, everything must go. Period end, full stop. It should be as easy to buy a gun as a pack of gum. Once all laws are repealed drain down federal resources such as the FBI and ATF. Send everyone home with a pink slip and on the back of every pink slip make sure it says:
    #Learn to Code
    Love and kisses,
    Joe Biden

    The only people and I mean only people, who are worried about armed citizens is the uniparty, the mass core of democrats and republicans in this country that are literally identical. Anyone who speaks to this doctrine simply supports this uniparty establishment. Why? Because lots of people are making money in the stock market and manipulating markets with war and foreign entanglements.

    • “Over the years I have really tried to have honest conversations with the other side but I learned 2 important life lessons:

      1). The other side knows absolutely and totally nothing about guns. Nothing, nada, zilch, null. Even the anti-gun experts legal briefs read like elementary school book reports.”

      They think they know more than you or I, and that is that guns kill.

      That’s the extent of what they want to know about guns, that they kill.

      Anything else is ancillary, and useless to know about the subject, as far as they are concerned.

      Here’s a little tid-bit to brighten your day, guess who all of a sudden, stands for the American flag and anthem, no other than recent Russian prisoner Brittney Griner :

      “Brittney Griner discusses national anthem stance in return: ‘I definitely want to stand’”

      “Griner stood for the national anthem before the tip-off against the Los Angeles Sparks, a 94-71 loss for the Mercury.”

      A few months in a Russian prison cell adjusted her attitude about standing for the flag, it seems… 🙂

  14. The reason why the S0ci@list pr0gressives are having such a hard time, when it comes to talking people out of their support for the Second Amendment. It’s simply because of the freedom we’ve all had in this country. That freedom is full of stories of how the Second Amendment, saved their lives and their families lives.
    Whether it was against an individual Criminal, or it was to save themselves against organized criminal violence. Or it was from an organized government attack on them.

    There are thousands of books, stories, and movies made about this very subject. So unless you can erase an entire country’s history, as was done in the book “1984”, our memories will always be filled, with how the Second Amendment kept us free. And our memories will also be filled, with those who wanted to take our Liberty from us. By disarming us first.

    All those movies, books, and TV shows about the “Old West”. Those are all really stories about the Second Amendment.

    The movie industry has made “gun confiscation movies” in the past. They’re usually about the confiscation of guns from the Indian tribes.

  15. Sarah , listen , understand , that socialist-gun-grabbing machine is still out there.
    It doesn’t get tired. It doesn’t sleep. It doesn’t feel pity or remorse. And it absolutely will not stop until you are dead ! “

  16. Ask all the countries that have decided against invading us…THE REAL REASON why they did not do it…ASK OUR GOVERNMENT why we are not socialist yet… my best advice for the writer is too quickly walk into the light!!

  17. Willful ignorance is common on the part of Leftists. First off even the part time soldiers of the militia could get off at least three aimed shots per minute; the AR15 is of course a better weapon for militia use.

    Does the political class fear retaliation on the part of a disturbed and angry population? Why else would they continually be dreaming up one excuse after another to disarm the people if they did not. They have even gone so far as to contually release dangerous criminals and encourage crazy peoples deviant behavior in order to justify disarming the citizenry.

  18. Hey! Dumbfuck! The Founders gave us a method to amend the Constitution. Use it or shut the fuck up.

  19. I guess the author never read much history about the causes of the Revolutionary War and the rationale for the various amendments to the Constitution particularly the 1st, 2nd and 4th.
    We currently have a tyrannical and lawless Federal Government which casts aside the Constitution daily. When people have had enough the Government will in fact incur the wrath of the people in a variety of ways and they better have plans to get out of Dodge because when it happens it’s not going to be pretty.

  20. “thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people, pets, complete strangers and innocent bystanders shot at the hands of our own government every year.”

    What is “childish and stupid NRA fear propaganda” but publicization of what you just wrote yourself?

    “uniparty, the mass core of democrats and republicans in this country that are literally identical”

    This statement – readily verifiable as overwhelmingly, mathematically false (especially when it comes to gun rights) – serves only to convince POTG not to fight the real antigun party.

  21. As always with the gun grabbers, “responsible gun owners” means those Fudds who “believe in the 2nd Amendment, BUT….” rather than those gun owners who handle their guns responsibly.

  22. When all the foreign born and domestic enemies of the Constitution start throwing bricks and swinging clubs… the blunderbusses are waiting.

  23. The timing of this just before pride month June is concerning,

    ” This week the Department of Homeland Security warned of a rise in right-wing terrorism — the potential targets including the LGBTQ community as well as racial and ethnic minorities. ”

    The Socialist Rifle Association’s answer to gun violence in the US is to arm “vulnerable populations” – meaning Black communities, LGBT people, and women.

    ( it is not gun violence when they shoot up a CHAZ no-go zone in Portland-Seattle )

    I’ve interviewed them at an outreach event, and filmed with them at a shooting range as well as a first-aid training ”

    Video of news clip;

    • When challenging a more powerful target, the key to success often isn’t what you do, but how your target reacts to what you do. Therefore, anticipate your target’s response and write it into your script.”

      Combine with Stochastic Terrorism and media hegemony.

  24. We’re not really having an honest debate.- Darrell Ehrlick. You’er right. We aren’t having an honest debate. But why are we having a debate at all. The Constitution says, and quite clearly, “shall not be infringed.” There is really nothing to debate. You ever meet one of those people who just want to engage you in an argument about something and won’t take no for an answer?

  25. This blurb is at the bottom of the Daily Montanan’s page. After reading through several more of their “stories”, I have determined that the statement is absolute doo doo! Emphasis on the “non-partisan” and “trusted news” bits. 😂

    “The Daily Montanan is a nonprofit, nonpartisan source for trusted news, commentary and insight into statewide policy and politics beneath the Big Sky.”

  26. What about the Battle of Athens in 1946 Darrell Dicklick? Otherwise known as the McMinn County War. When Law Abiding Citizens took on, by force of Arms, a Corrupt Local Government?
    My RTKBA kickss your Prosperity arguments square in the Fecking Nads.
    The Taliban didn’t need F-16s and Nukes to send Joe Biden running like the cowardly little biyitch he is.

      • That’s not true. I don’t feel like explaining it to you, and I’m sure that Liar69er will be along to agree with you that it was all Trump’s fault.

      • The deal Trump made did not include abandoning Bagram Air Base and 80 Billion dollars worth of high tech military gear (which is now in the hands of the CCP), it would have left 2000 military personnel permanently at Bagram including 1000 Americans to act as “Embassy guards” and Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (insert insane laughter here)… Bribem blew it all off, left Bagram in the middle night, abandoned all that gear AND the Embassy, and got a bunch Americans killed in the process… Hope that helps…

        • Maxx, isn’t that why the Afghan army folded so quickly? We were supposed to provide air cover from Bagram, IIRC.

        • provide air cover from Bagram,

          Considering the average Embassy detail consists of 20 Marines those other 980 troops would have “probably” been available for assistance IF there had been anything to support… The Afghan Security Force was not known for its fierceness and bravery…

      • Snake eyes,

        Trump “made a deal” to exit Afghanistan. So the f*** what???? ALL sane people wanted us to GTFO of that third-world s**thole. He was the first President since that goat rope started who actually DID something about it.

        “Getting out is a good idea” =/= “make a stumbling clusterf*** of an exit, and leave all our good s**t behind”. Can you ken the difference, or is that beyond your pathetic “mental” abilities???

        There is stupid, there is MajorLiar level stupid, and then there is what you just posted. Nice job – I bet, for that, MajorLiar and dacian the demented will give you an invite to their afternoon circle jerk.

  27. “Weapons of war” and militias are the whole point of the 2nd Amendment ! Get over it already . . .

    When they came for the bump stocks, he didn’t stand up because he didn’t have a bump stock . . .

    When they came for the ARs, he didn’t stand up because he didn’t have an AR . . .

    When they came for the shotguns, he didn’t stand up because he didn’t have a shotgun . . .

    Then when they came for his pistol, he looked around and there was nobody left to stand up . . .

    just sayin’

  28. Substitute freedom of speech or the press for freedom to own firearms and the tune changes quickly. Again the Marxists deny the serfs and peasants the fundamental rights of self defense and self determination. Promoting ever more dependence on government while demanding that same government direct the lives of the serfs. Sorry friends, I will never submit to tyranny. Nor allow my children or grandchildren to become property of the state.

  29. Yep, one minute it’s, “OMG! Weapons of war! Nobody needs guns that powerful!” Later on in the same minute, it’s “HA! You think your dinky little AR-15s can stand against our F-15s and nukes?”


    Aaa NUTS !

  31. we didnt learn about government and tyranny and militias from the nra
    we learned about them from george washington:
    “Government is not reason,
    it is not eloquence-it is force!
    Like fire it is a dangerous servant
    and a fearful master;
    never for a moment should it be left
    to irresponsible action.”

  32. Didn’t you post under the name Erroll Larddick before? You sound boringly familiar.
    What you spew is totalitarianism by overwhelming use of disinformation.
    “Everybody knows…, Most people agree…” then you spew lies.
    You should be banned from talking in public, Herr Goebbels. “Tell a lie enough times and it sticks” works great for those who fear to defend their country. To do NOTHING that might possibly harm or even inconvenience them. Those of us who bled for it WILL NOT BE INFRINGED.
    Communist Parrot.
    Go pound sand. Feel free to drop your drawers first. Then leave our shores.
    You don’t belong here.

  33. what a jerkoff!!!
    I’m not trying to ‘scare’ or intimidate anyone with my weapon nor am I cowering behind it. I’m also not trying to intimidate a fire with my fire extinguisher should one occour, it’s nice to have on hand.
    Stupid communists, is this the best they can come up with?

  34. “conversation about guns has been coopted by groups like the National Rifle Association” whose members are regular American citizens….🤔

  35. So, as I thought: the whole Covid-19 government-aided shut down of wealth and prosperity never happened.

  36. UniverseEndingPerpetualFussionNeutrinoBlomb.
    I’m selling raffle tickets, the winner gets to light the fuse☠

    • Since we can own cannon and warships, I applied for a second mortgage on the homestead.

      I’ve had my eye on a little suitcase nuke for a while now. About a quarter mil should cover it.

  37. Aside from disinformation and not so subtle innuendo in his opinion, the only myth being his entire premise, he can have any conversation he wants, but no one, not even the most pro or anti gun can cede the rights of someone else. He has the right to give up all his guns, that is his business, but he has no right to speak for anyone else and bargain what should or will be given up.

  38. why dont they TRY it and we’ll SEE who’s correct in their assessment. DC needs a massive enema.

  39. The anti-gunners always bring up the NRA, this appears to be the only thing, about firearms,that they know of. They don’t even know that firearms owners themselves reject the corrupt NRA and that organization doesn’t speak for us,(actually they don’t speak for or stand for anything) anymore. That is another liberal myth.

  40. There were multitudes of anti-gun laws on the books in the big cities in pre-revolutionary America, some of which banned both concealed and open carry as well as prohibiting loaded weapons inside the home because of all the children that were bing accidentally killed. Does this all sound familiar????

    In 1933 the NFA was passed which registered and taxed machine guns and machine guns were a military weapon. And remember the power to tax is the power to destroy because $200 was a big chunk of change in those days which effectively prohibited most people from buying a machine gun ($200 tax back in 1933 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $4,667.12 in 2023 ). The corrupt and power mad courts blessed the new anti gun law which was a blatant rape of 2A according to its interpretation fantasies by the Far Right Fanatics.

    As Pres. Biden said yesterday there is a building tide of outrage against maniacs committing mass murder with high capacity assault rifles every day making it unsafe to go shopping, to a parade or theater or send your children to a public school or anywhere there is a large group of people and eventually the people will demand big changes in gun ownership and even the Republicans will realize that to stay in power they will have to make big changes in gun laws,

    And remember it was the Great Satan Republican Pres. Reagan that banned the sale of new machine guns so Republicans banning guns is nothing new.

    Connecticut and New Jersey this week have passed very big gun laws and completely ignored the Bruen decision and it is highly unlikely the Supreme Court will step in. Many prior Assault Rifle bans in East Coast States are still in effect and the corrupt Supreme Court has done nothing about those laws either. Thirteen States now have magazine capacity restrictions. Eleven States have severe restrictions or bans on assault rifles. To date the corrupt Supreme Court has done nothing.

      • C’mon MAN, be nice it took dacyboy a day and a half to come up with THAT garbage… Hmmmm all that work, and IT missed the fact that we’ll soon have 28 states with some form of constitutional carry… Rock on dacyboy….

        • Maxx, I doubt that it took him ten minutes. I’ve seen all of those screeds before; he’s a cut-and-paste repeater. A semi-automatic asshole. A large-caliber liar. A high-capacity idiot. I could go on.

  41. @frank speak
    “really?…just how could we have won that war without civilian support?”

    Carthaginian solution.


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