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As the New York Post blares, ‘Scared bodega owners want panic buttons, stun guns to help to stop crime.’ As if we needed to say it yet again, this is what happens to a disarmed populace. This latest demand for the means of personal defense comes after gang members pounded a yoot in a Bronx bodega earlier this month. The only reason the kid wasn’t killed is that the store owner had the fortitude to grab a pipe and come to his rescue.

“They had him down and kicking him. More and more kids came in,’’ (Edward) Lara said of the youth and his attackers. “I have four workers, and they helped me. We pulled them off and threw them out.

“I closed the door, but they started hitting the glass. I went outside and pushed them back. One showed me a gun and a few had knives. I was afraid.”

Not every Bronx kid is so lucky. A 15-year-old was dragged out of another bodega in June and hacked to death with a machete.

No doubt more bodega owners would prefer the option to defend themselves from predators like this, but given New York’s unconstitutionally restrictive gun control laws, that’s no mean feat. However, last month . . .

The Bronx bodega owner who shot dead a robber is not expected to be charged, police said Monday.

The 43-year-old owner of the J Market on Morrison Avenue in Soundview, identified by law enforcement sources as Jin Jie Chen, was questioned by police and later released following the 10:30 p.m. Sunday incident at his store, cops said.

Chen — a legal gun owner — quickly called the police after shooting 32-year-old Daniel Meeks in the head when the thief jumped over the store counter to rob him, police said.

According to that Post story, Chen is…get this…a licensed concealed carry permit holder. Yes, in New York City. For a little perspective, the City that Never Sleeps has 8.6 million residents and fewer than 5000 concealed handgun permit holders. Those permission slips are mostly reserved for the city’s ultra-rich or politically well-connected residents who can grease the right palms. The fact that Mr. Chen got his hands on one is a minor miracle, but we’re certainly glad he did.

Andrew Cuomo Governor Soprano

Meanwhile, in Albany, Governor Soprano, fresh off his reelection victory over yet another hapless piece of political cannon fodder GOP “challenger,” is promising still more gun control is in store for the Empire State.

“In New York, we are not waiting for the federal government to act,” Cuomo said in a statement Thursday after the (Thousand Oaks) shooting. “We already have the strongest gun safety laws in the nation, and in the upcoming legislative session we will take additional steps to make our laws even stronger to keep our communities safe.” …

“This is an epidemic,” Cuomo tweeted. “In the upcoming legislative session, New York will take additional steps to keep our communities safe. Congress should follow our lead. #GunControlNow”

We’re sure that New York City’s bodega owners are thrilled to hear that.



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  1. With “gun violence” figures at near historic lows, what is this “epidemic” of which we keep on hearing? Heck, with the exception of Vegas, more people are killed on a hot weekend in Chicago that are killed each year in mass shootings. Yet it is mass shootings that are invariably the impetus for more efforts to ban guns.

    • The epidemic is dem politicians wanting more gun control. But I guess that’s what the folks from NYC want.

    • The “epidemic” Cuomo is refering to is the epidemic of gun ownership by peaceable law abiding citizens. He’ll do everything in his power to eradicate that threat to his hegemony. /sarc/

    • New Yorkers just need to be criminals then. If I owned a Bodega I would have an illegal gun. If I had to use it I would simply say I wrestled it away from the deceased. Either that or roll over and play dead/be dead.

  2. Gov Corleone doesn’t think law abiding citizen deserve guns for defense or to kill a “deah”.
    Waste of flesh.

  3. Wake up, people of the gun, or this last election may be the LAST election. pelosi as speaker of the house is third in line of succession. That purely scares the sierra out of me and I’m fearless. -30-

  4. Wait ! It just gets better. Every population that has been disarmed have faced mass killings on a governmental level.

  5. Why even bother posting articles like this –about New York City– or other regions doing the same thing. Those constituents that are whining about their gun-rights can either:

    1) Vote in a new administration
    2) move to another state
    3) or just shut-up.

    Really is not that difficult a decision.

    • Unfortunately for us upstate New Yorkers, our vote doesn’t matter much because of NYC. The state needs to split in two. Already my permit is null and void in the 5 boroughs of NYC. And most laws including tax laws are different between upstate and nyc.

      And no, moving is not an option for everyone. What genuinely needs to happen is the states right to self govern be limited. The constitution should not be optional for any elected official. Period.

      • Huh….kinda sounds like most of the the california population that isn’t from the coast between bay area and LA or ballsackramento. I know, I know, just move to a friendlier state.

        Maybe all of the liberty and freedom owners of the FUSA who keep telling peeps and cali to move outta state should move to Cali and take it back and keep it. It does have great resources, scenery and weather. Just sucky leadership and a slightly majority sh!thead sheeples.

        • Moving is a temporary problem to a major problem. It’s easy for me to say so, being from a relatively freer state, but the population needs to stand up for their rights. And I mean all the rights, not just second amendment.

      • I’m in the same boat here in NE Montana. We get outvoted by the west coasters who have taken over the Flathead Valley and Missoula. They crapped up their own states so bad that they can no longer stand to live there, so now they move here to destroy us as they have California, Oregon, and Washington.
        My sister lives in Spokane and they face the same bullshit. No matter what comes up for a vote, Seattle makes Eastern Washington’s votes irrelevant.
        This was all debated back in 1780 when it was decided that the US should be a Republic instead of a Democracy. This problem was well known by the founders. They called it the “tyranny of the majority”, and that is exactly what it is. Too bad our ancestors forgot all about the warnings and changed us to a demonocracy in 1933.
        All we have in this country now is a bunch of freaks, weirdos, illegals, and layabouts (many living in their parents basements), all voting to rob and kill anyone with something to steal. I cannot see any way out other than the uncivil war that anyone with a functional brain should see coming.

        • Yup, my adopted state of Utah is still mostly red except to SLC, a hell hole. We’ve considered moving and looked at Western Montana in the Bitterrot, south of Missoula. Missoula is a typical college town, liberal as the day is long. All of the towns south of Missoula, are definitely red, but like you said their votes are completely countered by the bigger cities.
          I’m firmly convinced Wyoming is the last conservative stronghold, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The libs just don’t like the winds, the cold and deep snow. Wyoming has a great gun culture.

    • “Just move”. Easy to say until it’s your state. And it will be your state one day. Make no mistake, if Florida, Georgia, Texas, Vermont, and Kansas can all get threatened by liberalism, then your state can too, regardless of how red it may be. By the time they get to your state there won’t br anymore states left to move too.

      • Agreed. To me, “just move” feels like “retreat and let them gain more ground”. What happens after they take a state? They’ll come for the next. And you’ll “just move” into the next, and next, until there are none left.

      • The state with the best…’freest’…gun laws has just elected an anti-Second Amendment socialist senator. No state is immune. Arizona certainly isn’t any longer.

    • And what tree did you fall out of? Business owners simply cannot up and move! Shutting up is never the answer! Dumbassocratic control of NYC, Albany and other major areas is the problem. It is a given fact that dumbassocratic polecats and voters PREFER dead citizens over live ones! Cuomo’s so called laws have not saved one single person! They were never meant to save the lives of law abiding citizens! They were meant to disarm ALL LAW ABIDING CITIZENS! Criminals get a free pass! Cuomo is their best friend!

    • At some point the Democrats are going to have control of the Presidency and both houses of Congress. When that day comes, and come it shall, you “move to a free state” folk are going to have to come up with a different snarky retort to those of us who opted to stay behind and fight for our beliefs and communities.

      • Yes, at some time in the future the communist party USA (democrats) will be in full control of the government. At the least demographics will fuel that change. They control the education system from bottom to top and have been indoctrinating our children into socialism so they will vote that way. When that happens things will move rapidly into the sewer.

        I will be surprised if democrat laws and actions then do not lead into an all out shooting war and the absolute destruction of America. Of course, that is their goal.

        Be Prepared !

    • Amazing how the majority appears to have ‘focused on’ or provided feedback to:

      2) move to another state

      I see hardly anything, (in this articles’ comments) if that much, about voting for a different administration/legislature. The voters from New York –keep voting the same way every time; then a subset continue to moan, protest and march (about their rights) to the tune of:

      I love New York <<<< Yeah right. This is not about only business owners, it is about New York as a whole. Any business (bodega) that operates in that region can operate anywhere else.

      Conclusion: If you "Love New York" so much, don't move/relocate. Continue to vote the same way. Continue and login to TTAG, cry about your lack of 'rights and increasing weapon control laws.

      • For many of the states it’s way out of the residents control, because they’ve been overrun with an influx of liberals from California or New England. And once those carpet baggers are done destroying their new found home they’ll be headed to your state. So we have to stop thinking like that, and start taking the fight to them. Put them on defense, make them fight for gun control in the states they already have.

      • People have focused on that, because those of us living in states like New York understand that moving is a temporary fix at best. Someday, maybe by 2020, but more likely by 2024, the Democrats will run the show again, and moving won’t make any difference in the world. So please, tell us all more about how we’re happy to be living with NYC’s Governor, or how we’re crying. There will come a day when you’re effected by it as well, only you won’t have anywhere to run to.

    • Just want to point out that for the 2014 and 2018 gubernatorial elections, Benito Mussolini Cuomo only won 16 and 14 counties (respectively) out of the 62 counties in the state. The vast majority of NY counties voted like a red state, it was NYC and Long Island that carried Cuomo back into office.

      Same with the 2016 presidential election – most of NYS went red, but the state’s electoral votes went to Hillary because of NYC.

      New Yorkers are held hostage by the downstate liberals.

  6. People are far more worried about winds / fires / hurricanes / etc than crime which is at 50 year lows; those that worry about crime are more likely to ask their HOA for more security patrols (or for police in poor neighborhoods) than buy a gun.
    When a mass shooting happens it stigmatizes guns even more.
    There is probably a bodega owner worried about violence just like the Ventura restaurant owner who is worried about homeless stabbing his customers, but these are too few to influence votes.

  7. Don’t worry, you don’t need a gun because when seconds count, the NYPD is minutes away, body slamming an innocent Black tennis pro.

  8. Citizens beg governor for right to defend themselves.
    Governor ignores them.

    It’s really not supposed to be like this.

    • In duchy that is New York it is. Duke Coumo cares about his peasants and merchants but his rule us law.

    • There was a Harvard study some time ago. Most people, 70 percent or something, merely vote the way that they were raised. That is, they do not rationally evaluate the situation.

    • “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” -John Adams

  9. The GOP shouldn’t even waste time and money running against some of these people. When 89 percent of the vote is for democrats it’s a waste of time.
    Name an area where Republicans get anywhere near that level/

    • Wyoming, most of Utah minus SLC. Even with the vast voters in SLC, Utah consistently votes red in federal elections.

  10. “In New York, we are not waiting for the federal government to act,” Cuomo said in a statement Thursday after the (Thousand Oaks) shooting. “We already have the strongest gun safety laws in the nation, and in the upcoming legislative session we will take additional steps to make our laws even stronger to keep our communities safe.”

    You gotta love how they start singing a decentralist localist tune as soon as the other side is running the show at the federal level

  11. Cuomo is a ^^$#*(*&^%#^%&&. If he could think he’d really be dangerous. I the people of NewYork elect him or somebody like him, screw ’em they deserve every bad thing that can happen to them. If they ask for federal help, screw ’em again. Same goes for the communist running NYC, DeBlasio.

    • That’s rich. We gun owners in NY deserve Cuomo because a bunch of deranged downstate liberals and illegal aliens from NYC got him elected. Got it.

      Keep telling yourself your gun rights are safe in your “free” state. The things we’re seeing here in NY have a bad habit of finding their way elsewhere. Just ask people in Washington State and Florida.

  12. Cuomo had previously been limited by a Republican leaning state senate. This is no more; NYC and Long Island turned the NY senate blue, and with an equally NYC dominated blue assembly, Cuomo is now an absolute dictator. He’s going to be having a friendly sparring contest with Gavin Newsom to see who can pass the most hideous, totalitarian gun control laws. Red flag laws are a certainty. I’ve heard other rumblings that the downstate Dems are looking at a potential complete long gun registry (nevermind that attempts to make New Yorkers register ‘assault weapons’ failed with almost 95% non-compliance) and possibly an attempt to make pistol permit holders sign waivers to give the state full access to their medical records. Possibly there’s more, they are only limited by their own imaginations at this point. Our only hope here is that a lawsuit finds it’s way to the Supreme Court, but I’m not holding my breath.

  13. Ahh, today’s paper — Pravda on the Genesee — was crowing about hereditary Proconsul Cuomo’s Great Victory. Massive turnout, up 14%, in his down state strongholds, swamped all those deplorables, meaning that particular paper’s subscribers. Their subscriber base keeps declining, shockingly.

    Much like the feds, why bounce so much stuff to distant overlords, beholden to people who aren’t you? Things get out of hand. The farm is not run for the benefit of the cows, is it? Beyond misaligned policy, without the feedback of results, grabbing some of the passing treasure is just too tempting. Like HerSelf throwing those VA miners under the bus, to secure some more SUV-driving suburban votes. More of the one than the other, and besides, those dregs weren’t going to vote for her anyway. (To the Hillarites & related: this is how you got Trump — you people elected him. And continue to.)

    Indeed, the Proconsul’s province has been described multiple times in out of state media as an “interlocking network of authorities, commissions, departments and initiatives” that renders doing anything at all a trip through Shelob’s cave. The state government both mandates school programs pushing up property taxes for things that don’t much work, and caps property taxes the school districts can collect. The posers cashe in on the outrage, coming and going.

    Cuomo is calibrating for his upcoming Presidential run, assuming Hillary stays out. Look, imposing your preferences on distant people who aren’t you is so attractive, the Proconsul’s numbers are up 14% among his constituents, delighted to impose their preferences on people hundreds of miles away, that they’ll never meet and don’t live the way they do. (BTW, the shenanigans in Florida, Georgia and Arizona are also dry runs for 2 years from now. What works, and how far can they go? Can’t have those desperate clingers votes roll-up wrong again.)

    Cuomo’s constituency isn’t the people who live under the rules, it’s the ones who get to feel smug about themselves for having Done Something. They get off on imposing their preferences on lessers who live far away.

    Or imposing their preferences on some bodega worker, who the Cuomo, or Hillary voters will never interact with, except occasionally over a counter. Not as humans, and certainly not peers, but servant and served.

    I used to think it was not so crisp, so clear, so despicable, but eventually you have to believe what they say, and learn from what they do.

    As for staying in NY State, at least for now … I’m in NY still for sufficient reasons I don’t have to justify. The trade-off makes net sense for me, even still. That said, as I quoted to a guy who runs an investment fund, about our region of his focus: “Odio, et amo … et excrucior.”, “I hate (her – ed), and I love (her – ed) … and I am wracked (or tortured – ed)”

  14. This is a local problem. Just like defecating in public in San Francisco California is a local problem.

    Only when you become judgemental of others publicly will things start to change. The Libertarians liberals and the left don’t like public shaming. Well this is what you get when immoral behavior in public is not challenged.

    Of course they will call you a racist. A bigot. Just like they called Rudy Giuliani these things when he was mayor. But he clean the city up. Giuliani did not care if people call him names or not. Because he knew these people were all part of the problem.

    Self defense law in New York City is probably terrible. And the jury pool is probably contaminated with liberals. You’ll probably have a very difficult time surviving a trial in New York City if you use a gun for self-defense.

    How much $$$$ do you have for lawyers, in a city full of ACLU, American Criminal Lovers Union lawyers????

    • I legitimately can’t tell if you’re retarded or not….this comment…my god.

      • I bet you think Rudy Giuliani is a racist correct?

        You must be one of those persons, liberals, that likes the smell of urine in public spaces.

  15. Although they should not have to do so, it’s up to bodega owners to put pressure on local and state politicians. The situation won’t improve until the latter begin to dread the day after a violent crime at a bodega because they know they will be on the receiving end of dozens to hundreds of irate calls blaming them for failing to act.

  16. They are turning the country blue with communism tactics and we are not even firing a shot! It’s time to put your weapons to use it’s been past time

  17. Stop voting in Liberals and leftists to public office, till you do I have no sympathy for the people of NYC.

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