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DS Arms, maker of good (cheap) firearms and accessories has started shipping budget priced .300 AAC Blackout upper receivers. These 16″ uppers, available either with flat black or stainless steel barrels, allow shooters to make the switch to .300 BLK on their existing AR-15 rifles. Uppers do not include bolt, bolt carrier or charging handle, but if you already own an AR-15 then chances are you have one lying around (and thankfully bolts for 5.56 and .300 BLK are interchangeable). $320 for flat black, $335 for stainless steel.

Flat Black
Stainless Steel

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  1. Damn damn damn! I’ve already exceeded my ‘AR upper limit’ for the month. I’ll have to wait a bit before I grab one of these. This is a fantastic price.

    • I had the same thought Chris. This is the excuse I need to get a 300 blk setup, if only I hadn’t blown my money on ammo already.

  2. Those are very good prices. I am slowly buying the components to piece together a 30 Remington AR upper. I still think the round has promise as a target and white-tail deer round. Just got into this black rifle thing this year with a plumb crazy lower and a New Frontier Armory customer upper in 6.8SPC, having lots of fun on the range and in the deer woods.

  3. This upper d/n include a bolt, bolt carrier, charging handle or magazine. Will the AR-15s original equipment work in this upper?

    And note that this upper isn’t Massachusetts compliant because of the flash hider. In Massachusetts, nothing is compliant except for the voters.

    • IIRC Ralph, the .300 blk works with all standard AR parts including the bolt, so the only difference is the barrel.

  4. It is legal to have the upper in MA on a preban rifle or to possess it by itself. If you want to make it MA legal, ask DSA to pin on a muzzle brake. If they say no, then you can buy it anyway and pin, weld, or braze on one yourself or at a local shop.

  5. I am building a Wilson Combat AR15 in 5.56NATO with a 300BLK upper. I have optics and all the spare parts. Its being Cerakote, and the parts alone cost me $9,000.00.

    Its insane I know but the Excel sheet does not lie. If I bought the parts from Wilson Combat to build just the base model they sell for 2k it would cost me only 1k to build myself but, when you add Trijicon scopes and Daniel Defense Rails in multiplies it adds up. If you want I will send you the list. I bought multiples which is why it cost me so much, even though I bought direct from Wilson and LaRue Tactical.

    The gun is designed to be the ultimate AR15 for post Apocalypse survival. But, I still could have bought 5 Bushmasters and a FNH bolt action with a Nightforce scope.

    • Im pretty sure your post proved the adage ‘have more mOney than brains’

      A 9K gun for a possible SHTF/Zombie situation? Haha

    • More power than 5.56mm.

      Much less flash and muzzle blast, especially from shorter barrels.

      Legal for hunting in states which ban 223/5.56mm for deer hunting.

      Same full capacity mags and bolt as 5.56mm.

      Much lower cost ammo than 6.8 SPC while using normal mags and bolts.

      16.7% more energy than Lapua 7.62x39mm AK ammo at 300 meters.

      Much more reliable in ARs than 7.62x39mm. No issue with Franken mags, firing pins not working on hard primers, and no bolt cracking problem.

      Capable of shooting subsonic ammo without requiring an adjustable gas block. Guns can be as quiet as MP5-SD, but with much more range, accuracy, and penetration.

      Brass is as cheap as 10 cents each, or 25 cents for new Remington primed brass in 100 count bags. You can make brass from free .223 cases if you want.

      • “Capable of shooting subsonic ammo without requiring an adjustable gas block.”

        That was my question, they all seem to not have an adjustable for such highly differing ammo…weird..

        Why didn’t they go another 5 mm (to 40)? That wouldn’t affect it’s subsonic potential but would vastly help it’s supersonic potential…….

        • “Why didn’t they go another 5 mm (to 40)? That wouldn’t affect it’s subsonic potential but would vastly help it’s supersonic potential…….”

          35mm is the longest that works well in normal magazines. There is a rib in USGI magazines which will start to push the bullet off center if you have longer cases.

          Also, 40mm subsonic would not be able to work in the same gun as full power ammo, as there would then be too wide a difference in gas pressure.

          Thirdly, the supersonic potential is not vastly better – it is just about 85 fps more when both are loaded to the same 55,000 psi pressure – which works out to just a 35 meter advantage. I don’t see that as enough to justify the incompatibility with normal magazines.

          Fourth – due to the taper, the shoulder will get too small unless you require fire-forming of the cases for when people convert brass – that makes brass very expensive. 300 AAC BLACKOUT reformed brass is only 10 cents a case now from AllWeatherArms.

  6. I have a DPMS 5.56. Will your 300 blk Barrel/Receiver just fit with no modification’s?
    Just push out the one pin and that is it?

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