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“A deputy responded to a domestic disturbance on Tillman Mill Road in Elkmont at about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday,” reports. “Witnesses said [Christopher] Draper, who had been drinking all day, had gotten into an altercation with his mother’s boyfriend for walking around in shared areas of the residence in boxers. He was allegedly mad that he was walking in the part of the home where Draper and his girlfriend also live.” Drinking all day. Add animus and shotgun . . .

Draper allegedly attacked the victim several times, was subdued each time then allowed to get back up. Draper then allegedly went into his bedroom with his mother, and she locked the door. She said Draper then picked up a .410 shotgun, kicked open the door and pointed the gun at the victim, stating, “I’ll kill you.”

The deputy said the mother told them that she stepped in front of the shotgun, grabbed the barrel and pointed it at the ceiling, at which time Draper fired the gun before fleeing the residence . . . The sheriff’s office said additional charges are expected, pending an interview with Draper when he is sober.

I’m wondering if the whole thing really started as an argument over boxers vs. briefs. Personally, I settled that debate with Tommy John’s boxer briefs. But I can see how the boxers vs. briefs thing would get out of control if either side of the argument was liquored-up to the eyeballs.

Yes but– introducing a shotgun into the proceedings was a particularly irresponsible move by Mr. Draper. Perhaps the time spent incarcerated in his mother’s bedroom would have been better spent investigating TJ’s no wedgie guarantee. I don’t think they have internet in jail. But if they do, hey Chris! Your IGOTD’s trophy ready when you are . . .

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    • I agree with RF about the TommyJohns. If I’m doing anything that involves sweating, particularly on a humid day, cotton undies become very bad, very quickly. Also, the horizontal front opening is much nicer for lefties. It’s like having an ambi mag release.

  1. A, can’t handle his booze. B, gets upset about undies. C, can’t win the fight he picks. D, thinks guns will solve his sad life. E, can’t even win with a gun in his hands.

    Ladies an Gentlemen, we have a winner of life.

  2. In local paper today was a report of a man who got into an argument with his live-in girlfriend because he wanted to go out, and she didn’t want him to. Yes, he had been drinking. So he grabbed his 20 gauge and slung it over his shoulder and headed for the door. Girlfriend, who wasn’t about to let this go unchallenged, grabbed the shotgun and put a round in his shoulder (from behind him). He wasn’t seriously injured, and she was arrested for ADW.

    But the story wasn’t over yet: the Sheriff discovered that boyfriend was a convicted felon, and a subsequent search turned up another firearm. So not only did he get shot, he is going from the hospital straight to jail.

  3. Notice how many of the irresponsible acts with Fire Arms occur when the shooter is “intoxicated”? Just think of how many lives could be saved if we just banned alcohol, think of the children! Wait, what we tried that? OK, drinking is a constitutional right…let’s just ban guns instead.

    • I have a better idea…chemical castration / Vasectomies for those convicted with drunken gun use. At least we can stop them from reproducing

        • BLoving says: If it was commonplace, it wouldn’t be unusual (hey, a guy can dream)!

          Hanging used to be commonplace (well, as commonplace as executions can be), but are now considered unusual.
          There’s no accounting for the whims of people.

  4. ” . . . at which time Draper fired the gun before fleeing the residence . . .”
    Perhaps it would’ve been better if he’d fired it after fleeing.

    Drinking all day w/firearms at hand, OK. Walking around in boxers, not OK. Got it, Mr. Draper.


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