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Scott totes his Kimber Micro 9 in an Old Faithful IWB rig. See all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Idk if i get the zipper pouch… How long is that going to take to get to your light, or that less lethat pen thing. Cant think of the name of it currently.

    • I carry my first aid kit (tourniquet, quick clot, etc.) in a pouch just like that, in my cargo pocket. They unzip quickly, are easy to access, and keep everything organized. And that “less lethal pen thing” is just a pen, I don’t think that speed is of much concern when it comes to writing utensils.

  2. No. My Micro 9 jammed, FTF, FTE from the very first magazine. Put 500+ rounds through it with tons of problems Changed ammo, changed magazines, changed grip position, changed shooters, still same problems. about 40-45 failures in those 500+ rounds. Sent it back to Kimber twice. They got the failures down to about 1 in 40 rounds over the next 250 or so rounds. Way too many failures for EDC and an expensive single stack 9. Plenty of other disatisfied Micro 9 owners out there just google. Never owned a Solo so only have looked briefly at the problems with it online. I own an ~8 year old Kimber Pro-Carry that has worked flawlessly since round 1. That’s why I was fired up about buying the Micro 9. I have now sold the Micro 9 and have no regrets about it.

  3. Micro 9
    Kimbers 1911 style compact pistol
    Looks like it has the black button to activate the crimson trace laser grips
    And a spare magazine
    That is a big holster for a pocket pistol!

    • My thought too.

      Never understood the mentality of carrying a subcompact weapon in one of those hybrid holster that’s bigger than the gun.

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