Dr. Oz Really Wants You to Know That He Supports the Second Amendment

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If you don’t watch daytime television, you may not be familiar with Dr. Oz. Mehmet Oz is a retired surgeon who rose to fame thanks to a few dozen appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s weekday gabfests. Winfrey’s production company then created The Dr. Oz Show which is apparently still being broadcast, but who the hell really knows or cares?

Why should you care about Oz? Because he’s currently running in the GOP primary for the Pennsylvania Senate seat being vacated by the retirement of Pat Toomey.

The latest Real Clear Politics polling numbers have him in a jumble of a race with David McCormick, a former hedge fund CEO and Treasury undersecretary in the George W. administration. Oz has a slight lead in two of five polls, but is trailing by 3.4 points in the overall average. In other words, it’s a contest.

Oz managed to secure the endorsement of President Donald Trump, something that puzzled many on the right side of the political spectrum. Among the Second Amendment community, there was concern about the good doctor’s previous expressed admiration for due process-free “red flag” laws.

The Trump endorsement surge and the queasiness among some over Oz’s red flag law support meant it was time to make the obligatory campaign ad letting supporters know that their gun rights will be safe should the former physician end up in Washington.

The Oz campaign made sure to cover all the bases. In the 30-second spot, he’s seen with an over/under, a GLOCK, a semi-auto shotgun, and an AR.

His campaign website is, well, economical in its description of his gun rights positions, but it makes sure to say that whole red flag support thing has been jettisoned . . .

As a proud gun-owner, Dr. Oz is a firm believer in the Second Amendment and our constitutional right to bear arms for protection. He opposes anti-gun measures like red flag laws and liberal gun grabs. Dr. Oz knows we cannot compromise our ability to protect ourselves.

Dr. Oz believes every law-abiding American citizen should be allowed to buy the gun of their desire. His father taught him to hunt when he was 12-13 years old and he taught his son how to shoot before he was in school. However, Dr. Oz knows the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting, it’s about protecting ourselves.

(emphasis added)

Feel better?



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  1. My first question was, “WTF is Oz?” I’m glad the article clarified that.

    So, at best, he’s kinda wishy washy? In one setting, he’s for Red Flag laws, in another setting, he’s against them?

    For the record – I’m not entirely opposed to Red Flag laws. The real problem with them, as they exist, is the lack of due process. If my ex-wife (who I haven’t seen in 30 years) wanted to take my guns away, she should appear in court, and give credible testimony, which I would then have the opportunity to refute. Due process is what it’s all about. Go ahead, take the guns away from dangerous people. But you absolutely NEED to establish that there is a danger before taking those weapons!!

    • You can’t trust the government. Even if one government is not too bad, another one in the future will be worse. They will abuse anything previously put in place that they can manipulate, or reinterpret.

      The much maligned “Nazi gun laws” were actually put in place by the Wiemar Republic. The Nazis just used them more effectively. Trump’s bump stock ban opened the door to all of the re-regulation we are facing now.

      AFAIK every state already has mechanisms for removing the guns of a dangerous person, and I could cite you a ton of situations where authorities have failed to do so either through error, laziness, or partisan racial politics. Red flag laws are entirely unnecessary and their entire purpose is to bypass due process and be used as a weapon against gun owners.

      • The twit isn’t even “part of the government”. He was to win the primary to become the Rep nominee for US Senate. Pay attention.

        ANYONE that is a buddy of the POS Oprah Winfrey is a POS and does NOT have any credibility as a conservative. So GTF Oz no Rep nomination for you.

        • Dr. Oz is better than any democrat. I would vote for him in a heartbeat over the blue communist party. This party is already attacking Oz because he ran an AD where he was holding guns. So to some degree, Oz has already chosen a side.

          That said, he wouldn’t be my first pick among republicans. Watch the video. Look how he is holding the Glock and his thumb sticking out. Maybe he can shoot, but I get the vibe that pistols and black rifles are not his thing. He seems like a center-right guy, who is slightly on the right, because the left moved so left in recent years that he has a better chance with republicans than with the communists advocating for children genital mutilation, the Bureau of pronoun enforcement, and other totalitarian garbage.

        • “Dr. Oz is better than any democrat.”

          If this statement is true, are the following also true?

          Mitch McConnell is better than any democrat. (?)

          Mitt Romney is better than any democrat. (?)

          Lisa Murkowski is better than any democrat. (?)

          Adam Kinzinger is better than any democrat. (?)

          Maybe, maybe not?

        • @Web.
          Yes. all of them are better than democrats. Why? Because some of the time, they vote with republicans. Democrats however, (with exception to Manchin) are very unified and would not side with any republican.

      • Crimson…”Trump’s bump stock ban opened the door to all of the re-regulation we are facing now.”

        Once again…Had POTUS DJT did nothing then chances were good at the time a knee jerk congress would have acted. That means congress would have sent POTUS DJT a hit list and if he refused congress could have voted to override. In such a chess game of high stakes POTUS DJT stopped the train and that is why you see superior Binary Triggers, competition triggers, etc. still advertised and available. Get Allen Gottlieb to explain it to you.

        Now-regulation is owned lock, stock and barrel by democRat Party the originators of race based Gun Control in America.

        • I don’t need it explained, but apparently you do. Trump actively worked to get the bump stock ban, when he should have stated it was clearly unconstitutional and promised to veto it if passed. It was a miserable and abject failure on his part and making various excuses does not make it smell better. Trump is still my President, but certainly not because of this subject.

      • This right here. I agree wholeheartedly.
        Leaving open use tools behind for an incumbent – even a good incumbent – invariably turns into a bad replacement using those tools against YOU.
        And to whoever said ” take them from those DANGEROUS PEOPLE”.. we’ve already seen the various forms of redefining words take place… guess who’s about to become redefined as ” dangerous”? Disagree with someone on The Current Thing? It could very well be you.

    • “Go ahead, take the guns away from dangerous people.”

      I will vehemently oppose this sentiment as long as I live. Everyone has the capability to be dangerous, so that absolutely should not be the determining factor. The event that should determine anyone’s deprivation of their RKBA is the commission of an actual violent crime. Period. Most people have entertained thoughts of violence in their minds at some point, and many have verbalized them, but only when there is an actual crime committed should a person be punished.

      ERPO laws should be stricken and nullified.

    • yeah,..they ALL are strong supporters of the 2nd amendment…before the election…it’s a big issue in PA politics…and they all know it…

      • I don’t vote in PA or whatever, but I will certainly never vote for Oz. He could at least admit publicly that he screwed up, unless he does not think he did. So what we have is others coming around with videos of his gun ownership or whatever, but those friends of Oprah still think he is a fellow traveler. “If you want gun control, do not vote for me!” You’ll never hear him say that.

    • having had my guns taken away once over a domestic issue…[at least all they could find]…I know the feeling…cost me a pretty penny to get them back…the laws favor the female in cases like this until you can offer irrefutable proof she was lying…

    • Um, NO! The entire point of a red flag law is to bypass due process. And the Constitution. Basically it’s a big FU to your most basic rights.

      • “Um, NO! The entire point of a red flag law is to bypass due process”.

        All women are to be believed. “First take the guns, then due process”.

        To be intellectually honest, the issue is not a simple one. Because humans are not trustworthy, any system will be abused. How to eliminate fakes, and step-in to prevent death or injury, is not something that can really be addressed with sound bites, and slogans. Nor should it just be dismissed with “RTKBA”/”shall not be infringed.”

        • How to eliminate fakes…

          Simple. Don’t try. Dangerous freedom is better than peaceful slavery. The same that applied then, still applies now.

    • Paul, if you cannot trust someone with a firearm, that person should be under lock and key, either in prison or a mental hospital. This country is not about safety, it is about freedom. If a killer has no gun, then a knife, a car, or a baseball bat will do fine, yet no one suggests controls on any of those, just firearms. Because government is afraid their favorite victims might get loose.

    • Go ahead, take the guns away from dangerous people. But you absolutely NEED to establish that there is a danger before taking those weapons!!

      The problem is everyone is dangerous Paul. Anyone and everyone can be dangerous. Forget your “due process” concept you have applied here. Red Flag laws are guilty until proven innocent laws. These laws make the assertion: ‘These people “might” do something, so lets take their guns.’ They are totally ridiculous. What’s next? We locked you up because you “might” do something? This type of concept is antithetical to our traditions of innocent until proven guilty. They are in the same boat as asset forfeiture /civil asset forfeiture where the police look at the 40k you were transporting to the bank from your mattress and say – “This looks like drug money, we have to take it.”

    • he is just as wishy-washy as Beto O’Rourke. I do not trust anyone, anymore. I want to know what diet you were raised on and THAT should not have changed over your “adult” years. Pass whatever laws you desire, I will protect what is mine, by how I see fit. Like my ancestors said 160 years ago…. Leave me the HELL alone ! ! Just say no to tyrants (sissies & perverts too)

  2. He’s beboppin’ and scatin’ and I’m losin’ it.

    Oz is one of those people who needs to be liked. Those people are always either doormats getting stomped on by people with real convictions or they’re sociopaths who will sell their own children for praise.

    • It looks like Dr. Ozgood is being Red Flagged about what he said about Red Flags. Well Gun Control schemes work on the surface and are designed to get knee jerk reactions to what at first glance, “sounds good.” And once the fine print is read then the reaction is wtf.

      I do not suspect Dr. Osgood wants his wife to pass a background check should he lend her his firearm for travel, etc. And I do not suspect Dr. Ozgood would want to pass a background check for his wife to give him his firearm back, etc. He has since back peddled on red flag as have lots of people who read the fine print in what was another sneaky Gun Control scheme.

      I’ve listened to Ozgood on Hannity and he’s on record. Hannity owns AR15s and I believe he has a relative who owns a Gun Store so besides his words of support he’s got skin in the game. I do not think Dr. Ozgood is a forked tongue lowlife who is going to knee jerk blame an AR15 owning, minding his own business Joe Smithburger in Mayberry NC for the criminal actions of an adam lanza et al.

      • Dr. Oz is a politician. Meaning he will do or say anything to get elected amd then stay elected. That’s all.

        • Vahn…Not so fast. To be classified as a “politician” you need to have some history of politics and I see little if any from Dr. Oz. Especially when compared to the retiring senator Pat Toomey and other candidates.

          Similar bad mouthing a Republican candidate went on about POTUS DJT and for those who led the charge they had to eat crow. All they accomplished was receiving standing rounds of applause from camp hilliary rotten clintoon. To spell it out…What you say or do can get a democRat elected.

        • Debbie w, I would venture to guess Vahn Geo is using the term politician in a derogatory way, as in, a politician – hypocritical, dishonest, self absorbed, etc. V.G., set me straight if I misread your meaning.

  3. The only thing I know for sure about any politician is they will say whatever will get them more votes before the election.

    The only thing you can really trust is past actions, everything else is flexible in the world of politics.

  4. I am not a resident of Pennsylvania. Trump’s endorsement means very little to me. I would never cast a ballot for a moose-lamb or anyone who supports any form of people control. Period.

        • demon-rats are other carpetbaggers (yankees) Proud that their family helped to destroy the republic 160 years ago? no thanks

  5. This flip-flop is almost as entertaining as watching Jen “Raggedy Ann” Psaki’s cleanup / reinterpretation after a televised King Dribblecup video goes off script. In Oz’s defense though, at least he had a real job once.

  6. Probably just a change of perception. I know a lot of pro gun people who’ve become more pro gun as time goes on because they realized seemingly “minor” restrictions on the 2A are always work around to bigger gun bans.

    Hell I remember in the “good old days” there were a lot of gun owners who were in favor of the AWB and banning hand guns because “what the hell you gonna hunt with that”.

    These days I don’t know a gun owner that doesn’t have an AR and semi auto handgun and is totally opposed to the AWB. Sometimes people just got to learn more about the issue then they previously did.

    • Ron,
      You totally missed the softball Dan lobbed to trash Oz. Kudos for the nuance.

      P.S. I know nothing about him other than he has a talk show and he’s a doctor. Maybe someone from Pennsylvania can chime in.

    • Ron has a valid point. Years ago, I had no use for AR & AK types. Bought a sack of those early import SKS rifles super cheap on a whim, for my brothers and me. Say, these are pretty fun! Since then, have built several ARs and a Glock clone, all good. People can grow.

        • You are correct in a general sense. Unfortunately, with the media being the way it is, we pretty much have to “pass the bill to find out what’s in it” these days. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

      • gun ownership in this country has changed drastically…these days “sporting use” doesn’t count for much…self-protection seems to be what’s driving sales through the roof…

      • I hear you, Hawkeye, but there are MILES of difference between “I don’t want one” and “I won’t let you have one”. While in Vietnam I went through 2 cans of ammo (around 1600 rounds) in a week through my XM177E2 and was convinced I needed to get me one when I got home-a real, no-shit assault rifle. Then I did some quick calculations on how much I figured 1600 rounds of 5.56 was gonna cost me every time I did that. Ended up deciding that handloading 50 rounds at a time of .357 for my Python a couple times a year made more sense. That decision in no way changed my attitude about the AWB 20 years later, which was the actual reason I finally bought an AR-15.

    • I think you make a good point.

      Ideological purity only goes so far. We might have as a candidate some prominent leader of the SAF or GOA. Yet, if he can’t get anything done in Washington, he might not do us as much good as another more influential/less pure candidate.

      Another consideration is “how easily can this guy be bought?”. I have no opinion about Oz or his opponent(s). If Oz has enough money by now (TV shows) and realizes that his constituency of gun-owners is more important than his constituency of Opra watchers, then he might be the better bet. No opinion on this.

      Oz might think that his name recognition is such that he doesn’t need the DNC or Opra to keep him re-elected.

      What Oz – or any other candidate – believes about guns isn’t very important. What influences the candidate is vastly more important.

      • Lack of ideological purity is what has gotten us to where we are today. Since the winner of this replaces Toomey, almost anything will be an improvement, and in that sense it doesn’t really matter. But it would be nice to have a real pro gun, pro freedom person in the seat.

        People can change. If he has seen the light on certain issues I would prefer a statement that “Yeah, I used to believe that, but then I realized this and that and now I believe this other thing.” Not just a current position statement that leaves us wondering if he’s had an epiphany or is just blowing smoke on our prostates.

        • Oz is a demmocommie running on a GOP ticket to infiltrate and continue to degrade the America. First movement. Trump was almost apologetic when he endorsed Oz, saying “I have to endorse someone who can win”. While I stand by the Donald, his judgement about people continues to be questionable.

          I cannot vote for Oz, but his GOP opponent would likely be RINO.


    • Dr. Oz is a Muslim with dual citizenship. He moved from NY to PA to run for senate. That alone is enough.

      • “Dr. Oz is a Muslim with dual citizenship.”

        He made an amazing statement about that, yet there has been little attention to it: Oz will give up his foreign citizenship, only if he wins the general election. If he loses, he wants to keep whatever benefits he has through dual citizenship. His position seems to tell who Oz really is: a rank opportunist, unwilling to risk his privilege. Everything else stems from there.

    • not one mooooooslime voted for the Patriot Act. They were red blooded, communist Amerikans

  7. I’m familiar with the Dr. Oz Show. Only because I was subjected to it. My friend’s wife had control of the remote and I was a guest. I no longer visit on weekday afternoons. I’m very skeptical of Dr. Oz being pro 2A. I also believe he had some coaching on that pro 2A add “covering all the bases.” Although, I also don’t believe owning an O/U shotgun makes you a FUDD anymore than owning an AR makes you an operator.

  8. I always assumed Oz was a “gun safety” enthusiast given his profession and his connection with Winfrey. Actually I’m surprised and a bit relieved to find out that he at least pays lip service to protecting the 2nd. As a Tennessean I don’t have a dog in the PA fight, but if Oz is what he says, I wish him well.

    • “I don’t have a dog in the PA fight…”

      In terms of my specific ballot, I don’t either, but on a regional scale, PA is a neighbor. On a national scale, PA’s decision on who to send to DC most certainly affects me.

      • “On a national scale, PA’s decision on who to send to DC most certainly affects me.”

        Yes sir. Every US representative matters, as well. It affects us all. They pulled out all the stops to get back into power for one reason. No, it wasn’t ideological. That’s a distraction for the sheep. It was to control trillions $$$.

    • how many doctors have exposed the FACT that the medical “practice” kills over 250 000 people every year in Amerika? 100 000 just from cross contamination alone (not properly washing their hands). This doesn’t cover the many mistakes, cutting off the wrong part, leaving needles, sponges and tools behind. WAKE UP Amerika… you have been lied to for over 160 years. RESTORE the republic, make real men free again. Paying a gov’t. HALF of what you produce, for “permission” isn’t freedom, IT is slavery. IT is abuse. separate from it, IT will kill you

  9. I don’t have a dog in the hunt in Penn. Nor do I know anything about Dr. Oz other than what is published on the sites I visit. But, he seems to be a little less favored by the leftists than some others, so he may have a few morals.
    I have been against the “Red Flag” laws for years. If someone is a danger to themselves or others, by all means do what you can to prevent something horrible if you can. But most if not all states already have procedures in place to fast track hearings and get people help or remove them or their guns from a situation. As well as a possibility of the person being able to recover their guns and other civil rights. Most of the red flag confiscation laws rely on hearsay and do not allow the person to defend themselves in court. And even then if proven a false or frivolous charge, there is no recourse for the defendant or process for them to recover their property.
    We, under our Constitution are supposedly to be secure in our persons, papers and property and no property is to be confiscated by any government agency without due process.
    I suppose there are some who believe some vague threat or some poorly worded statement should be enough to trigger action from LE or the courts, but that does not show probable cause, nor allow for a person to defend themselves, nor face their accusers in open court.

    • the “republic” was destroyed in 1865. We became an oligarchy in 1963. “those (corp.) with the gold, makes the rules”. How much more abuse will you pay for? What will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? I can give you thousands of reasons to secede. Give me one reason to stay? I’ll wait…. been waiting ALL my life. Amerika is full of cowards, scared of sissies & perverts. socialism usually ends in mass murder, Amerika will be no different. enjoy

    • I tend to follow the Buckley rule. Vote for the most conservative one who is most likely to win. In acknowledgment of MarkPA’s point above, I would add, “and most likely to be effective.”

      It’s not easy, especially if they’re all a bunch of mealy mouthed scum suckers. We’ve got 7 Republican candidates vying to replace Portman. Most of them would be better than him, but not one of them really stands out.

      • I agree with this strategy. We should primary and try to replace people like McConnell, McCarthy, and Graham. We deserve better. However, when it comes time to vote in the general, it does us no good to vote for a third party that has no chance of winning. I get it. I’ve voted third party before. Then I grew up. As bad as those guys are, they’re better than the alternative.

        People are more aware of the issues with the establishment. We can slowly replace them. Obviously, they aren’t going without a fight.

  10. The simple explanation — he was for it before he was against it.

    If it worked for John Kerry, it can work for Oz.

    • Meanwhile we’re stuck with Ed Markey and Liz Warren. Oz would be a (relative) dream candidate.

      • Can’t you guys set up a sting that caches Malarky in bed with Fauxcahontus? Not sure that would bother the demtards though. Perhaps if Liz was the dom?

  11. And fear not, now he says he will give up his Turkish citizenship if elected. Up until recently he had no intention to.

  12. Anyone who believes anything Oz says is as dumb as a Trumpite supporter.

    “I’d settle for cheaper gas,” Colbert replied, “but sure, Doc, check the pilot light on my ‘divine spark,’ just like they taught you at med school.”

    Before he entered the political sphere, the host noted that Oz had a “lucrative career as a liar, peddling questionable health advice on TV,” highlighting some of his most egregiously irresponsible claims, from bogus weight-loss products to repeatedly pushing hydroxychloroquine during the ongoing COVID pandemic.

    Please Don’t Elect Dr. Oz—He’s a Disgrace to Our Profession
    Daniel Summers

    “But Dr. Oz may not just have fake medical claims, he may have fake Pennsylvania claims,” Colbert added. “Because he’s running there despite living in New Jersey for years. And there’s a big difference between Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Something to do with hoagies. I don’t know what it is, but they will murder you over it.”

  13. The gunm grab thing ain’t working so great anymore.
    I like gunms , vote for me.
    Politicians are going to say whatever they need to say to get that vote.

  14. Don’t trust Oz, sounds like a used car salesman. Many of the people that Trump picked for his administration turned out to be snakes, he does not judge people well. I am very uneasy about Oz and this feeling has never let me down.

    • his leading republican opponent is a typical republican…out to make a buck any way he can…but his support for gun rights seems a good deal more genuine…

    • because Amerika has lots of snakes. The Den of Corruption is nothing but snakes. Keep sending them your money and blaming others…. dumb ass

  15. People change, I get that. I’ve changed on things. On key issues like 2A, 1A and abortion, I’d like to hear him say “Yes, I said that in the past. I’ve changed my position on it, here is when and why.”

  16. To freaking FUNNY, he is a flat out Lying sack of Crap. Anybody that believes him or Any other politics in is a brain dead moron as well.

    • Fox news NEVER associated today’s FBI with the FBI of Dallas Texas (Nov. 22 1963) Waco Texas, Ruby Ridge Idaho, Oklahoma City and the four years of Comey & the other moron that covered for Whitey Bolger (mafia) while he murdered 20 something people. and the idiots (you) still feel safe in Amerika? how dumb can you be? mother not love you? she stupid too?

  17. Seems like the voters end up with the same result, whatever. Should this simply be a matter of whoever can win, or do we just write off the election?

    • that senate seat is vital to more than just PA…my out of state friends like him…but we have to live with him…

      • “that senate seat is vital to more than just PA…my out of state friends like him…but we have to live with him…”

        Therein lies the problem, don’t you see? People who are experienced with something are influenced by their experience. Knowing the truth about something is ill-mannered.

      • we’re likely to lose the governor’s race in PA largely because of an unimpressive slate of republican candidates…can’t afford to lose that senate seat, as well…

  18. Hopefully, conservatives don’t adopt their usual woe-is-us, I’m not voting as GOP=woke leftists but slower whinning, and allow Penna to remain blue. Hold your nose, vote, and stay active.

  19. President Trump is now a politician so endorsements are meaningless. Dr Oz isn’t pro gun. Pennsylvania will have to do what’s right because I, like everyone else in here, has their own state issues that need attention.

    • most “issues” fall under the category “communist”. There is an easy fix (cranial ventilation)

  20. @Debbie W, when you lay out your policies and announce your candidacy, you are in fact a politician at that point. Dr. OZ IS A LYING SLEEZE BALL. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • if Lamb wins the democratic nod he’ll be a tough opponent…the guy actually owns an AR-15…

  21. Yea Steven, I noticed no eye protection too. All for gun safety? Fail. Oprah’s gonna pull those strings just like Obama Inc. is runnin Sleepy Joes.

    • it was a good thing the feds blackmailed the states to pass seatbelt laws, .08 alcohol for DWI and a 21 year old drinking age? Your mother still wiping your butt? grow a pair of your own. They lost in court on the helmet law…. one step back, three steps forward? (communist)

  22. we’re likely to lose the governor’s race in PA largely because of an unimpressive slate of republican candidates…can’t afford to lose that senate seat, as well…

  23. Hmm. Let’s see . . . Beta “Fake Mexican” O’Rourke was going to “hell yes, we’ll take your AK-47s, your AR15s”, and now that he is attempting another (futile) attempt at the Texas governorship, he’s “not going to take anyone’s guns”. Dr. Oz was a vocal “gun control” supporter . . . until the politics of PA Republican primary made him a 2A supporter. Mitch McConnell is a 2A supporter; just ask him . . . yet, somehow, even when the controlled the Senate, there was not action on National Reciprocity, the Hearing Protection Act.

    The answer should be obvious to even the most casual observer . . . politicians lie. For a living. To maintain their office. To get re-elected. If you haven’t accepted this basic truth, things like this will be a mystery to you. POLITICIANS. LIE. All of them; all the time. This ain’t rocket surgery, folks.

  24. I don’t much care what happens in PA and I don’t know that much about Oz other than that he was some “As seen on TV” doctor.

    That said, he’s not much of a data point in favor of the “We’re going to vote our way out of this mess” hypothesis.

  25. @strych9
    “April 30, 2022 At 23:32
    That’s because politicians aren’t people.”

    Yes I know. They are invertabrates closely related to earthworms.

  26. “They are invertabrates closely related to earthworms.”

    Whoa, now !

    Earthworms are quite beneficial to humans.

  27. I’m leaning towards Kathy Barnette but Oz is growing on me. I’d rather him than Blackrock McCormick.

  28. “I don’t trust Oz. Period.”

    What do we do with a candidate who is reliably “conservative” on everything we support….other than ending gun control? A candidate that has a serious opportunity to be elected? Do we yield to Dims?

    What do we do with a candidate with a proven record of protecting the Second Amendment, but otherwise is a social justice warrior? Do yield to the Dims?

    Does losing elections through our non-voting really discipline our party of choice?

    • And infanticide, and Islam, and loyalty to a foreign government (he’s a dual citizen with Turkey). Oz doesn’t want you looking behind the curtain on a LOT of issues.

  29. “Oz doesn’t want you looking behind the curtain on a LOT of issues.”

    Can “see” I was a bit unclear in my comment (that’s often a problem switching from bloody marys to screwdrivers too early in the day.)

    My questions were generic. Does single issue voting help or hurt the overall mission to return America to the best of its traditional values?

  30. More GOP celebrity worship. Trump, Regan, Schwarzenegger, Wizard of Oz, etc etc etc

  31. I’m not surprised that Trump endorsed a Muslim, after his love affair with the king of Saudi Arabia.
    When you share a slow (sword) dance, love can blossom like a desert rose…

    Trump has quite a bit in common with Turkish taffy Oz, their love of red flag laws is just the beginning of their relationship.

    “Or, Mike, take the firearms first and then go to court because that’s another system. Because a lot of times by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court, to get the due process procedures. I like taking the guns early, like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida, he had a lot of [firearms], they saw everything. To go to court would have taken a long time. So, you could do exactly what you said but take the guns first, go through due process second.”
    -President Donald J. Trump, February 28, 2018


    • Absolutely. You can’t trust any politician of any stripe with your God given rights. You are delusional if you do.

    • This story had nothing to do with President Trump, but boy oh boy do I miss America’s greatest President.

      Even now he is my first thought in the morning..

      ..my last at night..

      .. and everywhere in-between.

      Hi my name is Miner49er and I have a ragging, full blown case of TDS!



  32. @anonymous
    “Dangerous freedom is better than peaceful slavery. ”

    Sloganeering is no substitute for critical/serious thought. And it always makes us look silly/unserious. The matter is more complex, and is due respectful consideration.

    • Hearts and Minds Sam, Hearts and Minds (Is that a slogan too?).

      If people arrive at the correct conclusion; Leftism is caustic corrosive riot, then how they arrived there is of less concern.

      Especially when this could avert another Civil War.

      • “If people arrive at the correct conclusion; Leftism is caustic corrosive riot, then how they arrived there is of less concern.”

        If people arrive at the conclusion that, ” Leftism is caustic corrosive riot,…” simply because of physical force, then yes, the “how” is of deep concern.

        If “RTKBA” and “shall not be infringed” were effective persuaders, we wouldn’t have any gun laws.

  33. @anonymous
    “Dr. Oz is better than any democrat.”

    Glad I don’t get to vote on the matter. Dr. Oz is playing cutesy with his dual citizenship. He is willing to forfeit Turkish citizen if, and only if, he wins the general election. That lack of commitment disqualifies him (should I be a voter), but the alternative is, indeed, most objectionable. But if Oz is the best republicrats have to offer, maybe all is lost anyway.

  34. And I want Dr. Oz to know I think he’s a Lying Sack of Scheiße and a Quack. Any Doctor embracing the Tranny Narrative is a Quack, period.

  35. @bob
    “May 4, 2022 At 20:03
    Debbie w, I would venture to guess Vahn Geo is using the term politician in a derogatory way, as in, a politician – hypocritical, dishonest, self absorbed, etc. V.G., set me straight if I misread your meaning.”

  36. @Timothy
    “Abe Lincoln killed over 660 000 citizens. many idiots still love him”

    Not quite accurate. Cadets at the Citadel first fired on a ship trying to re-supply Ft. Sumter. Immediately after, the nascent confederate government appointed P.T.G. Beauregard to take command of Confederate forces in Charleston, SC. Beauregard ordered the surrender of Ft. Sumter. The refusal of the federal commander to surrender led directly to the unproved attack upon the United States by armed units of the Confederacy. The US engaged in no offensive action against Charleston, or the Confederacy; re-supply of an established federal asset was not an offensive action. Ft. Sumter had not fired a single round against ships entering or exiting Charleston harbor.

    To be historically accurate, and honest, one must accept that it was PTG Beauregard who initiated the war that took 620,000 lives (the vast majority killed by disease, not direct combat action). At the time of the attack on Ft. Sumter (10Apr1861) Lincoln was concerned almost totally with the preservation of the union of American States, not with ending slavery anywhere in the country. The Confederacy forcefully underscored the existing disunion.

    Once the Confederacy fired upon a unit of the US Army, the US was within all rights to defend itself.

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