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That’s the thing about surfing YouTube: you get some scary ass random stuff. Who is Dr. Feelgood and why is he shooting a pig without ears (him not the pig)? I have no clue. Although Dr. F seems to have assembled a coterie of fans for the actual demo, I was viewer number 1. Looking back on the Doc’s channel, it’s not the first time the videographer has done the gory porcine thing. Although it is the first time I’ve ever [barely] heard a human being suggest that someone should shoot a pig in the anus. Something to think about. Or not.

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    • I’ve mostly sworn off swine after watching Pulp Fiction but there’s nothing that will stop me from enjoying a bacon cheeseburger every now and then.

  1. This video would have been much better if that moron had just saved us a lot a time and shot himself.

  2. Some folks think that because they can make a you-tube video, that the world needs to see how much of an “expert” they are. This guy makes the case that 99% of you-tube is a waste of time.

  3. Something along the lines of…”Sometimes it’s better not to open one’s mouth, post on Youtube and dispell all doubts of your stupidity.”


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