Jose Garza
Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza (Courtesy City of Austin)
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[Nathan] Ramirez had been out of jail in Travis County since he was granted personal bond on May 27, 2022 for the June 2021 charge of unlawful possession of a firearm. Ramirez had been on the lam since the incident last year until he was arrested on May 26, 2022.

Austin Municipal Court Associate Judge Stephen Vigorito granted the bail on the condition that Ramirez not possess any firearms or engage in criminal activity. His pretrial for that charge is set for August 26.

During the bond proceeding, he was given “indigent” status, a metric by which the Austin municipal court prioritizes personal and low cash bonds to poor offenders.

While judges set bond, the Austin City Council passed a policy directing the municipal court to prioritize reduced bond for indigent defendants in 2017 and fired judges who disagreed. 

Additionally, after winning office in 2020, Travis County District Attorney José Garza released relaxed bail and sentencing guidelines that his office would recommend to the bench in criminal proceedings.

Among those items is the emphasis placed on a presumption of release with “least restrictive conditions necessary” for higher-level felonies.

— Brad Johnson in Austin Homicide Suspect Was Out on Personal Bonds in Travis and Hays Counties for Previous Felony Offenses

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  1. anti-gun version: “Darn gun! That gun found him, jumped into his hand, made him its zombie slave, and forced him to go out and commit a crime.”

    prosecutor version: “awwww, lets release you to roam free among your potential victim pool. Its not your fault, its the guns fault.”

    reality version: Criminal caught, criminal released with “least restrictive conditions necessary”, criminal does what criminals do and commits more crime.

    anti-gun response to reality version: “lets take guns from law abiding people who have a constitutional right to them.”

    criminal response to anti-gun and prosecutor: “ROTFL 🤣”

    • Oh, c’mon, Boog. The Dacian Principle states that if we just make a new law, the criminals will follow it and all of our problems will be solved.

    • prosecutor version: “awwww, lets release you to roam free among your potential victim pool. Its not your fault, its the guns fault.”

      Or it was oppression from white supremacy, or because of climate change, or poverty, or because drugs are illegal, or because we don’t have enough social workers, or because the government and social media didn’t try hard enough to trans him so we have toxic masculinity, or because the government doesn’t have enough of your tax money! Yeah, that’s the ticket! They need more funding. Money fixes everything. Expand the government.

      We don’t have a gun problem. We don’t even have a criminal problem. We have an ideology problem. This is brought to you by people who ignore any reality that conflicts with their ideology. That’s why people are chanting trans women are women. That’s why all above average temperatures are due to climate change / global warming, but below average temperatures are just weather. You can’t have a logical conversation with them because they’ve been brainwashed into believing you’re the enemy. They see anyone questioning their ideology as an attack on their tribe.

      • Criminals are like children. If a child isn’t punished for doing something wrong, a’la spare the rod and spoil the child or treat them with kindness and they’ll see the error of their ways, they will quickly realize they can do what they like with little to no consequences.

        This ingrained behavior follows into adulthood where crime has no punishment so criminals will keep doing crime without fear.

        The soft approach espoused since the 1970s in education and criminal justice has clearly not worked with record and rising crime rates of the period to the early 1990s.

      • DUDE
        OK.OK.OK. aplausos. Muy buena deducción.
        (No tenemos un problema con las armas. etc. etc)

    • he was originally arrested on the gun possession charge due to this incident >

      “Based on the totality of the investigation it is my belief Christopher Noel Ramirez, a Hispanic male born on the 22nd day of December, 2001, further described by FBI Number: _, and DPS SID Number . committed the act of Deadly Conduct on or about Sunday, June 13th, 2021 , at approximately 02:10 A.M., at 4211 Todd Lane, Austin, Travis County, Texas, when he knowingly shot an AK-47 multiple times in the direction of multiple individuals. forcing them to duck, and recklessly in the direction of multiple occupied vehicles. This act fulfilled the required elements to be in violation of the Texas Penal Code Section 22.05 for the offense of Deadly Conduct against the peace and dignity of the great state of Texas.

      Based on the totality of the investigation it is my belief Nathan Nevah Ramirez, a Hispanic male born on the 13th day of March, 2004, further described by FBI Number committed the act of Unlawful Carrying Weapons on or about Sunday, June 13th, 2021, at approximately 02:10 A.M., at 4211 Todd Lane, Austin, Travis County, Texas, when he knowingly retrieved a black semi-automatic handgun from the Chrysler 200 while his brother got an AK-47 and walked around with the exposed firearm in plain view. This act fulfilled the required elements to be in violation of the Texas Penal Code Section 46.02 for the offense of Unlawful Carrying Weapons against the peace and dignity of the great state of Texas.”

      • Wow! They let that boy out with no bail!?! I realize Austin is Leftard central but dang…

        • find out who helped fund his election. Compare to those who fund elections in cities where similar thingshappe. Bottom line: Soros is wilfully and deliberately destabilising this country. his is a descruption of treason. “making war on the people”.

      • And only a gun possession charge. No reckless endangerment, attempted murder, unlawful discharge… Where is ADA Binger when you need him?

    • That same Salt Lake County DA is under fire for not prosecuting violent domestic violence offenses. If there was any way for him to prosecute the lawfully armed citizen, or police, he would.

  2. Bail reform allows for more crime……..thats unpossible! Obviously this is a result of racist white supremist Texans oppressing bipocs. Ok now that that is said in jest lets see if any of that fits the criminal apologist narrative.

  3. I’m in favor of bail reform. There’s nothing like a mountain of dead bodies to shake up a stupid electorate. It’s the only thing the morons understand.

    • You are assuming the electorate are not dead to begin with…………thankfully most of the country is not NY

    • Ralph,
      That sort of worked recently in California. One DA was recalled, but the election workers in the other recall rediscovered signature verification. They tossed out just enough unacceptable signatures (30%) to cancel the recall. Oddly enough, they tossed less than 1% of unacceptable signatures in the 2020 election. I blame climate change for this extreme anomaly. We know election fraud doesn’t exist.

    • WHY do you insist on punishing those who voted AGAINST this clown DA, and/or only heard the lies about him that made him out to be a “good guy” during his campaign? Further, have you absolutely completely and reliably eliinated ALL possibility that that election was “rigged” in the slightest? Cities like Austin often have very poewrful political operatives who”handle” such things under great secrecy. HOW ELSE did corrupt DA”s like the Cheesey Pudding in SF and The Gasket in LA get their positions of political power?

  4. “…for the June 2021 charge of unlawful possession of a firearm.”

    It should be completely obvious to everyone at this point that illegally having a gun means NOTHING in the eyes of the law. Which makes EVERYTHING Biden and the Washington left do to keep guns out of everyones hands is futile at best. They can pass whatever law they want and it wont mean anything at all. It doesn’t matter who you are. You’re NOT going to be put behind bars. They may as well make every last man, woman, and child in this country into a felon for whatever good it might do. They don’t need to build more prisons because the USA from coast to coast IS a prison.

    lol…it’s all just needlessly creating chaos.
    Just like what happened in Germany just before Hitler rose to power.

    • Trying hard not to find that last line as the most likely explanation………..not having a lot of luck with historical precedent of Germany, Central/South America, and numerous African countries descent into collectivism/totalitarianism in whatever flavor you prefer to label them as.

    • Just wait until the new and improved, double the size, IRS begins auditing small businesses. When they target you for a flag, you can’t just give them what they want or pay the tax difference. They’ll go ahead and audit you for several years just to fish around for anything else. That’s how they operate. The liberal establishment is using the full force of the federal government to go after political dissidents.

        • I’ve been thinking that. Most likely every business that has anything at all to do with guns. From gun shops all the way back the chain to the company that makes the cardboard for the box it comes in.

      • These new armed investigators imbued with s0cial justice and critical race theory are going to be fair and just in their search for the government’s tithes? Yep, that was sarcasm.

  5. Austin pigs just illegally detained and searched an Ubereats driver at a public school, even with the SUPERINTENDENT telling the oinkers that the man had a right to be there(the pigs of course threatened to arrest her for “interference”.). Tell me again about who the “criminals” are.

  6. no wondering who’s financial backing that nerd had to get in office. trying to think of something more satisfying than seeing his glasses get slapped off his smarmy face.

  7. Can’t take these people seriously when they endlessly harp on the dangers and evils of guns then refuse to prosecute crimes like being a felon in possession of said gun.

    Either they’re evil and dangerous or they aren’t. The very least these clowns can do is be consistent.

    • They are consistent in a twisted way. The gun made the poor unfortunate commit the crime so now that he is separated from the evil talisman he is no longer dangerous and can be released to society. The evil talisman however needs to be held indefinitely and cannot be returned to it’s rightful owner from whom it was stolen or it may corrupt someone else.

      • Try that if you happen to be ooh maybe a white guy or straight or conservative. Or if the “victim” is a shade darker than typing paper or xyz or a lib.
        Then you get the full treatment. Millions in bail or remanded, 25 to ever ……

        • While it may not have been intended to question the lefty “consistency” it has an answer: Kulaks are others thus do not need protection from the racist/sexist/whateverist laws that they created. Have job considering moving more every year.

      • They believe the gun has a miasma of evil that infects and corrupts anyone in the vicinity. This compels the now victim into criminal acts.

  8. “On the Lamb” ? , by gawd Ram irez should run for president of the U.S.
    Pedo Joe has a lanolin company in Xhina

  9. Austin, the San Francisco of the south. I’ve never met anyone from there that I liked. I’ll never go there or buy anything from there. Judge Vigorito has just confirmed that my judgement is correct.

  10. Notice a pattern here with all the George Soros-funded prosecutors? It’s part of the plan to destroy America from within. By dismantling the criminal justice system of law and order, they can create chaos and destabilize society. Socialism cannot take hold in a healthy, safe and economically stable environment. It needs social upheaval, economic ruin, rampant crime and chaos. Make a list. Everything that they have done since stealing power has been to destroy America. ‘We the People’ are in big trouble.

  11. Me pregunto: es normal lo que esta pasando con los jueces? Parece que es un contagio casi mundial. Defienden lo indefendible. Dicen,pobre criminal, tiene sus derechos!!! Se olvidan de las víctimas,parientes y amigos afectados. DERECHOS HUMANOS!!! Populismo creciente……..

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