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From B&T USA . . .

B&T USA is honored to announce the State of Florida’s Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) has purchased B&T APC9 PRO platforms equipped with Glock lower receivers, folding stocks, Aimpoint Micro T1 sighting systems, 22mm B&T quick-detach mounts and Vertx Ready Pack 2.0 carriage systems.

These compact packages are destined for use within the department’s School Resource Officer program, Detective Bureau, and other specialized units within the Sheriff’s Office.

“HCSO has well-earned reputation for professionalism and top-tier service to its substantial population” stated Irving Luce, President, B&T USA. “B&T could not be more honored to provide the hardworking Deputies of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office with our specialized equipment to help them with their challenging assignments as they effectively serve their communities.”

“Many of our specially selected Deputies have been employing B&T USA APC9 models for several years now, and the feedback I have received from them is they couldn’t be more satisfied with the performance of these modern, compact and versatile 9mm platforms” stated Sheriff Chad Chronister, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

“Given the complex nature of some of the more specialized calls for service we have been responding to, expanding the issuance of this high-performance platform provides Deputies with a necessary tool to ensure the security of those we have been entrusted to protect.”

The APC9 PRO is a lightweight, compact, versatile platform utilizing a hydraulic buffer system to drastically reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise and is the workhorse of the APC PRO line. The platform offers functional features to include dual auto-folding, non-reciprocating and ambidextrous charging handles, ergonomic lower feature sets that include a side positioned bolt hold open/release and a replaceable M4 compatible grip.

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    • Maybe they hope the attacker will laugh himself to death, but I guess anything is better than nothing

      • Start center mass and walk it up…or down I guess? Not sure I would have gone with this platform, although I have wanted a range toy like this for awhile.

    • Question falls in the ammunition category.

      On the other hand…Good News for the school and students. Bad news for dirtbags.

        • 3a spectra/dyneema/uhmwpe is stopping it more often than not for the last few years. Prior to 2019ish liberty and underwood xtr def were both 3a penetrations consistently and still do nasty things to 3a kevlar and level 2 for the materials above. With that said a longer barrel has shown promise for newer 3a panels in 9mm and 10/357 sig (in the loadings mentioned) is still a strong possibility of passthrough.

      • Highest end available 9mm ap would not be able to pen “special threat” (5.56/7.62×39 not 7.62×51) plates let alone level 3-4. Honestly some of the newer dyneema/spectra level 3a may stop the older smg 9mm ap rounds. But would still be an improvement over pistol only.

        • That’s why you always go for the groin shot. Once down you can shoot them anywhere you wish or they will bleed out before you get the chance.

        • Pretty much. Headshots are great too if you can get them but the groin (well pelvic girdle really) doesn’t move as much and is bigger.

    • Overpenetration concerns most likely with classrooms being all around. I could see using a standard length barrel 5.56 (14.5-18 inch) to help ensure fragmentation of the bullet and hopefully let it break apart in badguy/cinderblock but adding penetrators may be a hazard that outweighs the benefits.

    • Just a reminder: Body armor doesn’t cover everything. I’m thinking that I would start practicing for the groin shot and the head shot. Center of mass didn’t work so well in Buffalo, and that security guard died for his effort. Just go for the groin, two or three shots, then the head, two or three shots, back to the groin. If the arsewipe doesn’t go down by then, you know that you’re badly outclassed, so maybe bumrush the guy and beat him to death with your weapon. Also, don’t forget that armor doesn’t cover armpits, the arms, and often the sides of the torso further down. Maybe center mass can be made to work in some circumstances.

      This is all relatively simple stuff that police forces should be incorporating in their training, right now.

      How many generals have practiced, practiced, practiced, to win the last war, neglecting to prepare for the next war? Maybe that’s where cops are at right now?

      • My platoon leader beat his head against the wall to get us used to shooting for head and hips because we were starting to hear about chinese armor plates starting to make their way into our likely deployment zones. Everyone doing the training was all for it and it doesn’t take too much training to figure out (especially the hip shots) but getting anyone above a Captain in the army to approve the ammo for training was absurdly difficult. Fighting bureaucratic/established leadership inertia is often way harder than learning from new training.

    • It may be because ARs have been demonized so much. “It doesn’t shoot one of those awful rifles rounds that explodes the body on impact. It merely blows out the lung.” “We’ll take it!”

    • I think a P90 would fit this role quite well. Soft armor is no problem. 5.7 won’t go through plates, however with full auto and 50 rounds to dump into the attacker that would be hitting legs, arms, ect… it would be effective.

      • Need the AP 5.7 for new 3a most of them are rated for 2k fps in lead core fmj 5.7…….no idea on barrier/interior construction penetration for 5.7 though so may not be absurd.

    • Roberto (importsuyai)
      El inadaptado/os,cuando aprenda/an a ver que hay posibilidades de enfrentamiento SERIO y ENTRENADO, lo pensara/an dos veces.

    • Are your granddaughters placed in automobiles to get them from place to place? If so you are a fool. They are 800x more likely to be injured or killed in those car rides than any public school shooting sort of event. Start carpooling with your local Amish buggie from here on out.

      • Didja stop to think that home schooled kids don’t travel as much as pubic school kids? (Intentional spelling error there.) My grandkids only leave the property once or twice a week, they have everything they need right here. I expected them to want to get out more as they aged, but the grandkids who are near adults just don’t have any strong urges to hang out in town, run with the bad kids, or travel very much.

        But yeah, when they leave the house, they generally travel by car or truck.

      • Rationality doesn’t mean what you think it means.

        It’s actually a huge problem with our society that the vast majority of people don’t at all understand what rationality or to be rational means. I suggest you take a deep dive into the concept, it will surprise you.

  1. Great, a pistol caliber carbine, GENIUS.

    What they should have issued was a 5.56 carbine with a suppressor. 9mm isn’t going to do much, if anything against body armor. Shooting any firearm inside a building is going to make you deaf pretty quick.

    If I was buying for this department, it would be a MK18 Mod 1 with a 11.5″ barrel, Surefire suppressor and a Surefire weapon light. Ideally I would use the Geissele URG Mlok upper. A good sling, like the a VTAC. Optic, probably an AimPoint T-2 as the battery life is really good and I don’t trust cops to change the battery, otherwise I would opt for a EoTech, as they have a bigger window and are just faster.

    Then, training, training and more training. Heck, put the same carbine in all the patrol cars.

    • While your suggestion would also have issues with plates it would handle soft armor including newer 3a…..might be cheaper too.

      • A binary trigger with 35 grain/4k fps rounds and 60 grain softpoint rounds alternating in the magazine. Fast lightweight penetrating shot to compromise the armor, slower heavier expanding shot to do the damage. Harbinger and Messenger.

        Getting the right balance of barrel length and twist to get both kinds of rounds consistently impacting close to each other would be the main challenge.

        • The mad scientist in me wants to know more the rationalist in me questions the wisdom of cyberpunk solutions. With that out of the way do you have more information on the 35 grain loading as my first thought is a machined aluminum cavitator shape to get enough bullet length to weight to engage most rifling effectively?

        • SAFE,
          Midway shows 8 projectiles in that range, which look reasonably conventional.

          Even if you went lighter/shorter, I don’t think engaging the rifling is the issue; I’d be more concerned with positioning in the mag.

        • Umm you are probably right re bullet stabilizing but a lighter than lead option would allow more length to same weight to fit size for magazine and being harder than lead while not legally considered armor piercing. With that said not sure aluminum would do as well as copper re reliability in function.

        • Ah, makes good sense, thanks. It might be possible to jacket an aluminum projectile in gilding metal to give the advantages of both.

    • Plenty of room to argue about the choice of caliber, with valid reasons on both sides of the argument, but I have to wonder why the school board felt a need to select an SBR!

      They picked a pistol caliber gun, with a pistol length barrel (so just pistol ballistics) and then chose a folding stock (not even one of those so-called “braces” that everyone knows is really a stock).

      All the cost and hassle of an NFA weapon where the only possible advantage is concealability. Do they really plan to have their School Resource Officers walking around with a concealed PDW?

      • Hopefully because they were already bought and paid for and not the first choice for the scenario.

      • “…but I have to wonder why the school board felt a need to select an SBR!”

        Its so it can be carried by the officer all the time. Most resource officers kept a long gun in their cars and didn’t carry it because its too long and got in the way and was heavier, if a shooting happened they would have had to go to the car to get the rifle and that wasted valuable time. So they selected a gun that the officer could carry with them more easily because its shorter and the stock collapses all the way in and its lighter than a full sized rifle.

        • Somehow I do not see this being open carried on school grounds day in and day out. I agree that the smaller overall package is a good idea for handling in what could be cramped conditions while still being useful in longer hallways. Glad they are putting in a better option than a duty pistol just confused by the reasoning behind this particular configuration.

        • So, they’re looking for lighter, and easier to carry. Most likely, the guy carrying it isn’t going to carry extra magazines either? He does a mag dump on the first bad guy he sees, he hears footsteps behind him, turns around to see the second bad guy, smiling.

        • Actually, they bought them because they look cool. However 9mm WILL blow the lungs out, Joe said so.

      • The ONLY possible advantage? What about maneuverability, retention, and single-handing ability (a constant consideration in buildings)?

        For 9mm, a rifle-length barrel would add a little bit of velocity and energy (but the projectiles are optimized for pistol velocity and energy). “All the cost and hassle of an NFA weapon” are irrelevant to a government agency.

  2. That’s all well and good. The question is whether these “school resource officers” will USE THE TOOLS GIVEN THEM!! We saw the Coward of Broward County, then we saw multiple police forces fail in Uvalde. God only knows how many other instances of police cowardice have not been exposed or reported.

    I could excuse a school teacher for failing to act fearlessly, or bravely. Police officers cowering when action is demanded is inexcusable.

    Do something, right or wrong. Lead, follow, or get the fock out of the way.

  3. I cannot argue against armed RSOs, or armed teachers and staff. However, the threat seems to be single individuals, not company size Ranger attack formations. Carbines can be useful for providing suppressing fire, but suppressing fire in a school means “spray and pray”, which is going to add to the student body count.

    As to head and groin shots….becoming effective at that means a level of consistent training well beyond the amount of money schools will agree to spend for protecting students. And the training required to be effective must use moving targets.

    • For unpopular opinions of the day I will say if the school district is unwilling to provide ammo/training for any semiauto rifle/carbine the RSO would be best served being issued a 12 gauge shotgun with #4buck for increasing the likelihood of hitting a dynamic target that may have varied levels of ballistic protection. Wouldn’t be my preferred suggestion but if training/funding is not available …………..

  4. A perfect example of how a jurisdiction can and will WASTE taxpayer dollars before they lost it for not spending it. I’d rather just rely and my sidearm with extra mags.

  5. I’m less concerned about the “tools” and more interested in the training. As we aw from the incident in TX, they had plenty of firepower and “tools” and poor leadership and training.

    Great that they get the toys, but are worthless without the proper training. And by that I don’t mean just one session or one annual certification/recert. This should be an ongoing thing that can be done on prem for each resource officer and each location – after normal hours. Lock the school down and run through the drills and scenarios until it is second nature. Without that , we’ll just keep getting more and more failures to protect.

  6. My guess would be that this department runs Glock 9 mm handguns. The B&T is an outstanding sub gun and a Glock magazine compatible lower just adds to the appeal. Despite the naysayers submachineguns still have a place in the game.

    • Always will with unarmored attackers/indoors/suppressed/multiple attackers/need less overpenetration through cinder blocks (pick all that apply but first one can be a limiting factor)

    • Ross, I agree with you. I like a sub-machingun. However, I believe that when it’s a hard question the best answer is almost always a rifle.

      • While it shouldn’t be the primary factor in decision making (mostly is) it is also the most budget friendly option as well especially when agency bulk purchasing gets involved and localities and other government entities can participate.

        • Hence why rifles tend to be picked more often and my bafflement at their choice here unless they were already on hand and/or on a larger procurement contract elsewhere that got repurposed.

      • As someone that has worked in an armed capacity within school systems (outside the US) I would not feel under armed with a B&T or an MP5, these weapon systems are far more effective as a “bag gun” than a 556 SBR. If the sheriffs department in question is going for low profile plain clothes approach then this weapon system makes far more sense than a 5.56 SBR.

  7. Sticking with the original M1 or M2 Carbine (with a 12″ barrel and a composite SBR stock) would have been:

    1. controllable,

    2. more powerful,

    3. more effective (with a 3-round burst setting).

    4. These worked remarkably well in the Vietnam “tunnels” and would be more than adequate in a school setting.

    This is just my humble opinion.

    • Ammo availability? Otherwise there is a lot of potential but for readily available ammo 357 sig or even 10mm would be easier to supply. Not sure on availability of the firearm offhand so might have something there if an ammo supply can be secured.

  8. Overpenetration? This shows ballistic ignorance.
    5.56mm soft point penetrates less in a body than 9mm JHP.

    The key is not missing and you are less likely to miss with a 5.56mm rifle.
    Many well trained shooters run a Glock 17 9mm as well on a combat course as a
    9mm carbine- but then training.
    As for ammunition I pray they adopt service grade ammunition not a load from a second tier maker.

  9. I am not thrilled with their choice of a sub-gun, either.

    I understand the immense appeal and utility of something that is small and relatively light with relatively light recoil.

    I also understand the significant limitations of most platforms which are small and light and produce minimal recoil.

    Why not chose a sub-gun (or something close to a sub-gun) in a more potent caliber like FN Five SeVen or even .300 AAC Blackout?

    • The more I think of it the blackout probably would be a good choice overall from short barrel efficiency to suppresser friendly, to having some excellent sub and supersonic loadings that can get through soft armor, be ballistically useful, and not overpenetration too much with typical cinderblocks while being able to fit in a relatively small duffel bag. I seem to remember joking about such a setup being the new department of education issued weapon a few weeks/months ago………

  10. To use one of these things the UK POlice would get at least three months of dedicated training and that’s what we rae taliking about here a PRIVATE POLICE FORCE and an obligatory refreshe course at least every 6 months – the ONLY pass mark in either isis 100%. Who ig goinf g to rtraind these peopel and who will payfor it ? Because to comply with the above. I estimate that it costs the UK Police at least £GB20,000 [around $US25,000] to fully train a FIREARMS OFFICER and probably £GB3000,oo to maintain the nessessary skills by continuityn training. If the video from UVALE are anything to go by I’d say the US police get no more thaqn a bloody week if that. Policed and security training is a damn sight more than just blasting down a range as well. There has to be a great deal of Psychological assessment over an extended period of time and if you want that kind of standards for these folk you will have to get away from the Pot Bellied Mall ‘Security Officer’ and hire real professionals and that my friends cost’s REAL MONEY. The whole idea is ludicrous unless those standards are met.
    Unless of course to put into writing that YOU are prepared to accept 2nd and more probably 3rd best to protect your kids?
    And then there is the question of a suitable standard for licensing these guys.
    Unless you are prepared to put into writing that you are prepared not only to accept 2nd or 3rd best but poorly licensed guys as well.
    Then there is the mecnanism to check all these things and the creation of an independent agency to ensure compliance.
    Unless that is you are prepared to put into writing that you are prepared to accept 2nd or 3rd best and loosely licensed guys and no INDEPENDENT means of ensuring compliance with the required standards.
    Lastly there is the question of WHO PAY’S> Parents? The state from an alreaty hard pressed education budget. The POLICE form their hard pressed budget OR the bloody gun owners who are so keen on the idea? Now there’s a thought.!
    It’s going to cost I with on-costs at least $US200,000 PA per medium sized school with three professional guys patrolling premises at all time’s. No make that $US 300,000 PA . Because that’s what it would cost for 3/4 Police Officers

    • Unlike the UK, ‘Muricans learn to shoot soon after they learn to masturbate. It doesn’t TAKE 3 months to figure out which end of the boom stick goes toward the bad guy. We’re born knowing that.

      “Congress has no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and every terrible implement of the soldier are the birthright of Americans.” Tench Coxe

    • Albert-in-a-can says “There has to be a great deal of Psychological assessment over an extended period of time ”

      Dude, in the UK, almost everyone is psycho. I heard that your queen won’t consent to taking any psyche tests, because she knows she’s psycho!

    • “YOU are prepared to accept 2nd and more probably 3rd best to protect your kids?”

      I’ll settle for a whole bunch of Elija Dickens, good ole country boys whose grandaddies taught them to shoot. Now crawl back under the porch with the rest of the mad dogs and Englishmen.

    • Albert…. this has got to be the most stupid bit of bloated word salad you have written in a while.

    • @Albert Hall

      “and that’s what we rae taliking about here a PRIVATE POLICE FORCE”


      School resource officers are not a private police force. They are police officers or sheriff deputies (depending on how they are sworn) employed by the local police department or county sheriffs department just like other officers, they are public service law enforcement employees that focus on schools and ate not a private police force. What we are talking about here is school resource officers.

  11. Back in the day, we used the MP5 with a can for CQB situations. Quiet, accurate, and available.
    Honestly, how many of the school shooters had body armor? While a PCC may be a little more stable and easier for the semi-trained to use, a few more hours of training with their service/EDC weapon would be a better choice. How many SRO’s are actually going to carry this at all times. Perhaps stash it in a locked file drawer or another location inside the school, rather than a rifle in the car, but not likely to be with the officer when he actually needs it.

  12. Won’t matter if the officer won’t engage. (Uvalde?). A .38 revolver and quick action works better than a uzi or a 7.62 with no balls to use it.
    That being said that little sbr is probably fun as hell.

  13. looks like an assault weapon to me. No body neeeeeeds an assault weapon. They should just protect kids with .22 smart pistols. No giving the defenders an unfair advantage….right?

  14. I’m betting the Department issue pistols is a Glock. That way if their 32 rounders run out, they can swap mags with their daily carry 17 round mags.

    Jealous, I’d love to own even a Semi only B&T. Not likely on my retiree budget.

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