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  1. It’s hot, I’m hot, and miserable. I’ve got an air conditioner but I’m not turning it on, if I get used to air conditioning someday it might go off, then I’d be hot and miserable and pissed off because my air conditioner wont work.
    I cant figure that meme out?

    • Do you not eat food because some day you might not have any? Let the air rip while you have it. A ford f150 might come before someday.

      I quit trying to figure these things out. Maybe I’m too old for this stuff.

      • And that new all-electric F-150 is *silent*.

        Better warn your kin, Possum… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Never thought about the silent, and no oil smoke with batteries either, we can still hear the rattling down the rode though, and I’m sure the ping ping as parts go flying off.
          Fords used to be good trucks up until they put electric windshield wiper motors on them. After that they turned into nothing but Fckn Old Rebuilt Dodges. Ram power, ram the piston right through the block.

    • Ford trucks tend to have fairly strong AC systems, mebbe you orta make amends, kill two birds with one stone so to speak.๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Four inches of snow in my yard less than a week ago, possum. So bite me, but please make sure I’ve stopped kicking before you do. I haven’t had my shots.

        • Ayup…part of the shooting mystique when the oil / grease blows back in your face when shooting suppressed! What the heck, RemOil* on the mags, cartridges, chamber, barrel, springs, slides (rails and all), firing pins, roll pins, sights and grips (in case of humidity and sweat stains…).

          *the use of the word RemOil does not constitute an endorsement for this product. I could have said: MilComm, Lucas, Outer’s, 3-in-1, WD-40, Dri-Slide, Ballistol, Barricade, Kroil, paraffin, lanolin or EEZOX.

  2. Guess some people are afraid of taking apart their firearms for cleaning and maintenance.
    But then, I know a few people who should never be allowed to have any type of tools. They may be able to disassemble something, but would lose parts, damage parts, or damage themselves in the process.

  3. We used to cut out frog organs and flip them into girls hair in bio class. I’m pretty sure I failed the class and didn’t impress the fairer sex.

  4. You cannot defeat the Laws of Physics and it is IMPOSSIBLE to get MORE energy out of a system than you put into it. Energ than you put you can only change it’s nature by PHYISCAL means. Even in the most efficient systems you can get only around EIGHTY PERCENT of the energy that you put in. Solar PV] paneles convert, at most around 20% of the enrgy that falls, in the form of light onto them, into electric energy [ though it is hoped the next generation of panels may reach 25%. HYDROGEN – AIR/OXYGEN fuel cells [and the only source of HYDROGEN in sufficient quantity is byn the eLECTROLYSIS of water is only ferasible if the power require for large scale electrolysis in NUCLEAR POWER whch using the URANIUM FUEL CYCLE id s around SIX perecent efficien though the THORIUM FUEL CYCLE is far more so! [and safer by the way. Even wind and tidal electfrical generation only uses a fraction of the powere of tide and wind available.
    THis is a con and not a very logical one if you use a modicum of CRITICAL THINKING. Power output MUST require a power input and that input, by the unchangeable LAWS OF PHYSICE [more correctly the LAWS of THERMODYNAMICS] still apply.
    This guy is a crefully chosen ACTOR even down to the QUASI UK-ENGLISH accent .
    I do noy t know how old thios blog is but the suggetion in the videoo is it was made shorly after the ‘floods’ referred to NOBODY reduces anything by SEVENTY PERCENT except to clear stock and in this case before the authorities catch on> One thing is for sure they’ed b never get away with it in Europe.
    On a final note ! If it was that bloody simple there would by now be a huge industry behind it . Does anybody really think that vthe ‘WICKED WICKED BIG GENERATION would be building multi-billion systems. Do you not think trhat somebody would just buy the plans ang o go into large scale production. No patent mentioned by the way or PRODUC/TRADEMARK protecdtion -wooden bloody cog wheel my backside. What ‘mechanicals we did see in the video looked to me like a lash-up of Automobile ALTERNATORS and and a couple of INDUCTION motors

    • Maybe he was allowed a double ration down at the pub? Socialist medical provision for an old war horse pensioner.

      • I hear that if you turn in yer folding pocket knife (under 2″ or the entire pub patronage flees upon presentation) you get a free pint. Of what we’re not sure but hey, it’s free…


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