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California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom writes [via Facebook]:

I’ll be blunt: watching this video created by the NRA sent a chill down my spine – one that was followed by a feeling of sadness and fear that I haven’t shaken a day later. We live in an increasingly polarized country.

Between cable news, social media, and even the places we choose to live and work, it’s easier than ever to retreat into our ideological bubbles, attacking those who don’t toe our ideological line. Progressives do it. Conservatives do it. There are times I know I am guilty of this as well.

But when I watch this video, I see something that crosses into an even more dangerous place: a piece of propaganda the goal of which is to teach the viewer that our fellow Americans are to be feared… and even worse.

How does this video advance debate? How does it bring people together for common ideals? How does it do anything but cast Americans as “enemies” to be defeated in a cynical ploy to sell as many weapons as possible?

My history with the NRA is no secret. I don’t hold them in high regard and I know they certainly aren’t fans of mine. And that’s fine – we don’t need to work from the same values, and we probably never will.

But today, I am asking the National Rifle Association of America – pleading with you in fact: Please, please, please remove this video. There is no amount of gun sales that can offset the potential damage you may do with this. Come after politicians. Come after policy makers. Come after ME.

But please do not villainize [sic] ordinary Americans. Do not implicitly call for demonstrations of force against your fellow Americans in a country that is already reeling. You are powerful. People are listening to you. And your message could lead to tragedy.

I’m willing to talk. I’m willing to meet. I’m willing to listen. But please take down this video.

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  1. So… mentioning the violence being committed against right-wing people by leftist lunatics is what is causing the violence? Well if that makes sense to anyone they’re probably beyond hope.

    • You know you’re over the target when you’re receiving flack.

      If you’re gettng complaints from D-bags like Gavin Newsom you know you’re doing things right.

      • Just for accuracy’s sake, it’s ‘FLAK.’ Short for ‘FLugzeugAbwehrKanone.’ German, meaning ‘antiaircraft cannon.’
        ‘Flack’ is a slang word for ‘public relations dude.’

      • NRA is repeating a point that anyone who has seen the violence and lies perpetrated by antifa and bamn in berkley, and the baltimore riots etc. Gavin needs to take a look in the mirror. NRA didn’t invent this, and seeing this video after seeing numerous acts of violence from the left from independent sources, NRA is just reporting. Gavin can’t do a factual rebuttal becaue it is true and accurate. Gavin does what the out of touch with reality usually do, distract with emotional pleas and distractions.

    • The Demographic this NRA video was produced for has been very effective. A proven marketing strategy which draws much attention. Pro as well as Con. For me personally, however, it is positively the wrong message. Very divisive and may I add, complete misdirection. I’m sorry. But this is totally irrelevant to the 2nd. Amendment. Which, by the way, please note, I wholly support. I, were it up to me would take down what I believe to be this sectarian piece of propaganda. I sincerely find it “un” American as anything I have ever heard. It’s almost as if the loony left produced and posted it – It is massively counter productive. In my opinion, this “smacks” of nothing more than totalitarian b.s. It is, in my opinion, totally Fascist – plain and simple. It is un-American. I would ask this… do you sincerely believe only Trumpites, Neo – Cons and Neo – Liberals are the only ones who believe, embrace and are beholden to the 2nd. Amendment? Enough of the “Divide and Rule” please. United we must stand.

    • Seriously?

      How about the rich and wonderful heritage of Americans defending their homes and business from rioting scumbags?

    • Their ideology goes hand in hand with disarmament. Its necessary to advance (impose) their policical agenda with (on) the masses. The implied threat of overwhelming violence we represent coupled with our desire for the truth is what stands in the way of spreading their polical narrative. Its why they dont riot/burn neighborhoods in traditionally conservative areas; the local population will destroy them. Liberals burn down liberal (unarmed/frightened) neighborhoods. If they had guts they’d try that crap someplace other than San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, Berkeley, etc.

  2. “Do not implicitly call for demonstrations of force.” In other words, they didn’t do what he is claiming they did. The video is about how spreading the truth is the only way to defend against the left’s, to use Newsom’s own words “implicit[] call” for violence that results in violence.

    It’s not surprising that Newsom sees telling the truth as an act of violence.

    • Bullshit. That video is either a call to violent insurrection and/or cold-blooded murder that walks right up to the legal definitions and gives them a firm nudge, or it is a cynical ploy to tweak on the fears of people who cower in the dark at imagined leftist hordes (and post things on Internet forums acting like one incident of violence by a whacko with an SKS makes all other instances of violence by those on the right null and void) in order to sell more guns and get more money.

      Or both.

      It is a horrendous light to portray gun owners in, and it is causing real and lasting damage to sane gun owners and people like me who firmly believe in gun rights and do our best to convince our Democrat friends that gun owners aren’t wackaloons.

      The NRA is to gun owners what PETA is to vegetarians.

      • “one incident of violence by a whacko with an SKS makes all other instances of violence by those on the right null and void”
        Please cite a few examples of violence that were perpetrated by law-abiding right-wingers… we’ll wait.

        • Your question is moot. Law-abiding folk of any political color don’t, by definition of being law abiding, commit any acts of unjustified violence. Plenty of right-wing extremists do: McVeigh, that kid from one of the Carolinas who murdered all the folks in the AME church, abortion clinic bombers. Same with the left – plenty of extremists, no matte their ideology, use violence as a means to an end.

        • McVeigh was anti-government. Period.

          The shooter in the AME disaster wasn’t anti-Obama. He was anti-black.

          The statement was that anti-Obama people had already killed people because Obama was president, or a Demoncrat, or something.

      • Did you watch the same video as I did? What are you talking about? This video only portrays facts with a request at the end to stand together against radical liberals and their agenda. It said nothing about inciting violence (like the liberals do). I have to question your motives and agenda for posting here.

      • Swarf,
        Like BLoving, I’d like to hear examples of violence perpetrated by right-wing extremists. How many congressmen have been shot by right wing extremists in the last ten years? That might be a good place to start.

      • “…acting like one incident of violence by a whacko with an SKS makes all other instances of violence by those on the right null and void”

        Swarf, that video created BEFORE the SKS whacko tried to assassinate Republicans.

        There is NOTHING wrong with that video. Ever since the election, the Left has been on a wholesale violence rampage on US.

        When we lose elections, we complain, but we don’t riot, burn, and attack the opposition…

      • Yep, Swarf, you show by your reaction that the truth hurts. Dana is simply pointing out the violence of the left towards the right and you don’t like it.

        That, or the left is just trying to gin up another controversy to distract from CNN being shown that they have been manufacturing fake news about the Russian/Trump election hacking “controversy”.

      • We’re not wackaloons? But what about spilling blood for the Blood God and collecting skulls for the Skull Throne? Can I still do that?

        • Nice 40k reference, though Khorne was never quite my favorite. Been a long time since I’ve played, though I have missed it as of late. BCHS ’95

      • Swarf is having another conniption fit. This should be good. Can y’all hold off on posting anything else while I make popcorn?

      • Hey Swarf….. Screw you and the Snowflake you rode in on! Do I need to be any more plain? F$#k Off Nutjob!

      • Lookup what bamn and antifa are doing before you start smearing. Dana is making a statement for self defence aginst the likes of bamn and antifa. Look up the actions of berkley bike lock attacker and it might open some eyes.

      • The hyperbolic leftist rhetoric that helped motivate the actions of that nutjob with an SKS is precisely what the NRA video was railing against.

        The ‘clenched fist of truth’ Dana calls for is a response to the clenched fist symbol used by leftist protestors on their “Resist!” posters. Watch the video of her and Tucker and get back to us.

      • Swarf you are clearly stupid or just lying. No where in the video does it imply that. You clearly didn’t watch the video. All she does is explain the truth about the loony left.

      • This it’s time to recognize we are at war in America with a group and or groups that hate the country the history and spirit that makes us the greatest country on earth…… enough pandering to commies they need to face the cold hard reality of their choices

  3. First of all…the NRA doesn’t sell guns, Gavin, they represent gun owners. Second, the video contains completely factual, documented cases of violence committed by your people Gavin, and citizens should be aware of the violent and totalitarian impulses that you and your people exhibit, for their own safety. You people are a real and present threat to the republic and this video is simply a public service. I understand why you want it taken down, Gavin, but how about NO!

    • Nothing personal, but I always love when people address specific individuals in their responses, as if the dude is actually reading your words. It’s like when my dad used to yell at the television…

      • I just got my latest copy of American Rifleman and by golly, you’re right. It’s chock-full of advertisements for firearms! What more proof do you NEED that the NRA is in cahoots with those merchants of death? (Sarc off)

      • Wow!! I am shocked! Truly Shocked! That the NRA actually stated unequivocally and eloquently; the basic truth of what we face, and that the most powerful weapon that we can dispense to change our path towards tyranny really is the “simple” truth.

      • Now here is something I would like to see more of. NRA showing some spine and will to fight instead of cowering their back sides and worry about insulting someone’s sensibilities. Actually standing up and fighting – feels good, doesn’t it?
        Push more and strike twice as hard and who knows, maybe we can get closer to “before 1934”.

  4. “I’m willing to talk. ” No you’re not. A lecture is NOT a “talk”.
    “I’m willing to meet.” No you’re not. You never show up. The same as all the rest of your ilk.
    “I’m willing to listen.” No you’re not. We’ve been attempting to talk to you for decades. All you choose to do is scream, yell, and turn your hearing aids off.
    LIAR LIAR pants on fire! Nothing new to see here. Anti SOP.

    • Beat me to it, I was going to say the same. What is really disturbing is the political cynicism displayed by Governor-in-Waiting Newsome; he tries to make it sound like HE is being “reasonable” and conciliatory, yet the fact of the matter is that Prop 63, a law that among other things imposes an ammunition purchase licensing laws on law-abiding California gun owners, was his baby and his claim to fame that he thinks will propel him to the governor’s chair. He is against guns, against AR/AKs, in favor of mag bans, in favor of ever more restrictive gun laws, and against CCWs. He has NEVER seen a gun restriction that he couldn’t back. The really sad thing is that the average California voter will believe this crap and will look favorably upon him for it–which is why he issued the statement. Sad, sad, sad.

    • Not only are you right kenneth; he and his kind won’t talk, meet or listen, they also won’t be honest, conscientious or willing to compromise is good faith. Not about guns, not about basic bits of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th and 14th amendments to the constitution.

      The thing is, and as they have shown, not only can you not bargain with antis and leftist generally, you can’t even live with them, because while we mostly want to leave alone and be left alone, they cannot be satisfied until every aspect of life, public and private, is under their control, confirming to their ideals.

      I’m not talking about the rank and file, the useful idiots, I mean the leadership, the activists, social justice warriors, BLM, antifa…we must not, if we to survive as free people, stop this fight until these people, and their aggression in forcing their tyrannical agenda on US are not just pushed back, not just beaten, but utterly destroyed. The scoundrels exposed for the statist tyrannical garbage they are, broken, black listed and more concerned, like most of us, with the challenges of work and home and day to day living so that we can put down our arms, so to speak, and return to our proverbial farms, where we produce…everything.
      Until the various stripes of totalitarianists, statists, communists and fellow travelers are afraid and ashamed to speak out, their dystopian dreams of total control of the masses of ‘deplorables’ destroyed, reviled and thrown out on the dustbin of history we will have to continue the fighting on their terms, their schedule, the ground of their choosing until, piecemeal, we succumb.

      We have the Whitehouse, the Congress, likely soon the high court…we have a majority of statehouse and governors mansions, we have the truth, our conviction and principles, and the power of being right…

      We have half the people, most of the money and all of the guns…

      I’d say it’s well past time we took the fight to them, get in thier faces, destroy thier comfort zones, let them worry about where they speak and what they say, and let’s bury them so deep down in the whole they’re digging that we never have to face threats from that quarter again.

      • “I’m not talking about the rank and file, the useful idiots,”

        Are you not vastly underestimating the power of thoroughly brainwashed useful idiots?

        • No Sam, I’m assuming, based on observation, that the useful idiots will bend to support whichever side is winning. I’m fully aware that there are fanatics and true believers, I just don’t think they will cause much trouble once it becomes clear that we will no longer appease, or even much tolorate them if they don’t return to working and getting along once the party is over.

        • Ardent@ This is it exactly. The useful idiots are only those that bend whichever way the winds blow. The followers of whatever they perceive as the herd. For now, they seem to be on the left, but it is only because the left owns the lame stream media. Those few who still worship CNN and the rest of the ‘mainstream’ media are still following that ‘herd’, but their days are numbered and the bell is tolling for them.
          Also; “not just pushed back, not just beaten, but utterly destroyed”? I’m all in on the fight, but it is a mistake to think that evil can ever be totally destroyed. It exists in the hearts of many, and always will.
          A wise man once said; “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.” He was correct. Our fathers and grandfathers let their guard down back in the day. That’s how we ended up in this fix. In free times evil just lays low and waits for the right moment to strike. In 1913, their time was ripe. And here we are. Now it’s our time, and I’ve been waiting for it since 1968!

        • “Our fathers and grandfathers let their guard down back in the day. That’s how we ended up in this fix.”

          Yes, you are correct. I would pinpoint that moment of disregard as the day the vote was extended to the average person. When the vote was restricted to men (yes, men) of substance (I would never qualify).

  5. Awww… he didn’t like it?
    Play it over and over. Share it with everyone. Make it go viral and put it on the major networks if the NRA can pay them enough to do it.
    We knew the truth would piss off or make uncomfortable the Dems… that’s why we do it. And we’re not going to stop until they stop with their lies about us.

  6. An extremely liberal and anti-Second Amendment friend of over a half century standing decried Loesch’s speech on his Facebook page. I couldn’t resist telling him that the speech wasn’t effective because I’ve punched him upside his noggin for over 50 years with the “clenched fist of truth” and it hasn’t penetrated his thick, liberal skull yet.

  7. The video was published almost three months ago and all of a sudden there’s outrage? Someone sent out the memo and the minions decided to attack. Deflection for all the fake news coming out of CNN perhaps? Go after the second boogie man when the other one in the White House is winning?

    • If had to wait until the phoney “opiod crisis” fiction had taken root. That one brings cash into the progtard world. Have t keep them “employed” or they can’t vote multiple times.

  8. Did this guy have anything to say when the entire left celebrated an American being sucker punched on the street for his political views?

      • So, violence against people for their speech is all right as long as it’s people you don’t agree with. They say dumb shit, maybe even very unpopular shit, feel free to beat them and as you suggest kill them. Right?
        In antifa eye we are all Nazis.

  9. Amen, Dana. Although I’m not cheap enough to be an “Antifa” insurrectionist for minimum wage like some unemployed Communists. LOL!

  10. “But please do not villainize [sic] ordinary Americans.”
    You mean gun owners like me? Go f@#k yourself.

  11. This from a statist in California where it’s easier to be killed by an illegal alien than it is to obtain a concealed carry permit. Go pound sand you douche bag.

    • the NRA video is a statist as you can get. “Hey private citizens take up arms against your fellow citizens protesting the State.”

      • Some of the “protesters” in the video are not “protesting” the state. They are “protesting” Milo Yiannoppoulos.

        I mean you could claim they are “protesting” the state for not violating the 1A rights of Yiannoppoulos.

        And obviously protesting means the same thing as rioting and destroying property that is not theirs.

        • That guy doesn’t sound American so forget him. But what do you call it when us real Americans are going to defend the government against fake Americans?

        • In the law of armed conflict, which used to be called the law of war, it’s called the “levée en masse, whereby the inhabitants of a country which has not yet been occupied, on the approach of the enemy, spontaneously take up arms to resist the invading troops without having time to form themselves into an armed force. Such persons are considered [lawful] combatants [entitled to the protections of prisoners of war] if they carry arms openly and respect the laws and customs of war “

      • Sam, take up arms? It’s in the Constitution, it protects our God given right to bear them. Read it some time. It is the most anti state document ever written. The BOR says what the government can’t do to you.

        • In light of your other ignorant comment, I will assume that you are not being sarcastic.

          The 2A states:

          “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

          The point of a Militia in a free State is twofold. On the one hand, the militia is there to support the state in times of invasion or insurrection, as one of Congress’s express powers, laid out in the Constitution, is “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”

          On the other hand, the militia is a counter-weight to a standing army and a tyrannical government.

        • Robert, disregard. Couldn’t determine where Newsome ended, and your comments began. Apparently they didn’t.

          My bad.

  12. Newsom (likely next commie kalli overlord) is simply a slime bag, out of touch, anti American. Folks, you think Brown is bad, wait till this thing is crowned governor.

    • He is political operator, which means that he ought to be slick, calculating and able to fool people. This is exactly what he does.

      • “He is political operator,”

        Is that anything like an operational politician operating politically operational ?

        • Not even close. Politicians does not have to wear Multicam or Kryptek and wear Gargoyles 24/7.

          (but seriously, simile is appropriate – hard, often distasteful stuff mostly misunderstood by laymen)

  13. So now the 2A is to be used by citizens on other citizens who express dissent against the State? Talk about giving antis rhetorical ammo. What statist moron wrote this garbage?

    • Statist. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

      In political science, statism is the belief that the state should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree. Statism is effectively the opposite of libertarianism; an individual who supports extensive intervention by the state is a statist.
      i.e. Democrats

      Just because you see a word, does not mean you know what it means.

    • “So now the 2A is to be used by citizens on other citizens who express dissent against the State?”

      If an ‘Antifa’ goon comes at me with a chain, rock, or other lethal weapon because he wants to ‘Nazi Bash’ me as I am peacefully protesting, I will defend myself.

      Is that difficult for you to understand?

        • “How many times has that happened to you?”

          If i lived In California, probably alot.

          I dont consider antifa/communists/leftists “fellow citzens” and certainly not “countrymen”. More like future enemy combatants who fall outside the rules of the Geneva/Hague conventions..

  14. I’m willing to talk…how the HE!! were you ever married to the extremely fine Kimberly Guilfoyle?!? Nod nod wink wink?

  15. Gavin Newsome is a phony. He’ll say whatever his sponsors want and make it sound genuine.

    Gavin Newsome is for Gavin Newsome.

    The sad thing is, Californians will likely elect him next.

  16. Good lord the truth hurts too doesnt it.
    In a word or 2.
    Screw You.
    Dana speaks the truth and liberals cant take hearing let alone seeing it. Plain as day.
    Just because your side is in the wrong here.
    The NRA who is telling the simple truth and you dont want to see it. 2 months later I might add.
    Same as with the election. You lost that too.
    Get over yourselves.

  17. Typical Leftist…against Free Speech when it runs counter to their emotional narrative.

    Especially when it exposes them for what they are and those that support their ideoloogy.

  18. Gavin is a supporter of the culture of violence that is at the core of the Leftist Political Movement in this country. The violent members of his core constituency are the ones that help get out the vote for him and give money to his causes and campaigns. He can’t afford to condemn those violent people!

  19. Video was ok – kinda “meh” to me, but I absolutely loved the leftist reaction to it. They saw things between the lines that no one else saw, that no one put there, and that didn’t even exist. But they saw it, and hilarity ensued.

    Somehow the video is “racist.” Somehow the video is a call for “violence.” Hilarious and ridiculous. And the racists play the racist card, and the rights hating lieutenant governor plays the rights hating card. And their followers licked it up like sweet honey. They’ll probably burn some trash cans and vandalize some private property just because of this video.

    • Didn’t you know that only old, white, racist, right wing radical males own firearms? (Or at least , all NRA members.) After all, the Democrats banned blacks from owning them, so it must be true. And therefore the free speech rights of all OWRRWRMs (or NRA members) must be suppressed as they stand against the socialist, gun free utopia that the democrats seek to establish?

  20. And where was Newsome when the left was rioting in Berkeley?
    Not one word from him condemning the violence from the left was there?
    His outrage is because the video is condemning the very violence he condones

    • That is exactly my question. When Trump said he wanted to cut funding to them if they didn’t get their stuff together, he was like “don’t blame many for acts of a few.” Wow, that’s kind of contrary to every gun law he’s ever backed in the state of california isn’t it?

  21. Seriously TTAG? You were triggered by this ad? Did you SEE the guy with the bike lock beating on people? I can’t believe what I read in this article. What a simp.

      • rc, you are absolutely right! I made a huge mistake and didn’t realize that after the cut was a continuation of the quote from the bag of dick tips in CA. I sincerely apologize to TTAG for my comment.

        • Easy mistake to make and I was sure your eyes just didn’t catch the very first and easy to miss sentence about it being an FB post from the Kommie himself.

      • I read TTAG daily… every article* and most of the comments. I like to think I know what is going on in the TTAG staff’s heads regarding the posts. Having said that, I had to go back to the beginning and re-read this post to connect the dots that Robert was quoting Newsom’s FB post and NOT making these comments himself. I understand Greg Meryman’s confusion. Some italics or other “Hey, this is a long quote, NOT my thoughts” identification would have helped.

        [Edit] And I see my jumping to the defense of another was unnecessary as Monsieur Merryman posted his reply while I typed mine.

        *Ok, I do skim and/or skip some of the reviews when I’m not interested in the product and have skipped a few “sponsored posts.”

  22. If we have nothing to fear, stop trying to put gun control in place. After all, it must have no purpose.

  23. For decades the gun control lobby in general, and California liberals in particular, have been blaming ordinary gun owners for everything from gangland murders to foot odor. For decades they’ve invented new ways to threaten these same gun owners with state-sponsored violence. But now we’re not supposed to demonize ordinary Americans just because they’ve committed actual acts of violence. Got it.

  24. I’m glad we all got back on the side of the government. Trump is King! We sure should take up arms to protect the government against anti-government liberals. I’m thinking of moving somewhere where I might actually meet some or at least run into a “protest”! Ya’ll should do the same!

  25. Poor little Gavin, his mommy never told him about the mean people who would call him on his lies.

    A lying, lawless, intolerant, anti-civil rights bigot objects to the truth, hmmmm….

  26. “The Tree of Liberty Must be Refreshed from Time to Time with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants. It is it’s Natural Manure.” Thomas Jefferson. Nov. 13 1787. Take some of the time you use commenting and read more about this quote and what circumstances brought it about. We are coming to a important time in our Nations History. How we proceed and in what direction we go will be decided. The tactics used my not be up to those who believe in Liberty and Freedom. The battle lines are being drawn. Anyone who is honest with themselves sees it happening. We may get lucky and everything will work itself out in a peaceable manner. Mans history in the world has never been wholly peaceful. Many of our disagreement have ended in dispute and war. Be ready for the choice you may have to make. Because you will have to choose. Freedom and Liberty or Subjugation and Conformity. Giving up your Right of Self Determination or Living our Lives Freely. Choosing Our Own Path. We may all be on the same side in different ways. We’ve only allowed ourselves to be divided. By Who…That is possibly the answer we should really be looking for. And Why…What do they have to gain in keeping us divided. Freedom is an elusive thing. If it’s not given it’s due Like All Things It Will Wither and Die.

    • “We’ve only allowed ourselves to be divided. By Who”???

      The international banksters, now known as the “New World Order”, or simply; “the globalists”. They have been planning, working towards, and writing about this for centuries. Read the DOD,USN, ONI document titled; “silent weapons for quiet wars”; Operations Research Technical Manual TW-SW7905.1, available through FOIA from the ONI or free for the searching from many sites.

        • Some commies are Jews, not all Jews are commies. Or do we want to talk about the origins of the Frankfurt School?

        • FYI the Peter and Paul of the faux Libertarian anti-statist movement Ayn Rand and Murry Rothbard are Jews. Unlike Ukrainians Jews are smart folk. You find them all across the political spectrum.

        • tdiinva Actually, most Ukrainians are alright if you can get them to stop drinking the turpentine.

        • Sigh. Really Bob? Jesus was a Jew and brought us the the next spiritual evolution for this planet. Marx was a Jew and brought one of the most evil belief system ever devised.

          Jews have won the greatest number of Nobel prizes of any racial group. Jews are some of most accomplished in science, music, art, banking, engineering, etc. Which has allowed many to be in positions of power and influence. But Jews are not the only ones with power and influence.

          So yes, we can talk about how some people with power, some of who are Jews, are corrupted by that power, and are working against our individual freedoms and our best interests without you implying of believing that there is some kind of grand conspiracy by Jews to take over the world.

          Well, in actual fact, there is a plan, not a conspiracy, since it is well known, by one Jew in particular, that does have him ruling the world for a thousand years after his return, but I don’t think that is what you are implying.

        • A little quick on the trigger, here. The statement was a challenge response, calling out someone for not being open about hatred for Jews.

        • Sigh, again, except now not just in response to bob, but to Sam I Am and pat. H.

          You all use the same technique to shut down speaking about reality of the globalist one world movement like the progressives spew about closing our borders, “you’re racist”; we should restrict immigration from Islamic countries; “you’re a xenophobe!” Blacks commit more than fifty percent of all murders; “You’re racist”; we shouldn’t let a man use a woman’s bathroom because he feels like a woman today, “You’re a transphobic!’

          There is a movement to create a one world borderless world by the powers that be, which includes much the banking, industrial and military complex. To deny this is beyond delusional, when that is the publicly stated goal of many to most in positions of power. That is what much of the establishments hatred of Trump and those that support him is based upon, because he speaks about this reality and he is saying he believes in america first. And when this is pointed out, people will reflexively yell out, “You hate Jews!” as a way to shut down discussion.

          No, I really hate people that are programmed like Pavlov’s dog to yell out hateful adhominem’s as a way to stop any intelligent discussion of what is the reality. But that is what being politically correct is all about, the power of mind and thought control by the Powers That Be.

          So be good puppets, and imply or even blatantly state all the baseless adhominem’s you like, but that does not change the reality of what I speak.

        • I really want to understand your statement, but it is impenetrable. Would you mind a re-look, and a re-write, with a bit more clarity about what you think Bob and Sam were writing?

        • I went to read “Silent Weapons for Quiet wars” after my last post. What I’ve read so far seems pretty much spot on.
          But instead of bob saying that’s “It’s the Jews” behind this whole plan, it is instead Satan himself. The whole plan to create a one world government was a prophesy made over two thousand years ago, all spelled out in Revelations of the bible, by a Jew, by the way.

          And in the end, it will be all for naught. So y’all can keep denying the reality, but as the bible says, there was a great delusion set upon the people, and it is only by the blood of the lamb that one even has a faint chance to overcome this lie. And “it’s the Jew”(s) that will come back to set things right.

        • “But instead of bob saying that’s “It’s the Jews” behind this whole plan, ”

          Knee-jerk, and hair-trigger responses to the written word is why gun owners have a reputation for being dunderheads. Bob was responding to a long comment about how the world works, and that some nefarious group is behind it all. Bob was merely challenging the writer to be honest, and admit the writer thinks the driving force behind evil is the Jewish world cabal.

        • Sorry Sam I Am. But you are not addressing my point. That any time anyone brings up the fact that there is a very real movement by various power groups, all around the world, to create a one world government, one the most common dismissive rebuttals is the that they say “You just hate the Jews, and want to blame the Jews for creating some world wide conspiracy by Jews to control the world”. I get tired of it. It’s is an easy out and an easy mind control technique to keep people from simply acknowledging the reality of what we face.

          People of all races have their power mongers that want to concentrate power in their hands, The Russians, the Chinese, The blacks in Africa, The Arabs and the Persians, and various caucasians of various ethnicities in the western world. The fact that in the western world some of those with the power to even think about such control are Jews is simply the fact, some, but there are many others that have no Jewish lineagethat are pushing for this to happen , as well. But that simple fact is then used by those in power that don’t want their machinations exposed only have to say the trigger words, “you’re talking about a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world” and everyone just gets shut down and no one feels free to talk about this reality!

          But like I said, the push for a one world government is to me, a reality. It was prophesied that this would happen in the end times, which I believe these times are. That push is guided by Satan. And Satan is an equal opportunity employer that will use anyone to help his plan move forward. And if he can use the past attempt to commit genocide against G-ds people to keep people from seeing his plan in action, so much the better for Him.

        • I do understand what you are saying. Just pointing out Bob is not agreeing with the long comment, but challenging the writer to admit bias. Your responses should be addressed not to Bob, but whomever he was responding to.

        • Well, Sam I Am. If you weren’t using very well written English, I would think we were speaking two different language. Let’s try this again. I’ve been saying that Bob is the one that is being knee jerk in accusing Kenneth of being biased against Jews. That Bob has been brainwashed to automatically to spout out “You’re a Jew hater and Jewish Cabal conspiracy nut” whenever someone says the trigger words, “New World order”, and “Globalist conspiracy to control the world”. So I am saying that Bob is being biased and not Kenneth.

          Does that make it any clearer?

          The other question is why do you accept at face value that Kenneth is the one biased instead of Bob? Do you know Kenneth to be biased? Can you show proof of his bias? So If Bob has proof of Kenneth’s bias, it seems to me that he is the one to prove the accusation, or you, and not Kenneth, so why not post the proof?

        • “Does that make it any clearer? ”


          You presume Bob is reacting mindlessly. Having read both original comments, I have to conclude Bob is simply pointing out an attempt at obfuscation (which should be eschewed at every opportunity) of a hidden agenda/point of view. Unless you personally know the person to whom Bob responded, and discussed the meaning of the original comment off-line), how would you know, that is, know, for certain that the original post was benign.

          As to vocabulary, blame that on the fact I was taught language and grammar when the public school system was still dedicated to education, rather than political propaganda.

        • I mean the Khazarian Zionists, but if I “just say” THAT, nobody knows what the he!! I’m talking about. So I use some of their many other cover names.
          Evil is all about secrets and name changes, in case you are unaware of that.

        • I might should have mentioned, Khazaria was a very real place between the Caspian and Black Seas. They were first noted in recorded history when they came west with the Mongols of Genghis Khan to sack Europe, circa 512 AD. They much later choose the label “Jew” to hide behind. They invented that term. Before them it was known as Judaism, don’t you know?
          They are where the duality comes from. They are why there are two books, the Tora AND the Talmud, two languages; both Yiddish and Hebrew, etc. Haven’t you ever wondered why that might be?
          Read “The Thirteenth Tribe, A history of the Khazar Jews” by distinguished historian Arthur Koestler for more on this subject than you ever thought existed.

      • Well, Sam I Am, I guess Kenneth does mean there is a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. Unfortunately, people like Kenneth obscure the reality of the globalist agenda by trying to promote such an idea.

        For me, like I’ve said, people with power want more power, and so there is a real move by people with power to consolidate that power through creating a globalist agenda and creating by social engineering a hatred of nationalist identity among the people of the Western world.

        So sure, among the various people with power that are working towards a one world government, are some Jews; but to say it is primarily a Jewish conspiracy is to me, just another tool used by the powers that be to keep this whole agenda from being discussed.

        So when Bob just made a one sentence rebuttal to Kenneth’s first post by just saying “you mean Jews, better to just say it”, I have to admit I was triggered, (yeah,that word). Bob gave nothing beyond that sentence, just like when someone says you’re racist when you simply want the immigration laws to be enforced. No discussion, no context, just an accusation, end of discussion. Bob sounded just like another typical progressive using their standard technique to shut down debate.

        Oh, nice dig by the way, at the end when you state that your “problem” with language and grammar is that you were in school before political propaganda was taught as the norm.

        • I think we are on the same page, now. Thanks for helping work through this. You could have just gone ballistic with a rant.

          And I do actually have a limitation at this point, Language skills are in such decline (we soon will need no more words than Orwell invented) that I struggle to be as imprecise as allowed on Twitter, SpaceBook, FacePlace, InstantGranny, or whatever else I can’t keep up with.

          Have a safe 4th !

        • Not quite. What I am really saying is that there IS a worldwide conspiracy to take over the world by the Khazars(Lucifer worshipers), who have chosen the label “Jew” to conceal themselves with.
          If they chose instead to hide behind a tree, would I then be anti-tree if I happened to notice and said; “Look, he’s hiding behind that tree”??

  27. I watched the video last night. What the hell is this guy talking about? The video shows and speaks about the violence being directed on us by Progressives, and then the narrator (Dana) says we must fight that violence with truth. See, this is exactly what oppressive ideologies like Progressism do. When someone points out their misdeeds, like in this video, they spin it around and claim the other side did the misdeed. Luckily, We The People, for the most part, see it for what it is.

  28. The video was a little strong but it definitely did not call for a violent response by conservatives. The closest she came was to call for the police to suppress riots which is their job. Newsome’s position is that his side can attack ours, verbally and physically, with impunity while we don’t even have the right to complain about it.

  29. Hey Gavin, I’m willing to talk. I’m willing to meet. I’m willing to listen. But first you need to resign. Have a nice day.

  30. Worthless innerwebs commenter to namby-pamby Newsom: “immediately defenestrate yourself from the top floor of the nearest skyscraper.” I’m waiting…oh, wait, that’s right, nobody gives a flip. You mean he doesn’t read this site?

    But seriously: this is a very long-winded piece of pandering with hopes of appearing earnest, but anyone who knows this prig knows what he’s all about. As if the NRA (or anyone) needs or should ever heed the “advice” of such an avowed opponent.

  31. Oh please, Robert, Really?

    Your reaction is identical to the anti-gunners. The video turned out to be predictive, didn’t it? When anyone associated with TTAG staff begins to agree with an anti-gun wingnut like Newsome, one wonders.

    Truth is, we are an irreversibly divided nation. Truth is, if any anti-Obama person or group acted like the anti-Trump people, there really would have been blood in the streets. If, Robert, you have trouble with righteous people pointing out how dangerous, and violence-bound, the progressive, liberal, leftists, statists are, you are putting stilts under the argument that killing terrorists only breeds more terrorists.

      • “Anti-Obama people have killed people son.”

        And those would be who? Republicans? Independents? NRA members? SAF members? Conservatives?

        If any of the above, we would have had martial law, and plastered 24/7 by the media with outrage.

        • I did two searches. Ten pages of results in for each, found one list of crazy stuff after Obama’s election. Two were killings, not of pro-Obama supporters or friends, but two instances where already existing mental health problems let to a murder-suicide, and a suicide. I am not really good with Google, so I would welcome someone’s research that shows Obama people killed by out-of-control “right wingers”.

      • Green Ranger; We have something of an unwritten rule or common courtesy here that requires a person who makes an incredible or extraordinary claim to offer a link to evidence in support of that claim, or at least include some details with which we might locate evidence by searching ourselves.

        Now, people who dont do this still get to post, its just that we generally assume they are lying, trolling, or both…

  32. It looks like Newsom has made some concessions on truth that he is unable or unwilling to recognize. It seems he thinks this is a call to violence or a scare tactic, but it is not. It is a call to stand back from the violence and draw truth from her sheath (I know, stark language, right?) I believe Newsom’s words are reasonable, but his conclusions lack.

  33. NRA: “Fight lies with the truth.”

    Politician: “NRA condones violence”

    What world are we living in that ideology directly infers violence?

    • To begin (gentle instruction), the active person “implies”, the receiver “infers” (concludes, postulates).

      To answer directly, we are in a political civil war that is growing more insoluble. When the other ideologue declares you should be killed, injured, hung, assassinated, being civil does not slow the train of violence.

      • Exactly, but the left won’t admit they are being violent. The fact that this politician sees this as a call to violent action means that he knows what kind of force we are up against.

    • When the truth is your enemy, you are incline to call the truth violence just as Loesch calls leftist lies violent. I am glad I am on the side where lies are the enemy and truth is my ally.

      • “I am glad I am on the side where lies are the enemy and truth is my ally.”

        You are now officially aligned with every person on the planet.

        • You’re right Sam I Am…as long as you are of the same opinion as pwrserge, that leftists aren’t people. Otherwise being on the side of truth generally means being aligned with conservatives against the leftist agenda, or at least it does in US politics at this point.

        • Please, take a breath.

          “I am glad I am on the side where lies are the enemy and truth is my ally.”

          This statement is universal, meaning anyone can say it, and be correct. For example, my truth is superior to your truth (which is actually false truth). Your lies are the enemy (because your truth is false, everything you call truth is a lie). I am on the side where lies (like yours) are the enemy, and truth is my ally. People like you (lie lovers who try to subvert people with your lying truth) should not be allowed to claim the first amendment. Freedom of speech is reserved solely for legitimate speech, not your lies.

          See how that works?


    THIS is how the political opportunists react, THIS is how Democrat howler monkey media blobs react, THIS is WHY they lost their seat at the political table, THIS is why the “resistance” is a childish refusal to digest the fact that Democrat elites LOST, THIS is NOT a call to violence, THIS IS A CALL TO VIOLENCE! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    Soon to be governor of California, Gavin Newsom is a walking Obama-nation. He has pinned his political aspirations on the daily dissolution of our state’s citizens 2nd amendment rights!

  35. Truth = Voilence. Where did they get that, Orwell’s 1984? Oh wait…that’s their handbook (along with Das Kapital and Rules for Radicals).

    I wish the NRA could run that video as an advertisement on all of the networks in prime time for a few weeks.

    • Ah, you credit them too much, It is unlikely any liberal, leftist leader or follower even knows there was a George Orwell, or Karl Marx. Their entire political history is circumscribed by “Rules for Radicals”.

      Oh, they do know there was a Hitler, and everyone they hate is a Hitler because, well, someone else told them so.

    • “It’s amazing. The lefty scumbag thinks we negotiate with terrorists.”

      Pow! Zing! Clang! Right on target !!!

  36. Yea..Republicans have been trying to create “civility” in the nations politics for 30+ years…how’s that been working out for the country?

    Fight back, verbally or physically if necessary

  37. For all the talk about how this vid ain’t pushing violence, whooole lotta ya getting worked up to commit some against fellow citizens. You fatties would catch a .308 to the face you bring your Pro-Government Nut Job act to my neck of the woods. But ya’ll know you aren’t going to do shit but sit in your suburb and jerk off to Rush Limbaugh.

    • I might have to use smaller words this time. Leftist terrorists are not my “fellow” anything. I reserve the right to shoot ANTIFA mobs on sight.

    • “…you bring your Pro-Government Nut Job act to my neck of the woods. ”

      Don’t understand your intention with the statement above. Not likely to find many “Pro-Government Nut Job”(s) in this forum.

      • Since the Orange Puppet got installed that’s all I see. Defending foreigner perverts like that Milo who is an Orange Puppet supporter. You’re all frauds. I’ve watched as folks and even groups who claimed to stand between citizens and the government bend over to take one from the Orangeangutan. Just because some ex-Commie installed a puppet with GOP after his name, you fools think the government is on your side now and should be defended rather than defended against. Morons one and all.

        • Ah… those big bad Russians. Your tinfoil hat is cutting off the circulation to what’s left of your brain.

          Though I do find it hilarious that at no point has anybody claimed that the Podesta leaks were fabricated.

        • Thank you for providing more insight into your thinking; the worse for you.

          Just to be clear, only an leftist idiot would ever conclude the government is on their side. Government will form temporary alliances with whomever government thinks will prosper government aims, but government is never “on their side”. Our nation, to the livid regret of liberals, socialists and other statists, was founded on the premise that government would never be on the side of the people, that government would always seek to devour and enslave them.

        • You’re right about that buddy. Now they’re asking states to hand over all the info on all of their voters. Sheeet. Don’t think so pard.

        • ooh! i love orange tang. what’s an angutan? is that how you say “a good one?”
          one hoof stomp for yes, roy’s palomino pony.

        • Orange Tang? I personally prefer the prune-flavored version. What man doesn’t like Prune Tang?

  38. The NRA should do a follow-up video on July 4th of a bald eagle taking a massive freedom dump on that guy’s head.

  39. Screw that Kommiefornia Socialist Snowflake! The NRA better not succumb to this ignorant BS from the left. If they do, I will have to think long and hard about continuing my membership. The left are ignorant morons and “real” Americans will never cow tow to their poor little hurt feelings. They can all go lock themselves in their little safe space bunkers for all I care. It’s time for Kommiefornia to leave the Union. The entire State is nothing but a drain on the USA.

  40. Apparently he watched the video with his eyes closed and ears plugged. The NRA isn’t going after “ordinary Americans” it’s going after media and political elites (which I guess to him are ordinary Americans) as well as violent protestors. Not sure if “ordinary” includes setting cars on fire.

  41. And all you fools buying your 15th AR. The NRA doesn’t give a shit about the 2A. They care about selling you marks guns you don’t need. They supported restricting citizens access to firearms (look up the Mulford Act) when it was politically convenient. They’ll sell you down the river to get another sale.

    Get what you need to defend your home and stop falling for sales pitches.

    • “They care about selling you marks guns you don’t need.”

      Some questions:
      – what is the direct link between the level of gun sales, and the prospering of NRA?
      – by what clairvoyant skill do you determine how many any individual needs?

      During my two year quest to determine “what I need to defend my family”, not once has the NRA entered consideration. BTW, “what I need” is a bazooka, a MA deuce, a .50 Desert Eagle, a box of grenades, flack suit from WW2, M-113 APC, coupla million rounds of ammunition for every weapon, a pocket pistol, a cool looking gun for OWB, some freeze dried food, some water making ability, a SAW, a panic room, tank traps, concertina wire, claymores and other anti-personnel and anti-vehicle mines, clear 360 view for 10 miles, more gasoline than you can imagine (or diesel, depending on the generator), drones overhead 24/7, and a bunch of stuff people here can recommend. But when do I stop gathering? When I determine the threat has been permanently neutralized.

      That’s what I “need”.

  42. The background noise from this moron is the usual “we all know that the NRA only exists to sell guns to deplorables so they can murder our children…,” and on and on. He does not have the brains to engage on any rational level, just all guns are all bad, all the time, we all know that, everybody agrees, like 110% of America, yet we cannot escape the NRA and their black helicopters, conspiring since the 1500’s to murder us in our sleep, won’t you listen to REASON? Even my tinfoil hat is failing me!

    • Wait LarryinTX don’t you see Vladimir Putin built a time machine, traveled back to the 19th century and founded the NRA!! Wow, everything trigger said makes sense now!!!!

      • You are only telling half the story. The United States is the root cause of all poverty, misery, crime, war, and destruction the environment since the beginning of life on the planet.

        That’s a fact, bub.

  43. So the video was pretty intense. But just because that rhymes with “violence” doesn’t mean it’s advocating any. It also rhymes with “sense”, and its critics don’t seem to have any.

  44. “How does this video advance debate?”

    But there is no debate.

    If you continue to impede the rights of the people to keep and bear arms
    by force, force will be brought upon you.

    Justice ane retribution will be swift.

    We will show no mercy.

    We will take no prisoners.

  45. The article says, “But please do not villainize [sic] ordinary Americans.”
    Why the “[sic]”? That is the correct way to spell villainize, at least according to the dictionary I use:

    As for the rest of the discussion, I’ll just sit back and eat some popcorn while I watch the rest of you attack other Americans. All I’ll say is, as someone who served in the U.S. Army myself (along with all my male relatives for generations), I’m sure America’s enemies are absolutely overjoyed at how divided we’ve become, and how we spend all our time now attacking other Americans. Republicans say, “We’re the real Americans, we’re patriotic, we love America, those on the left hate America,” while Democrats say, “We’re the real Americans, we’re patriotic, we love America, those on the right hate America!” The sad thing is, both sides honestly think they’re right and the other side is wrong, both sides honestly believe they’re good and the other side is evil, both sides honestly believe they’re patriotic and the other side is anti-American. Yes, Democrats believe that, and Republicans also believe that, I hear it constantly from both sides, and it’s getting tiresome.
    Meanwhile, our enemies are laughing at us.

    Grow up, everyone (liberals as well as conservatives)! In the Army, when your CO orders you to charge the enemy, the soldiers don’t argue about whether Republican soldiers or Democratic soldiers should lead the charge, or argue about whether the commander-in-chief is a Republican or a Democrat, sane or insane, they just lay down their life for their country.

    Enough of this “I’m right, you’re wrong!” crap, we’re all Americans. Inciting violence against other Americans is wrong, and yeah, that’s what this NRA video is doing, calling for a civil war, using old TV stock footage from decades ago and from foreign countries. There were so many lies in that video I don’t even know where to begin. As a U.S. Army veteran, I have to say that video is one of the most anti-American videos I’ve ever seen. Our enemies must be delighted on seeing that video.

    • Oh gosh golly gee whiz thanks for descending down to earth and lecturing all us mortals on how wrong we are! Because as we know in U.S. everyone always got along with each other and there never was acrimony from 1776 until a few years ago. (BTW thats sarcasm, I mention that because the metaphor in the NRA video seems to be over your head)

    • “We’re all Americans”

      Most of the Left wouldn’t describe themselves as Americans and certainly wouldn’t say that they love America.

      If you are ignorant enough to believe that America is Sexist, Intollerent, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Islamaophobic, Racisss!, and bigotted like their professors and the MFM say all the time how could you love such a place? I sure wouldn’t.

      The Left all over the world hate America because we refuse to fall in line with their Leftist religion, why would Leftists who live between Mexico and Canada think differently?

      • Oh, how excellent! Didn’t hurt anyone, try to convict him of something, erect it again and I’ll run over it again, just freaking perfect. One guy donated the installation, another guy donated the removal, just perfect. And, please note, it was fine with god, as he allowed it.

    • Dave – After reading your screed, I’ve decided to let YOU lead the charge. Go get ’em, tiger. I’ll be somewhere behind you.

    • Considering there’s no “enemy” who has anything resembling the force projection to send troops here, who gives a shit what they think?

      Fuck the middle east, we need a two state solution here.

  46. The Nation has become so divided that it will never again be united on anything. Time to split it up into Self-Reliant Free States and Nanny Puke States. Vote on it county by county and let the people decide what kind of governance they want. Folks who don’t like the way their county votes can move. Americans love to travel.

      • Please define “urban” and “rural”. I do not live “in the country”. I live in the confines of what are known as “city limits”. I do not lean left by any stretch.

        • Urban centers almost always lean liberal, rural areas always always lean conservative. My comment was in no way meant to offend you or anyone who is “right” and lives in a city. Believe me, I know what it’s like to be typecast because of location – I live in upstate New York, which is rural and red. NYC is blue and is what is causing this state headaches. Doesn’t stop the 2A community from casting me and others living here into the progressive cesspool, however. Which brings me back to my first sentence, and why the “red state vs. blue state” thing won’t work and is way too broad.

        • Perhaps there is no convenient slogan to describe the divide in geographical terms. Which would make it difficult to figure out how people would align regarding secession. Not that it matters, because congress must approve any creation of new states, or loss of any state from the union ( as in merging elements of one state with elements of another.

      • With this being the 154th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, it might be a good idea to remind you gents that we tried that splitting the Nation in twain once and it ended up with “one nation, indivisible” but with over 600,000 fewer souls in it. Most of the time there are better ways to resolve conflict other than warfare.

        • “Most of the time there are better ways to resolve conflict other than warfare.”

          Absolutely! The southern states made no attempts to negotiate the matter of states sovereignty, no attempt to settle via political compromise, no attempt to be reasonable as to the meaning of the constitution, no attempt to cross the aisle, no attempt to avoid war.

          Please, continue to believe that.

          What measures would you have recommended to allow for a peaceful, and acceptable to all, solution?

  47. Not sure why we are even adressing this.
    Given how many of these retards want to assasinate Trump for “peace reasons” talking isn’t really an option anymore. You can’t talk reason to people who refuse to have a conversation.
    These famous idiots are too far behind theur ideologic wall. Leave them alone and once their words aren’t heard anymore they are irrelevant. Focus on more realistic goals.
    Explain things to family members and friends that are open for arguments. Recruit some people of the gun, some voters for freedom.
    You can’t cut the elitist crap media, su cut off their roots aka viewers/readers.
    Convince people you can reach rather than trying to convince those who do not want to be convinced.
    The left’s idea of ‘dictature of the masses’ (or to be more specific leaders of those masses) will only work if the have enough sheeple to follow them.

  48. Of course he knows NRA won’t ever take video down, so antis can keep exploiting its potential while Mr.Newsom plays “lets all be friends” game. But, for chrissakes, THAT is funny.

  49. The video shows the evil of the Left. That’s why Newsom wants it taken down.
    Even if the NRA did, everything lives forever on the Internet.

    The Left can’t handle the truth.
    Does anyone remember the last time Conservatives rioted, burned cars and broke windows and looted and attacked the police and those that disagreed with them?

    Neither do I.

  50. Two things struck me about Gavin “Sure I banged my aides wife, but you can totally trust me.” Newsom’s response. The first is that the left wants a monopoly on violence. While he was silent regarding the Berkeley riots, he certainly gets worked up when people point out the willingness of the left to embrace political violence. In the minds of the lefties their violence is legitimized by nobility of their cause and the obvious, to them, evil of their opponents. The second is the continuing tactic of the left to equate opposition speech with violence. This is both an attempt to suppress that speech and legitimize violence when they are unsuccessful in suppressing it. We’ve seen this happen in San Jose, Berkeley, and college campuses across the country. In short, Newsom is just another leftist scumbag providing a smokescreen for his fellow travelers.

  51. Dont like it Gavin????
    Why dont you invite all the other snowflakes to commiefornia. Then you and all the rest of the flakes can secede from the union. Everyone problems are solved. You can live in the shithole you all created, and the rest of us can move forward in life.

  52. Over 200 comments on this one so far. Considering all of my comments get lost in moderation (did I piss you guys off at some point or something?) only to show up hours or days later or sometimes not at all, I’ll quickly add my two cents and say that 1. The NRA ad is spot on. 2. Thank god for the NRA, and 3. Gavin Newsom is a radical progressive nutjob and if he dislikes it, no matter what it is, then by default it’s probably something worth supporting.

  53. Love the video and The Time is GD near a end for Anarchists, DemaKrauts, Anti Christians and the rest of the Traitorous ilk in this country.
    Get the F out if you don’t like it!! The DemoKraut Party is just that!
    Europe is your Utopia, GO!
    As for the MSM…Meat Space Baby, MEAT SPACE!!

  54. I’d be interested to see his comments about the nutbag that tried to kill “as many Republicans as possible” from Congress a short while back.

    • “I’d be interested to see his comments about the nutbag that tried to kill “as many Republicans as possible” ”

      That incident is directly traceable to gun owners who are so idiotic about guns, that the poor shooter was driven mad, with use of a gun the only remedy remaining. Pure and simple: if there were no guns available, the nutbag would not have become unhinged, and would not have used a gun because he wouldn’t have been unhinged. See?

      • So he would have run over the people he hated with a truck instead. How would that have been any better for the dead? But there would have been a lot more of them.

        • If the shooter had not been driven mad by pro-gun activists, Trumpettes, right-wing nutjobs, conservatives blowhards, he would not have used a truck, either. No matter what, guns, guns, guns. That’s all there is to it.
          Oh, don’t forget to scroll down

          Snarckity, snarckity, snarckity……have a safe 4th !

        • You also. I, too, was being snarky. I know you don’t actually think that. I’ve seen enough of your posts to know that you might be quoting somebody else, though…

        • I rarely quote others (except in replies) because I am too self-enamoured with my own low born sense of value, and ability to be hopelessly convinced I am most erudite, urbane and witty, all at once.

  55. Retract this ad? Forget that! We are being faced with nothing short of a violent, armed, left wing revolution in this country that is violently targeting all of us and even our children for being conservatives. And your answer is to apologize for this truth and to play nice? Playing nice and keeping the rhetoric civil will only serve to further embolden the opposition.

    While I’m far from the only combat veteran on this forum, I learned a long time ago in the military that the only things that terrorists of any nationality respect are death and violence. It’s the currency of their trade. So, when these violent thugs come to beat your child, gang rape your wife and KILL YOU, you will have a very clear choice: either take it and make a victim of yourself AND YOUR FAMILY or inflict such vicious levels of lethal force against them that your sheer brutality causes them to lose all resolve in favor of self preservation. So based on that, if the radical left wants to get violent, then it’s high time that conservative Americans not only take the gloves off and call them on it politically, but stand our ground, show them that armed self-defense is a fundamental human right and stop them cold.

    Our government and law enforcement can’t protect us all; we are on our own. So, if you want to play the apologist with the left-wing terrorists and attempt to pacify them, then be my guest. But I, on the other hand, have no problem taking the fight back to these Bolshevik scumbags, rhetorically, politically and the day that they target me or my family by exercising my God-given right to armed self-defense.

    The time for half-measures is OVER.

  56. I am an NRA member, former U.S. armed forces member, firearm owner, shooting sports participant and concealed carry licensee. I do not approve of that NRA message.

    The membership of the NRA in general are decent and honorable people. The National Executive apparatchiks are another matter. To me, this message is yet another indication that the NRA National Executive are keeping the pot boiling by fear mongering in the cynical expectation that they will enhance their own pay, perks and prestige by doing so.

    • This ain’t your father’s day and time. Some on the right are starting to play smashmouth football with the left (about damn time). Playing nice with lefties only means you lose more ground. After years of intractable leftist rule, I am glad to see anyone fighting (dirty) back. Playing hardball is not going to offend anyone who is seriously interested in preserving the rights protected by the constitution.

    • I am all those same things, and you sound to me like someone who drank the kool-aid. And I most certainly DO approve that message, and I wonder why my dues have not paid for more like it.

  57. I didn’t find anything that she said incorrect or offensive. She is absolutely 100% correct in her assessment and only a limp, wristed bag of dicks would have issue with her video. The time may come soon when we have to take back this country with whatever means necessary to prevent the Libturds from taking us down the European path to destruction

  58. I hate the NRA propaganda videos. I hate Gavin Newsom, the narcissistic enemy of freedom. I do not hate seeing the latter get triggered by the former.

    Hey Gavin, we live in an unsafe world. People aren’t all bad, but a disturbing number of them are. People will take advantage of you. They’ll steal from you. They’ll hurt you. Living in denial and letting them do it is not honorable. It is not altruistic. It doesn’t make you a martyr.

    It just makes you a damned fool.


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