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We leave FPS alone for a month or two and BANG! Two in a row. That’s ’cause one of our regular tipsters (who knows a thing or two about video production and computer effects) reckons Kyle’s new video is as fake as his accent. Specifically, “I think there is just a camera on the quad-copter. There is no recoil seen when the alleged “gun” fires in the quad-copter camera. Also the muzzle flash looks like it was put in quite inexpertly using adobe after effects.” Now before you say “it’s just entertainment,” let me say this: it’s just entertainment. But c’mon. Aren’t there enough real bad ass guns and doesn’t FPS have enough money to use them amusingly (if not safely) without having to make stuff up? I know he gets more uniques in one day than TTAG gets in one month, but here’s a thought: FPS has jumped the shark. Or, at the least, he’s hovering over it.

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  1. Yeah I gonna call fake on that one if you close it appears to have a short barrel with a quad rail on it minus all the other components of a firearm receiver, action, magazines. Also I highly doubt that thing could fly with a 100 rds of ammo other then .22lr

  2. Jumped the shark? I don’t think so.

    FPSRussia may be a FLAME DELETED but 2.2 million subscribers aren’t gonna go anywhere.

    I have a part time job with a couple of losers in their mid twenties. They like FPSRussia because that stuff he does is “cool” and “just like COD”. We just need to find a way to get these guys to vote for politicians who’ll repeal the NFA.

  3. At 2:19 the gun is shooting but suddenly there’s no muzzle flash. Unlike a few seconds before. W3@k………

  4. Not to hate on FPS Russia, but the quad copter in the static shots is obviously CGI. Whomever rendered it forgot to render the shadow it would be casting on the table. Look at the car in the background: casts a shadow. Quadcopter on the table? No shadow.

    • Maybe it was cloudy so there wernt any shadows. And look at 2 50…there was a shadow and the one near the end when he blew up the car it had a shadow

  5. Fake or not, I noticed that after he took out the “visitors” on the hillside, he turned “Charlene” back towards himself. Too bad he didn’t take himself out as well.

  6. Going with Caleb; this whole thing reeks of shoddy After Effects.

    The quad rotor doesn’t effect smoke except once, and that effect is an obvious fake. Even though they rendered dust blowing none of the particles actually moved. Then there is the shadow issue, the physics that are all wrong, etc.

  7. I don’t know about this particular quadcopter, but there are a few of these RC drones around. The one I see most often is and that has a 250 gram payload capacity. An enterprising modder could probably double that.

    There are some kits that advertise a lifting capacity of a g11 camera plus the onboard camera for flight control..

    My bottom line is that I think THIS set up is fake, particularly with the explosions. However I think it would be very possible to drone up a super light pistol. I dink around with some RC stuff and I think this would already have happened if someone wasn’t afraid of a little jail time.

  8. Breaking News: The Iranian government has announced that it has cloned Charlene and is prepared to use it against FPSRussia. Film at 11.

  9. I googled this because as soon as i watched it i knew it was fake. c’mon the effects are shit and there is no way a tiny heli like that could carry 100 rounds ad everything used to fire a weapon. He probably had someone behind him firing a gun making it look real. Its not.

  10. even if it was fake, its a concept weapon that is to be a killstreak in the next call of duty, who sponsored this video.

  11. I also noticed it doesn’t seem to be ejecting, even when silhouettted against the bright sky. I can’t imagine he’d fail to mention it if it were firing caseless rounds.

  12. FPSRussia (aka FPSKyle) was a video game player/commentator specializing in Call of Duty. This video is, in fact, sponsored by Activision. They probably provided the “prototype quad-rotor” so FPSRussia could create a “viral” ad video for them, to prepare for the official announcement of the new Call of Duty game, due out this fall.

    No, it is not a real SMG-equipped drone. It is also not fake. It is a REAL PROP with some REAL SPECIAL EFFECTS to make it appear as though it is firing. (BTW: It is probably a modified Parrot AR.Drone reassembled on a custom chassis. The little electric motors couldn’t support the weight of a real SMG, much less the ammo.)

  13. Wow. I didn’t think anybody took FPSRussia THAT seriously. The video’s obviously special effects + a few props, like FreddieW.

    It’s not going to fool anyone over 16, but you gotta admit… pretty clever marketing.

  14. When I saw this earlier today my first thought was “FAKE” not because of any special effects or other noticable clues but because he flew this thing perfectly. Flying something like this would be extremely difficult and he made that thing fly right thru that open window as if it had an on board pilot.

    • Actually those quad copters are increadably stable and easy to fly. The dead givaway for me was the fact the gun has no reciver and no way for ammo to be fed into it to be fired. The second giveaway is the fact the small helicopter would have to lift at least 7 lbs in order to carry a stripped down gun and ammo. Iv been building a copter myself and it has a max thrust of 8 lbs. And all the coponets and frame weigh around 6lbs. very difficult to get another 7lbs on it to fly.

  15. Forget aboit cgi for a minute and look at the angle of impact versus the location of the quadrotor. While he may be flying it the shots are not coming from the quadrotor itself. Now onto cgi, that smg has what looks like a decent flash hider similar to what I have on my ar15 and my barrel flash is nowhere near that brght in sunlight even without the flash hider. Now, an smg would use pistol rounds and my .357 magnum isn’t even that bright in sunlight. My educated guess is, unfortunatly, FAKE.

  16. Yeah, with the call of duty mention, plus some other articles stating what I am about to state, it is a paid advertisement for call of duty.

  17. I thought it was fake when I saw it, something about the skill he flew it with just seemed off to me – I feel like you would need a lot of practice to be as good as he appeared to be. Also it seems like insanity to blow the thing up at the end… I would imagine something like that could be worth $5,000 or more.

    But contrary to the original post, the copter DID recoil when firing, and the shadows appeared real. I still think the video’s a fake however, just not for the reasons mentioned in this blog post.

    • fps russia borrowed it from his friend. look at the video again… he didn’t spend it and instead he said thanks “his friends name” for borrowing charlene or w.e. (black ops 2 is sorta awesome) ­čÖé

      • Actually if u look back at the video…he thanks his friend for his ride, not the quadrotor. His friends car.

        • He thanks his friend Yuri, who coincidentally happens to be a Russian character in MW3 and the upcoming game Black Ops 2. He also names the quad Charlene, which again, conveniently happens to be the name scratched onto the side of the quad as seen in the Black Ops 2 reveal trailer at 0:30.
          The video was clearly a marketing ploy from Treyarch that probably resulted in thousands of dollars for FPSRussia in paid advertisement, as well as the thousands he usually gets just from his YouTube partnership. I hate him for that.

  18. It’s a very, very good fake, but it’s a fake I’m sure.

    The weight of the weapon, battery and ammo in that little thing would be too great. Did you see the props? They’re toys, like the ‘copters you see in the mall being flown by an iPhone.

    AND.. would you stand so close to something spitting ammo that fast? I think most folks would be behind a wall and a good distance away.

    Still, FPSRussia is a character on the internet (and a Georgia, USA boy in real life) and characters tell stories, why let the truth get in the way if it’s a good one?

    I am not surprised the Daily Mail swallowed it, it’s not known as quality journalism.

    • Exactly what I thought when I first watched it. If its just a prototype I would not stand anywhere near it (if it was real). Faulty wiring or a programming glitch and it could suddenly turn into a swirling self-destructing bullet spitter of death.

  19. You guys are just a bunch of no lives that can’t find anything better to do than complain about the world around you.

  20. As far as I’m concerned, and I have studied this video multiple times, even frame by frame in a video editor, this is not beyond the realms of possibility. I’m not saying I believe all of it is real but it is not as obviously fake as some of you believe.
    Several points come to mind.
    1. No recoil? Look again, when he fires the whole copter moves backwards.
    2. Weight? Look at the size of the rotors on this thing, a consumer quadcopter rotors are way smaller, check this.
    3.Skill? This guy is a video game freak. His hand eye coordination is phenomenal. Anyone who has seen him play knows what I mean. If it was just a heli I may be dubious but combine the stability of a quad and all its onboard systems, gyros etc. Then combine the advances the military would add. High end consumer versions have a hover switch (you can look away briefly). Anyone who has flown one will know how easy these are to operate compared to a heli. It has FPV (first person video) which makes it seem like a video game on the tablet pc used to fly it.
    4.Exploding dummies? Check out his other videos to find what he puts inside them, he loves blowing sht up. (can’t say I blame him for that)
    Once again I’m not saying it’s not a fake but everything in it is possible and plausible.

  21. All this gun has is a barrel, and the gas port tube far from a working gun. I didn’t see any shells falling from this thing and something like this would eject the shells directly from the gun to get rid of´╗┐ useless weight. In a video i´╗┐ saw a pic.He is panting the gun with a brush if it was a real´╗┐ gun made by gun smith it would be sprayed with paint. And ur a dumb ass making a video saying it’s real when the whole fucking video is fake. Also you would never blow up a working prototype.This is applies to the fpsrussisa video Still yet i see something else´╗┐ thats bullshit 2.21 to 2.30 in that video. See the´╗┐ muzzel flash in reguler time then when it’s in slow motion there is none at all which means this was a comperter effect. This video is so fake what kind of retard would belive that bullshit he said it his self 10 years before there’s a´╗┐ working one. fpsrussisa won’t approve none of my comments on youtube. That was his film crew not weapon developers.And yes i think he got paid to do this video they made him a fake´╗┐ Quadrotor Helicopter then got him a film crew and people who can do comperter effects and made this fake film trying to make people think it’s real. I have proved this film is fake it’s not real stop saying it’s real cause it sure the hell is not real and they made this thing in a couple of days which he said would take 10 fucking years.

  22. It is definitely fake. Not that the chopper itself is, I believe some nerd somewhere could dream something like that up but like many previous commenters have stated the weight of the sub machine gun and 100 rounds of presumably 9mm Luger ammo (world standard for SMGs) would be too heavy. 2 other points. At the end he flys the machine into “Yuri’s” car. The so called self destruct mechanism would add weight as well. It must be a trick of the eye, the heli probably flies behind the car in an intentional optical illusion, then some pre-placed explosives were detonated. The exploding car itself is too big of an explosion, it looks like something out of hollywood. Also, earlier he flies the heli back towards him, still with presumably rounds left in it. The heli’s barrel is aimed at him and the camera crew. Any seasoned gun owner will tell you never, ever aim a weapon at anything you would be unwilling to destroy, even if the gun is unloaded. So I give him credit for trying, but I think it’s all about greed for him, he just wants more money.

  23. Stopped by this commentary to get ideas for an actual operating quad with small pellet or .22 pistol on it for hunting. 10 years in the UAV design and deployment business. Guess i will move on…….. Love the Russian for entertainment.

  24. Fake.
    – The renderer forgot the momentum conservation law (knock back should be much stronger).
    – The first-person view don’t knock back and points towards the ground like the quadrotor seen from outside.
    – Shadows, please.
    – Whirlwind in the smoke should be A LOT bigger.

  25. Definitely fake, but interesting idea. Probably would be implementable with a much smaller lighter weapon and it would not be anywhere near as accurate or reliable. Definitely wouldn’t want it flying near me lol. But I could see the current level of consumer quadcopters advancing to getting nearer to this and being able to carry higher payloads in a few years.

  26. If you know anything about aerodynamics, you can tell this video is fake.
    The ‘copter is tilted forward, but not moving forward… Hmmm. Last I knew, if the vectors of force compared to gravity are real, then tilting forward should move the unit forward… This is all prior to the gun activation. Granted, the recoil will have an effect on the aerial location of the vehicle, much like the A10 Warthog having to be at full throttle when releasing its massive 20mm cannon at 3000 rounds per minute or else it experiences severe decelleration, but this unit is tilted forward prior to firing its gun and not moving anywhere.
    Clearly CGI-
    I challenge anyone to prove me wrong…

  27. Even if it is fake that doesn’t mean that the stunt can’t be done. Those drones are very stably indoors and can held their position very steadily. The DJI Phantom after take off can be very hard to move when you set the controller to keep it in one place.

  28. Entertaining!Cool vid even though fake.So what if itS not real,10 points to Kyle,he has suceeded in getting you all to watch the clip and make money in the process as any movie star would.All the haters are just jelous.

  29. Look at the video -At 2:12 to 2:14 – what do you call that? RECOIL.

    And there it is again at 2:20 to 2:21, and 3:32- The quad jerks back when the bullets are fired.. RECOIL

    Also the shots at the 3 – 4 minute zone were actually shot from a stationary camera, not the quad. The video quality is way too clear for the quad, plus there was no recoil.

    If its not real, its close to being real. And there is no reason why it wouldn’t be real.

    It’s a game changer in alot of respects…


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