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Hear that? It’s the sound of Nick’s drool hitting the pavement (if it were summer it would be sizzling). Here’s the presser:

MILAN, IL (April 2012) – Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT®), an Illinois-based company that designs, prototypes and manufactures small arms, accessories and tooling components for the military, government, law enforcement, commercial manufacturers and responsible civilians [that’s you!],awarded the UK Ministry of Defence requirement for a new sharpshooter rifle in late 2009 has now introduced an American commercial version. The UK “L129A1” 7.62mm semi-automatic “sharpshooter” rifle was chosen based on its proven design and  new features that made the rifle more accurate over longer distances. Now, for a limited time only, the newly American designated LM308MWS Sharpshooter System will be available in limited quantities . . .

The new Sharpshooter System, like its UK predecessor, is built on a one-piece upper receiver with a free floating 16” stainless steel, tactically flat-matte blackened barrel with a 1:11.25” twist with the SureFire adapter mounted. The .308 Modular Weapon System features Flat Dark Earth furniture, a semi-auto carrier group, charging handle assembly, SOPMOD buttstock, two-stage trigger, an ambi-selector and ambi- mag release and flip-up front and rear sights.

LMT® packs this collector’s rifle in a Pelican case with foam cut outs and includes not only the manual, torque wrench/driver and three Flat Dark Earth rail panels, but also eight 20-round magazines, two heavy-duty push-button swivels, a .308 OTIS cleaning kit, a sliding sling mount, a chamber cleaning rod and sight adjustment tool and a Harris Bipod assembly. A complete, one-of-a-kind Sharpshooter System in one package is available for only $4,950.09.

For more information contact Lewis Machine & Tool Company at [email protected] or 309-732-9527.

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  1. DUDE STOP IT!!!! I keep having to clean my laptop keyboard after one of these posts! 🙂
    And now I have this oldies song in my head… Dream… Dream dream dream…… lmao

    • Hey Nick,

      Would 16″s with a 308 cartridge be enough for 500 – 1000 yard shots?

      Or is this more of a 3 gun sharpshooter 50 – 300 yard shooter?

  2. My dealer has had some LMT ARs on order for nine months with no joy in sight. I’m thinking that it will be a cold day before any of these new .308s are available for purchase.

    • Really? Some people would beg to differ. A short barrel is a stiff barrel. You might lose a bit of velocity, but sometimes they can actually be more accurate.

  3. Ugh!! “A complete, one-of-a-kind Sharpshooter System in one package is available for only $4,950.09.”

    $5K? For an AR-10? Well isn’t that the bee’s knees? I’m sure that it’s a splendid rifle. But, seriously? Really?

    So, is this rifle also “very unique”, or “extremely unique”? Just how many of these “one of a kind” rifles does LMT expect to produce, beyond the UKMD’s procurement? Sheesh!!

  4. So…if I’d rather just buy a Springfield M1A SOCOM and deck it out, am I a terrible person?

      • These A-10 style guns are really pretty simple.
        Get an A-10, put a new Barlein, Kriger, or one of a myriad of ultra fine barrels. Replace literally, “the trigger from hell” (On mine. If they REALLY tried, it could have been worse, maybe LOL.), with one of a bunch of after market beauties. Then, being a non-gunsmith, I’d give it a place like GA Precision, they sell just what I’ve described for around $2,750.

        Interesting question: they no longer specify an accuracy “guarantee” with match grade ammo. When the did, all their rifles bolt) were 1/2″ to 3/8″. For this gun they specified 3/4″, and dais it would shoot much better, but “body position” had a bigger accuracy impact. Everyone knows rifles shoot to different zeros with different shooters, and consistency in rifle handling is needed for long range accuracy. Why would this be more important in a semi-auto than bolt?

  5. Looks like $2500.00 worth; unless it includes a nice Nightforce scope.
    Either way it’s out of my reach financially. How much for a limited edition print to hang on my wall?

  6. I’m not sure if this is rumor or not but I heard that Will Hayden from Sons of Guns/Red Jacket Firearms actually was the designer of the LM308MWS Sharpshooter System. Well, maybe not yet but I’m sure he’ll find a way to take credit for it. What will happen is he will show it on his show but not say who it was designed by. The idiots who are his fans will think he invented it.

  7. They can ask $5K for their new toy. I can choose to buy my new toys from gun manufacturers that are not based in an anti-gun and anti-freedom state like Illinois. Why should I provide my enemies with the money they need to obtain the resources to keep attacking me?

    • You could say that about most gun manufacurers in the US. It’s one of the ultimate forms of irony. NY, CT, NH, and MA are home to the largest gun manufacturers including S&W, Ruger, Remington, and the late Springfield Armory (the real one by the Army that shut down in the 60’s, not the current one that bought the name. The Springfield Armory Museum is really cool by the way if you are ever passing through Springfield, MA). Some also have added locations in AZ, but they started and remain in those states. The cost of relocating a manufacturing facility is astronomical.

      • Seriously! It didn’t occur to me until after I left the northeast that all the great firearms I read about as a kid were made within a couple hours of where I lived, yet no one I knew actually owned any of them. It’s just like Jack Daniels being distilled in a dry county.

    • Quote: They can ask $5K for their new toy. I can choose to buy my new toys from gun manufacturers that are not based in an anti-gun and anti-freedom state like Illinois. Why should I provide my enemies with the money they need to obtain the resources to keep attacking me?

      Busybee4860: One-Hell-of-a-good-point!!!!
      Wish I had read your comment 21 weeks ago. See my post. Busybee4860

  8. That’s more than $1,000 over what they were asking a year ago.
    Mind you; UK MoD are paying $5,400 per rifle but that includes an ACOG & full backup package.

    Edit: Unit cost to UK corrected.

  9. I bought one…
    $4,700 LMT 308 Sharpshooter Rifle… 20 weeks to build and deliver just before the US 2012 elections. The rifle I received never should have been seen by a LMT customer. Let’s just say I was very shocked and extremely disappointed in the quality of the rifle I received. LMT apologized, paid to return it back to them, and promised to make it right. They promised to send me a rifle that is of the kind of quality a customer should expect of a $4,700 LMT Sharpshooter rifle. I am still waiting to to receive a top notch quality rifle.. Haven’t received one yet… I’ll let you know how it goes….

    • Update: The Rifle I received back from LMT about 12 Days later was far closer to what I was expecting to receive when I had originally placed the order back in 2012. They addressed all the issues I had with the bad one I had received 20 weeks after I placed the order. LMT paid for shipping and paid for all of the rework. They completely replaced the upper and fixed all the flaws in the lower receiver group. My foam in my pelican case was damaged in shipping and was never addressed as far as I can tell. I don’t know if LMT ever got their Poop in a group. The Rifle I originally received from LMT was woefully in need of Quality Control measures (My honest opinion). But since then the second rifle LMT sent me to fix all the problems it had had has never misfired yet after about 600 rounds.

      The rifle is surprisingly heavy. It weighs as much as two good bolt guns. So, you better ” eat your Wheaties” before trying to lug this heavy anchor through the woods any distances. The rifle is accurate when shot using the Harris Bipod that came with the kit. Personally I get fatigued and winded and start breathing hard quickly when trying to shoot my Sharpshooter Rifle from the offhand position because it is so darn front end heavy. I have never been able to shoot this rifle accurately for very long when shooting from the off hand unsupported position; largely because I have not been able to get used to the very front heavy weight distribution.. Your results my vary. Anybody want to buy my LMT sharpshooter????

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