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Springfield Armory announced earlier this month the arrival of a new gun. And they were quite secretive about it. When they first reached out to me, they wouldn’t give a hint as to what it was.

Rumors circulated with the Springfield Fiercely Defend website revealing nothing more than a countdown clock and an ‘H’. Users at XDTalk pointed out back in January that Springfield had trademarked a few names, one being Hellcat. However, Springfield said nothing and would confirm nothing. Trust me, I tried.

Today the timer ran out.

Springfield has unveiled the new Hellcat 9mm micro-compact 9mm pistol. This is not to be confused with the I.O. Hellcat, or the Guncrafter industries Hellcat. This is a new handgun designed to compete directly with the SIG P365.

The Springfield Armory Hellcat is part of the XD series and will pack 11 to 13 rounds of 9mm ammunition. You’ll get 11- and 13-round magazines with the gun. It’s also coated with the new Adaptive grip Texture and an optics-ready model will also be available for compatibility with the JP Enterprises JPoint and the Shield RMSc.

The Hellcat is 4 inches tall, 6 inches long, and 1 inch wide. It weighs only 18.3 ounces empty. The gun lacks the grip safety of older XD models and uses a passive trigger safety. It comes with a standard Picatinny rail as well.

On top of that, the gun will also be wearing Trijicon U-Dot sights. MSRP will be $569 for the standard model, and the OSP model will be $599.

When the P365 came out I predicted that it would change the market and companies everywhere would soon be pushing out similar guns. Springfield will certainly be quite pleased to take a sip out of SIG’s milkshake on this one.

The Hellcat comes out swinging with 11 and 13 round magazines, and unlike the SIG, the Hellcat includes an extended magazine. Standby for a full review soon.


All Photos Courtesy of Springfield Armory

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    • Hahahaha.
      As Fields put it, “There’s a sucker born every minute”. Think that’s how it went.
      Anyways, this will be gobbled up because it has a bit more capacity than the Sig.
      Also with the option of an RDS, some will have to have it.
      Not me but to each his/her own.

      • Barnum is the one that quote is usually mis-attributed to. Never heard anyone attribute it to fields before. I mis-attribute from time to time as well, so this is not an ill spirited “gotcha”, just suggestion that you check on the source before you continue to give credit to Fields or anyone in particular for that matter.

    • These are the cordless drills of guns. Should you have one? Yep, and probably even more than one for different applications. Cheap, useful, replaceable, effective? Yep. Can you spend dumb amounts of money on them if you really, really want to? Also yep.

      Interesting? Not really.
      Classy? Nope.
      The only tool you should own? Definitely not.
      The tool you’ll love the most? I’m sorry for you if it is…

      • Well, I do love my G26, and have more fun challenging myself with that than most of the others I have, but yes, it is just a tool that everybody should have one of.

        • The challenge isn’t because of the sproingy trigger, is it?

          I kid, I kid! (I have two Glocks myself, and I like them a lot)

        • It’s when the edge of the grip and the mag pinch your pinky… I love my g26 but I have to shoot it the way I drink my tea, pinky out.

        • Different tools for different situations, is all.

          My G26 is with me right now, for discrete carry. One of my G17s is in my vehicle, while my other G17 is at home (hidden) and set up with the correct accessories to be a nightstand home defense gun. Then there are the others, but you get the point.

          If you’re concerned about the “hanging pinky” on the G26, just use a 15-rd G19 mag with a sleeve.

    • aahaha thankyou. i want to type that every injectionmoldy review. i don’t begrudge anyone, heck i’m convinced these plistols are driving the sales trends for cc. they obviously must speak to most.
      glad i’m not amongst them. foo.

  1. The company that makes it a habit of pissing off gun owners decides to go and do it again. After teasing the VHS rifle they hype of the release of a new product then release… this thing. Seriously, does their marketing and PR departments huff paint and beat each other with their shoes?

    • Just curious because I don’t remember it specifically but when and how did they tease the VHS? I’m extremely interested in a quality alternative to the AUG. I’ve got an a3m1 and love it. Not a fan of the Tavor. Was really looking forward to the Atrax f90 until the cuck signaling commenced.

    • I posted here back when the clock first started, that it was probably yet another plastic 9mm glock clone. Corporate Amerika has yet to wise up to the fact that we are sick to death of their ridiculous hype. The only thing they are able to fit inside of their teeny little brain is to double down and hype some more.
      I just sit back and watch the foolish burn. Its kind of fun once you learn to disassociate from it and just observe the infants at play. Its a bit disconcerting, watching them doing their best to destroy themselves, but the suicidal will get their way anyway… eventually. So just have fun watching them melt down into puddles of slag. 🙂

      • What they should have done if they wanted to produce something unique is make steel and aluminum alloy framed versions of the EMP but with a double stack magazine, yielding a sort of micro-2011 design. Springfield 1911s and 1911-ish pistols like the EMP and 911 are relatively reliable, accurate, and nicely finished. Why not do something to cater to the traditionalist who wants more capacity in a 9mm package conducive to CCW but doesn’t want polymer?

  2. I’m confused at where to grip that gun? Supposedly its got Adaptive grip technology but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t because it’s not labeled anywhere on the gun. I prefer all of my firearms to have the proper labeling especially when they claim to have technology integrated into the gun.

  3. The stock price of Smith & Wesson and Ruger tell the story. They have collapsed. There is an over supply of guns in the market

    • Smith & Wesson was too dependent on the shield. I like the 2.0, but not enough to buy it. Ruger has nice guns but the LCP was outdone by the p365. The market has spoken, thin high capacity is in demand.

      The gun market will go crazy in election run up.

  4. Too bad it has the Springfield name attached to it. Since its made in Croatia. Use some Slovic name and it might sell a few copies.

  5. I wish they would have kept the beavertail safety..bummer..the beavertail grip safety was a big selling point to women (and men too)..

    • No grip safety, no sale. That was their defining advantage over Glock.

      I’d love a lighter alternative to my XD Mod.2 Subcompact, but I’m not giving up the grip safety to get it.

      • I was disappointed to see the lack of a grip safety, too. I absolutely love having an extra measure of safety that doesn’t require an extra step to disengage.

    • Their official statement:

      GENESEO, IL, May 2, 2017 – The Executive Director of the Illinois Firearm Manufacturers Association (IFMA) acted without our prior knowledge and against our principles and those of the industry as a whole with respect to the Gun Dealer Licensing Act. We no longer have confidence in IFMA and after speaking to other directors we have made the decision to sever all ties with the organization, effective immediately.

      I take full responsibility for my failure of oversight in this case and deeply apologize to my employees, customers and industry partners for the distraction and divisiveness this situation has caused within our tight-knit community. Our industry has always stood strong and fought fiercely together in the past and I am personally committed to defeating this harmful legislation. To that end, I have pledged to the NRA that we will bring the full resources of my company to bear in this fight.

      We are not new to this battle, Springfield Armory has fought and defeated legislation like this in Illinois for decades. We are wholeheartedly against this bill and will fight shoulder-to-shoulder with the NRA, National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Illinois State Rifle Association and others to see it defeated as the unnecessary and harmful overreach that it is.

      We want to assure all Americans, like us, who fight to protect the Second Amendment that we and our industry partners will leave no stone unturned to defeat this bill.

      • Yeah, that’s how they tried to cover their ass after their perfidy was unmasked and the gun community revolted. I didn’t buy it then, and I don’t buy it now.

        Look at Reese’s original public pronouncements after the SHTF — if the “official statement” is the truth, why didn’t he say that then? Why did this only come out after he have to wait until this had blown up on him?

        And recall that the lobbiest that was thrown under the bus apparently said he did only what he was paid to do. The idea that they just “delegated” this to a flunky doesn’t pass the giggle test.

        And, of course, look at what Springfield has never to my knowledge addressed — all its contributions to anti-gun Illinois politicians.

        Bottom line: from the available evidence, it sure looks to me like Springfield tried to get themselves a carve-out from the proposed licensing requirements (which they did), rather than stand shoulder-to-shoulder with POTG. When they got caught, the finger-pointing and dissembling began.

        Until Reese is gone, Springfield is dead to me.

  6. Springfield is just the importer. Squatting on an old name.

    Was hoping for more. Looks like a decent carry gun though.

  7. The xd mod 2 subcompact is pretty easy to carry and I do like the grip safety which I release when reholstering. I’ll pass on this one.

  8. It looks like a nice enough gun, and the reviews will make interesting reading. It’d have to do something game-changing for me to even begin to consider a Springfield of any sort. I already own a perfectly good P365 and don’t need a Croatian take on the same.

  9. they will never leave the holster anyway so why bother with a couple of extra rounds. We carried 5 shot revolvers back in the 60-90’s and managed to do just fine with them until words and phrases like multiple perpetrators and gangs of armed men. If that really happens, then you better run, because a group of armed men are probably going to kill you. Your carry is a defensive weapon, not an AR. After 7 rounds you better be done.

    • I think the 11th round is for yourself because we’re told if you can’t get it done in 10 rounds, then you just can’t get it done. I know what you’re thinking, but this logic apparently doesn’t apply to cops. 😉

    • Absotivly posilutely right! When the gang-bangers take to the streets you need three things, a shot-gunner, a-sniper, and an MG. All equipped with side-arms and BA. Because? It’s gonna get noisy.

  10. This makes sense, especially for those states that are limited to 10 rounds. Something that truly challenges the sig p365 in size vs capacity is going to be good for the market. Competition drives prices down and forces innovation. After the beta testing is done by my fellow gun owners I might bite if it plays out well.

  11. What???!!!! NO “GRIP ZONE”???!!!

    I wont’ buy it if it doesn’t say “GRIP ZONE” on the grip otherwise I wouldn’t know where to grip it…grip it good.

  12. Another plastic gun with a trigger-dingus. HARD PASS.
    At least the Sig did something different by using a solid trigger.

    And that U-Dot sight – *bleck*

    • There was a issue with the original strikers on the P365 they were breaking it has been fixed on ones made after June 2018 it has been redesigned the primer drag is a non issue and the term striker drag was never heard of or around until the Sig P365 came out and had issues l have a Sig P365 now since December 2018 it does have some primer drag but not excessive the gun now has 1200 rounds through it after 6 range visits so far the gun has yet to malfunction hollow points and ball ammo it has fed chambered fired ejected every single round I’ve fed it l have many handguns and so far it has been as reliable as my most reliable handguns l own not to mention for a subcompact it’s comfortable to shoot extremely accurate has a very good trigger and reset and some of the best sights night or day put on a factory gun the sights on this new hellcat are very nice also

  13. This would go great with my Dodge Charger Hellcat, I.O. Hellcat and Guncrafter Industries Hellcat! But Springfield Armory has a long way to go to have any hope of earning my biz.

  14. Another great gun from Springfield Armory, can’t wait to check it out. With the MSRP under $600.00 this one will be hard to keep in stock. Took me almost a year and a half to get ahold of the XDe. Love the XD’s.

  15. Being spoiled for choice is a first world problem I am happy to live with. Over 30 plastic subcompacts to choose from? God bless America.

  16. I heard that the management at Springfield Armory struck a deal with Beta O’Dourke that when he comes to buy them back, you’ll get full retail price.
    Seems plausible enough, especially with Springfield’s record of gun control capitulation…

  17. Claimed to be “The world’s highest capacity micro-compact.” I’m not sure when 11 rounds became more capacity than 12 rounds.

    11 round (flush) magazine, 4″ high, 6″ long, 1″ wide, 17.9 oz.
    Kel-Tec P11:
    12 round (flush) magazine, 4.3″ high, 5.6″ long, 1″ wide, 17.1 oz.

  18. Another cheap piece of Shit ! Had plastic guns GARBAGE ! Nothing but trouble Had S&W M&P after 900 rounds frame went out of wack also Had a Ruger LCP another piece of Shit my Berretta 92FS from Italy have it 7 years still perfect .but still cannot beat a Revolver most of the time I carry one of my old S&W 38spl.s never have a problem perfect every time Hey American gun makers STOP MAKING SHIT PLASTIC GUNS

  19. Grip zone! (Or lack of markings thereof)..

    Stfu! Fanboys!

    As a recent and new owner of a xd mod.2 4″ 9mm (and new to handguns but not.firearms…).. You are doing no favors towards new or prospective handgun owners by playing internet tough guy or corporate shill.

    Also, they (sa) must have taken some of the criticism to heart because my xd mod.2 firearm has no “grip zone markings”.. bought 6 weeks ago. It feels good in /my/ hands and I’m able to hit reasonable groupings at 3-15yes for someone who has never shot handgun before and a little w 22lr.

    That said..this a solid offering and option for sub/micro compact for xxx and may be a good option if I go that.direction{currently just working on safety and accuracy.. So prefer the full size 4″ xd 9 in and gripsafety

  20. Call me cheap, but my 249.99 Shield can sit in police evidence for years . Why would anyone want to spend 549.99 on this just to turn it over to P.D. Same reason my front door only has a 275.00 Mossberg 500 near-by. I don’t think the Intruder’s family will be show-casing the beautiful Night Hawk or STI or in this case, your new Hellcat that riddled their poor baby who now dead because of an allergy to 9mm bullets. Save the extra money!! buy a less expensive gun then add a 1,000,000 Umbrella Policy to your homeowners . Now your really protected for less than 549.99. Don’t be that Guy or Girl who gets 1st prize from the Police Officer as having the most expensive gun taken to Evidence this year.

    If you have a small hand maybe, but with double stacking, how can this be more comfortable then a single stack. Plus there another down side. How many new shooters, say Novice gun owners are going to enjoy feeding a double stack magazine. This can be harder than opening a heat sealed plastic clam shell, my kid wants a toy freed from. Jury is out but unless actual retail is way below MAP, but this one looks like a pass.

  21. Hell yeah I think it’s awesome I’m 59 yrs old and I still think new technology is great, I’m seeing a lot of oh my God another new compact pistol from people man what the hell is wrong with that more and more folks are carrying now ,so gun manufacturers are putting out new products to keep in the game , smart move on their part I’m just sitting back and enjoying all the new pistols that are coming out and enjoying all the new innovations, I guess some folks just like to bitch

  22. My LGS got one in today and let people shoot it for free as part of a Springfield promotion. It’s bigger than the 365 and the grip/frame is fatter than the slide, so it doesn’t feel that small. Still, it’s smaller and lighter than the Shield, and recoil is better (not sure how they managed that). It felt like a good shooting gun, but…

    Nobody could shoot it well.

    It was the weirdest thing. But so many people who wanted to like the gun, who can shoot touching strings with other compact or micro compact guns, they couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn with the HellCat. I heard two people leave saying they’d buy the Sig at even money, but the Sig is even cheaper.

  23. Springfield supported the new licensing laws in Illinois….the democrats are now setting up to impose even more regulations including mandatory security systems and processes that will put small gun stores out of business…all part of the plan…anyone who supports Springfield is supporting these democrats……

  24. WHY NAME IT HELLCAT. How is that going to look in court!!! Idiots at Springfield, why do you just name it “the Springfield murder weapon”

  25. I Purchased This Firearm on 1/17/2020, When To The Range With It On 1/23/2020 Fired All 150rds Flawlessly, However The RMSc Red Dot Failed Just After 130rds. I Took It Back To My LGS, Battery Was Good So I Have No Clue Why The Red Dot Just Stopped Working.

  26. Opinions like A-holes everybody got’em and they all stink, arm yourselves, train with it. Don’t fall for the new gun frenzy.

    • I’ve shot Glock, Smith & Wesson and Taurus. Went to the gun shop and range to see what all of the hype was on this Springfield Hellcat. It’s just another polymer pistol that’s like the Taurus G2C, but lots more expensive. You can get a G2C for $200 or even less when on sale or used compared to $550-$600 for the Hellcat. My best comparison is the aforementioned firearms are all like reliable hammers that some are priced higher than the other. My opinion is save money and get the less expensive, but reliable hammer. It saves money so I can buy more hammers and nails to go with them. 🔨


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