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Also note: TessandJon releases the Glock’s slide stop with his finger on the trigger. Not quite an Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day but no poster child for safe gun handling either.

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  1. All these videos of people throwing Glocks around then shooting them to prove there reliable is getting old. Any descent gun should be able to do this IE Kahrs, Springfields, Rugars, etc. I have nothing agaist Glocks carried them for yrs but M&Ps beat Glocks hands down when it comes to value. Yes I’m bais and as soon as the M&P10 is released I can finally ditch my last Glock.

  2. I was brought up with guns that had manual external safeties. DA/SA pistols for me as flicking off the safety is no big deal if that is something you are used to.

    Luckily the guy in the video is hopefully out in the sticks where he cannot hurt anyone ( except camera guy and himself ).

  3. May not be an issue. On my Ruger LC9, the gun cannot be fired if the clip has been removed. I do not know if the Glock in question has the same feature.

  4. This thread talks more about a guy than a gun.

    The truth of an irresponsible guy with a gun….heh, now that’s a compelling domain.

  5. Clip Shmip. A former Secret Service Agent I know calls mags clips. You think I need to correct him? Anyone clueless when magazines are called clips? Same people correct others for calling tissues Kleenex and of course, all soda in the South are Cokes!

  6. Yep. Its a magazine not a clip. So the secret service agent is indeed wrong. However its not as big of a deal as everyone makes it sound. We all know what someone is talking about when they clip instead of magazine.


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