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“A man killed after gunfire rang out during the filming of a rap video [not shown] in Philadelphia was not shot as was originally thought but died from being struck by a car,” reports. “Police said the man tripped and fell, then was accidentally run over by a car, as a crowd of more than 100 people panicked and tried to flee the scene Thursday night. His name was not released. Homicide Capt. James Clark said police first thought the victim was shot in the head but no gunshot wounds were found during an autopsy. After the shots rang out, police took three men into custody who had guns. Those men may face charges. Police said the driver of the car, who cooperated with police, is not likely to be charged.” Go figure.

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  1. RIP to the man who fell and was killed. I don’t consider him a victim of anything based on the given information. It is ironic and well yes funny too that the three men who carried guns at the rap video shooting err filming and had ignored what is possibly an unconstitutional local law were arrested (and may face charges) and that the driver of the car which killed the man who fell won’t probably be charged. It reads funny yet it makes sense.

  2. When I teach students to shoot, I tell them that the most dangerous thing they’re going to do on range day is drive to the range.

  3. All right here’s the deal with car comparisons. Cars kill 40,000 a year even though they have licensing of drivers, registration of cars and insurance requirements. Without those restrictions the death toll would be 100,000.

    Guns kill 30,000 a year and do not have licensing of gun owners, registration of guns and insurance requirements. If guns and gun owners enjoyed the same restriction as cars, the death toll would be 5,000 a year.

    100,000 for cars, 5,000 for guns. That’s more or less what we’re looking at.

    • How is licensing going to prevent a suicide? It’s not. So your ‘gun death’ is down to 9,000. Of these 9,000 how many are criminal on criminal crimes? Yep, 45-90%. Averaging that out to 67.5%, that leaves us with 2925 firearm related deaths. Taking away accidental shootings, we have 2,337 non gang, non accidental, non self inflicted firearm related deaths. Let’s remove the 665 justifiable homicides and we get 1,682 which is a poor excuse for infringing on the rights of the citizens.

    • Start with 30,000. Half of those are suicides. Gun laws are not going to change those.

      That brings you down to 15,000. Half of those are criminal on criminal killings. Gun laws are not going to change those either.

      That brings you down to say 8,000. Those include criminals being justifiably killed by cops or citizens. Gun laws are not going to change those either.

      That brings you close to your 5,000. But you won’t hear about any of this from your Brady Buddies.

    • Alcohol is involved in about half of fatal automobile accidents. Should we bring back Prohibition to reduce that number?

      Whenever you read about a single motor vehicle accident fatality that took place on a dry road and clear weather it was likely suicide by automobile.

    • @mikeb302000:

      Do you just like to make things up? Show us a link with proof behind your numbers?

      Show me proof that without those restrictions that we would go from 40,000 to 100,000? Do you just dream this stuff up?

      Here are some real stats — The national avg. is that 14% of all drivers are without insurance. With some states having up to 22% and Kalifornia who will even subsidize insurance cannot break the national average at 15%. There is approxoimately 16% of all drivers without a license and in some states more. The act of having a license or insurance does not stop people from driving nor is the cause of accidents. Because following your logic, license and insurance is what prevents people being killed by cars. And, as the unemployment rate goes up so do those percentages. For every 1% increase in unemployment, there is a similar increase in uninsured, unregistered and unlicensed drivers because all those things cost money. In CT alone it is now $86 to renew your license.

      People die from cars because they are careless, distracted, under the influence or impaired in some manner. Break down the statistics, driving while texting is high on that death by car list and falling a sleep at the wheel is high on the list too. Many of those people had training, insurance and a license and guess what they died! You cannot prevent death. Even NHTSA, who is pushing a stupid rule to force all cars to have backup camera by 2015 is saying it may not prevent a single death of parents or others backing over their kids — the same people who had training, a license and insurance — but it will force the price of a car to increase $400 to $600 or more thus preventing the people who may/or may not benefit from the requirement because the car is more expensive.

      It is illegal to rob banks, and yet people still rob banks. In CT, there is actual law that says you cannot have gas generators started inside your home — something that should be obvious without a law — and 20 people died during a freak snow storm last October — do you really believe that the law prevented others from dieing or was it just common sense that they did not start a machine that generates carbon monoxide inside their home?

      License and registration of guns will do nothing to prevent deaths because just like cars and people who will drive them without the necessary license, registration and insurance, criminals will find a way to purchase guns and use them to commit crimes. As you can look up for yourself, the UK and AU who has banned guns still has crimes where the criminal used guns.

      The falacy you have is that legislature forces a certain behavior, the reality is that it just drives it underground and as we are finding out in NYC, in order to keep a certain image, police are covering up the real statistics. Even our founding fathers believed religion was important because they knew that you cannot simple legislate behavior and a certain moral upbringing was necessary.

      You want real change mike, with cars fight for better driver education especially among teens — everyone can use a defensive driving course. You want to prevent certain types of gun related accidents, fight for gun education so everyone can be safer around guns including kids. IN THE END, you will not stop the drunks, the idiots nor the criminals.

      Here are some facts for you mike, hope that next time you argue with facts and just not make stuff up:

      • Robert, more potentially dangerous drivers are eliminated due to the screening process than potentially dangerous gun owners are. That a problem.

        About making stuff up or inventing stuff, that’s not exactly what I do. I draw logical conclusions from the existing data that we all more or less agree on.

        • Huh? You make a highly contentious statement without any citations and then you say you draw logical conclusions from existing data? Do you even read what you write?

    • Bwahahahahah! I just clicked on your Gravatar icon and it took me to your gravatar account. Your username on there is mikebonguncontroll. Mike, I’m glad that even you realize what you are.

    • hey, uh, mike, chicago totally shoots your, [and every other guncontrol nut] arguments out of the water, chicago has a handgun BAN, [though ruled unconstitutional], and it was recently named the most dangerous city, in the world. it has an extremely high rate of violence [including cases where a firearm was used]. how do you explain that?

      • Phil, you’re really not paying attention, are you? You just keep repeating what the other guys keep repeating.

        Guns used in inner city Chicago are coming in from Indiana and other lax-gun places within a short drive.

        Because we have a mish-mash of easily circumvented gun control laws, it’s as if we have none.

  4. In my experience, and I have the scars to prove it, the cars are way more dangerous than the guns.
    If people take gun safety too lightly, wait until we get to the cars and trucks.
    I am amazed the death toll from driving and riding are not higher with all of the stunts I see on the road.
    I have a nice scar on my fore head due to some idiot gabbing on his cell phone or playing with his Infotainment System while not driving and plowing into me.
    What really is amazing ( well really is not ), is that while the guy was cited, he just walked away from the incident at the end of the day.

    • A couple of years ago when I lived in southern Kalifornia I listened to a gal that called into KFI radio and said that she was involved in a vehicle accident when she was plowed into by a guy that she said didn’t speak english, the guy then drove off. She called the police, they came out and took the report and several days later she received a bill from the city (I think it was the city of Clairmont) charging her for the police call and they threatened to turn her over to a collection agency if she didn’t pay the bill. She later found out that when the cops checked out the license plate number of the guy that hit her that he was unlicensed, uninsured, and in the U.S illegally.

      • She would only be billed via a CHP 735, and those are only triggered by a police response to a DUI driver who is:

        -at fault in a collision
        -and found to be DUI at the time of the collision
        -and the DUI can be positively reported by a chemical test (breath, urine, and/or blood).

  5. I’ve been shot at, and I’ve been hit by cars. Although I haven’t been hit by a bullet, I’ve been glanced by an automobile driven by an unlicensed driver (shocking!) in the midst of a diabetic coma. I was legally stopped on the right shoulder of the freeway for a few moments, and then hit. I was extricated by firefighters and driven to the hospital with minor head injuries.

    The fact of the matter is that driving is the most dangerous activity that most adults regularly engage in, but have the least respect for. Precious few people check their tires before they drive, wait to check that “important” text, or drive with a high visual horizon.

    Guns and cars are both potentially lethal, and I support safe and effective training for both.

  6. Ban automatic transmissions and legalize machine guns. There I just solved the “distracted driving problem.”


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