Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay
Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay (courtesy Twitter)
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The raging Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay made news earlier this week when a private social media post she wrote became public. The Pennsylvania physician and school board member had threatened to shoot anyone not wearing a mask who approached her or her family.

As a result of the predictable blowback she’s received for making the threat, Dr. Rager-Kay has resigned her school board position. But in her resignation letter, she manages to deflect all blame for what’s happened and portray herself as a victim, while also blaming — wait for it — gun owners.

Here’s the text of the letter as posted by The Daily Item:

As a result of a post l placed on social media, l have received threats against my personal and professional wellbeing that with great sorrow have compelled me to submit this letter of formal resignation from the Selinsgrove Area School District Board of Directors. For a position I am honored and passionate to serve, this is no easy decision and l feel it necessary to explain.

This private social media post, that Snyder County Commissioner Joe Kantz elected to capture and share, has confirmed the state of affairs that prompted me to post it in the first place. Our society is so divided and entrenched with the “you vs. me” selfish mentality, that we fail to recognize the level of hypocrisy this represents. Someone approaching me or my family not wearing a mask while in the midst of a pandemic, and refusing to back off if asked, represents a potentially deadly threat. Those who carry their rifles to rallies and protests speak so passionately about the right to personal defense, are the same ones now attacking me for boldly asserting that I would meet a deadly threat with deadly force. So why am I being crucified for practicing the same rights given by the Second Amendment, Stand Your Ground Law, and the Castle Doctrine?

Several of those criticizing me publicly are also demanding my resignation from the school board, including Commissioner Kantz, Gerald and Amy Stauffer, Todd Shimko and Boyd Martin. And while their comments are accusatory, and many others threatening, they do not get credit for my decision to resign. After spending a significant time praying and discussing with my husband, my ultimate decision is ironically the same reason I ran for school board, my family. No amount of inequity or injustice is worth the risk to my family and my profession. And if I must serve as the scapegoat to call attention to the extreme level of hatred and ignorance that exists and continues to pervade our community in attempt for reconciliation, I will gladly accept that burden. I can only apologize to those who have supported me and may share in my disappointment.

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    • Honestly I am more amazed she faced any negative outcome for acting like a typical liberal (read commie leaning champagne socialist)

        • If there was EVER a good reason to invoke a “red flag” law (hypothetical), SHE is it.

          Someone who even considers that level of POSSIBLE threat to be equivalent to an IMMINENT threat really should not be in possession of firearms.

      • I haven’t seen him endorse any leftard ideology. Seems she has more in common with Chief Idiot, Miner the moron, and you.

    • Karen: “…it’s the ‘you vs me’ that’s the problem!!”

      also Karen, a moment before: “…it’s you vs me a**hole!!”

      • Doctor Who sure has managed to destroy the lives of some of his companions. Id they knoew his track record going in, many would flee in terror!

        And no way do I buy that there’s no sex going on between The Doctor and some of those babes he’s wandered time and space with. You know, between episodes, during long voyages across the universe?

        Bit of the old slap and tickle going on eh?

        Nudge nudge … wink wink …

        Know what I mean???

      • He has. Tom Baker’s Doctor, iirc, used a Cyberman blaster. And he threatened Davros with a Dalek gun.

        There may be others, this is just what comes to mind immediately.

      • The sonic screwdriver alone has enough power on self destruct mode to destroy a nuclear submarine and was used as a threat that way in the Cold War episode.
        The newest doctor made claims in her first episode that carrying a knife is bad (london, you know), but the day was saved by a strong independent woman carrying a knife in the second episode… same writer for both episodes, looks he can’t keep the agenda straight

  1. Am I the only one who read that title as “Dr Who” threatened? As in the time traveling alien with a British accent?

  2. If I recall correctly, the woman IS a gun owner. And now she is a gun owner that has threatened deadly force against people she disagrees with. Someone needs to “Red Flag” her.

    • She *said* she was a licensed carrier. Doesn’t mean she is.

      But either way, drumming venomous c*nts like her out of any and all public organizations the second they reveal themselves is the best possible thing we could do for society.

      • Doesn’t matter – she made a threat and, for all anyone knows, is quite willing to follow through with it. This is exactly what the D’s say they intended red flags to protect against. Red flag her, baker act her, disqual on firearm purchases.

  3. I’m thinking since the Hippocratic Oath is normally taken by all medical personnel, I would think a review and removal of her medical license would be effective.

    • Very few medical schools in the USA administer the Hippocratic Oath anymore. The biggest reason given is that it swears by pagan gods.

      The current standard is the World Medical Association Declaration of Geneva (yup, the GLOBALIST med assoc). The whole phrase about “do no harm” doesn’t exist anymore…mostly it is full of Progressive “feelz good” platitudes. The phrase about preserving the confidentiality of the patient relationship was totally subverted under the HIPAA Act of 1996 (thank you Bill Clinton…)

      Hippocrates would be ashamed of the profession he gave his name and values to if he were here to consider the many ways they have perverted their “calling”.

      • Hippocrates? Isn’t that what they transport water horses in from Africa to US zoos?

        My question is — What kind of doctor is this she-bitch, that she doesn’t understand that those masks are USELESS for protecting against virus transmission; that if her and her family are outside in the sunshine, the UV rays and heat radiation from sunlight instantly kill viruses (viri); and that this whole pandemic is a farce and has been overblown by the leftists she obviously supports?!

        • Hippo crates…thank you for a great chuckle!

          I believe that you answered your own question regarding which kind of physician she is* as evidenced by these two quotes from your original post:

          –“…she doesn’t understand that those masks are USELESS…” and “…the leftists she obviously supports?!” –

          She comes across as a politically motivated, fear mongering, pathetic excuse of a physician who obviously does NOT hold human life in the high esteem the Geneva Declaration would lead a reader to believe.

          As far as the Geneva Declaration, (that she most likely recited at her med school) she really blew this line…”I WILL NOT USE my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties, even under threat;”

          She has demonstrated a callous disregard for these two phrases also…

          “I WILL MAINTAIN the utmost respect for human life; (shooting a non-threatening, non-weapon bearing person 5.5 feet away is respect??)

          I WILL NOT PERMIT considerations of age, disease or disability, creed, ethnic origin, gender, nationality, political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, social standing or any other factor to intervene between my duty and my patient;” (bold face added for emphasis)

          *her practice specialty is ear, nose and throat…there’s probably a joke in here somewhere, but, I’m not taking the cheap “shot” regarding her specialty.

    • “the Hippocratic Oath is normally taken by all medical personnel”

      Not anymore. Now they take the Hypocrite Oath, which starts: First, Don’t Get Caught.

  4. picture her shooting someone to death and then finding out the victim was not infected. That would be premeditated 1st degree murder.

      • Might be able to make the argument but more likely to be charged on second degree and pled to some degree of manslaughter. Then again they do seem more willing to eat their own of late.

        • Given that COVID is trending down toward being little more than a really bad flu season, definitely murder to shoot someone for not wearing a mask. She should be committed.

        • JG – Really bad flu season?? It didn’t even equate to a really bad anything. The majority of regular flu deaths as well as anything else that was a symptom of flu was called a covid19 death. The government was paying doctors and medical facilities to put covid19 on death certificates whether they were tested or not. This whole pandemic was a farce and has been in the planning for several decades. It’s already been shown that Fauci, Birx, and Gates are all part of this fraud, and were major contributors to the creation and release of it.

  5. I’d imagine the school board feels more comfortable now that she is gone. They don’t have to wonder if their getting to close for fear of being gunned down by their fellow school board whacko member.

  6. Since she is young and not already dying of something else, the chances an asymptomatic COVID carrier “represents a potentially deadly threat” are somewhere up there with rabid chipmunks or meteor showers. Did “Dr.” Raging-Kunt cut her medical degree out of a cereal box?

  7. Yeah, just let us know when she’s in jail! You know, like a conservative would be! We wont hold our breaths!!!

  8. The children of Selinsgrove are the real winners today. One less hyphenated name loon deciding their fate.

    • “Next would be petty tyrant Witch.”

      The ‘Witch’ position is currently held by Ruth Bader Ginsberg…

  9. Anyone who thinks someone approaching them without a mask on presents a deadly threat needs to have their head examined.

  10. Deadly force vs “deadly force”!?!
    Let’s see we’ve got 4 million in my state and 900 deaths for what 1/2% odds and that’s IF you actually catch it.
    If your that worried bout why are you out with the family?
    Grown folks gotta make adult decisions.

  11. If you feel like doing some searching you can read an even better explanation by her on http://www.pennlive.com under Coronavirus and her name. The article seems neutral to me due to the end comment by the writer/journo

    It’s a hoot.

    It’s nice to see the folks on the other side of the fence pay the price for their words that so many on “my” side of the fence pay when they speak up and expose their frustrations.

  12. Doctor Who Threatened to Shoot Those Not Wearing Masks Resigns From School Board

    Resign???!!! She belongs behind bars for a terrorist threat. The “red flag” law should be releaving her of her guns, A?! This is why we need a “red flag” law——-AS LONG AS IT IS PROPERLY ENFORCED WITH “DUE PROCESS” FROM THE GET GO!

    “The raging Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay made news earlier this week when a private social media post she wrote became public. The Pennsylvania physician and school board member had threatened to shoot anyone not wearing a mask who approached her or her family.”

  13. Dr. Ragey says: “Those who carry their rifles to rallies and protests speak so passionately about the right to personal defense, are the same ones now attacking me for boldly asserting that I would meet a deadly threat with deadly force.”

    Simple explanation; those people carrying rifles to rallies are not looking for justification to commit murder. In fact, they aren’t even carrying to threaten anyone. They carry because it is their right, and that right is protected by the Constitution. Those weapons are simply a visual aid to remind the government of the people that we have the right to keep and bear arms, not the right to shoot someone because of what they are wearing or are not wearing.

  14. Did anyone notify the sheriff? Local LE? State LE? I sure hope this doesn’t go away.
    She’d be the first one to alert the authorities if someone said that to her.

    • I notified the Selinsgrove Police dept, The Snyder county sheriff and the Pennsylvania AG office. with the link to the original story. The only response I got was from the AG office. A standard Thank You for contacting our office. Not holding my breath for any action being taken.

      • Most Sheriffs won’t even respond to very specific death threats. They’ll tell you to go file a restraining order.

  15. She resigned, so…
    I wish she would have shot someone not wearing a mask. Then she could really play the victim card.
    Don’t let the doorknob hit you,

  16. Sounds to me like she still FEELS like a victim with this non-apology.
    But then, that is no surprise.

  17. Do something useful, Dr. Rager-Kay. Find a man that will put up with your bullshyte, settle down, have his children, keep his house, and otherwise STFU. That’s about all you’re good for.

    • Ah, but she did…sort of.

      She is married to a defense attorney who left his position due to her kerfuffle and the “threats of harm to the family”. And then there is the twice ran for public office against Rep. candidates in 2018 and 2019……

      She could have been a “Government official” if she’d won. However, she lost both elections by about 50% both times.

  18. The scariest part of all of this is that she cannot separate the deadly threat from possible deadly threat. Everything you encounter in your daily life is a possible deadly threat. A shower, eating a meal, driving your car, everyone you interact with, animals, viruses, disease……..EVERYTHING.

    She claims to be a gun owner but doesn’t know the difference?? That’s terrifying. She is exactly the type of person her beloved left decry as the scum of the earth and deserve no rights as they cannot be trusted.

    She needs to be red flagged more than anyone. And I damn sure wouldn’t trust her to be able to determine my health needs when she cannot distinguish potential threats and actual threats.

  19. well what a kick in the head for me—-i have had the same problem with a local idiot the just want to get up to your face to talk about nothing while he is coughing—and that is after him being told that i am highly susceptible after having one surgery, and an upcoming one a week later ——-he just kept coming towards me and coughing—-being in a ‘stand my ground’ state, i thought i would be within my rights—–but i never called my local sheriff——i was even going to use a walking stick—-just to show at least three feet——personally, i think her statements are being misread—-it was stated the the person kept approaching after being requested to back away—-which in my opinion could be taken as a threat even without the covid issue—i my case i retreated–making several quick turns, even with the surgery, and lost the idiot—–to prove the young lady’s point, wait 3 or 4 months when the spread flares up again–thanks to my neighbor—-stay safe —–

    • I can’t stand a “close talker” under the best of circumstances. Those people who have to be in your face for the most mundane of conversations.

      But ignoring your concerns, the current state of your health, your asking them to step back is just over the top rudeness.

      • The silver lining of the pandemic is world wide awareness of social distancing. I can’t stand it either. Sometimes strangers will do it while standing in line. It won’t get you to the end of the line any quicker. Give people some space.

      • COVID aside, asking someone to stop violating your space isn’t rude. What is rude is repeatedly encroaching on someone who clearly doesn’t want you to be so close.

  20. What she is complaining about is rude and disgusting behavior from which the potential for personal injury to herself is very low. So she is over reacting in the extreme. It is appropriate for her to be punished for the violence she is claiming a right to engage in as it is far out of proportion to any incident she has experienced.

    On the other side of it, why do some people have to act like total jerks and assholes? If somebody doesn’t want to talk to your bare face up close and personal, you should be fine with that. I mean what burden is that on you to say “Have a nice day” and walk on?

    • Anybody wishes to become “the mask enforcer of death” needs to go home and lock the door. Anybody comes thru the door without a mask, go for it. If you are in the street and draw on someone who does not have a mask, I will try my best to shoot you before you can shoot him, because it will look to me like you are trying to kill him for no reason.

  21. The real Dr. Who travels in the TARDIS and fights Daleks. This Dr. Who travels in the RETARDIS and can kill my Hath.

  22. this “doc” needs to study up on the laws regarding ‘Stand Your Ground Law, and the Castle Doctrine’
    needs to read up on REAL threats VS what you think might be a threat and what everyone else SANE sees as nothing…aka she is nuts and needs a red flag!

  23. She is a doctor and doesn’t know that two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead? There is no such thing as a “private social media post.”

  24. I’ve made comments before about having common sense before posting emotional thoughts on social media. I’ve been skewered more than once for making what I thought were benign comments or factual corrections. I mean, did she think for even a few seconds what kind of social blowback she might receive by posting something like this in the first place? Especially for someone in the public positions she is in? Not a very wise move.

  25. That woman is in serious need of psychiatric evaluation and treatment. The overwhelmingly total and complete lack of judgement on her part should give anyone pause who might consider her services as a physician.

  26. Dr. Nutburger Libtard misses the whole point. In what way is someone approaching you without a mask considered a threat to your safety that justifies Lethal Force? It doesn’t in any of the 50 States.

  27. If that someone approaching her were a slobbering out-of-their-mind zombie, by all means blast away. Fortunately, a zombie apocalypse is presently NOT underway. Not to mention, no state has declared other humans as bio-weapons, so her feelings still don’t pass the litmus test for defense from deadly intent. Additionally, at last check, the so-called Castle Doctrine laws don’t cover defense of one’s personal space which, like China’s definition of international waters, is subject to opinion and interpretation.

  28. “This private social media post…”

    This woman has a PhD and thinks something posted on the internet is any way private? Well that’s another mark in the “advanced education does not automatically equate to advanced intelligence” column.

  29. The children with respiratory conditions that can not use a mask are safer since she will not have the opportunity to gun them down.

  30. I wonder if her community will get sick to effing death of her like we did over Rachel Dolezal.
    Around here in Spokane, there she was again, Dolezal, bringing the negativity over her fake-ass self and shoving it in our faces. Damn woman, JUST GO AWAY.

    I suspect that’s how it’s going to be for the good Doctor. That community is going to be sick of her in real short order.

  31. A school board can not have a member that states intent to shoot people that can not wear masks since she may follow through with her threat and shoot a kid with a severe respiratory condition on school grounds for not wearing a mask.

  32. In my adult life, every doctor who treated me either carried a firearm or kept one in his office. I cannot immediately recall how many but I’ve seen many. None of them threatened to shoot me — or anyone else for that matter. Rager-Kay has every right to speak her mind because threatening someone for not wearing a mask is not against any law and because it is directed at no specific person or group. Further, even if it were directed to a specific person or group, they weren’t in imminent danger. But clearly, she’s certifiably hysterical and has no business treating people for illnesses. She might be dangerous and need medical attention.


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