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Think of all the anger-management-challenged drivers you’ve encountered on I-95. Think of all the vile, racist comments that blossom in the commentary section under online local news stories.

Think of all the self-deputized patriots who’ve confused a virulent strain of bigotry with heroism.

Now put them at the picnic table next to you in the park. And give them guns.

No thanks. After years of living in South Florida, I’ve come to believe that the allegedly law-abiding citizens among us are as apt to be ticking time bombs as the guys looking to steal your wallet to feed a drug habit.

from Guns in parks: It’s open season thanks to NRA by Frank Cerabino at

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  1. Hey Frank, all of those stereotypes (I mean people) you mention in your story already DO own guns if they want them. The same goes for carrying them too.

    And please let me know which park these folks are hanging out at. Because I want to hang out there too. Safest damn park in Florida, probably.

  2. “allegedly law-abiding citizens”? Who is this knucklehead? He does not fear the concealed guns, but only the ones he can see? People like this should be marked somehow so that I will know to not stick up for them in any way. When I see him being beaten on his way home from the 100 mom march, Ill just walk by and smile. Gee, I would like to help but someone would accuse me of being one of those “self-deputized patriots who’ve confused a virulent strain of bigotry with heroism.

    Im with John Fritz above. Ill hang out at that park all day, and Ill bring my kids (and my gun).

  3. Boy, this guy sure has a high regard for his fellow citizens, doesn’t he?

    I wonder how many stabbings this guy has seen in public places. My guess would be that he’s never seen a stabbing, even though knives are much easier to get than guns are. Heck, how many fistfights has this guy seen in the park? Probably zero.

    So, I can’t help but wonder why he believes that the presence of firearms, carried by people who went through the process of getting a permit lawfully to carry a concealed weapon, is going to increase the amount of violence. Magical thinking at its very finest….

  4. … as the guys looking to steal your wallet to feed a drug habit“.

    And another thing Frank, you care to get into a discussion about why it is wallets are being stolen by people to buy drugs? Douchebag.

    I never resort to name calling in forums but this guy totally pisses me off. I can just picture him yucking it up with his other used-to-live-in-New-York-but-retired-to-Florida buddies while he’s enjoying his drug of choice at some bar, criticizing everyone who doesn’t fit into his narrow-minded little classification of individuals he approves of.

    And that smirky picture he’s got sitting on top of his newspaper column… Yeah, he sure knows what’s going on. Just ask him.

  5. I don’t understand why he has a problem with LAW ABIDING CITIZENS carrying guns. Sounds like these are good decent people who have the legal right to possess a firearm. Now if they were to break the law, then no more guns for them(which is already the law for felons). A good friend’s stepson who happens to be an attorney(and didn’t believe in guns) was recently beaten and robbed by two thugs. He attempted to talk them out of stealing his wallet, at which point he was knocked to the ground. They then beat him and took his wallet and watch. He now wants to learn how to shoot at our local range,(LMAO) because he now feels that guns aren’t so bad after all. (um I should say after he got his A$$ KICKED)

  6. I have the same problem he has, which is that too many of the “law-abiding gun owners” are unfit to own guns. I’ve placed a lowball figure on that amount at 10%. That means that Frank is exactly right, when someone has a gun they might ” be ticking time bombs.”

    • How do you figure 10% is lowball? There are millions of people across the country who have a license to carry concealed firearms, as well as three states that have constitutional carry. The number of incidents per year involving a licensed CCW deploying his or her weapon unlawfully is statistically insignificant.


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