Do We Really Want to See Boxer Carry on Campus?

Arizona’s making another push for campus carry. And I’m all for giving students the right to avoid being a Virgina Tech-style defenseless victim. I’m just not sure if this is really the way I want to see it done. Just sayin.’


  1. avatar O.N. says:

    Expect “The North Face” to make holsters if campus carry is legalized.

    1. avatar Jwhite says:

      Eh.. Places like REI are their primary retail outlets. REI doesn’t support “animal cruelty” therefore they dont sell fishing supplies, and by proxy, fishing is a form of hunting, resulting in a complete disregard for the other half of outdoor sports. North Face being the Polo of outdoors gear and REI being the goody two shoes of the world when it comes to “out door adventures.” Blah.. .Sorry I hate REI for some reasons and not so much for others. I used to work there a while back and they have some shady business practices. They basically do their best to hire drones who have little to no brain activity and are willing to memorize product brochures and marketing lines. They act like its some hot shit place to work when in fact it really isn’t and they offer predatory deals. REI Team Members get this HUUUUUUUUGE discount on a revolving door of goods. They offer terminals in the break room for employees to “hop on and check out their deals.” It was kinda sad to watch people sit at those things the majority of their lunch break blowing their paycheck a day after getting paid. Their hourly wage was horrible, and work environment even worse. *end rant*

  2. avatar Marty says:

    hey, great to see that Philmont belt! Scouting paradise!

    1. avatar Charlie Taylor says:

      Hehe, I noticed that too!

    2. avatar Chas says:

      Got one exactly like it!

      1. avatar Geoff says:

        Right on! That boy scout takes “be prepeaed” to heart.

        1. avatar Mike OFWG says:

          I think it’s a girlscout

  3. avatar CarlosT says:

    Small of back = bad idea. Holsterless carry = bad idea. Both together = disaster in the making.

    That said, campus carry should absolutely be allowed.

    1. avatar Tim says:

      Safety is off too, don’t forget that!

      1. avatar Matt G. says:

        It’s a berreta. And it’s decocked.

  4. avatar Taurus609 says:

    Dan, don’t know if this was suppose to be satire or your real fears. But it comes across as what an anti would come up with. I can only speak for CC because Mo does not have open carry (well sort of), but I can’t imagine anyone who would go through all of the hoops to CC and then carry in that way. I’ve read many of your post here before, and this kind of perplexes me on what you were trying to say. Do you feel that by allowing (hate that term when it comes to gun rights) college young men and women the ability to defend themselves while on campus, they would be that irresponsible?

    1. I was making fun of what’s most likely a stock photo used to illustrate a story about campus carry. Pretty sure no one will carry in quite the manner depicted in the photo. I hope.

      This is more of a commentary on the photo editor’s choice than anything else. No one who knows guns (let alone anyone who has carried one) would think that this is something you’re going to see in the real world.

      1. avatar Taurus609 says:

        Sorry Dan, I didn’t see the link highlighted, I thought this was your commentary. I stand (sit) corrected!

  5. avatar great unknown says:

    Does that red dot I see in the picture really mean that the safety is off?

    1. avatar ST says:

      Yes.Yes it does.

      But this guy is doing much better than the genious’ who stick loaded Glocks into their pants via Mexican Carry.

      1. avatar Matt G. says:

        Its a beretta. A DA/SA. No-one carrys them with the safety on.

  6. avatar KYgunner says:

    What is the most comfortable way to carry IWB if you are going to be doing a lot of sitting while carrying? As I don’t have my CCW *yet*, I haven’t gotten to experiment. Sitting with 7 inches of steel in my pants just doesn’t sound comfortable in any position.
    Wait… maybe I should rephrase that last part… Oh well. Haha

    1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

      Most comfortable, IMHO, would be 3 o’clock. Not the most concealable, however. I don’t really worry about that too much; MN doesn’t require the piece to be concealed.

      1. avatar KYgunner says:

        Both OH and KY are open-carry states, but if I’m carrying concealed, I want it to be 100% hidden. Is 4 o’clock a decent spot? I would never do anything at 12, 1 or 2 for fear of becoming a eunich.

        1. avatar Totenglocke says:

          Just try open carrying (at least in Ohio) and see how long before you have half a dozen cops pointing guns at you telling you to get on the ground or they’ll shoot you for legally carrying a gun.

    2. avatar CarlosT says:

      As far as I know, you can always experiment in your own home.

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but I find that 4:00 or so works for me. That’s right behind my hip bone, and it seems to naturally settle in there. Investment in good gear will also go a long way. A high quality holster and especially a high quality, very still gun belt will do most of the work of keeping the gun where it needs to be and that is really important for comfort.

      1. avatar KYgunner says:


        Thanks CarlosT

        1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

 get the one with the Kydex (the “A” version). smartest thing I did with concealed carry. I carry @ approx. between 8 and 7 o’clock being a lefty and it is very conceable as CarlosT indicated, behind the hip bone. I wear suits so it prints too much at 6 o’clock

        2. avatar Tim says:

          LOVE REMORA – My Crossbreed Supertuck has not been used since I purchased a Remora.

          Not only is the price right, but Alan Bogdan is awesome as the owner. The whole operation is friendly and responsive.

        3. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

          BUY AMERICAN! Alan is a great owner/operator. I used my King Tuk (crossbreed design) this Sunday at church b/c I wanted to tuck my shirt in and wear a suit that would print with the remora. I hated the feel.

        4. avatar CarlosT says:

          I’d love to see a TTAG gear review of Remora holsters. Seems like it would be good exposure for them, since this is the number one gun blog. In. The. World.

        5. avatar Ralph says:

          I posted a comprehensive review of Remora on TTAG last year. Needless to say, I loved it. When the review hit the web, Alan said he noticed a strong uptick in sales.

        6. avatar CarlosT says:

          Ah, I missed it. I’ll have to dig back through the archives to find it.

        7. avatar Tim says:

          It was your review of it that pushed me to go ahead and drop the HUGE $25 on one – haven’t looked back.

          By the way, they play trivia all the time on their FB page, get the correct answer, win a free holster. On New Years Eve, last question before the New Year, anyone who answered got one – I am waiting for my free one to come in for my other carry gun.

        8. avatar Texas Deputy says:


          Remora holsters are great. I recently purchase two, and have worn only the Remora since they arrived.

          Alan Bogdan personally answers questions promptly, and is extremely helpful and courteous. He explained to me how to make the current Remora a tuckable by only using the cover shirt tucked in the top 2 inches. He also said to monitor the Remora website for some new models coming out.

          For fellow LEOs, they also have an LEO discount program.

    3. avatar Matt G. says:

      For a mainly seated position where concealment is necissary is in a cross draw position. This keeps the grip from poking out when you sit like it does in standard 2-3-4oclock carry, 4oclock being the worst for sticking out behind you. Plus it allows you to draw the gun unhindered from a seated position. Works great for drivers as well.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    Ah, the allure of open carry on campus without ever joining the ROTC. Man, was I born in the wrong decade. Sigh.

    The gun is real handy carried SOB without a holster, and the front sight does double-duty as a butt-scratcher on those hot, sweaty days.

    There’s no reason to fear muzzling the room or your own kidney, liver or pancreas. What’s the worst that could happen?

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      And that spinal cord thingy is clearly optional as well.

    2. avatar LC Judas says:

      Well he could ruin a perfectly good kidney if he plans on donating them both early.

    3. avatar great unknown says:

      He should be worried about a head shot, given where he obviously keeps his cranium

  8. avatar Kevin says:

    Isn’t it odd how a lot of people say that TTAG is an anti-gun web site?

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      I think so.

  9. avatar Todd94590 says:

    okay, I saw the headline…. and in my warped, brainwashed mind, the word “Boxer” expanded itself into “Barbara Boxer.”

    how do you type that Tim-the-Toolman: hhhuh?? sound.

    Good God, I need to escape this state ASAP.

    As for the current crop of high school students entering college (assuming NOT in California), I’d be a bit worried– hopefully some were boy scouts and know which end of a handgun is the ‘business’ end. Do fear that there may be an entire new crop of Darwin Award Winners.

  10. avatar Rokurota says:

    This has got to be a staged photo. What “concealed” carry permit holder would carry this way?

    (Articles on photojournalists staging photos below)

  11. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    what about thong carry? Very in favor of that

    1. avatar Totenglocke says:

      +1 – at least if the person wearing said thong is A) female and B) of an appropriate BMI level.

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        big girls need lovin’ too, just not by me

        1. avatar Totenglocke says:

          Dude, I just ate!

  12. avatar AZRon says:

    A consensus of any law will never override the selfishness of man.

    Better to put us all on a level playing field and let us sort it out on our own.

  13. avatar John says:

    We Boy Scouts hold no responsibility for this persons shooting off of various body parts.

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