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I don’t think lonestarjohnnyguitar is the worst country singer ever. But he’s certainly one of the worst country singers ever. His pro-gun rights song lacks a certain je sais quoi. Specifically, tunefulness. Still, props to LJG for the lyrics which, if nothing else, do a pretty good job of stating the case for firearms freedom. All this track really needs is a refrain of some kind. Like LJG refraining from singing. Sorry guy, but the truth hurts.


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  1. Actually, he “sings” about how we can all agree that we should have universal background checks, mandatory waiting periods, and “no-fly, no-buy” lists. One of his lines is, “Most folks who own guns don’t mind some gun control.”

    Robert, did you actually listen to the recording?

  2. There was once a country ballad that went,

    “America was born with a gun in her hand,
    Some say we’re blessed, and some say we’re damed.”

    But I can’t find it anymore.

  3. If sung to something Johnny cash’s don’t take your guns to town (and include a refrain like others mentioned) it wouldn’t be half bad.

    • I never liked “Don’t Take Your Guns To Town”.
      In it, the story goes, that his mother knows something bad will happen and leaving his guns home will save her son. This is complete bullshit because he was murdered in cold blood. It is an anti 2A song from the man in black. Fuck JC!

  4. “You can eat my dog, you can eat my truck, but you eat my flag and you’re out of luck! She’s waving proud around the world from Dallas to Fort Worth. Let me say it again: Don’t mess with Earth!”


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