KelTec P15 9mm striker-fired
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From KelTec . . .

How does KelTec follow up a 30th anniversary of game-changing firearms innovation in 2021? By kicking off 2022 with the introduction of its 9mm KelTec P15 pistol, the lightest and thinnest of its kind and the first striker-fire pistol from KelTec. As another first, the new P15 features a unique, patent pending 15-round extended magazine.

“KelTec invented subcompact, polymer handguns,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Derek Kellgren, “so we wanted our first 9 mm striker-fired pistol to be worthy of the company George Kellgren founded 31 years ago.”

The new P15 also offers other quality and performance features carry pistol enthusiasts have come to expect from KelTec, like a fiber optic front sight, adjustable rear sight, ambidextrous safety and magazine release plus a gator grip texture that increases stability and makes for easy, accurate handling.

“While we pride ourselves on creating firearms that are unlike any others,” added said Adrian Kellgren, Director of Industrial Production, “we also pride ourselves on innovation in production. That allows us to consistently produce innovative firearms that are also reliable, high quality, affordable firearms.”

Other significant KelTec pistol innovations include the new P50 pistol and the now retired PF9 and P11 pistols, the P11 being the first sub-compact polymer 9mm handgun for concealed carry. Also slated for retirement due to P15 innovation is the P3AT.

The P15 is currently scheduled to be featured at the 2022 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, January 18-22 and at the NRA Annual Meeting and Show in Houston, May 27-29.

“The new P15, like any firearm in our long history, gives enthusiasts a firearm designed to be a unique improvement over what’s available and what they may own now,” concluded Matt Stanek, Marketing Manager. “The fun and excitement of creating that is why we come to work every day.”

KelTec, well known for innovation and performance, is one of the top firearms manufacturers in the world, employing over 300 American citizens, many of whom are Veterans.

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[ED: No images or pricing of the new pistol are available yet. We’ll update this post as soon as they are.]

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      • LifeSavor,

        Gadsden Flag is very, shall we say, “particular” about which firearm platforms and brands he likes.

        • “Gadsden Flag is very, shall we say, “particular” about which firearm platforms and brands he likes.”

          There is a term for that, its called ‘gun snob’

        • Booger, I thought it was called “buying the best piece of equipment I can to save my life.”

  1. The new P15 also offers other quality and performance features carry pistol enthusiasts have come to expect from KelTec…

    Does that mean it folds in half for compact storage?

    And the most important question: will local gun stores ever actually have them in stock?

    • My P11 is close to 18 years old and a reliable pistol. That said I will treat this pistol like all new guns…give it a year.

      • My P11 is reliable, compact, light, and easily concealable. That said, the trigger is atrociously heavy, and the sights suck. My Ruger Max-9 goes in the pocket holster and the P11 generally hangs out under a pile of other pistols in the back of the gun safe.

        Sub2000 is fun

      • You have a new one. Mine’s 25.

        And yes it has a heavy trigger, and the sights are not the best (but at least three-dots and adjustable). It also had no competition at all for a decade or more… Only game in town for a pocket-sized high-cap 9mm.

        Incidentally, after the AWB foolishness ended, they released new magazines without the 10-round restrictor. Now it holds 12+1, with the same size magazines (yes, you can retrofit). But I guess “P13” might be bad luck.

        Thanks Kel-Tec for showing the way to Ruger, S&W, Sig, etc. Good luck with your new pistol.

  2. My PF9 was a nightmare to shoot. Made my hand bleed until I got a Handall Jr. Then I just had a massive bruise. And I was profoundly underwhelmed by my Sub2000 & it’s QC. I’ll pass…

    • former water walker,

      I am surprised at your experience with your SUB2000–I have heard nothing but good experiences from several sources.

    • I do. It works. Nothing compared to my tavor but it was half the price so you know. I dont hate it but I don’t love it either.

    • Not for nothing, but I’ve seen a fair amount of complaints online. Would like the Taaavor 7, but I really want DT to fix the issues with the eMDRX, esp. in CM, so I keep holding back.

      Probably going to suffocate holding my breath for DT though.

  3. Several of my friends bought Kel-Tec products. Every one of them broke. Every one. Jimmy’s broke while he was carrying it. Not shooting. Carrying. It happened twice. Jimmy didn’t even bother to repair it the second time. He just went back to his J-frame.

    • If Jimmy the J-frame Carrier’s first exposure to semi-auto carry guns was a KelTec, I blame you. What kind of friend are you?

      • Comfortably, Jimmy’s experience with semi-auto pistols predates mine. He’s also an accomplished gunsmith. In both other cases the Kel-Tec are very experienced shooters. Biggest problem was springs. They’d just break. Not necessarily while shooting. In fact you wouldn’t know you had a broken mainspring until you went to the range and discovered it. That could be embarrassing on the street. But, if any of you guys woke up this morning and said “I’m betting my life on a Kel-Tec today.” Have at it.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      Every one of them broke.

      Wow, your friends must be cursed.

      Friendly advice: when those friends invite you to stay at their home/s during the next hurricane, politely decline!

  4. “… we wanted our first 9 mm striker-fired pistol to be worthy of the company George Kellgren founded 31 years ago.”

    Personally, I wouldn’t think that’d be very difficult. First, you melt some plastic…

    • I’m surprised no one is talking about the fact that the announcement said they are discontinuing the PF9, P11, and P3AT, unless that was announced before and I missed it. The only other non meme pistol they make is the P32; are they continuing to produce that one?

      I like Kel-Tecs for pushing the boundary on design. The PF9, P11, and P32 we’re all “smallest, lightest, thinnest” when they were introduced. They also had swappable grips and a serialized firr control module decades before that was a thing.

      Nothing about this gun stands out. It’s ugly, like all Kel-Tecs, but more importantly, it doesn’t fit a role that isn’t already filled. From the pics it looks bigger than something like a Taurus G3C. The subcompact, striker fired, double-column magazine field is crowded. Why would they discontinue pretty much all of their carry pistol models for this?

  5. My first time shooting a P11, I thought I was doing something wrong – the trigger was so long I had to start pulling in the afternoon and had to come back the next day to finish getting it to fire.

    Okay, it wasn’t terrible, and it did bring 9mm to the mouse gun field.

  6. Kel-Tec is the only gun maker that I call “revolutionary” (the KSG) in their gun designs. I believe they make the lightest-weight production 5.56 caliber rifle. And it has a folding stock. And you can fire it with a stock folded. The SU-16c. I have one and I like it.

    Some people just don’t like “cheap” guns. Sccy, Hi Point, Keltec, etc. These guns have killed lots of criminals. At a much cheaper cost to the owners.

      • The people, the law abiding and the criminal, in poor neighborhoods, will often use the same guns. Because that is what they can afford to buy. Either under the table or over the table. Those DGU’s that you read about in the poorer areas, are not being done by gun owners with HK ($$$) hand guns.

        And there are many good folks who buy a gun illegally just to have some protection. They can’t afford, the $450, just to ask for permission, to have a gun in NYC for example.

        Not all the guns found in police evidence lockers were used in a crime. Some of them were taken from good people, who didn’t have the money to pay to get permission to have ARMS. That is something that supposedly is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

      • btw
        It would be good information to know. But unfortunately the police and the Press, almost never report the type of gun, the gun maker, or the caliber of the gun that were used in a DGU.

        • Chris, anytime a firearm is involved in an incident the make, model, caliber, serial number, description, (finish, barrel length, etc.) was included in my report. Seizures included a property receipt. All this was provided to the press every day. If they didn’t print it, well… Of course, all you had to do was ask for copies of the same reports. They were free.

  7. Uncommon, why would they invite me to their houses? We all live within a few blocks of each other in houses of similar construction. No, if you have a Cat 3+ bearing down on you and you have to unass the A.O. you go away. Far away. Tell you what though. Between Randy with his HK 33, me with my Galil and Jimmy with whatever he pulled out on any given day (you never know) we made a helluva neighborhood watch after Hurricane Michael.

  8. My P3AT has worked just fine for about 12 years now. No complaints there. Even so I recently put it away and took up a new Ruger LCP Max in its place.

    Some of KelTec’s other models could be fun, but it takes more effort to locate them than I have time to put into “shopping”.

  9. A plastic high-capacity striker-fired pistol! There’s a niche that’s certainly not crowded!

  10. I don’t know why, but if you hadn’t told me that the P15 was a Kel Tec, I would have known it was a Kel Tec. Not saying this is bad. But, they have a style I guess

  11. Kel-Tec is maybe a step above Hi-Point. Quality sucks. I had a PMR-30, firing pin broke after 500 rounds. Never again!

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