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Press Release:

“On the first day of the new Congress, I intend to introduce a bill stopping the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of assault weapons as well as large ammunition magazines, strips and drums that hold more than 10 rounds,” Feinstein said. “I am in the process of gathering support for the bill in the Senate and House.”

“I have been working with my staff for over a year on this legislation,” Feinstein added. “It will be carefully focused on the most dangerous guns that have killed so many people over the years while protecting the rights of gun owners by exempting hundreds of weapons that fall outside the bill’s scope. We must take these dangerous weapons of war off our streets.”

A Justice Department study found the Assault Weapons Ban was responsible for a 6.7 percent decline in total gun murders. However, since the 2004 expiration of the bill, assault weapons have been used in at least 459 incidents, resulting in 385 deaths and 455 injuries.

Editor’s Note: See how she talks about the declining murder rate during the AWB period? That murder rate has CONTINUED to decline AFTER the AWB expired. Also interesting is how she switches to total number of incidents after the AWB expired, while not talking about how many happened while the AWB was in place. In other words, her statistics here are completely meaningless.

A summary of key provisions in the updated bill:

  • Stops the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of more than 100 specifically-named firearms as well as certain semiautomatic rifles, handguns and shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.
  • Stops the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of large-capacity ammunition feeding devices (magazines, strips and drums) capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.
  • Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:
    • grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment;
    • exempting more than 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting and sporting purposes; and
    • exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons.

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        • Mark my words, this bill is a false flag, to deflect attention away from the real gun grab planning taking place as we speak at the White House.

        • I don’t like the word hate, but I really don’t like the Feinstien lady. That said, her ownership of a revolver, alone, does not make her a hypocrite as revolvers have never been on her banned firearm lists. I agree, she is despicable, but not for this reason.

        • No, she is despicable as she being a part of California Government would fight tooth and nail to prevent YOU from carrying a concealed revolver.

        • True, but also not. says:
          “does not make her a hypocrite”

          her 24/7 security team does though…she doesn’t even need the revolver with that kind of protection, more smoke and mirrors.

        • this is a breech or the second amendment and she is nothing more than an un American liberal, if she doesn’t like guns then she should move to britian and they have all the laws the liberals want to push on us. we won the revolutionary war but it looks like we will have to fight it again.

        • everybody knows that a .25 acp Jennings/Lorcin/Raven is more dangerous than a 500 S&W due to its evil semi automatic murder machine mechanism(and the fact that its cheap, so that people with bad economy cant arm themselves for defense)


    • If there is any, and I mean ANY form of gun-control passed(AWB/NICS, etc.), the NRA can kiss itself goodbye. Burn your membership cards.

      This whole thing so outrageous, it really could be made the “tipping point”.. in OUR favor that is. We could be getting RID f gun-control (background checks, 4473 forms, permits), pointing the Antis and the media for massacre-instigating pieces of filth that they are, and send running back to their holes.

      But with the NRA/GOP around, who knows.

    • I’m a little nervous about the NRA’s response so far. I also don’t like the idea of us exclusively counting on the NRA on this issue. I’d like to see some grassroots organizing of gun owners leading to protests in every city, a million man march on Washington, maybe TV ads or anything that displays our anger at politicians wanting to restrict our guns.

      I fear gun owners are too individualistic to organize and join in protests. But it would be nice to show our strength.

  1. “Protects legitimate hunters…”

    The hell is an illegitimate hunter? A poacher?

    “…and the rights of existing gun owners…”

    We already have something that protects our rights. It’s called the Second Amendment, and the last four words are “shall not be infringed.”

    • I was wondering the same thing. And don’t the provisions under that heading provide the same (dubious) protection to illegitimate hunters (whatever those are) as well as the legitimate ones (whatever those are)?

      Oh wait I get it; the “illegitimate” ones use black rifles. Right.

      • The whole statement is BS. She wants to get rid of the guns that kill the most people….well, that definition does not belong to a rifle of any description.

    • It bans all transfers of the proscribed items, so when you die the grandfathered guns & mags become contraband to be seized by the government.

      • Bullshit. All of my kids, and my grandkids that are old enough, already know how to shoot, and the future ones will too.

        Since this Oath-breaking piece of dung will not do what she has sworn to do, I have no moral obligation to do as she demands. The last time I looked, SHE IS A PUBLIC SERVANT. WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE MASTERS.

    • That stood out as one the worst between-the-lines parts I saw. Is it like the Mass. handgun “approved list” but for all firearms?

  2. Well, there you go – see how reasonable her bill is ? Everything grandfathered in. How nice.

    No quarter asked, none given my friends.

    • Already somewhat pointed this out above, but the bill bans all transfers, so unlike with the 1994 AWB, if you own a ‘grandfathered’ gun or magazine, you won’t be allowed to sell it, you won’t be allowed to give it to anyone, and you won’t be allowed to leave it to your children when you die. It stays in your possession only, until you die or decide to surrender it. And when you die, they get it anyway.

      • Not if they don’t know I have, they won’t. Screw ’em. I didn’t spend 20 years in uniform PROTECTING THE CONSTITUTION for this hag to use it as Kotex.



    You know those photos of long lines of people outside of banks in 1929? The kids of the future will be seeing pictures of lines that long outside of Joe’s Gun and Pawn, Circa December 2012.

  4. I want to say this is too extreme, but even as an NRA life member I am afraid of what the NRA’s gonna say about this on the 21st.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and the world will ONLY end wherever DIFI is. Just a laserbeam from space or something.

  5. Messaging on TTAG is one thing – but MAKE SURE you start contact every legislator in your state to not support this. The sheeple are against us on this one as the media has scared them good this time. The few must become the loud.

    Stay focused – keep emotion out of it. Remind them that you will remember their decision come fundraising and voting. Shall Not Be Infringed means exactly that. Write emails AND snail mail letters. Have your spouse and children sign them. If you have friends that agree with you but aren’t exactly the type to take the time to write – do it for them and give them a signature ready letter to get out on their behalf.

    • Interesting quandary. If I send an email or letter, should I sign my name? Does it give the statement more weight? Or is that just adding my name to a gov’t list?

      • Sign your name, make sure (in the case of House Reps) that they know your address, or at least your zip code. If they don’t know you’re a constituent (you live in their district), they have no reason to give credence to your opinions.

        • That is, unless you’re like me. My rep is race-baiting, batshit crazy Corrine Brown. She’s been the rep in this district since 1992, and won her last several elections thusly:

          2012: 76%
          2010: 63%
          2008: 100% (unopposed)
          2006: 100% (unopposed)
          2004: 99.2%
          2002: 59.3%
          2000: 57.6%

          Trying to get her attention is pissing in the wind with my mouth open. I’m not going to change her opinion, and with percentages like that, there’s no reason for her to even feel threatened.

    • What you say is absolutely vital.
      I know from campaigns on other matters that not one in ten who shout loud in places like this will go on to even contact their representatives.
      It’s easy here with a beer but they’re struck dumb where it really counts.

  6. I have another proposal, we’ll enact those rules only for the police in DC and get rid of the secret service, then in 2 years solicit their comments on how well that went.

    • That’s the irony of the push for removal of a variety of firearms. In addition to the general enthusiasm for shooting, folks also tend to want what they can’t have. As soon as you tell them, or even suggest, you can’t have item X everyone runs to the store to get one and there are now more “on the street” than there were a week before.

      A bit off topic, but I can’t help but see the anti-gun crowd approach to those similar individuals who want breed specific legislation re: dogs. The news runs some story about a dog that bit someone (usually something like a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, etc.) and next thing you know folks go nuts saying every dog needs to be put down, owners are irresponsible, etc.. What’s usually found out is that the dog was mistreated in any number of ways and eventually lashes out @ the unfortunate person close enough to it to get nailed. There’s a good book called “The Pit Bull Placebo” ( – 1st link in the list) that addresses the media going overboard on reporting, popular culture “glamorizing” having a “fighting dog” etc. with similar parallels to what we are up against.

    • Yeah and on Sept 10th 2001 no planes were flying into buildings. Nov 7th 2012 was supposed to be the first day of new hope for this train-wreck of a country. And according to EVERYONE on Nov. 8th gun control as we feared was just hype. How wrong they were, every time.

      • Yep. Insanity’s definition might as well be expanded to include hoping things will turn out okay, even after again and again and now once again, they will not.
        I agree with the sentiment of a few posts above, though- if the NRA can’t mobilize and mount a counter to AWB 2.0, they might as well file for bankruptcy now and get it over with. If this passes, and they chuck the rifles under the bus again, they’re done. And we need to make sure they know that.

  7. Again I’ll comment that Heller does prohibit another AWB. The language in that decision is clear and a ban on commonly owned weapons and accessories is explicitly forbidden. We’ll see if that means anything should this pass.

    I think passage is unlikely judging by the number of “A” GOA grades in the House. 33 in the senate too. If the NRA doesn’t stab gun owners in the back big time, I don’t think we need to worry.

    • I’ve not read the text of Heller. How do they define “commonly owned weapons and accessories”. In my mind it means that if I can go into pretty much any guns store, big box (before today) like Gander, Dicks, Cabelas, etc. and find an AR type rifle, Glock, Sig, Springfield XD, etc. then that would be commonly owned and available. Would the same apply to the POV of the courts or do they define it differently?

      • @guzzimike

        When Scalia threw us under the bus vis-a-vis those scary noisy full autos he specifically said firearms that are commonly owned (in Heller’s case handguns) could not be banned.

        If you add up the privately owned AR’s, AK’s, FAL’s, M1A’s, etc you get millions of guns. And many many millions of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds (pistols mags too).
        By anyone’s definition millions=common.

        • It will not matter, Obama can do with a pen what will take year and year and year to undo in court. Even if they know that her bill would not pass muster in court, they would still pass it.

    • I’ll never say “don’t worry,” however this needs everyone’s attention. Definitely call your elected servants, particularly in the House. Be sure to mention that you don’t care if the NRA signs off on a “compromise,” any ban on specific guns, magazine, or other “evil feature” like a pistol-grip stock needs to earn a vote for the opponent.

  8. It would have been fun to be one of the people who got to consult on the list of “900 specifically named weapons…”

    I suspect that this list contains more than one humorous or otherwise facetious entry.

  9. Can TTAG examine her statistics? 459 incidents seems statistically insignificant for 8+ years (57.4 per year?). I’ve got to believe that there are a lot more “DiFi acceptable” products on the market that are statistically worse (i.e. more dangerous) than military looking (not assault) rifles.

  10. To all,s think not gone pass I remind you Bill Clinton passed first assault bill with all rep congress on second term in white house. Obama is no Bill Clinton but has stop him from getting what he want from congress. Dianne Feinstein wrote frist assault weapon ban got pass rep congress.

    • If what you are trying to say is that the GOP passed the 1994 AWB, that is not the case. House & Senate were controlled by Democrats, the vote was close but the Dems carried the day. This was before the election in 1994, which was NOT close and the Dems did NOT carry that day.

      Firearms rights are actually one of the few things that Democrats and Republicans can agree on, or at least it has been. Liberals and conservatives not so much, but the question is whether or not the spectre of 1994 has faded. The OFWG lobby isn’t what it used to be, the Dems may be willing/emboldened to go toe-to-toe after this incident.

      • I’m not sure we need the OFWG lobby as much this time around. When I go to ranges in metro settings, the median age is in the 30 year old range. For what that is worth. Maybe not much.

        • Your only 15 or 20 years from OFWG or OFBG my childish friend given your 30ish. Goes faster than you think or want

        • Amen brother. I’m not quite O or F yet but I’m sadly into MAWG territory whether I like it or not. The calendar don’t lie.

    • Nope. It was before the 1994 mid term election. 188 dems in the house voted yes. There were a total of 177 reps so some voted yes to try to save their seats but it was all democrat pushed.

      7 reps helped it pass the Senate for a vote with 56 dems. The house will probably give into mags and ar platform rifles but this would also ban mini-14 and M1A rifles it seems too.

  11. Reading this was all the motivation I needed to track down a source for PMAG “rebuild kits” for my just-ordered lower receivers and place an immediate order.

    • Holy cow. Let the wild ruckus begin.

      Ordered 4 30-round PMAG rebuild kits with capacity-limiter inserts and spare floor plates so I could convert them back when not in CA. Went out to run an errand, came back, and i saw that the price had gone up by 25%.

      Just moments ago, I ordered some 20-round PMAG rebuild kits from a cheaper source. Try to put 4 in the cart, only got 3… Ok, I’ll get 3 more of a different color. THE MAGS WENT UP IN PRICE IN THE TIME IT TOOK ME TO ADD THE FIRST 3 TO MY CART. This time it was a 50% increase in price.


      • May be wrong but I believe it is illegal and considered price gouging(again illegal) to increase the price of any product regardless of scarcity more than 2% a day or business day.
        If anyone knows for sure please let us know. If true could have a real nice New Years present for CTD!!!

        • There is no such law that I know of.

          Individual states may have anti-gouging regulations which kick in during declared disasters, but I haven’t seen any evidence of enforcement.

        • A threatened AWB is probably not what the government will consider a natural disaster or a state of emergency.

          For the gun crowd, state of emergency no doubt, but no government agency is going to crack the whip here.

  12. Well, thank god we have Obama to protect our rights. Because as so many commenters stated before the election, he’s not anti-gun. Not anti-gun at all.


      • I will freely admit that I was wrong, and I acknowledge that President Obama is now on the wrong side of the 2A struggle.

        In my feeble defense, I will only offer that I believe his change of position was forced by Newtown and the rabid baying of the extreme anti’s in the Democratic Party.

        • AlphaGeek, he never changed. Only the pretext did.

          You got conned. Well, that can happen to the best of us. You’re still one of us as far as I’m concerned.

        • You’re still in denial, Alpha Geek.

          Whatever. Saying “I told you so” doesn’t do shit to change the situation. But, I did tell you so.

        • Well AlphaGeek thank you for admitting your error.
          I had stated prior to the election the conversation he had with John Lott, about no one should be able to own guns.
          Newtown was simply a reason to do what he really feels, and look like he is actually doing something. If Oregon and Newtown had not happened, we would still see this, just later in the term.

        • Sorry, AlphaGeek-I’m with Ralph. The leopard hasn’t changed his spots. He’s just not letting a crisis go to waste.

        • You guys who voted for Johnson threw your vote away. He didn’t have a snowballs chance in hades of being elected. If everyone who voted for johnson and the other 3 parties had voted for the Republican, Obummer would have been gone and there wouldn’t now be a possible AWB being proposed. You guys are idiots. So he is a mormon. So what. I remember when John Kennedy was running for President and folks were saying that since Kennedy was a Catholic that the Catholic church would be running the country. It didn’t happen and President Kennedy had balls enought to face down the Soviets! Einstein is thought to have said, “the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits…..” I don’t want to hear (read) anymore bellyaching about Obummer when you guys had a chance to vote him out and didn’t. Yeah, Gary Johnson had a nice platform and the other minor parties did too, but they couldn’t pull enough votes to win. If you destested Obummer so much, you should have held your collective noses and cast your vote for the one who could beat him, but no, you were scared of a mormon! (sneer)

        • LarryR.: “You guys who voted for Johnson threw your vote away. He didn’t have a snowballs chance in hades of being elected. If everyone who voted for johnson and the other 3 parties had voted for the Republican, Obummer would have been gone and there wouldn’t now be a possible AWB being proposed. You guys are idiots.”

          Are you the same Larry that posted in the Write Your Representatives Now with this “wasted vote” crap? It’s OK, don’t bother to click over, I’ll just crosspost my comment over here for you.

          That’s incorrect, so please stop with the “threw their vote away” shit. It just sounds bitchy at this point. (And before you say, “Well you’re probably one of them,” no, I didn’t vote third party.)

          Florida is the only state won by Obama where the number of third party votes (88959) exceeded Obama’s margin of victory (74309). (For the record, the next closest was Ohio, where the margin of victory was 166214, and the third party votes totaled 91794.) In every other state that fell to Obama, you could shift all the third party votes cast there to Romney, and he still would not take the state. Obama ended up with 332 electoral votes, Romney with 206. Even if you shifted Florida, the only possible movable state, and its 29 electoral votes to Romney, it would still be 303 to 235 and Obama still wins. (Source)

          So, who’s the idiot now?

        • For the record, the vote totals have now been updated to match the official Federal Election Commission results (Source – pdf warning), and what I wrote above is no longer correct. The total third party votes in Florida is now recorded as 72976, and thus is less than the margin of victory of 74309 by 1333 votes.

          With that change, there are now zero states won by Obama where the total number of third party votes exceeded the margin of victory in that state.

  13. By their own numbers the weapons they want to ban are responsible for less than one half of a percent of gun related murders since 2004, make sure your congressman also knows this bill will do nothing to prevent gun related deaths.

  14. Another problem for them under the Heller decision is the need to pay for confiscation of our guns and mags. I think SCOTUS would rule that to enact a ban, the antis will have to pay top dollar for the right. Granted, prior rulings were not helpful, BUT. . . These were before Heller. As such, I think if they want to take weapons ($20 says she goes after 15rd glock mags), they will have to compensate. Now if the republicans in the house will just grow some balls and not fund this exercise. . .

    • I went after 15 rnd Glock 22 mags for $30 at Academy today like a fat guy going after pancakes. They had already taken down the display rifles in the MSR end of the counter, you could ask what they had left but they had been pretty much stripped bare at that point. I think they were down to a couple of Remington R-15s. Wal Mart had a sign up that advertised the Colt Law Enforcement with MOE furniture as the “Gun of The Month” but they didn’t have any to sell, sold off yesterday.

      At a local gun store I had a counter jockey tell me the reason the Colt Sporter they had for sale for $35,000 (!) was so expensive was that it was made prior to April 17, 1986 and was therefore legally convertible into a Class III full-auto M16.

      Me: “So is that a machine gun now? Is the receiver registered?”
      Him: “Nope.”
      Me: “Uh, I wouldn’t do that. You need to have a registered receiver or a registered sear that was registered before April 17, 1986.”
      Him: “Nope. I could fill out the paperwork, get the parts and turn it into a machine gun. It was manufactured before April 17, 1986.”
      Me: “I really wouldn’t do that.” (internally: I hope he doesn’t have the parts already, that is constructive intent)

      I also hope there isn’t someone with $35,000 who wants to get a machine gun that way. They’re overpaying for a Colt Sporter and they’ll need the $35k for lawyer’s fees.

      • That type of Colt Sporter doesn’t need to be registered as long as it’s still a semi-auto. If one was to buy the parts and convert it to select fire then it would need to be registered as an NFA device.

        That being said $35,000 dollars for it is way beyond stupid especially for an unconverted rifle. There’s been a guy on my local backpage trying to sell basically the same thing for $3,000 for the last five or six months with no takers.

        Good call on the Glock mags though. With all the panic buying get ’em while the prices are still low. I just picked up a couple more for my G20.

        • I want a G20. I want a G21.

          I am under the impression that you cannot legally register any new weapons capable of fully automatic fire after the 1986 date, period. Transfer, yes. Convert no, unless the conversion part itself (e.g., a H&K auto sear/trigger pack) is registered. Anybody can buy M16 parts and put them in an AR-15 receiver that will take them (my 1991 Colt will not without a fair bit of machining that I don’t care to do since I would rather not go to jail), this doesn’t mean the ATF will take your $200 and bless your new M16 as a legal device.

          It will take your application, ask to see your firearm and then arrest you and use the firearm and your application at trial, though.

        • Your impression is correct. The registry is quite literally a list of serial numbers. It’s like getting into the hot nightclub: either you’re on the list or you’re not. Only in this case a $20 won’t get you in the door.

        • Grab a G20 if/when you can. It’s a wonderful pistol and cartridge combination. Ammo in general can be a bit pricey but Underwood Ammo makes smokin’ hot loads for a great price.

          I’d love to add a G21 just to get a .460 Rowland conversion. I’ve a 1911 for the standard stuff but my heart (especially as a reloader) lies with the ones that make big booms.

  15. “A Justice Department study found the Assault Weapons Ban was responsible for a 6.7 percent decline in total gun murders. However, since the 2004 expiration of the bill, assault weapons have been used in at least 459 incidents, resulting in 385 deaths and 455 injuries”

    please, please show me the statistics because i call bullshit. I looked for the same DOJ studies and found nothing.

  16. I think three things can kill this.

    #1 It gets dragged out a very long time in negotiations.

    #2 Millions and Millions and Millions of Military Style guns and Hi-Cap magazines are sold in the mean time. So many, that the bill will be rendered obsolete.

    #3 If it must go through is some form, it must have an expiration date that of no more then 4 years. NRA get to work!

    • yeah I was wondering about that too. I think the answer is that this head case truly doesn’t know that people have minds and guns don’t.


    • @tjlarson2k, that’s the real question. How do we keep legal, Constitutionally protected products out of the hands of insane murderers. My answer — put them away and leave our guns alone.

  17. Per her numbers there are 58 incidents per year with 48 deaths per year. It would seem to me that there are a lot bigger problems than guns. I didn’t look up numbers but I bet kids on bikes are in more danger.

  18. None of this is going to matter anyway because the world will end on Dec 21. after my lunch, hopefully. I’m starting to get the feeling that we’re really screwed this time.

  19. The attack with the most distruction was in Oklahoma City. Let’s ask our reps to ban diesel fuel, fertilizer, and rental trucks. I guess when they took the oath of office, and swore to uphold the Constitution, it was just another empty campaign promise.

      • Does anybody here get sarcasm without a /sarc? One would think the Princess DiFi would have been a dead give away.

        And I know they are magazines. All multiple shot weapons have magazines. Some are detachable and other you insert the rounds one at a time and ohers use stripper clips. I believe “clip” became associated with magazine through the M-1 as you put the 8 round stripper clip into the Garand’s magazine. Is that precise enough for you?

        • “Does anybody here get sarcasm without a /sarc?”

          No. Any attempt to use, sell, transfer, or appreciate sarcasm of any kind without a /sarc tag will be misunderstood and will result in the confiscation of your brain which is to be fed to the zombies next week.

    • If you were Satan and ruled the underworld, would you choose to look at her fugly face for all eternity?

      If so, then I guess that being the antichrist ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

      • I would think that he would put her under the flat rock at the bottom of Hell, the one that covers the sewer of Hell and that way would avoid seeing or hearing her at all.

  20. I’ve got a practical question if someone could help me out…

    According to what we see here, if a person has an AR15 lower prior to enactment (assuming it happens as written, if at all) could they still outfit it in any way that was generally allowed prior to the ban (i.e. adjustable stock, pistol grip, etc…)? That seems correct, but I could be missing something.

    Also, how did this work during the ’94 ban (I was not a gun owner then)? Were pre-ban lowers able to be built out to one’s liking? Also, regarding magazines, the way I understand it, during the ’94 ban, you could use any mag you wanted as long as it was <11 rounds, or not marked for LEO. Is that correct?

    • Possession of an AR-type lower is the key here, as that is the serialized firearm according to law.

      The legal configurations able to be built on an AR-type lower have changed over time here in CA. It sounds to me like this ban is going after the entire class of firearm, not just specific configurations, so simply having a lower may be all you need to build a legal rifle.

    • I also was curious about this, as I only recently embarked on my black rifle journey. At present, the only parts I have are a few stripped lowers, a stripped upper, a barrel, and a BAD lever. I’m curious if and how this (let’s assume it was passed effective January 1) would affect my ability to build them out.

        • Thanks for the replies– I have been considering building my first rifle from the ground up (stripped lower and upper) for a while. Now I better go grab a lower before they are completely gone from the shelves. I actually purchased six pmags from Brownells the other day (in anticipation). I’m glad I did as I noticed their site has them on back order as of today. I guess the folks on the Magpul production lines will be getting a load of overtime right before they get their pink slips. If this bill passes, those who voted for it should be required to autograph those pink slips.

        • DaleS,
          I ordered my Kaiser lower receivers from Ten Percent Firearms today, and I’ve been exchanging email with them tonight working out transfer details. (Yes, after 2200PT.) They still have 18 Kaiser lowers in stock, though that might go down to 16 soon as I’m considering upping my order to 4.

          Why 4? I’m very seriously considering setting up an NFA trust and transferring all of my guns into it. Then, even if AR rifles are banned for sale or transfer, each of my three offspring will be members of the trust and able to legally possess any of the items owned by the trust.


  22. Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:
    – grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment;

    With 310M guns in the US already…and the possible millions that will be purchased before this bill could possibly pass, I ask just HOW exactly does this stupid bill ” take these dangerous weapons of war off our streets.”?

    I hope she has a freak accident…like chokes on a doughnut hole or something.

    What an idiot.

    • Like many liberal democratic bills — it feels good, so it must be good!

      its actually an economic play. Force certain gun manufactures out of business and make the price of existing pre-ban weapons go through the roof like NFA weapons.

  23. Anyone els find it disgusting that an anti-gun moron like Feinstein is the one making the rules on this? Instead of…ya no…someone who knows what the hell their talking about?

    Typical liberals
    Theyll crap all over the 2nd and essentialy the Bill of Rights in general but hey aslong as they feel superior in the end then its all good right?
    (Thick sarcasm)

  24. The way it reads now it sounds like:

    1) if you have an “assault weapons” you can keep it
    2) you probably cannot sell or transfer it

    Conclusion: any “assault weapons” that are grandfathered will have zero market value

    The NRA should lobby for some sort of monetary compensation for the collectors who have been robbed of the value of their collection (or else amend the language of the bill)

    • “The NRA should lobby for some sort of monetary compensation for the collectors who have been robbed of the value of their collection (or else amend the language of the bill)”

      The NRA should lobby to kill the bill. That is the only acceptable course of action. We’ve seen this bill before. And watched Columbine happen while it was in effect.

      Too many gun owners are behaving as if passage of a new assault weapons ban is a sure thing. If we fight it, we might lose. If we don’t fight it, we will certainly lose.

  25. Bans “Transfer”. Anyone catch that?
    That means no sales of any kind to anyone. By anyone. No inheriting, no bequeathing.
    You die and your rifle dies with you.

    Welcome to having the monetary value of your property reduced to ZERO.

    BTW, since this would be impossible to track under today’s circumstances, the only way to do this would be forced registration, probably by making them title II firearms. So you can pay the tax as well.

  26. Can I say anything on here that will not be censored like sacrifice myself for you so you don’t have to lie and murder me for being persecuted and chased down and dodging animals on the interstate to save myself because I flinched ?????


    I don’t wanna die. — Melissa Doi

  28. What amazes me is that with all of the photo shoots DIFI has had with these killing machines, non of the firearms have spontaneously lept from the table and killed everyone in the room. I guess it’s one of life’s mysteries that will never be solved.

  29. To he’ll with those liberal idiot assholes in D.C.! All we have to do is say no to their BS but I bet half you people complaining would not lift a finger in defense of your own rights let alone anyone else’s, and that is why we live with the stupid BS assholes that we have in political office. To he’ll with Obama, to he’ll with the Democrats, and to he’ll with anyone who votes for them.

  30. What good will it do. the bad guys will get them anyway. Just so i understand, if i only have a magazine that holds 10 rounds, i will have to have 3 to equal the 30 i would have had with one. ok, no prob. takes me 1-2 seconds to change clips. don’t think the bad guys can do the same thing? wrong!!! get the bad guys off the street, keep them off the street so they can’t get guns. this way i wouldn’t have to carry one for protection. Duhhhhh!

    • That will work until two jackwagons like the Columbine boys have a partner to cover them during mag switches. Plus, how is a classroom of 6 year-olds supposed to rush a gun in a mag change? What are they going to do, stab him with a paste stick?

  31. ” I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.” That is the oath each U.S. Senator takes. As far as I’m concerned, Feinstein is knowingly violating it as well a any Senator that votes for her bill. It’s time we demand their resignation for knowingly violating that oath.

    • Even if it does skyrocket due to panic buying, reloading presses aren’t that much, especially if you shoot full size cartridges.

  32. “A Justice Department study found the Assault Weapons Ban was responsible for a 6.7 percent decline in total gun murders. However, since the 2004 expiration of the bill, assault weapons have been used in at least 459 incidents, resulting in 385 deaths and 455 injuries”

    “Percent” to “number of incidents” Very slick there DiFi. How many incidents were there per year before and during the AWB?

    And let me compliment you. Since you were sweeping that AK around the room on the last AWB go-round, it’s nice to see you’ve learned to keep your finger off the trigger.

  33. Anyone have an idea of whether uppers assembly (uppers, bcg, etc.) production would also be banned. As mentioned above, stripped lowers would be the way to go if you’re trying to stretch your dollar. But if you can’t access build components, then you end up with a pile of useless aluminum blocks?

    • My concern as well. A couple weeks ago I bought a couple of the New Frontier LW-15 polymer lowers & have been shopping around for uppers. Just about everyone seems to be out of the .223/5.56 ones. My only investment so far is the 2 lowers (and maybe a 22LR upper that I’ll order shortly). If upper parts were to somehow be banned it would be a major problem.

    • I am not saying they can’t put that in there, but as it stands now, only the lowers are controlled, i.e. a serial number, which is why you can have uppers sent to your front door.

  34. How many people have to die before these monomaniacs stop chasing their tails and let the grown ups invest their time working out real solutions to violence instead of arguing with morons about magazine capacities?

    They had their way, the CT shooting is just one of many deaths caused by their failed ideas.

    Why do they even get to have a voice in this discussion at this point. In a sane world, we would ignore them.

    I’m tired of it, children were killed because of this gun free zone nonsense. That should be the item being debated, not magazine capacities.

    • There is discussion going on to have armed security at schools

      They get to have their say because Obama won and they have the moral majority. It will be weeks and months (if ever) before logic replaces emotion.

  35. The ONLY solution = the Ronnie Barett Solution:

    That, is the ONLY way we’ll beat this: the next time any political actor pushes forth the AWB, as FeinSTINK is clearly about to do, again, it’s high time the entire smallarms/accessories/component manufacturers cowboy the F’ up, forge together, and cease ALL sales/service/resupplying of govt agencies/and or its actors.

    See how the Feinsteins and Schumers of the world would like it without armed individuals protecting them 24/7 in the city with one of the worst murder rates in the world, aka District of Criminals, something most of the citizenry do not have the luxury of: tax-funded private Praetorian Guards aka, cops & military.

    THAT, is the only way in which the sheeple will begin to realize just how instrumental the gun culture is to America, our founding principles, and not to mention, our economy.

    I’ve always said that Ceberus fuckers weren’t “gun guys,” and lookie, before the smoke even cleared, they couldn’t divest their “Freedom Group” holdings fast enough; this should be a clear warning to ANY small biz that mostly make up the 2nd Amd industry who maybe going through some rough patch or looking to expand: NEVER sell your company to a bunch of feckless, useless paper-shufflers on Wall St. who can care less about our natural right of self-defense, or about America’s founding principles.

    You listening AAC? Barnes?

    It’s NOT about hunting, it’s NOT about ‘tacti-cool gears’: it’s about our fundamental UNALIENABLE Natural Right of Self Defense: our lives and our right to protect it are NOT negotiable! PERIOD.

    FeinSTINK just laid the foundations for a possible, next civil crisis in America. Economy’s in the toilet, and of all the Bill of Rights between the last FOUR administrations have obliterated, the 2nd has been the only one that has been holding on, and in some cases, gradually expanded. But, destroy what’s left of that last remaining remnant of America? God knows how history will play out.

    These political actors are clearly insane, and need psych eval before holding office, let alone a strict constructionist Constitutional test, which with the current batch of politicos, aka ‘showbiz for ugly people,’ would never pass in a million years.

    It’s like nobody expects these monkeys to balance a checkbook (if you think $16Tril is all that ‘we owe,’ think again: these primates have exposed us the citizenry to over $1.5 QUADRILLION in debt, via their derivatives exposure via Federal Reserve and FDIC tax-payer funded ‘back-stop’; that’s according to Bank of International Settlement’s modest estimate, from 2010), but moronically expect them to finance/guide & ‘win wars?’ ‘Protect us?’ ‘Keep us safe, from terrorists’ let alone a friggin’ feral hog? ‘Run oBUSHmaScare?’ And now what? The monkeys with 9% approval to dictate what tools we can or cannot own to defend ourselves, a right guaranteed, NOT grated, as codified in the 2nd Amd of the Constitution FOR the United StateS of America? Again??

    In some ways, the CONgress critters are merely a symptom of a largely moronic voting populace who are knee-jerk reactionaries. The moron populace is to be blamed. And look, the recent 5yr old child-level push poll by a nobody (among push poll companies: they’re not Harris, Gallup, or Pew, or even the Dem. Party polling company the PPP) that suggests that ‘~60% of Americans now favor gun control’ meme is even been repeated here! Can we be a bit more geopolitically savvy here? It’s a pure psy-op!

    You really have to wonder if these rabid gun grabbers believe in anything, or have any guiding principles at all, if all it takes to dictate a mob rule to take away our fundamental rights, whenever a single person acts heinously.

    Seriously, do liberals & RINOs honestly delude that they should stop talking if a pedophile who murdered a child, ever speaks, again? Should MSM lose their FCC license for talking, whenever a disreputable character, a convict, or a terrorist speaks? Should we ban 1st Amendment anytime a single a-hole says something obnoxious, which by the way it’s codified specifically to protect (affable majority opinion does not need protecting, remember)?

    300million+ guns did not murder any child on the day of Sandy Hook, just 3 (if even true) did. Should 150 million+ innocent gun owners in this country be punished any time ONE a-hole goes postal??

    That goes the same for all you rah-rah neocon fuckers: should OUR RIGHTS be infringed, ‘negotiated’ away in the name of fictitious safety, IF next time some Islamist or domestic nut blows himself up for non-existent virgins or some irrelevant cause? Should WE lose our habeas corpus? Should we be detained indefinitely on the whims of the current admin or the next, put on a kill list (ever heard of NDAA of 2012?) you know the same administration you will never in a million years entrust the survival of our 2nd Amd. rights to?

    This is WHY the GOP is a dead party, and Mutt WRONGney officially killed it. This is what happens when you have a one party opera, playing out as two controlled oppositions. Otherwise, you’d never hear a GOP break ranks. Now? They’ve already budged on the BS ‘fiscal cliff,’ a financial meltdown of their own creation, and now they want to tax us between $1~4 TRILLION more, for THEIR mistakes?

    And you believe these are the same bitches who’ll ‘fight’ to keep our 2nd Amd, in an uncompromisable fashion?

    You believe in unicorns?

    Time for all gunowners and industry assets to forge together, cowboy the F’ up, and invoke the Ronnie Barrett option. That’s the only way.

    NO MORE Compromises!

  36. Dianne Feinstein: The convergence of internal and external ugliness.

    I think she would be better served banning mirrors and cameras, at least when she is in the room.

  37. Does anyone know what that is covering her left hand? It looks like someone threw something at her when this picture was taken.

  38. Wait! My AR-15 with a 42 round mag that I use to win 3 Gun matches or my Rock River National Match used in service match does not count as a sporting arm? Who gets to define “sporting” anyhow? Just because my trophies are medals and not animal heads doesn’t mean I should loose my gun rights.

    • Then fight for them. Hop on board and let’s take it to ’em. Contribute to a gun rights org. of your choice, contact your congresscritters, and let’s do all we can to make sure this **** dies. And if it passes, that it’s overturned in court.

    • After 15yrs of trying by MADD, consistently 30% of all automotive related deaths is STILL from drunk driving.

      You cannot legislate away human behavior or mental illness

      • Dont tell the progressives this…they’ll look at you like you’re crazy, even though stats and logic back up your side.

  39. Visited my local gun store here in Washington state… I thought the zombie apocalypse had occurred and I missed out. Nearly every AR and AK was gone from the racks and the wall. Ammo and 30 round mags off the shelves… and more than 2 dozen people, with a constant flow of traffic in and out of the store. I’ve never seen it so empty before.

    Crazy times.

    • Same sort of thing going on in Portland from what I’m hearing. I know some people who’ve bought several of them over the past few years and plan to $ell them never opened after a ban is passed. This is going to be yet another record breaking gun sales month.

    • We don’t have many good gun stores here in the Bay Area. I thought about driving down to Reed’s today, shuddered, and ordered my AR lowers online. Reed’s has been a madhouse lately, even pre-AWB-announcement. Can’t imagine what it was like today.

      Actually, I can. I bet they sold every AR left at full msrp if not higher. Ugh.

  40. Ok let’s look at this for a minute:
    Stops the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of more than 100 specifically-named firearms as well as certain semiautomatic rifles, handguns and shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.

    So all those Sig, S&W, CARACAL, etc etc that are selling with something more than 10 rounds is toast automatically, unless the manufacturer sells with a lower capacity magazine. If they label them as bad then they are automatically off limits, so if they say Glock 19 then guess what no more here. This is besides the whole “assault rifle” deal.

    Stops the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of large-capacity ammunition feeding devices (magazines, strips and drums) capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.

    Well you can toss PMAG’s or even what I consider standard Glock mags out the window… This is across the board regardless of firearm.

    Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:
    grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment; exempting more than 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting and sporting purposes; and exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons.

    So we can only use 900 specifically named weapons? What if they come out with a new model Glock? Oh you mean that new S&W is now not legal because it isn’t specifically named?

    Welcome to California everyone!

  41. This the same Diane f. That has left a us marine sitting in a Mexican jail after numerous petitions to her office for assistance. The same diane f. That has well armed security details of both police and non-police with sub-machine guns, m-4 rifles, hand guns ect. Whenever she travels into the slums her policies helped create. Diane you have been of no help to veterans in need and have set a “do as I say, do not do as I do standard” as the example in your daily life. I do not like bullies, liars and hypocrites and you Diane are all three rolled into one.

  42. This the same Diane f. That has left a us marine sitting in a Mexican jail after numerous petitions to her office for assistance. The same diane f. That has well armed security details of both police and non-police with sub-machine guns, m-4 rifles, hand guns ect. Whenever she travels into the slums her policies helped create. Diane you have been of no help to veterans in need and have set a “do as I say, do not do as I do standard” as the example in your daily life.

    • Great, so now finally channel that anger and rally the troops to fight her. It does no good to bitch and moan. Far to many gun owners are to lazy and will sacrifice their rights by sitting on the side lines. Get, stand up and fight this women.

  43. F— this country.

    I’m done. I hope this passes and many more die anyway by other means so they learn the hard way what dumbasses they are. I hope the day comes when they beg to be saved by an armed person who no longer exists and are raped and killed for their idiocy.

    This bitch is the reason the 2A was made to begin with.

  44. Has anyone gotten their hands on the lists of the 100 “naughty” and 900 “nice” guns she has in mind? I’ve been trying to find it since she first started pushing this and no luck so far.

  45. This totally justifies why I ordered my 1st stripped lower at the beginning of the month … it arrives on Friday. Worst case I’ll still be able to own 1 scary black rifle. And my wife thinks I’m paranoid…

    • Most likely the hammer was down. You can’t put the safety lever on an AR-type rifle into the “safe” position unless the hammer is cocked. When I was in the military the standard procedure when storing weapons (especially for a long time) was to clear the weapon, then point it in a safe direction and pull the trigger so as to lower the hammer. That way it wasn’t stored with the hammer spring compressed.

  46. Just checked and Davidsons distributor website – – and it has NO ARs. They either pulled them or sold out. I suspect they pulled them. Gutless, totally gutless….

    • I am going to correct myself. I just called Davidsons and they told me that they are in fact all sold out of ARs that is why they show no ARs. My hasty comment was not warranted it appears.

  47. Something else to ponder. This psycho has aspergers syndrom which has been linked to children who have been vaccinated. Luvox is one of the medications they give children with aspergers and I heard this guy was on it. This medication causes violent behavior and agitation. So big pharma developes vaccines that injure our children causing them to act out aggressively and possibly in this case go completely bat shit crazy and then in the end they blame the gun. Sounds pretty convenient for the power elite who want our guns anyway so they have nothing to fear when the economic collapse comes to fruition. According to them we are all useless eaters anyway so whats an extra 20 children to add to their kill list. I think we should review the medications of all the children who have committed these acts and check out their side effects.

  48. Something else to ponder….the ATF was said to have been working on e-form for NFA registration that was estimated to be up and running just after the first of the year. At the same time, DiFi says she’s been working over the past year to write new AWB legislation that would require mass registration of millions of firearms….and it just so happens to that the legislation will go before Congress just at the same time e-forms are set to go live for the NFA branch of the ATF.

    It was a trap all along!!

    Or I’m just thinking it through too hard. I find it implausible that there could be THAT much coordination in any government agency; nevertheless the ATF. 😀

    • Nothing will happen they just appointed Biden to the panel. By tomorrow he will probably forget what the panel is supposed to focus on. On another note did you see that British douche Morgan call Pratt all those names on TV.

  49. I’m not sure that an assult rifle ban would apply to AR’s. A rifle that is used for hunting,self protection & recreation is hardly & assult rifle. An M16 is. I don’t know if any of you Rednecks are a fixin to charge up a hill(this Damn Yankee with his .357 will be right behind you,lol) it is,as used, by civilians, not an assult weapon. Because a crazy dumb f takes a hunting rifle & kills people, does that make it an assult weapon? Because the temple pastor tried to defend with a butter knife, was that an assult weapon? The only assult weapon I see is feinswine’s big F’n mouth, Randy

  50. W/o seeing the actual language of the bill, with the banning of transfer of 100 named weapons, regardless of if they are pre-ban, are we looking at the end of transferable machine guns? I’d be amazing if the uzi or m16 weren’t on that 100 name list.

    I pose this question, if a complete ban on firearms is unconstitutional, could, should this law somehow get passed, end up being a avenue via court challenge to the constitutionality of the NFA act of 1934?

  51. You all should write a piece about the possibility of state level nullification of any gun control/assault weapons ban if this passes. They’ve done it in Colorado and Washington for marijuana. I think guns would be a viable option as well. It wouldn’t happen in every state, but it’s worth a try. Tom Woods has some really good resources on it.

    I will of course fight tooth and nail to stop this legislation at the federal level, but nullification might be a good contingency plan.

  52. NRA you need to draw a line in the sand. If we allow them to start down the road of gun bans there will be no end to it until the only people with guns will be the government. The Supreme Court has said the 2nd Amendment protects all guns in common us. AR 15 are the best selling and owned guns today. These guns are used in far few crimes and we need them now more than ever to protect us from the Obama government. No compromise none. Gun control does not work. Ask Mexico.

  53. Ohhh the joy..

    Love the “grandfathered” clause… Pretty much lets me relax…
    Gotta love how you can put more than 1 receiver on a DROS. Might as well pull some cash out and buy a bunch of lowers, or hell, pickup some 80%’rs. “I manufactured it prior to the ban” – Isn’t the burden of proof on the prosecution at that point? Seeing how there are no serial numbers, or roll marks on 80% lowers, that would be the best bet I would think, and the cheapest.

    I’m not sure how the 80% lower thing works, but it sounds like it’s an option.

    • All you need is a drill press and clamp for the lower. It isn’t that hard, minus the metal finishing, and anodizing, but even that is pretty easy.

  54. Has anyone noticed they are talking about hi cap magazines across the board?

    “specifically-named firearms as well as certain semiautomatic rifles, handguns and shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.”

    Focus on “that can accept”! And shotgun, hand gun, or rifle could fall into this category, including a 22 lr rifle.

    This is a scary piece of legislation based just on the verbiage she has used up till this point.

  55. hate to say it,but i believe it was our own goverment that is killing the innocent,to get their agenda threw,buy killing innocent children,they know they can get there gun grabbing scheme to light,use the libtards media and look like heros to the populace,i smell a rat in the wood pile and i blame all those in our current goverment with the blood of innocent people with totally sacrificial gun free zones not to be able to protect themselves,all the shit this goverment is doing i for one wouldnt put it past them

    • Those are the kind of things we are trying to avoid voicing. Sometimes excersising your right to remain silent shows more wisdom.

      • true point taken except we have remained silent to long and you have to admit it made you wonder///imagine if our forefathers remained silent and didnt have the boston tea party,the boston massacre,paul reveres ride etc,there wouldnt have been a 2nd ammendment,no i prefer to speak loud and clear, i pray im wrong but you never know////

        • I know what your saying and I’ve had my share of doubts in our government. But I feel like voicing them is more or less disrespectful to the families. Conspiracy theories should come later when the hurt is a little less substantial.

        • once again you are right, i ment no disrespect to the families, i should have thought before i wrote,my heart does go out to them,may the get threw this pain and suffering,i wish them well///your right this conversation can wait/////

  56. Hi TTAG

    Curious how many times Sen. F has attemtped any other legislation that would have prevented killings instead of banning guns?

    Seems the common thread, no matter what the talking heads say, is that all the killers in these shootings had profound mental issues. People can say what they want about psychiatry, but there is nothing ‘soft’ or subjective about thought disturbances, paranoid ideation, and other symptoms that can be clearly identified in these killers on review of their histories leading up to their sprees. Seems to me, that if making this connection is above the pay grade of an elected official, then it is not out of a Senator’s reach to consult some experts and based on their conclusions propose a set of guidelines whereby an individual exhibiting said symptoms linked to high-risk of violence would get put on the same registry as those adjudicated mentally unsound, felons, etc. That would not be to deprive them of liberty but of the possibility or opportunity to commit mass murder.
    *That* might save lives of children.
    But…. wait… that wouldn’t ban icky guns…..ooooooohhhhhhh……….

  57. They can have my weapon when they pry it from my cold, dead hands. I will not allow them to violate my God given rights.

  58. It does not help the conversation to call your political opponents, no matter how dense and/or offensive they may be, derogatory names that do more to denigrate yourself, and your argument.

  59. Fire Dianne Feinstien. She is a stupid, traitorous, old hag living lavishly at the expense of the people and she is trying to take away rights and freedoms of Americans. What a traitorous bitch! She is thte enemy of American People, especially Californians. Get rid of the pretentious, arrogant, traitorous old hag.

  60. Dinne finkstien, turned in her revolver on tv holding it like it was skanky, but when a reported asked her if she was also going to turn in her permitted conceled simi auto 9mm he was told it was none of his F*** business.

  61. Diane honey, for the sake of the country. Go the hell home and let the young people run this joint.
    I can’t imagine anyone needing someone 83 years old to run a business. PS: Take the rest of the old farts
    with you.


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